Life of a Playboy Chapter 8


Alone in the morning, Kaia and I were still too tired and sore to have another sex romp to start our day. I was going to have to be careful in applying that much energy into my effect. And unfortunately that night would be the last time I had her for two weeks. For some strange reason, unless I really focused my effect on her, Kaia didn't particularly enjoy intercourse and would much rather tease guys or be a voyeur. She really got off on watching, although there were still occasions where she desperately wanted to be fucked.

And I'd had a ringing headache I'd had for days after the last time I pushed my effect that hard into her, so I accepted the situation and didn't press to have sex with her directly.

In the meantime, every night, either Jamie or Leanne or some other sorority sister would join us for the evening, and I would wind up fucking that girl's lights out and shooting my sperm into every cavity of her body while Kaia watched. Most nights it was just one-on-one, while Kaia would pause every now and again to suckle my cream out of a sweaty, limp girl's body. But sometimes there were two or even three girls joining us, and I would pass out from exhaustion and dehydration in the wee hours of the morning.

But while my lust was sated at night, I pursued Kaia with a romantic passion. I doted on her, showering her with gifts while we went to movies and dinners, going for walks and talking philosophy. And I melted through her Ice Queen persona and she became a very loving girlfriend.

True, she was a control freak and she was still in charge most of the time (except whenever she wanted me to tie her up). But underneath everything, there was just a little girl who wanted tenderness and love. And she wasn't getting that from all the horny guys who just wanted to get in the pants of perhaps the most gorgeous girl on campus. So I gave her everything I had emotionally and backed off any sexual pressure. And I finally felt at peace in having someone like her by my side.

Of course, that didn't mean I was going to ignore my lust or turn down the bevy of hotties she always introduced me to. I particularly enjoyed the times when she got so turned from watching that she would actually participate in our sexual romps (without me having to focus my effect on her), and I took every rare opportunity I could get to screw her until she saw stars.

But it was that sexual infrequency with Kaia that ultimately proved to be the best of both worlds for me. She didn't absorb my sperm frequently enough for her to build up an immunity to me. So our sex was always amazing. And she provided enough variety around me with her sorority sisters and friends that I was never wanting.

It was the perfect relationship for a guy like me.


The academic year ended, and I conspired so that I wouldn't have to separate from Kaia for the summer before my third year (but her fourth and final year). I got a paid internship with Mrs. Robinson, and my parents were more than willing to let me stay at school for something I could put on my resume. Really, I didn't have to do any work but let Mrs. Robinson and Gabrielle run tests and sample my fluids. Meanwhile, Kaia stayed in the Sorority House for the summer and prepared for her senior year while spending every free moment being madly in love with me.

New pleasures started up once school had started. A cute girl named Marissa had been a freshman pledge the previous year, and now that she was a sophomore and a full sister, we were seeing more and more of her around the house and at various Tri-Delt events. She caught my eye pretty early on, not an easy thing to do when my girlfriend was as stunningly gorgeous as Kaia. But Marissa was growing up with a body to die for and a face that would give Kaia a run for her money in any beauty competition.

Now I consider myself to be a tits man. Nothing makes me happier than big, round jugs, and Kaia's were fantastic. But what especially had my attention was Marissa's PERFECT ass. Tight curve, rock hardness, wonderful shape: it was the kind of ass that would convert a gay guy back to women.

Beyond the smokin' body, Marissa had a clean-cut girl next door feeling about her. She came from Canada, and her down-to-earth personality blended easily with her light brown hair and simple, but pretty, features. She had large, luminous eyes, an easy smile, and an innocent demeanor. I couldn't figure out how she fit into the Tri-Delt's usual image of haughty elitists. To be honest, I'd always noticed her as a cute girl amongst the sorority sisters, but never dwelled upon her too much as Kaia always brought me delicious female delights, and we had a group of regulars who would join us for fun sexual romps.

That all changed one Friday evening, two weeks into the semester, when Kaia decided to play a little joke on me. The two of us were holed up in her bedroom, and after a heavy makeout and petting session we were both fully naked and itching to get it on. I cherished the few times we were alone together so I could make love to my goddess in private. But Kaia had other ideas.

She got up and darted away from me, a giggle on her lips and a wink in her eye. I followed after her, and she danced us around her room, always playing hard to get and teasing me with her jiggling naked flesh. I finally trapped her against the hallway door and pressing my body flush against hers, I captured Kaia's lips and we kissed with an excited energy like horny high schoolers.

