Mind Controlled Mothers Club Chapter 5: Creating Mommy-Sluts

Mind Controlled Mothers Club

A Story of the Institute of Apotheosis Research

Chapter Five: Creating Mommy-Sluts

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2018

Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this!

Ulrich thrust into his mother's pussy. She was bent over the break room table for the shipping department of the Institute of Apotheosis. Ulrich was one of the young men who worked there, all devotees of the new god, Henry Archer. They had formed their own Mother Fuckers Club, Ulrich's mom, the supervisor of the shipping department, was the first recruit.

“Ulrich, yes!” she moaned, her sloppy cunt clenching down around him. He wasn't the first guy to fuck her during the break. She took on every guy she could, transformed into a slut as she followed the new God's orders. “Cum in me!”

She wasn't the only mother in the room gasping and moaning, getting gangbanged. Ulrich loved it. His cock pumped into his mother's pussy faster and faster. The pleasure rippled through him, drowning out the dread building in him.

A wave of commotion washed through the room as those not fucking stared at the TV showing the spycam view of Henry Archer's living room. The new God had a group of MILFs, including his own slut-mother, naked in his loving room, their bodies splattered with cum. His new girlfriend, Cherry, was with him, a girl Henry's age. Her Korean mother was one of the whores in the room.

“What's going on?” someone said.

“That's one of our boxes,” another guy said. “That can't be one of our boxes.”

Ulrich shuddered. He glanced at the TV and witnessed Cherry, naked, her round face full of shock as she pulled out a golden ring. One of the Halos, the nanite colonies the Institute produced that created gods. The device is what gave the new Gods their powers to control others among other abilities. Ulrich's thrusts grew harder and harder as he watched his efforts, his cock throbbing in his mother's depths.

“Why does she have a Halo?” Jim asked. “Ulrich?”

His coworkers glanced at Ulrich. He groaned, burying into his mother's cunt. He had done it .He had gotten the Halo to the new God's girlfriend. He wanted her to be a Goddess, too. Ulrich made it happen. Ecstatic pleasure rushed through Ulrich.

He came in his mother's cunt. His jizz spurted into her. He flooded the pussy that birthed him. Rapture shot through his body. It slammed into his mind. He groaned, his mother whimpering, her pussy rippling about him.

“Ulrich?” Jim asked. “How does she have a Halo?”

Ulrich groaned through the pleasure. He stared at his coworkers. Pride straightened his spine. The Institute was only supposed to go to the individuals chosen by their dead guru, Dr. Blavatsky. They weren't supposed to be sent to other people.

“I obeyed our God,” Ulrich said. “He wanted this. I made it happen.”

“Fuck,” Jim said.

Ulrich's mother whipped her head around, cum dribbling down her chin. Shock filled her face. “Ulrich, honey Do you know what you've done?”


Henry Archer

I pulled my car into the driveway of my college, an excitement rippling through me. Cherry squirmed beside me. She burst out of the car the moment I stopped. She had a bounce to her step. Her lush lips were pursed as she shook with excitement. She had such energy, eager to use her new powers.

I still couldn't believe the Institute sent my new girlfriend a Halo not long after I wanted to get her one. That, after mind-controlling her into being my girlfriend and seeing how hot she found that, I thought it would be exciting if she had the same powers. The Institute had to be watching us. I didn't understand what their game was.

Why would they give us power?

Especially considering I was using my power to form my Mother Fucking Club. I wasn't using it for anything important. Just turning MILFs into the sluts they truly were. My mother, my friend's mothers, were just whores at heart. Now they were honest whores, fucking my friends and me. Fucking any guy who joined the club.

I climbed out of the car and walked around it to Cherry. She had such a big grin on her lips, her round face full of expectant pleasure. She bounced on her feet, her black hair swaying about her features. Her slanted eyes were glinting with mirth.

I smacked her ass. “You know what to do?”

“I do, stud-muffin,” she said, her smile turning playful. “Mmm, I am so wet for this. I'll get this done. Tonight's gangbang is going to be incredible. We'll have plenty of slut-mothers there to enjoy.”

I grinned at her. She was perfect. She got off on all of this stuff. She was thrilled to be mind-controlled into being my girlfriend. I rescued her from becoming a slut. While she was still a virgin when I claimed her, she brimmed on the edge of becoming a whore, just fucking any guy who made her cunt wet. Now she was devoted to me. She only would love me. Fuck me.

