Verry Incestuous Relations




After breakfast Margie sent her husband off on his regular week long sales trip. When his car had disappeared out of sight she went back inside to plan out her week.

For the last month, she had been promising her mother’s sister, Cindy, that she would go and visit her. Since her mother, Mona, was still out of town, Margie decided that this was the perfect time to call Cindy to see when she would like to get together.

She placed a call to her Aunt who was so glad to hear from her that she told her to come right on over.

Margie hung up and went to her closet and pulled out a bright yellow tennis outfit. She slipped on the pair of satiny yellow tennis tights that fit her lower body like a second skin, and then stepped into a pair of backless summer wedges that had four inch high heels.

She then pulled the yellow dress down over her head and into place. The top part of the sporty costume was made out of an absolutely form fitting, stretchy material. It had wide straps that went over her shoulders, and a plunging neckline that dove down deep between her enormous breasts. The body hugging design presented them like they were a pair of braless, jutting torpedoes.

The bottom half of the overtly sexy outfit consisted of an extremely short, softly pleated skirt that danced on her magnificent hips, delectable ass cheeks and perfectly rounded stomach.

When she walked each swishing movement of her legs exposed her tights covered ass cheeks, pubic mound and camel-toed crotch.

Very pleased with the way she looked, she grabbed her straw purse, jumped in her car and drove over to Cindy’s house.

As she drove she thought about her luscious aunt, who she was very, very close to. Cindy was now in her mid-thirties and was absolutely fabulous looking, with her stunningly gorgeous face and a body to die for.

Cindy had two 15 year old twin boys who, because it was a school holiday, Margie knew were going to be home for the day.

When she got to Cindy’s house the two gregarious boys greeted her at the door and quickly trapped her body between them, Jerry in front and Larry behind and both of them gave her big, hand groping hugs.

Their pressing bodies and roving hands, quickly touched every part of her, as the not quite identical twins got a full feel of their favorite cousin’s luxurious body, while Margie, as she always did, indulgently let them have their extra titillating fun feeling up her voluptuous, well toned flesh.

Finally Cindy showed up and rescued her from the two horny teens and sent them running upstairs.

Cindy’s glossy black hair was in a ponytail. She was wearing a red shirt that was tied up in a knot right under her pendulous breasts. She had on a white wraparound skirt that parted in the front when she walked, yielding glimpses of her flashing inner thighs. The tiny skirt was exceptionally tight and enticingly cupped under her magnificent ass cheeks.

Between the knotted shirt and the top of her low riding skirt was an expanse of deliciously smooth skin. Her upper body narrowed to a small waist then quickly curved out into a gloriously rounded belly and broad, breathtaking hips.

Under the titillating skirt Cindy had on a pair of white bikini panties that were barely out of sight, at least until she sat down. Then the skirt put her fully fleshed lower body on eye-popping display.

On her feet was a pair of 5 inch, stiletto heeled, red backless pumps that completed the erotic display of eye candy goodies.

The two extremely well endowed women undulated into the kitchen and sat down at the small, round breakfast table and shared some coffee.

As they sipped the hot black brew, Cindy said, “Sorry about the boy’s bad behavior when you arrived. They have reached an age where they are driving me absolutely crazy with their antics.”

Exasperated, she went on, “They are horny 24 hours a day. They have girlie magazines stacked all over their rooms. They watch porn on the internet all hours of the day and night. And now half dressed teeny bopper girls are coming over and hanging around the pool area, then going up to the boys rooms for long periods of time.”

Cindy then told Margie that the twins were now eying her up all the time, and she was beginning to think that they would screw her in a heart beat, if she wasn’t careful.

Margie laughed with her aunt about the raging hormonal problems she was having with the twins and the lurking potential that she thought existed for incest, and concluded the conversation by saying to Cindy, “well thank god, at least they aren’t gay and by them having the hots for their mother, they were at least demonstrating that they have good taste in women.”

“You just need to be a little more sympathetic to their problems,” Margie concluded, “after all, what man do you know who doesn’t have the hots for you?”

Needing more coffee, Cindy stood up and smoothed down her extremely short, very revealing skirt, as she told Margie that she was terrible for making so light of this ongoing sexual crisis she had to bear daily.

