Zoe and Zack

Zoe sat up in bed, sure that she had heard something in her room just as she was falling asleep. She clutched her blanket to her chest and strained her eyes in the dark. Her leg jiggled under the covers and after a few seconds, decided that she had just imagined the noise. She rested her head back on her pillow and closed her eyes.

Suddenly her bed moved and someone’s hand covered her mouth. She took as deep a breath as she could manage, intending to scream, when her bedside lamp flicked on and Zoe found herself looking up at her twin brother.

He took his hand away with a cheeky grin and leaned forward to place a soft kiss on her cheek. “Did I scare you?”

Zoe sat up and grabbed her pillow, wacking Zack over the head. “Bastard!” she laughed. “I thought I was going to die. Don’t do that.”

Zack sat on her bed and crossed his legs, Zoe blushing as she realised he was only wearing his boxers. She was a small girl with a deep red coloured hair. It fell in tiny ringlets down to her waist. It was pulled back in at that moment so she didn’t strangle herself in her sleep, it had happened before.

They both shared bright green eyes. Zack was filling out a lot in the last few months, his shoulders were broadening and he’d grown out his sandy blonde hair, the fringe hanging over his eyes a little, his ever present smile on his face.

She held out her arms and the two of them burrowed under the blankets, snuggling closely, Zoe’s head tucked under Zack’s chin. They had used to sleep like this all the time, until Zoe had hit puberty, their mother had freaked out and put them in separate rooms and they had hated it.

Zack’s hand stroked up and down Zoe’s back gently, her hair shifting with every breath he took. Her fingers gently ran over his chest, drawing patterns and words, making him shiver eat time she found the ticklish spot on his ribs.

“Hey Zoe?” Zack murmured softly.


“Do you ever…” He stopped and Zoe felt him shake his head. “Nah, never mind. Stupid question.”

Zoe shifted, leaning back from Zack as she could look at him properly. “Do I ever what? You can’t start asking a question then not finish it!”

There was a slight pause. “Do you ever imagine what it would be like to have sex together?”

Zoe felt a blush creeping up her cheeks. “Like… you and me?” she whispered. Her thighs pressed together, trying to ignore the heat that suddenly rushed through her. “It’s wrong. And… Mum and Dad would freak.”

Zack laughed softly. “I asked if you did, not what society thinks about it.”

“I… I do. All the time.”

His fingers twitched on her side and she could feel a little tremble. Gathering her courage, Zoe wrapped her fingers around his wrist and slowly guided his hand down between her legs, hoping that she had understood the situation correctly.

Instantly Zoe felt her twin’s fingers push aside her panties and press a finger into her cunt slowly. She sighed softly and rolled onto her back, letting her legs fall apart. Zack shifted with her and pressed his lips to hers roughly.

He tasted like mint, with just a hint of honey. Her hands wrapped around his neck and pulled him to her tighter, moaning into his mouth as his finger withdrew to play with her clit. Her hips rocked up against his hand slowly, relishing the sparks of pleasure that ran up her spine.

Zack’s finger pressed hard on her clit, causing her hips to jump. He did it again, obviously enjoying how her breath caught in her throat each time. Zoe squealed into his neck, trying to muffle her noise. Her body trembled as her orgasm built under her brother’s fingers.

At the last moment he pushed two fingers deep inside her and Zoe tensed up, her hand covering her mouth to silence the scream that want to come rushing out of her mouth.

It took her a few minutes to come down from her high. Her eyes remained closed, letting her breathing return to normal. Zack’s fingers were still inside her and she could feel the slight stretching of her cunt around him. The tips of his fingers wiggled a little and she whined softly, biting her bottom lip.

“Zack, let me get my breath back.” She murmured, her hips moving up to meet his fingers even as she said the words.

His fingers pulled out of her slowly and she watched as he lifted them to his mouth and licked her juices from them. Her tongue flicked across her lips and her fingers started to inch down between her legs. His hand caught her wrist and pinned it above her head, his fingers still slightly damp from his saliva.

“No no Zoe. You lie back and enjoy this. I want to give you the best night ever.”

Zack’s voice was rumbling in his chest and made Zoe shiver. She didn’t even try to resist when he tied her hands to her head board with the sash off her dressing gown. He knelt between her legs and tugged down her panties, pulling them off completely and tucking them into the waistband of his boxers. She felt a slight twinge of fear now, as Zack tied her legs down, but she still didn’t fight, thinking that her brother wouldn’t do something she didn’t want him to.

He got off the bed and pressed his lips to Zoe’s again, his tongue slipping between her slightly parted lips to wrestle inside her mouth. He pulled away suddenly and, before Zoe had a chance to react, put a ball gag into her mouth. She tried to spit it out, push it out with her tongue, anything, but Zack was stronger than her and he buckled it around the back of her head.

Zoe’s eyes filled with tears and she silently begged her brother not to do anything to her. She was scared now. The look in his eyes was horrible, like he was devouring her with his gaze.

“Ah Zoe, you are so beautiful.” He murmured and moved to kneel between her legs. “Don’t worry. I won’t fuck you tonight. I want to make you crave me.”

His head dipped and he kissed down her body, over the top that she was wearing, until he came to her soft, red curls that covered her mound. His fingers combed through them and he seemed to be debating something.

“I like smooth girls, but the red is so unique. It might grow on me.” He muttered.

Zoe gasped through the gag as his tongue parted her pussy lips and slipped into her. His finger was very gently circling her clit, pressing hard every so often, enough to make her jump and moan. His tongue licked up and he sucked her clit into his mouth, worrying it with his teeth.

A finger pressed into her deeply, and she could feel it bump against her hymen. She squirmed a little, but his free hand held her hips down easily. He didn’t lift his head from her clit, but his finger did retreat from the delicate membrane.

The finger wriggled around, twisting and turning, making Zoe whimpering silently behind her gag. It pulled out, leaving her feeling strangely empty. A moment later it was back, pressing at her ass. Zoe screamed, but it was barely a murmur. She tried to lift her hips away from the invading finger but it was no use, Zack held her down and her ass started to stretch around his finger.

Her eyes opened wide as she realised that it didn’t feel so bad. It almost felt nice. Zack’s finger began to wriggle around, making her twitch and moan, her clit still trapped between his teeth. His other hand slipped down from her hips to press two fingers into her cunt, slowly pumping them in and out.

Zoe started to tremble, she could feel her orgasm building inside her and she was scared. She shook her head, wanting Zack to stop but he ignored her, starting to thrust his fingers into her harder and faster, his tongue lashing at her clit until as last she tensed, her body rising off the bed as she screamed into the gag.
Everything tingled and Zoe gripped the sash keeping her hands prisoner, tugging at it as her orgasm swept over her again and again. Slowly she came back to herself, her eyes fluttering shut as Zack removed the gag and gave her a surprisingly gentle kiss on the lips. Her hands and feet were untied and she curled up in a ball in the middle of the bed.

“Sweet dreams, sis.” She heard Zack call from the doorway.

Her limbs were still trembling from the aftermath of her orgasm as she drifted off to sleep.

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