“It is going to be great,” I said, my dick so hard. “You're going to get your pussy licked by so many whores.”

“I am!” she said, a shiver running through her. “While you fuck them! While you use their cunts! Ooh, yes, Henry!” She spun around. “We're going to mind-control so many sluts!”

I shook my head in amusement. “You're going to cream yourself all day using your powers.”

“Big time, stud-muffin!” She darted for the school, her hips wiggling in her tight skirt, her pale-olive thighs flashing. She was such a sexy girl. I could love her. I could be happy with her. We would do so much together. Her powers served me.

She begged me to give her a final set of commands: she could only use her mind-control powers to please me.

I was about to follow her at a sauntering stroll, Cherry already bursting into our college, when another car pulled up in front of the school. Not parking, but dropping someone off. I shuddered as Sheri Saunders stepped out of the car, a black-haired girl wearing a low-cut blouse and a pair of tight skinny jeans. As she turned, speaking into the car, I noticed her thong vanishing into her jeans. Just such a slutty sight. The woman in the car had a similar round face.

My dick ached. A mother to recruit.

I sauntered to them, not caring why Sheri was being dropped off in the middle of the school day. She straightened, glancing at me, frowning. Then she slammed the door to the car, whirling away from me, her breasts jiggling in her top.

She wasn't wearing a bra.

“Stop,” I commanded, my thoughts tingling as my power hit her. She froze before she could leave, her eyes widening. That look of shock crossing her face. “Just stay right there.”

The passenger window rolled down. “Is something wrong, honey?”

I reached Sheri, glancing into the car. Her mother had the same black hair, cut short in a soccer mom fashion. She had a curvy body with large breasts stretching out the flowery dress she wore, a frown on her lush lips.

“Hi?” she asked, giving me a weird look. “Are you a friend of Sheri's?”

“No, no,” I said. “Sheri never gave me the time of day. Ain't that right?”

“No, ignored you,” said Sheri, her voice tight. “Why can't I move?”

“Don't worry about that,” I said as I stared at the mother, eyes flicking down her body. Another slut needing to learn who she was. “Mrs. Saunders, get out of the car and come here.”

“What? I have to get going and” Her words trailed off as she unbuckled her seatbelt. She frowned as she stepped out of the car and walked around it. Such confusion crossed her face. She stared down at her feet then up at me.

Sheri stood there calm now, not worrying about the fact she couldn't move, her breasts rising and falling in a regular rhythm. In moments, her mother reached us. Together, it was apparent that they were related. They had the same faces, Mrs. Saunders matured into a beautiful perfection. Her body was ripe.

“Damn,” I muttered, nodding my head in approval.

“What do you need?” Mrs. Saunders demanded, face tight. “I have things to do.”

“Is your daughter a virgin?” I asked her, glancing at Sheri.

“Probably,” Mrs. Saunders said. “I hope she is. She's eighteen.”

“You think she's a virgin wearing this?” I asked. I snapped the back of Sheri's thong.

“Hey!” Sheri gasped.

“Don't touch my daughter, you little pervert!” Mrs. Saunders snarled, her hands on her hips.

“You want me to touch your daughter,” I said, my hand sliding around Sheri's hips, my thoughts prickling. “You want me to shove my hand down her pants and find out if she's a virgin.”

Spots of darkness danced across my vision as I rewrote the MILF's mind.

“What?” Sheri gasped. And then her hand raised and slapped at me.

“Freeze!” I growled.

Her hand stopped an inch from my face. Her eyes bulged while I groaned through the sudden pain attacking my mind. My finger hooked her thong in the front, reaching down into her jeans, feeling the warmth of her skin.

“You want me to reach into your pants,” I growled. “You want me to feel your pussy and find out if you're a virgin.”

She didn't move. Every muscle in her body was rigid. Her eyes were locked forward. Her breasts didn't rise or fall. Color flushed across her face. I hit her with such a powerful command I had to be careful.

“You can move,” I said, my hand thrusting into her tight jeans. She was shaved, her skin smooth and hot beneath my touch. My fingers reached deeper. I groaned as my digits rubbed across her hot pussy lips. I stroked up and down her slit, her cunt getting wetter and wetter. Mrs. Saunders nodded her head, smiling.