Meanwhile, upstairs in Jerry’s bedroom, Larry said, “Oh man, is Cousin Margie one major babe or what?”

“Damn I guess,” said brother Jerry, “she’s a lot hotter looking than any of the chick’s we’ve been looking at in these magazines and on the internet.”

“Man how great would it be to put a cock in her,” speculated Larry with a leering grin.

“Oh shit, if her pussy is as hot as she looks, it would be one hell of a ride,” opined Jerry.

“You think she sucks cock,” asked Larry? “Hell the way she dresses and struts around, I bet there isn’t anything she hasn’t done or won’t do,” Jerry asserted.

“Man I’d love to get behind that fantastic ass of her’s and give it to her up the back door,” Larry fantasized, with relish, “Damn I bet she’s got one tight ass hole.”

“Shit I’d love to lay my prick between those giant jugs of hers, grab two handfuls of tit meat and get me a breast fuck and blow my cum all over her face,” Jerry stated with wicked, youthful enthusiasm.

His cock so swollen that it ached, Larry said, “Man do you think there’s anyway we could get some of that.”

“I don’t know, but she sure has given me one major hard on, wearing that outfit she’s got on, and she ought to have to take care of it,” Jerry complained, as he adjusted the ultra stiff cock in his pants.

Jerry said, with a sudden spurt of lewdly youthful inspiration, “But hey, there is one thing we can do while we figure out a way to get out hottie cousin to let us fuck her.”

“What’s that,” asked his twin. “Let’s get her to swallow some of our cum,” Jerry suggested with a glint in his eyes.

“Shit, asshole, just how in the hell do you think we can do that,” asked Larry, incredulously.

“Well we can jack-off and shoot our wads into a glass, mix it up with something that will disguise the look and taste of our semen, and then give it to her to drink,” grinned Jerry. “Under the circumstances, that’s the best way I can think of for her to take care of these hard-on’s she’s given us.”

“Damn, mother fucker, that sounds like a fantastic idea,” Larry responded, impressed, “let’s do it. What kind of liquid could we use?”

“Well let’s squirt a little chocolate syrup in with our cum, pour in a little milk, mix it up so that it looks like cold cocoa and then give it to her to drink,” Jerry said, rubbing his aching prick, “she’s bound to like chocolate milk and if we ask her real nice to try out our concoction for us, I’m sure she’ll do it.”

“Larry jumped up and said, “Shit, let’s go down and look our sexy cousin over some more, get two glasses then come back up and get started.”
“Let’s get small glasses so that there will be more cum and less milk in the mixture, and so she can quickly chug-a-lug it right down.”

They both jumped up and high-fived each other then ran downstairs and found their opulently stacked mother and her incredibly curved niece still seated at the kitchen table.

The boys got two medium sized juice glasses out of the cabinet and filled them up with water, as though they needed a drink, then hung around a few minutes sipping the water while they walked around the table looking Margie’s erotically ripe body over, peeking up her short skirt and down at her lush tits and all of the exposed cleavage.

They didn’t just confine their voyeurism to Margie; they also took in the full expanse of their mother’s amazingly curved body and looked up under her extremely short skirt, a view which had, by now, become very familiar to them.

Finally the two delectably plush bodied women decided to go out to the pool area and sit in the sun.

The boys followed them outside, eying up both mouthwatering, undulating asses closely, as they swung sexily in front of them then watched Margie sit down and cross her legs, briefly revealing her crotch completely.

Visually stimulated by the two women who looked like movie stars and dressed like hookers, the brothers ran back upstairs into Jerry’s bedroom that overlooked the pool and got a good view of their statuesque cousin and their scantily dressed mother, sunning themselves below.

They pulled out their peckers and, while they looked down at Margie’s statuesque body which periodically shifted positions, the exposing movements providing as much stimulation as a porn show, they beat their meat.

While they labored over their steel hard peckers, their eyes often shifted over to the other deliciously curved body sunning itself below, the spectacular view adding to the boy’s sexual excitement and soon the erotic sights caused them to shoot an inspired quantity of cum into their respective containers.

Carefully holding the glasses that contained their spunk, the twins ran back downstairs and went into the kitchen where they got out the chocolate syrup and a bottle of milk.

