Best summer job EVER! part 2.

If you've read the first part of this story then you'll know that I managed to snag myself the greatest summer job known to man. My job was to please my next-door neighbor, Mrs. Cindy Farbenn, in any way that she wanted.
By this I mean that I would fuck her until she's so happy that she can't even move.
Hi, my name is Jake Hamilton.
I am sixteen years old and for the past two weeks I have been going over to Cindy's house every day and having the most amazing sex.
This is the story of how our double act was joined by another partner.
It was midday and, as usually happened at that time, I was getting some unbelievable head from the sexy seductress Cindy.
I gazed down to the beautiful busty vision who's head was sliding up and down on my hard 7 inch long shaft, sucking vigorously.
God, the inside of her mouth was like heaven, warm and wet, her tongue curling along the tip of my cock, giving the slit a lick every now and then.
As her lips glided up the length of my manhood, she looked up into my eyes and gave a lustful wink I grinned at her and moaned from the pleasure her blowjob was inducing.
As she reached the end of my cock, Cindy wrapped her lips around the head and gave it a tight kiss, sucking intensely while simultaneously jerking the shaft with her left hand and playing with my balls with her right hand.
I couldn't hold it in any longer.
The pure bliss of the orgasm spread from my balls up to my body, running through me like electricity as I felt my dick throbbing and pulsing, sending spurts of my hot teenage seed all over Cindy's hot, voluptuous body, coating her mouth, chin and the tops of her heaving breasts with my spunk.
As time slowed down again and I came back down from the orgasmic reverie, I watched as Cindy licked her luscious soft tits clean, looking at me as she did so.
"well done, Jake!"Cindy said.
"I'm impressed with all the effort you've been putting into work. Go take a shower and then we can get to work on cleaning the gutter."
(the gutter- her pussy. That's her code for when she wants a good fucking from the front.
Sweeping the attic was code for oral, wether it was her blowing me, me eating her out or us sixty-nineing.
Tidying the back yard was the not-so-subtle code she used when she wanted me to plow hertight asshole as hard as I could.
I was already naked so I just headed upstairs to the bathroom. After I stepped out of the hot water and dried myself off I exited the bathroom, still fully nude.
As I started making my way downstairs, I heard the front door opening and someone entering.
I didn't remember hearing Cindy leave.
I hurried down the foot of the stairs just in time to see Cindy's daughter, Natalie, walk into the house.
She was 22, blonde and absolutely stunning.
She was taller than her mother, and slimmer around the waist but her breasts were fantastically shaped D cups. Her eyes were a brilliant sea-green, and sparkled with mischief.
Her skin had a tan to it that boasted many a hot day at the beach, and there was a lot of skin to see.
Natalie wore blue jeans cutoffs and a tank top, which only accentuated those outstanding tits.
We looked at each other, froze for about five seconds, and then she asked, with surprising calm, (after all, she had just come home to find a stark naked teenager on her stairs) what I was doing here.
"umm I uhhwork." I stuttered, doing my best to stop looking at her tits and conceal my rising erection with my hand.
All the sudden her manner seemed to change and she was smiling. "oh, you're here to do the gutter cleaning, right?" I was shocked. "but how?-"
She smiled again. "you're not the first you know, mom does this every year. She gets lonely sometimes and needs a good fucking. "
I stood there speechless. After a few seconds Natalie asked "hey, are those your clothes, on the couch?" I nodded.
"here I'll get them for you. Chill" she added, seeing the anxiety on my face. She went to the couch and bent over to pick up the clothes, stretching her already tight cutoffs and revealing the shape of her ass.
Now, you'll never hear me complain about Cindy's ass, it's very bouncy and squeezable and I love to grab it while we're fucking.
This ass however, was on a whole nother level.
Natalie had a firm bubble-butt, round and juicy looking, probably tight as hell.
It was so curved and jutting, pressed up against those cutoffs like it was about to burst out of the fabric.
My cock sprang straight up, rock hard and throbbing.
As Natalie turned around I tried to cover my bulging erection with both hands, too no avail.
As Natalie turned around and saw my shlong standing straight at attention, her mouth formed an O of surprise.
She dropped my clothes and started walking towards me, swaying her hips in an alluring manner.
I swallowed.
As she reached me, she lowered her hand, slowly, onto my stiff penis.
Her touch was electrifying as she began to move her hand back and forth along the shaft, picking up in speed as she did this.
I let out a grunt of pleasure and before I knew what had happened, she leaned forward, grabbed the back of my head with her hand and pressed her soft mouth against mine, all while stroking my hard-on.
Her mouth was so warm, her tongue so moist as it intertwined with mine. We continued making out for a couple of minutes until she broke off and pulled back, letting go of my throbbing dick.
flashing me a naughty grin very much like her mother's, she pulled off her tank top.
A phenomenally hot pair of round, tan tits bounced out, so sweet and inviting that my mouth watered as I considered how it would feel to suck on those babies.
