My sister and I finally fuck

At the age of seventeen i have a large penis and i love to blow my load. Especially thinking about my older sister Charlene, She’s beautiful a little on the bigger side but absolutely stunning. She has huge breasts, 34 DD just massive about 5’7 with brown hair and a wonderful ass. I love when her and i are together and she is wearing V cut shirt and i can see right down her shirt. So one day i finally build up the courage to just kiss her. We were sitting on her couch talking about how her boyfriend doesn’t treat her good enough. I start to tell her that she is too good for him and needs a man who really cares about her and loves her.

After talking for about 45 minutes char puts her head on my shoulder and says she wishes she was happy. I put my arm around her and give her a big hug and we get tight together. The way she’s sitting i can see right down her shirt it’s awesome. Char leans back and looks at me, i didn’t react fast enough and she catches me looking down her shirt.
“Hey what were you looking at?”
“Sorry, i didn’t mean to”
“Yes you did, trust me i notice it”
“Why don’t you say anything?”
“Because i like knowing someone likes to look at me”
“Why do you pull up your shirt or move you jacket over them when i look at my house?”
“Because i don’t want people to see you looking at me”
“So it’s fine when it’s just you and me?”
“I don’t mind”
“So when you lean back in the car or have troubles putting on your seat belt and you put your breasts in my face you’re trying to turn me on?”
“Well yea”
“Your bad that’s bad your know that”
Char just giggles and looks at the TV, i put my arm over her shoulder and she looks at me. When she turned she looked into my eyes, right then i put my hands on her neck and put kissed her. To my surprise char kissed back. I moved my hands to her sides and she wrapped her hands around my head and pulled me in. Char started leaning back to i crawled on top of her while we kissed passionately. I wrapped my arms around char’s back and pulled her into my body. Char was wearing her pyjama pants and i was wearing my soccer shorts which left my bugle to be seen. Char and i were entangled in eachothers embrace. I could feel char getting wetter and by the way she started thrusting i could tell she was getting a little i horny so i thrusted back. I felt char start to orgasm; her pyjamas were wet with her juices so i slowly went down to her belly and pulled off her clothing kissing each inch as i went. Once i had her pyjama bottoms off i worked my way back up kissing each inch again, i went up the inside of her leg. As i grew closer to her pussy her back arched more and more, i knew that i should tease her so i did. I went passed her wet pussy and worked on taking her shirt off. I kissed my way up to her wonderfully large breasts. I got the shirt over her breasts and stopped, i started kissing her left breast and massaging her right one with my other hand. I rotated back and forth for about 10 minutes. Char was just oozing her juices all over the couch so i finished taking her shirt off. Once i got her shirt off we starting passionately kissing again. Since my shorts were soft and started to have drying sex with char again. It didn’t take too long before char arched her back and let out her moans of extraordinary pleasure. Since char was making a mess i decided to kiss down her body again and kiss the inside of her legs. Char was very horny and wanted me in her, so i teased more. I slowly ran my fingers along the inside of her legs as i kissed closer to her pussy. I wrapped my arms around each leg and pulled chars pussy right up to my face. And the instant i kissed her she wrapped her legs around my head. I was locked in her embrace and i loved it. I started to lick away, my tongue was flicking all around and sticking it in her pussy char was about to cum and i could tell by the way her legs got tighter around my head and she grabbed the blankets and arched her back. When she cam my face and mouth was covered in her sweet juices. I licked everything. And i didn’t stop licking her pussy; char had no time to recover. But she stopped me and grabbed my face and kissed me. As we were kissing char started taking off my shirt. She started rubbing my abs and chest and then grabbed my shorts and pulled them down my boxers were still on and char was soon to take them off.
“Oh Travis please, make sure this happens again”
“Those are just the words i want to hear”
“Make love to me”
I kicked off my shorts and boxers the rest of the way, i slowly moved towards char’s pussy when she grabbed it I was now completely at her will. I was so horny right now she could have told me to do anything. She positioned my throbbing dick right in front of her pussy. She didn’t tell me to put it in she just wrapped her arms around my head and kissed me. There was just enough light from the TV to she char’s eyes, so beautiful so wonderful. I stopped teasing and began to make love to my half sister. I enter my sisters pussy and nearly exploded the second i was in. All my dreams and hopes coming true. Char broke away from the kiss and moaned very loudly. Char dug her nails into my back causing me to fuck deeper and deeper. I began to fuck char faster because her moaning was exciting me more and more. Within in minutes char was cumming again, so wet and so tight. When char cam she wrapped her legs around my body and screamed. Once char finished her session we rolled over, char was now on top of me, her hips moving in rhythm with mine. We fucked like this for awhile, and then char got up and went on her hands and knees and gave me a naughty smile. I got up behind her and slid my throbbing penis into char’s pussy. I grabbed onto chars hips and began pounding char as hard as i could. Char collapsed after a couple minutes and i was about to as well. I wrapped my arms around char’s waist and pulled her back up and sat back, my penis was still in char’s pussy but now char was sitting on my lap and i was bouncing up and down. Char became completely loose in my arms, she was cumming again. That wet slipping feeling was the most amazing feeling I’d ever felt. Char oozed out all over my balls and penis and then got up. She turned around and bent forward and kissed me. I decided to rub her dripping pussy but she moved. Char kissed me chest then my abs and the grabbed my throbbing penis. She looked up at me then stuck it in her mouth. My goodness, i fell in love. I didn’t want to finish in her mouth so i pulled her back up to my face and we kissed again. I wrapped my arms tightly around char and carried her to the bathroom. We got in the shower and started kissing again. The water ran over our bodies and chars breasts were at full attention. I picked char up and slowly lowered char onto my raging cock, i pinned char against the wall and started to move my hips char was in pure pleasure, she was moaning and arching her back i fucked her as hard as i could and then she can once again i did at the same time. Cum filled chars wet pussy making it the moistest warm area i would ever experience. We collapsed in the shower and sat the kissing each other. When the water got cold we went to chars room. Char got changed into a slutty outfit while i just put on some Joe boxer boxers.
“This was for josh but he doesn’t deserve it like you do”
“Come here”
Char crawled onto the bed and laid on me. We both knew that i was going to undress char again. Within seconds my penis was rock hard. Char could feel it and reached down into my boxers. She started stoking it and that made it harder than even. I began untying her corset, and pulling her garter down. Char began to take off my boxers and then i pulled her to my face again and we started kissing, i rolled her over and got down to eating her pussy. She loved it so much. I got back up and char grabbed my hard cock and this time told me to fuck her as hard and as deep as i could. I took that as a challenge to go deeper and harder then she’d ever believe. Char was screaming and moaning so loud that i thought she’d wake the neighbours. I slammed down hard and deeper with each thrust and then i began to cum i fucked as hard as i possibly could to try and finish char off and it worked. Char cam more than she had before i slid in and out faster than before and char let out the most amazing please sound ever. Char was so exhausted and i was too. Char rolled over and i wrapped my arms around her. Char told me to put my dick in her pussy so she could fall asleep with the man of her dreams. We fell and sleep, when we woke we go in her bath tub and that’s another story.

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