They poured a small quantity of milk over the thick creamy jism that lay in the bottom of Larry’s glass, swished it around until the cum and milk were mostly mixed and then poured the creamy liquid into the other glass containing Jerry’s jism.

They then squirted some chocolate syrup into the thick, creamy, cum laced mixture, added as little additional milk as possible, then stirred the three fluids up with a spoon.

Realizing that they needed to offer their mother a chocolate drink, too, they took Larry’s glass that was still coated with some of his cum, put chocolate syrup and milk into it and stirred it up. When they were through, one side of the lip of the glass was still coated with Larry’s cum.

Jerry picked up the glass containing both their cum shots and Larry picked up the glass intended for their mother, then they walked out to the pool area.

Larry said, “Mother, we thought you ladies needed something cool to drink out here in the sun, so we have made some nice chilled cocoa for you. We tried to make it perfect using our own special recipe, so we sure hope you will like it.”

“Oh that is so nice of you boys,” their double D endowed mother said, genuinely impressed at her boy’s thoughtfulness.

She took the small glass from her son Larry, who made sure the lip of the glass with his cum on it, was placed so that would be where her lips would be placed when she drank from it.

Jerry then handed Margie the heavily sperm laden glass of chocolate flavored liquid and said, “Okay ladies, drink it down and let us know what you think.”

The boys watched, withheld breaths, as their mother and Margie put the glasses to their lips and drank down about half of the liquid. “My, that is good,” said Cindy, licking her lips, “don’t you think so Margie?” “Yes,” said their erotically fleshed cousin, “it has a very nice smooth and very unusual flavor.”

The two boys watched their voluptuous cousin put the glass back up to her lips and drink down the rest of their cum, then lick her lips appreciatively, as their incredibly endowed mother did the same, tasting the faint flavor of salt from the lip of her glass.

Both boys nearly lost their loads as they watched their spunk disappear down Margie’s throat and slide deep into her outrageously stacked body.

When they were over that rush of lewd excitement, they immediately took the empty glasses from each of the superbly built women and rushed back upstairs, giving each other high fives when they got to the bedroom.

They went over to the window and looked back down at the two conversing, skimpily clad women and grabbed their cocks again.

Larry said “Holy shit she’s got it all in her belly, bro. Damn, what a hell of a turn on that was. It was almost as good as actually getting to fuck her.”

Cindy and Margie continued to talk until the ring of a phone interrupted them. Cindy went inside and picked it up and started talking to the caller.

Margie got up and stretched and felt a little tingling sensation between her legs. She was puzzled as she seemed to be getting a little bit flushed and horny for no reason at all.

Cindy soon hung up the phone, then came back outside and said, “Honey that was my next door neighbor. She’s a distributor for a line of cosmetics and some products I ordered from her just came in. I’m going to run over and get them and bring the package back so we can try the stuff out together while you’re here.”

“Okay”, Margie said, “I’ll run upstairs and visit the boys while you are gone.”

“Okay, honey, but watch out, they’ve really been eyeing you up this morning, so don’t let them corner you”, Cindy warned.

“Oh quit worrying, they’re just fine, normal boys, and I find them fun to be with,” Margie retorted, with an unexplainably sensuous smile.

After the door closed behind her aunt, Margie bounced up the stairs feeling a little light headed and tingly all over and for some reason she found herself thinking about cocks as, unbeknownst to her, the boys twin cum loads that now resided in her stomach, were sending erotic messages to her brain.

When she got to the top of the stairs she paused and shook her head as she began to feel like she had just drunk three martinis and was feeling sexy as hell.

She could hear the boys talking behind one of the closed bedroom doors so she went over and knocked on it. In a moment the door opened and Jerry gave her a broad smile.

Margie said, “Guys, your mother went next door for a few minutes, so I thought I’d come up and visit with you until she gets back.”

“Fantastic,” said Jerry, “come on in”. He stepped aside and watched their voluptuous cousin’s body wiggle and jiggle by him, thankful that luck was being on their side today.

Margie walked into the center of the cluttered room and spied Larry stuffing something under the bed.

The room had stacks of girlie magazines in the corners and the walls were decorated with many pictures of young women in various degrees of undress.