I had just lost myself to the sensations when Kaia suddenly moved away from me, and before I could react she'd popped the door, and then shoved me stumbling through and out into the hallway. I'd just barely turned around before I saw Kaia's grin and motion of the door slamming in my face.

The loud bang of the door shutting reverberated through the hallway, and caught the attention of two girls passing by. Marissa was one of them, a peroxide blonde in a black turtleneck the other. They turned around, and instinctively I dropped my hands to my crotch to cover my nakedness.

I smiled gamely, certain that every rippling muscle as well as every bulge of fat on my body was on full display. And with my eyes still on the two sorority sisters, I gritted my teeth and reached out my left hand to bang on the still closed door.

"This isn't funny," I growled.

Kaia's musical laugh came back to me. "It is for me."

Both sorority girls came back down the hallway and stopped right in front of me. Marissa called out, "Kaia? What's going on?" She posed prettily for me, flexing one leg and planting her hands on her hips.

Kaia's reply came back quickly. "Marissa? Oh, goody. I was wondering who would be the first to come along and find him. Do what you want with him, but he has to stay out in public. Maybe the couches at the end of the hallway?"

Marissa's eyes glittered as she roved over my body. The innocent girl fa?e melted away to leave only a slender, sultry vixen. Then she stepped forwards and seized one of my hands, leaving the other hand just barely enough to preserve what modesty I had left. And then she began to drag me down the hallway. "I've heard so much about you." She looked significantly at her companion. "Now we get to see if the stories were true."

Our trio walked along, and behind my head I heard a door open, most likely Kaia coming out to watch. The embarrassment was soon leaving me, but would not go away for as long as I was the only one naked in a very public place.

Still, I was still rather deflated when we got the little living area at the end of the second floor hallway. Marissa soon moved to rectify that when she sat me down and straddled my lap. She was still fully clothed in tight jeans and a cute top. Her hazel eyes stared deep into mine before she leaned in and kissed me rather experimentally.

We kissed for a minute, and the blood started heating up in my veins. And as I got aroused, I could feel Marissa's skin already getting hotter to the touch. She backed up, her eyes aflame. "Nina? Can you help me with these clothes?"

The peroxide blonde stepped up, her pale skin, pale hair, and pale blue eyes a stark contrast to the black turtleneck that molded to her full chest quite nicely. She reached down, cupping Marissa's perky tits first before going to work at her clothes.

I looked past both girls to see Kaia leaning against a wall, wearing only a silk bathrobe but with her hand shoved inside the material so she could caress her own body while enjoying the voyeuristic view.

Marissa had to step off of me to remove her jeans and had just gotten fully naked when Leanne rounded the corner and came upon our little group. She gasped, and then went straight to Kaia to ask what was going on.

I switched my gaze back to Marissa's toned body, without an ounce of fat anywhere to be seen. Her tits weren't overly large, but they had a pleasant curve and pretty nipples. And her mouth was soon proving to be a warm, wet, heaven as she bent down, sucked my cock into her throat, and massaged my sensitive nerves with her tongue.

Nina, the blonde, turned to ask Kaia to help her out. And I felt my hips twitch when Kaia first extended her tongue and planted it into the back of Nina's throat before roaming her hands along Nina's body. At last, she began to help strip the hot blonde.

Leanne, not to be left out, reached out to feel Kaia's wonderful curves and slip her own hands beneath the silk bathrobe of her friend.

I was overwhelmed with visual imagery, and my heart began racing and picking up the tempo of the entire area. I looked down at Marissa's face, and she rolled her eyes up to look back at me while she feasted on my cock. And when my hands went to her shoulders she got the hint and crawled up my body, kissing me first before settling her hips above my erection.

I held myself in position for her as this young thing spread her thighs and began to lower her body onto me. I looked down to see her bare-shaven pussy lips, glistening with moisture, rubbing and parting slowly to allow my monster access to her slice of heaven. Once the head nudged through her opening, I gripped Marissa's ass and pulled her down and deep onto my body. And then Marissa took up the rhythm of plunging downward and then retracting back up to start again.

Looking over, I saw Leanne and Kaia getting naked and crawling onto a couch to play with each other and enjoy the view.

Nina's naked body, and especially her round D-cup tits, joined me and Marissa. She pressed her bosom against Marissa's bouncing body and pulled Marissa's head towards her own so they could French each other with a wonderful display of tongue gymnastics for my viewing pleasure.

