Her best friend Carolyn 2

Her Best Friend Carolyn Part 2

I found out about a month ago that my wife had really hot lesbian sex with her best friend Carolyn when they were younger, and again a few years ago when she went to visit her in San Francisco. Just thinking about my beautiful wife kissing, and licking her beautiful friend has given me a pretty much constant hard on, as well as made for some incredible sex. I am constantly thinking about my wife having sex with Carolyn, as well as her other sexual escapades when she was younger. As long as you are not a jealous person, I definitely suggest talking with your partner about their past sexual experiences. It is a huge turn on, and you can find out what they have done before that they enjoyed, and that you may want to try now.

Last night, I went out to a concert with my father-in-law, and my wife and her mom stayed home with the kids. My wife is recovering from some minor surgery, and is still too sore for any sex. I told her that does not make me any less horny, and I would need her to at least tell me some dirty stories when I got back to hold me over until she can get back in the saddle, so to speak. We went out and had a great time at the concert, and it did not help that the place was packed with gorgeous women. I had quite a bit to drink, thinking that it would help my painful hard on, and constant thoughts about fucking my wife, but it only helped to make me think of fucking her even more. After she had told me about her and Carolyn, we had the most wild sex of our lives, and for the first time, she had let me film it. She even let me tape our anal sex, and I had been watching that film while I was away at work ever since. The sight of my big cock pounding her tight little ass while her huge tits swayed back and forth underneath her never ceases to make me cum. I really think that I have become hyper-sexualized since learning more about my wife’s sexual past, and now it is all that I think about. Even though I knew that we could not have sex last night, I had to get home to my wife. Even if all we could do was talk about sex, it was enough.

When we got home, it was pretty late, and we went right up to bed. When we got to the bedroom, I told her “how about some really dirty stories that I can masturbate to before we go to sleep?”

She was sober, and obviously not as turned of as I was and she kind of rolled her eyes at me and said “I don’t know, I haven’t had any time to think anything up.”

“Come on, I don’t want you to make stuff up, your real stories about your past are far hotter than anything you could make up. Why don’t you start with the time you and Carolyn got it on in San Francisco.”

“I thought that I already told you about that.”

“No, you told me that you did, but you did not give any details like you did about your threesome with Carolyn, or the times you had sex when you were younger. How did it happen, what did you do, what does Carolyn look like naked? I want as much detail as possible”

“Are you sure that you want to hear about this? It is the one time that I did anything woth anyone since we were married. I don’t want you to be angry, or insecure about us.”

“Absolutely, I have told you that I totally understand what you and Carolyn have together, and that I think that it is the most sexy thing I have ever heard about. I know that it would be extremely difficult for you to not sleep with her after you had a few drinks, and some pot to lessen your inhibitions.”

“Alright, here it goes. I hope you find it as sexy as I did when it happened. Well, the first day I got there, as soon as I got to her and her sister’s apartment, we got dressed in some really sexy clothes and went out for dinner and drinks, and we planned to play pool like we used to all the time when we were younger. You remember that we used to go out with no money, and just play pool for drinks all night. I told Carolyn that it really felt like old times, but that we definitely needed to take money with us, since I had not played much in the past few years. She laughed and said that although I used to be an excellent pool player, it was my huge tits and beautiful ass distracting the guys we used play against that won most of the games for us. She said it was almost unfair, because the guys would mess-up their shot just to get me to bend over the table again and run the pool cue between my tits while I took my shot, or they would stand behind me, and get raging hard-ons looking at my round little ass. We actually picked up most of our random sex partners from the guys we played pool with. There was never any problem getting laid when we were out playing pool, dressed as sexy as we could. I used to love to wear tight, low-cut tops that really showed off my huge tits, and the tightest pants or jean possible. I was soo horny when I was younger, I pretty much was looking for sex all of the time. It made it hard to have a relationship, because I would take a guy home a lot of times without even knowing his last name, and just get down on my knees and suck his cock as soon as we walked in the door of my apartment. Or I would be so horny that I would not even wait until we got inside, and pull down my pants, and make him fuck me in the ass right there on the steps going up to my apartment. When you act like that, it is hard to start up a relationship afterwards, but certainly not hard to get them to fuck me again any time I wanted. It was really my extreme sexual desire that kept me fucking all those guys when I was in my twenties.”