The TV was on and was showing some girl in bondage being taken full advantage of by her well hung, incorrigible captors.

While Margie was looking around at the carnal scene, she saw a flash of light from behind her and turned to see Jerry with a Polaroid camera in his hands. He had obviously just taken a picture of her from behind.

She turned towards him and raised her finger, wagging it in protest as he took another picture of her from the front. Margie said, “Now boys, behave yourselves”, as she felt the sexual tingle in her body increase, unexplainably.

There was another flash from behind her. She turned and looked down and saw Larry lying on the floor with another Polaroid camera that he had just used to take an upshot picture of her crotch.

She put her hands on her hips and told him to stop and, as she said it, he took another upshot picture getting a clear shot of her tights covered crotch this time, with its clearly visible outline of her fully fleshed pussy lips.

She bent over and tried to grab the photo ejecting from the front of Larry’s camera and immediately saw the flash from Jerry’s camera, as he took another indecent picture of her gorgeous lower body.

Margie straightened up and stamped her foot and said, “Now boys you stop that right this minute.”

She heard Jerry say from behind her, “Okay Margie we’ll stop”, as she felt his arms go around her waist, then felt him press a big boner against her ass.

The touch of her cousin’s obviously huge young cock all but destroyed her remaining resolve and, for some uncontrollable reason, her reaction was to want it in her.

She was baffled by her response, as the double cum shots silently worked their potent magic on her susceptible, promiscuity prone brain.

Larry had gotten up onto his knees and crawled in front of her, then began to run his hands over her lush thighs.

Soon he lifted up the front of her tennis skirt and sank his teeth into her magnificent, silken clad pubic mound that was readily available right in front of his face.

Just then his brother stuck his tongue in Margie’s ear, from behind, and moved his hands up onto the erect nipples of her jutting, braless breasts.

Margie let out a groan of passion and spread her feet further apart as the twins had their incestuous foreplay way with her helplessly cooperating body that was quickly succumbing to the assaults of hands and mouths and the spreading effects of the sexually toxic cum that the boys had secretly buried in her perfectly curved belly.

Her knees were weakening as she gradually gave in to the two boy’s lustful demands and let them enjoy exploring her superbly curved female form.

She felt one of Jerry’s hands go under her skirt from behind and begin stroking and probing her damp crotch while Larry’s mouth continued to chew on her clit through her now saliva and cuntal juice soaked yellow tennis tights.

Then she felt Jerry’s hand go up under her silken tights and pull their crotch aside. His anxious fingers quickly found the entrance to her womanhood and she soon felt two, then of them slide into her pulsating, dripping snatch.

Jerry said, “Get up Larry and work her tits.” Larry took one last bite of her throbbing clit, then jumped up and stuck his tongue into her mouth as he grabbed a tit in each hand and squeezed the amazingly ripe melons, hard.

Margie felt all control slipping away from her as she returned Larry’s French kiss with enthusiastic heat while Jerry finger fucked her.

Jerry said, “Pull her head down Larry.” She felt Larry’s large hand grasp the back of her neck and begin pushing her head down until her back was horizontal with the floor.

Continuing to hold the crotch of her yellow tights aside, Jerry kicked her feet apart. She then heard his zipper go down and next felt the head of the youthful teenager’s very large cock press itself against the entrance to her wet, hungry vagina.

Next she felt Jerry slip the broad cockhead inside of her unresisting hot cunt. That entry caused her to close her eyes and open her mouth as she let out a soft moan of animalistic pleasure.

Just after Jerry’s meat had entered her lubricating channel, she felt something thick and hard slide between her lips and then her teeth, the cylindrical object coming to rest pressed against her tonsils and lying on top of her very wet tongue.

That oral entry caused her eyes to pop open and she found herself staring at Larry’s mass of black curly pubic hair, from an extremely close distance.

Just then the three of them heard the front door slam below, followed by Cindy’s voice calling up the stairs, “Margie, I’m back, come on down.”

His strong hands firmly grasping her hips, Jerry hurriedly thrust his hips forward and got full penetration into the completely surrendered body that was bent over in front of him.