As if hearing my thoughts, she one more stepped closer, grabbed my face with both hands and plunged it into her waiting bosom.
Oh god! They were so soft, yet at the same time firm!
I delved deeper, feeling her breasts up against my face, I took her nipple in my mouth and began sucking.
She moaned, pressing my face deeper and deeper into those glorious tits.
I switched to the other nipple, gave it a similar treatment, and began moving us towards the couch.
Natalie, however, had a different plan. She leaned forward and with all her strength, pushed us onto the floor so that I landed on my back.
I'm sure that it hurt a little at the time but I don't think I noticed.
All I knew was that I was lying down on the floor watching this topless hottie straddle my chest and begin unbuttoning her cutoffs.
She soon slid them off, revealing that she wasn't wearing panties.
We were now both completely, naked. As she threw her cutoffs aside, she leaned down and we made out again, with her using just the right amount of tongue.
I moved my hands and grabbed at her busty chest, running my eager fingers over her nipples.
I felt her slide back so that she was sitting on top of my cock, which was so fucking hard I thought I would die. She disengaged the kiss and whispered into my ear-" ready for me to rock your world, baby?" I nibbled at her ear and replied:"hell yeah, ride my hard cock."
She gave me another impish smile and raised up her body, allowing my dick to rise up from underneath her. She took hold of it, positioned it and lowered herself onto my throbbing cock.
I was inside of this beautiful, stunning goddess and she was bouncing up and down on my stiff manhood, sending jolts of pleasure to my brain.
I moved my arms to her waist, supporting her, and then I moved them further back, grabbing her tight, firm ass.
She was moaning loudly begging my to fuck her harder, to impale her on my big hard cock.
"oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me with your dick, oh god, oh shit, fuck yeah!" she screamed as she started squirming on my dick, obviously on the verge of cumming.
I knew instinctively what to do. I moved upwards in a sudden motion, maneuvered myself on top of her and began thrusting into her tight wet hole as fast and as hard as was humanely possible.
Within a short time she came all over me, squirting hot fluids all over my dick.
I was still hard and still inside her pussy, panting with the effort. We were both glistening with sweat, her tits positively shining.
She looked up into my eyes and gave me another wicked smile that lit up her eyes. "oh my god, you were amazing!" she said, trying to catch her breath.
"I have to agree, that was pretty fucking hot." said a voice from behind us.
It was Cindy, Natalie's mother, and she was fully nude and so wet she was dripping.
She kneeled down, grabbed my face and kissed me fiercely as I held her breast in one hand while still gripping Natalie's tit in the other.
Cindy moved her hand down my chest, past my stomach to the place where my still erect penis was half inside her daughters soaking pussy.
"Jake, honey, you're still hard! I'm so proud of you! In fact," she added, smirking, " I think you deserve a reward."
We resumed making out as I pulled out of Natalie and was being laid gently onto the floor by her sexy mom.
Cindy then pushed off my shoulders and was straddling my waist, grinding slowly on my hard cock.
"Natalie, baby, come over here." Cindy said, turning around so that she had her back to me, still grinding on my dick.
I saw Natalie move towards us, spreading her legs in front of Cindy. At this Cindy leaned forward and buried her tongue into her daughter's dripping clit.
Natalie was moaning again, this time because of the careful ministrations of a woman's mouth, as opposed to the rapid pounding of my hard manhood.
Speaking of my hard manhood, as soon as Cindy bent over to tend to her daughters pussy, I took hold of my cock, raised myself slightly and plunged myself deep into Cindy's waiting ass.
My dick well lubricated with Natalie's pussy juices, slid easily into Cindy's amazing hole.
Damn, that was one tight ass!
Cindy was so unprepared for me that she let out a scream that was muffled by her daughters wet folds.
I managed to get on my knees and once I had a good grip on Cindy's white asscheeks I began thrusting, slowly at first, quickening my pace as time passed.
The house suddenly was filled with the sounds of Natalie, moaning at the well trained eating-out that she was receiving, further enhanced by the anal encouragement I gave to Cindy, who was grunting loudly into her daughter's love hole.
I remember Natalie cumming a second time, screaming audibly with pleasure.
I was also nearing my orgasm, so when I was on the brink I pulled out of Cindy's ass and jerked my dick until I came.
I sprayed my huge, steaming load all over Natalie and her mother, making sure to get most of it on their tits. Natalie got up and walked over to me. She ran her hands up my chest and yet again began kissing me with those soft, perfect lips.
"wow mom," she said to Cindy after we were done. "you sure know how to pick 'em!"
Cindy, who was still lying on the floor, unable to get up because of the intense fucking she had just received, simply smiled and said " I sure do!"

Thats it for now, guys.
I really hoped that you liked the story.
If this gets a lot of positive ratings and reviews I will make a part three, again I ask to make requests on what you want to see in it. Thanks for reading.

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