“How many guys do you think that you fucked before me?”

She thought for a minute, and then said, “I think that is probably about 50, but I don’t know exactly, and it may be a little more. Remember, I was getting laid a couple of time a week from the age of about 20, until I we started dating when I was 24. Now there were a lot of guys that I called my regulars, that I could always count on for a fuck. I had different guys that I would call, depending on my mood. If I was looking for good anal fucking and ass-play, I would call Tatoo Dave, because that is pretty much all that he was into, since he had a pretty small cock, and he would not hurt me. I would call another guy if I was looking for a big cock that would cause a little pain when we fucked, and would really fill up my mouth when I sucked it. Things like that.”

“We are definitely going to have to talk about all of your escapades sometime, but right now tell me everything about you fucking your best friend.”

“OK, where was I, oh right, we were getting ready to go out, and I told her to be careful, because I was getting horny thinking about all the stuff we did in the past, and my husband was 2000 miles away. She laughed, and said that I could still masturbate, or use one of her dildos if I needed to. At that time of the night, it was still just talk, and I definitely had no intention of doing anything with her again. As the night went on, we drank quite a bit, and our inhibitions got lower, and we talked more about how horny we were. She introduced me to a couple of hot guys that she knew, and sometimes had sex with, and that sure did not help my level of horniness. All I could think about was having the dirtiest, most passionate, kinky sex with you, but you were so far away.

Carolyn actually went down the street to one Irish guy’s apartment for about an hour for a quickie while we were at a pool bar. I was so jealous that she could take care of her needs, and I couldn’t, but I knew that I did not want to cheat on you. I knew that I would not be able to keep something like that a secret, and I would feel really bad afterwards, but damn I was so horny that night! When Carolyn got back from the Irish guys apartment, if anything she looked more horny, and even more beautiful. She said that they had gone to smoke a little pot, and then they had ended up fucking after they smoked. I told her that she had to give me details, because I was so horny, and I had to live vicariously through her that night. She said that she had a better idea. She got some pot from the Irish guy, and why didn’t we go back home, smoke a little, and talk about it at her apartment. At that time, it was about 3:00 am according to my body clock, and I was totally cool with that.

We walked the short distance to her apartment, and I could not keep myself from looking at her big tits jiggling while she walked, and her round ass. I was thinking about all the things we used to do, but I still told myself that I was not going to do anything with her. When we got to her apartment, she got a one-hitter, and we sat down in the living room and smoked out a little. I was really out of it from the drinking, lack of sleep, and the pot, and I asked her to tell me about her fuck that night. She said that it was pretty much like when we were younger, and whenever we went to a guys apartment to smoke out, we would almost always end up fucking. She said that her Irish guy reminded her of a guy that we both used to fuck that we called Tattoo Dave, because of his sleeve tattoos all up his arms. The Irish guy really liked to eat her asshole just like Tatoo Dave used to, and then he fucked her in the ass like she likes, and then pulled out and came in her mouth. She told me that she really likes the taste of her own ass on a guys dick before they cum on her.

I told her that I was so turned on that I needed to go to bed right away, and use one of her dildos to get off. She told me that was totally cool, and we should get ready for bed. We went to the bedroom, and got out of the clothes we were wearing. I was wearing some of her clothes, and when we were naked, except for our panties, I walked over to give her the shirt I had borrowed. When I handed her the shirt, our tits brushed together, and an electrical shock ran through me. I just stood there looking at her naked body and huge boobs touching mine, and I kissed her. She stuck her tongue in my mouth and we rubbed our bodies together just like old times. We were groping all over each others bodies, and kissing and licking each others necks and biting each others ears. She broke our kiss and asked if I still needed a dildo to help get off. I said why not, and told her I wanted to fuck her with one too if she would let me. She has never been inhibited at all, so she answered me by pulling down my panties, and pushing me towards her bed, all the while she was kissing me, and roughly kneading my tits like I like.