On her other end, Larry closed both of his hands firmly around her neck and, with a quick thrust of his hips, shoved his cock down her throat. Her face was completely engulfed by the pubic hair she had been staring at, as her 15 year old cousin completely deep throated her.

A very muffled, passionate moan of pleasure was heard by the two horny boys then, with a rush of guilt and panic, Margie straightened up, causing the two impaling male shafts to pop out of her mouth and cunt, then quickly stepped away from between the twin boys.

Panting, she wordlessly pulled the crotch of her tights back into its proper place, smoothed her skirt, then turned and rushed out of the room and down the stairs to her waiting aunt.

Breathing heavily, the boys looked at each other with flushed, disappointed, but happy faces. Jerry said, “Oh man, can you believe that, she was going to give it all up to us. Damn, I actually got my pecker all the way into her pussy. Shit, did that ever feel fantastic, it was so damned hot and wet and velvety.”

“It was damned sure better than any pussy I have been in so far. Our high school girls can’t hold a candle to Margie’s stuff,” Jerry said shaking his head in disbelief.

Larry broke in, “Man, her mouth was so damn hot and juicy that I could hardly believe it. I was about to get a hummer that would have been beyond belief. And when she deep throated for me I couldn’t believe how good it felt. God damned, I can’t wait to get a full cocksucking from her.”

Slapping his brother on the shoulder, Jerry said, “We barely missed out this time, brother, but there’s no question that we’ll damn sure get to nail her good next time.”

“Yeah”, said Larry, “the gorgeous bitch is going to go down for us, for sure. She can’t refuse to come across after letting us go that far with her.”

“Man, I wonder what brought her around so quickly”, Jerry murmured, “she really got some kind of hot in a real hurry.”

Larry observed, “The only reason I can think of for her getting so hot so easily was that double cum shot drink we fed her. I don’t know why it worked, but that’s the only thing I can think of that we did different.”

Jerry perked up and said, “Yeah it might have worked like some kind of aphrodisiac. Damn, wouldn’t that be something. Just in case that was what brought her around, we’ll have to try it out on her again; we may have stumbled onto something real good.

Larry jumped in, “Say, Aunt Mona is going to be staying with us week after next when Mom and Dad go to that wedding. Let’s try it out on her and see if she reacts the same way. Hell, maybe it’s a family thing. Like daughter like mother, wouldn’t you think?”

“Man wouldn’t it be something if feeding them our cum works on them both. Based on Margie’s reaction to it, we’ll be able to make a sex slaves out of our fabulous looking aunt and that outrageous body of hers,” Jerry dreamed out loud.

Larry chimed in, “Man that would be too much. I’ve wanted to fuck Aunt Mona ever since I could crawl. She’s the finest looking total female package I’ve ever seen. Just in case we are right about this and it is going to work on her, let’s double the dose and see if it works on her twice as fast as it did her hot-assed daughter.”

“Shit yeah, let’s do it. What a sensuous fox Aunt Mona is. She’s so damn sexy looking and acting that, as experienced as she is, I bet she’ll know how to do every dirty sex idea we have ever heard of, plus a lot more we don’t even know about,” Jerry enthused.

“She’s even more erotically sensuous looking than her daughter and I’ll bet even hotter, if that’s humanly possible. Oh shit, then, assuming that we have discovered a secret sex potion that works on them, let’s start her off with a triple shot of cum.”

“Yeah”, Larry responded, “if it really does work on her we can get her slutty as hell and I bet she’ll let us fuck her brains out.”

“Oh man I can’t wait,” Jerry said, grabbing a hand full of his cock shaft, “when should we start filling our glasses.”

Larry said, “I don’t know but lets’ wait till the week she’ll be here so our cum will be fresh and potent as hell for her.

“By the way, Mom sure looked exceptionally foxy today, herself,” Jerry said with a dreamy look on his face, “the upskirt look we got of her thighs and panties was spectacular.”

“It sure as hell was,” Larry said, with a dry mouth, “Damn, our perfectly stacked mother is one hot looking MILF.”

The twins lay down on the floor and looked at the ceiling, thinking of what might happen if they had really discovered a secret cum potion that worked on the two female relatives whose panties they wanted to get in so badly, apparently forgetting, for the moment, that their mother was also related to the apparently cum susceptible female family members they coveted.

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