I leaned into their kiss so all three of us could make out while Marissa continued to bounce on my dick.

It was no surprise when two more people came around the corner, a couple this time. Perhaps the guy was a boyfriend or perhaps he was just a Friday night date and they were heading for a bedroom to get laid, but the couple was already visibly aroused before they even got to us.

They stopped and watched, leaning against a wall. My effect was pulsing out of me so hard I could actually feel it expanding from my body on a metaphysical level, and soon the new girl was moaning and her hand was in the guy's pants rubbing at his dick. Finally, the girl just dropped her panties and flipped up her skirt, bending over one of the couches with her pussy on full display.

The guy's eyes bugged out in disbelief, but didn't let his shock stop him from freeing his cock and sinking it into the warm snatch of a willing girl.

Everyone else in the room was watching this new development, and I heard Kaia squeal out her climax. She seriously got off on watching. And Marissa was panting non-stop in my ear as I ground out every millimeter inside her pussy.

I leaned over to kiss Nina and tongue-wrestle with her, but in my hands I could feel Marissa getting close. My fingers had been playing around Marissa's ass for the last few minutes, and everytime my fingertip passed nearby to that wrinkled rosebud she had whimpered in anticipation. So now as her hips began to accelerate in tempo, I popped a finger through her asshole and then Marissa was crying out and gyrating her hips excitedly as the orgasm ripped through her body.

I followed her a second later, and jackhammering Marissa's body along my shaft I finally blew a torrent of cum up and into her light body. My orgasm mentally detonated out of me as well, and the chorus of seven people wailing in ecstasy filled the room all at once.

When we finally chugged to a stop, I moved Marissa over so she could sit down on the couch and loll her head back to recover. Having conquered her, I took charge of the situation and parked Nina on all fours in front of Marissa, Nina's blonde head between Marissa's knees and her round ass pointed back at me.

I leaned down to tongue at Nina's moist pussy lips and pressed two fingers inside of her while also pressing Nina's head at Marissa's gaping slit, still oozing white globs of my cum. Nina got the hint and leaned into to eat out her friend, and I luxuriated in seeing two such lovely ladies pleasuring each other.

Leanne had also gone to join the other couple, and had the other guy's dick embedded in her cunt while she ate out the other sorority girl. That left Kaia to finally walk up and kiss me while my fingers still plunged in and out of Nina's folds.

She reached a hand down to revive my spent soldier, and after a few minutes of playing with her tongue and feeling her fingers tickling my balls, I was ready for round two.

Marissa screamed out a new climax from Nina's expert tongue-work, and then I got to my knees behind Nina and leaned my erection forward. Kaia went to the couch to join Marissa. For some reason, no matter how many times I saw two gorgeous women slipping each other some tongue, I was always enraptured by the view. And watching my goddess of a girlfriend frenching this sweet, young thing I'd just fucked was sending my brain into a tailspin. And my arousal was not wasted as it picked up every other female another notch towards ecstasy.

Nina certainly wasn't that tight, but she really knew how to use her inner muscles. I leaned back to hammer my cock in and out of her with long strokes at first, then lowered my chest against her back to grip her tits and grind her with short thrusts. And when my fingers squeezed down on her clit, Nina's whole body shuddered once, violently, as her orgasm swept through her.

I rode out the waves and kept up my pumping motions, getting a good grip on her hips to really start pounding Nina's hot asscheeks. All seven of us kept up a loud riot of sex, and another male/female couple walked by and decided to join in with the new girl giving her boyfriend a sizzling blowjob while he watched the orgy before him.

After a few minutes or so, I could instinctively feel Nina's second climax approaching. I redoubled my efforts, intent upon giving Nina the fuck of her life as I pistoned in and out of her pussy as hard and as deep as I could. She backed her head away from Marissa, leaving the young sophomore and Kaia alone to play with each other, and she simply let her head hang down between her shoulders as she was subjected to the sensations I was forcing on her.

All at once, Nina's body locked up, and at the same time I felt my balls loosening. I pulled out at just the last moment and several cannon-shots worth of jizz blasted out, spraying Nina's ass and lower back with my cum. She threw her head up to moan out her climax and let out a wobbling wail as she felt each splash of semen hit her red-hot skin, and when we were both done she collapsed flat on her face, her knees buckling to nearly pass-out on the floor.