When we got to the bed, I thought she was going to push me down on my back, but she turned me around and asked me to bend over and put my hands on the bed. I bent over at the waist, and held myself up with my hands, and Carolyn got down on all fours and proceeded to lick, and kiss and bite up the back of my legs all the way from my feet to my pussy. It was an incredible sensation having my best friend giving me pleasure like she used to when we were younger, and at that moment, any thoughts of me breaking my marriage vows were nowhere to be heard. When Carolyn got to my pussy, she licked up and down my sopping wet slit, lapping up as much of my juices as she could. She said that she had forgotten how good my pussy tasted, and wished she had eaten me out more when she had the chance. I was feeling really dirty, and told her “shut up Bitch, and eat my pussy now! Enjoy it while you have it in your face!” She responded by spreading my asscheeks, and driving her tongue deep into my asshole while she rammed a couple of fingers into my pussy. I have never really been into anal sex and anal stimulation as much as she was, but that night it felt incredible, and I felt like I would do anything she wanted just so I could keep feeling those sensations. She really was going to town on my ass and my pussy, and I was pushing back, fucking myself on her tongue and fingers, when she reached over to her bedside table and pulled out some lube, and a pretty big dildo. I told her “Don’t stop eating my pussy and ass yet, I am ready to cum!” She said that she did not need to stop, because the lube she had was an edible strawberry flavor. She started putting the lube on my pussy, although I sure did not need it there, as wet as I was. Then she started lubing up my asshole, and putting a finger in there and twisting it around. The sensation was unbelievable, and then she put two fingers in, while she ate my pussy, and rubbed my engorged clit.

I told her “fuck me with that big cock, but not my ass, it is way too big!” She said mockingly “Whatever you want Mistress, but I think that tonight you could handle this big cock in your ass no problem, I will show you how to do it and enjoy it” I was so high, and horny, I was not going to argue. She rubbed that big cock up and down my slit, getting it all wet with a combination of my juices and the lube before she slowly pushed it into my pussy. It was huge, and I could feel it stretching my pussy as it went in. I had no idea how I would get that thing into my ass without a huge amount of pain. It was kind of scary, but I was getting so stimulated I did not care that much. My legs were getting weak from constantly cumming, so I got on the bed on all fours, and let her continue her work. I looked back at her between my big tits, and could see her big low hanging tits resting on my legs, her face in my crotch, and my juices running down her chin. It felt so good that I never wanted her to stop, and I’m sure she had no intention of stopping. While she was ramming that huge dildo in my pussy, she reached into her bedside table and pulled out another dildo that was shaped like a cone, so that the farther you put it in, the larger it gets. It kind of looked like a huge butt plug. She said “this little monster is going to help you get ready for an ass-fucking by my big friend that’s in your pussy right now” I said "Please be gentle, It has been about a year since Mark has fucked my ass, and I'm sure that it is really tight. She told me that if ever I wanted her to stop she would, but she was sure that I would have fun.

I turned over on the bed, with the big dildo still in my pussy, and pulled my legs toward my chest so that she had good access to my ass. She really lubed up my ass and the dildo, and then she began to slowly slide it into my ass while I took over jamming the other one into my pussy. I could see that my pussy lips were turning dark pink like they do whenever I get really turned on, and I wathced her start to to put the other dildo in my ass. She was right, it did feel good getting both of my holes fucked at the same time. She was very gentle, and only slowly worked the plug into my ass, and then out again. Eventually, she could get it most of the way into my ass, and it really was not hurting. Actually, it was just the opposite, my whole body felt like it was on fire. She said that she was sure that I could take the big dildo in my ass with no problem now. I pulled the cock out of my pussy, pulled my legs up to my chest, and slowly slid it into my well stretched and lubed ass. It was wonderful, and it was a very different feeling than having a big dick in my pussy. It was kind of a full feeling, and there are a lot of nerve endings in there, and they were making my ass clamp down again and again on the dildo.