Kaia slipped off Marissa and moved to lick and tongue at Nina's worn body. I watched her slurping up white trails of semen, coating Nina's asscheeks with her saliva and darting her tongue into Nina's asshole from time to time. She looked to Marissa to join her as well, but Marissa had other ideas.

The young sophomore's eyes glittered right at me, and once Kaia started in on Nina she leapt off the couch to tackle me flat on the floor and kiss me before crawling lower down my body and take my limp dick into her mouth again.

Kaia then came over and the two of them helped get me sitting on a couch once again, and I enjoyed the sight of them French kissing each other with my re- energizing erection trapped between their lips. The two of them continued to give me a dual blowjob and pleasure each other, until I'd finally gotten a third stiff dick and Kaia kissed me before moving her hips up.

I'd blown two wads and fucked two heavenly bodies only recently, but the notion of screwing Kaia was still my idea of paradise. I was more excited than ever, and Kaia looked back over her shoulder to see my smile as she faced away from me and began to lower her body down across my hips.

Marissa held my cock up for me until Kaia's pussy began to wrap around it, and then she leaned in to take Kaia's perfect tits into her mouth. With Kaia's back to me, I leaned in a nibbled on her shoulderblades while my hands moved her hips into just the right position. And once I knew I was lined up, I bucked my hips up and speared Kaia's tunnel in one thrust.

Having cum twice already, I knew I could make this last as the three of us gyrated together. Kaia was springing up and down my shaft, her pussy tightly clamped onto the hot rod buried inside of her and letting the couch cushions help her up and down motions. Her body was hunched over away from me as she focused on the pleasure wreaking havoc through her nervous system, but I couldn't see the expression on her face. But I could watch as Marissa would alternately kiss at Kaia's lips, neck, and bosom, and then I saw Marissa shriek in surprise when Nina woke up and shoved three fingers deep into Marissa's pussy.

I read all of Kaia's sexual signals perfectly, after much practice, and when she started getting close I poured my mental energy into Kaia's pleasure centers and seized her hips to jack her in my lap with harder aggression.

She was kissing Marissa when the climax overtook her body, and she moaned with wide open lips directly into Marissa's kiss, and Marissa took the opportunity to shove her tongue town Kaia's throat in the middle of the big O.

And I took the opportunity to lift Kaia's body off of me, leaving my erection coated in a thick layer of Kaia's orgasmic fluids. And while she was still whimpering out her orgasm, I re-aimed myself and slammed Kaia's body down, my pecker splitting Kaia's asshole and sinking my entire length deep into Kaia's bowels.

She screamed out in mixed pain and pleasure and tripped off into another orgasm right away, howling at the world while I fucked Kaia's ass. She may have gotten this whole orgy started. But I was in control now.

Marissa moved herself down at our feet until her face was in Kaia's stretched- wide pussy, eating her out with abandon while Nina flipped onto her back and nudged her head between Marissa's knees so she could lick upwards into Marissa's crotch.

The heat and tightness of Kaia's ass was nearly unbearable for me, and my brain raced to find something else to think about and help delay my final release. I decided to focus my mental energies in reaching out to every girl, now six of them fucking each other around me. And as the pleasure built up into a steady pressure inside my brain, so did the pleasure increase in all of them.

I was grunting with the exertion, my mental energy expenditure making me wear out that much more quickly, but I could feel the sexual tension tightening in the room until there was nothing left but to explode.

All at once, I felt the sperm exit my balls and enter into my dick's tunnel and head for release. But in between that microsecond and the jizz flying out of my pecker's tip, I heard all six girls wailing out in absolute ecstasy. Kaia shrieked at the top of her lungs as she began to discharge her honey into Marissa's face. Marissa moaned into Kaia's pussy as she squeezed her thighs around Nina's head and poured out her own nectar down onto her friend. And Nina even climaxed despite the fact that no one was even touching her. Leanne and the two other girls also screamed out in pleasure, and at last my cum was pouring out of my shaft and splattering against the insides of Kaia's ass over and over and over again, until I was completely drained and Kaia's anal chute was completely plugged. She'd be shitting semen for days if I had any choice in the matter.

And when it was all over, my brain was fried in a very pleasing way. And when Marissa and Nina both came over to kiss me and glow about how that really WAS the best sex of their lives, I knew Kaia and I had two more regulars to look forward to.

Inexorably, the mental drain caught up with me the way it always did after such a concentrated "effect" action. I'd made six women climax simultaneously. The creeping blackness clouded my eyes, and I surrendered myself to the bliss of unconsciousness.


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