She kissed her way up my body while I was fucking myself silly, and made sure to pay some special attention to my super sensitive tits. She kneaded them, pushed them together, and tugged on my nipples with her teeth before she began to kiss me. I kissed her for a minute, and then said I wanted to suck on her tits. She moved up a little so that I could get one of her tits into my mouth, and I sucked and bit and licked her tits like there was no tomorrow. Her tits are pretty big too, but definitely smaller than mine, and they hang lower, with much smaller nipples than my six inch aereola, that stick way out when they are hard. Her nipples are awesome to suck on, it is almost like a little cock in your mouth. While we were like this, she threw her leg over mine, and began rubbing her pussy on my leg. I could see that she had let her pussy hair grow back, and it was very dark, almost black. It was a cool contrast with my red pussy hair, and her black pussy hair. After just a minute like this on the bed, We both came so hard, that I gushed a huge amount of juice out of my pussy, and promptly passed out. I woke up later with a strange feeling in my ass, and realized that I still had the giant dildo in my ass from earlier. I pulled it out slowly, and then I felt so empty, that I rammed it right back in there a few times, and came again, before going back to sleep, with a wonderful, full, satisfied feeling in my ass. We ended up waking up at about 11:00 and just had a wonderful passionate kiss, and then we got up and showered together, and got dressed to go out with some friends.”

“Did you guys talk about it at all that next day?”

“A little bit. I told her that was the most wonderful, kinky, passionate thing that I had ever done, and my pusssy and ass were still tingling, but I was feeling guilty about cheating on you, and we should probably not do it again. She said she understood, but said that I should find a way to talk to you about it, and see if I was cool with it, because she definitely wanted to have me again. It took a couple years for it to come out, because I could not just say “hey babe, I fucked my best friend while I was in San Francisco, and I really want to do it again, are you cool with that?” I thought about asking you if you wanted to bring another girl into our love-making sometime, but that was not really what I wanted either. I really only have been attracted to Carolyn, and I did’t really want to become swingers with other random people. I am so glad that you know about it now, and you are more than OK with it. I cannot believe that you are so understanding, and are as turned on by it as I am. I really hope that we can put on a show for you some time.”

“I hope that I can be involved as well, but if Carolyn is not cool with that, or if she does not want me there even, I understand. I just want a full description, and preferably pictures when you are done. I think that it would be a great yearly treat for you to satisfy that part of your sexuality. I think that it would just help us to grow closer, knowing that we will do anything to make each other happy, even if it is giving you to another woman for a few days. I have to say that I am so turned on right now, I just have to eat your pussy and your ass, if you are up to it.”

“Absolutely, you just need to be gentle, I am still pretty sore from my surgery. I am so happy that we can be so open. I love that I can tell you how much I like ass play and ass-fucking without you thinking I am a total slut. I also want to try a little tying each other up and using blindfolds when I am feeling better. I used to really enjoy that when I was younger, and fucking random guys.”

“You are so hot, and so sexy, and I do think that you are a slut, but that is a wonderful thing. I want to learn everything about what you have done in the past, what you enjoyed, what your partners were like, everything. That will have to wait until some other time, though, because right now I have to eat your pussy, and stick my tongue and fingers into your ass until you cum all over me!”

I proceeded to eat out her ass and pussy like I have never done before. Before this night, I did not really think that she was all that into it, and only did it occasionally to appease me. Knowing now how kinky and willing my wife is, and some of the things she had done in the past just made my desire for her all that much stronger. I could not wait to learn more, and try more things together. I especially could not wait until this weekend, when her friend Carolyn came into town, to see if she was willing to get together again with my wife, or even better with both of us. Either way, I think we have a lot of fun times coming soon.

More to follow, for sure. With a wife as sexy and open to new things as mine, this is only the beginning of my stories.

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