“Do you really think your daughter is a virgin dressed like this?” I asked, my fingers thrusting into Sheri's cunt. The girl moaned and shuddered. Her pussy clenched down on my fingers, groaning as I penetrated deep into her. “Huh, Mrs. Saunders?”

“Well, that's just how the girls her age dress,” the MILF said.

“That's how whores dress,” I growled. “Showing off their bodies. Wanting to have attention.” I glanced at her. “What does that make you, Mrs. Saunders?”

“Her mother,” she answered.

I arched an eyebrow. “Mother? You allow your daughter dress like this. Letting her look like a slut, to be a slut. What does that make you? A slut, too?”

“Her mother,” she repeated. “I'm not a slut.”

“Really? How many men have you fucked?” My thoughts prickled.

“Seventeen,” she said, her eyes widening. She clamped her left hand over her mouth, her wedding ring flashing.

“And you?” I asked, thrusting my finger in and out of Sheri's juicy cunt. “How many have you fucked?”

“Seven guys and two girls,” she answered, her body trembling, her pussy clenching down on my fingers.

“Definitely takes after you, eh, Mrs. Saunders?” I said, grinning at the MILF. She had such a stunned look on her face. “A slut. How many women you been with?”

“None,” she answered, her voice tight.

“Well, then you're not a true slut until you go down on your daughter's cunt,” I told Mrs. Saunders, the pain stabbing into my brain. She trembled. “And you are a real slut.”

I ripped my hand out of Sheri's pussy as Mrs. Saunders whimpered. She let out a groan, licking her lips. Her body shivered. Her hands suddenly rubbed at herself. I loved seeing my commands settling into her mind. She stared at her daughter. “We have to we have to go somewhere, Sheri.”

“What?” the girl gasped. “You're not buying what he said.”

“A slut doesn't care where she fucks,” I added, thoughts prickling. “A slut fucks even in public. And you both are sluts.” I leaned closer to Sheri. “A slut always let's someone play with her body, no matter where she is. Or who that person is.”

Sheri took a step back, able to move again. Then her mother lunged at her, the MILF falling to her knees in the process. Her black hair swayed about her round face. Her fingers grasped the belt loops of her daughter's skinny jeans, pulling Sheri closer to her.

“Mom!” gasped Sheri.

“I need to eat your pussy, honey!” the MILF maned. “I'm a slut! And a slut has to eat her daughter's cunt.”

“Yes, she does,” I said while Sheri groaned and didn't fight, my whispered command to her rippling through her mind. She let her mother pull her close then shivered when her mother unsnapped her jeans and ripped open the fly, exposing more of Sheri's hot-pink thong.

I smiled as Mrs. Saunders, right before our college, hooked her fingers in her daughter's skimpy, whorish panties and pulled them down. I licked my fingers, tasting Sheri's juices as her mother unveiled her shaved cunt, her pussy lips swollen and glistening, her slutty passions swelling as she stared down at her mother.

“I can't believe this is happening,” groaned Sheri. “Fuck, I am such a slut if I'm letting you do this, Mom.”

“Yes, you are,” I said, my dick so hard as Mrs. Saunders leaned her face in, preparing to eat her first pussy. Her daughter's pussy.

I unzipped my jeans and unsnapped the fastener. I pulled my dick out as I watched the MILF take her first step into incest. She lapped at her daughter's snatch. I couldn't see the naughty delight, but Sheri gasped. Her eyes widened as she swayed. She let out a groan of pleasure next, a smile crossing her lips.

“Oh, yes, Mom, you are such a slut, too!” she groaned. “I never knew! Ooh, yes, yes, seventeen guys! That's hot!”

“About to be eighteen,” I told her, falling to my knees behind her mother. “Just enjoy, Sheri. You love fucking your parents like a good slut!”

“Yes!” she breathed, her hips wiggling from side to side, grinding her cunt on her mother's face.

Mrs. Saunders grasped her daughter's ass, holding tight, pulling her daughter's snatch against her mouth. My lusts soared through me. I loved my powers. I flipped up the MILF's skirt, exposing a pair of purple panties, cut to show off her rump, the crotch growing dark with her excitement.

Definitely a slut.

I drew them down, loving the sounds Mrs. Saunders made as she devoured her daughter's cunt. I hooked her panties, drawing them down as she made Sheri whimper and moan. Rapture crossed the coed-slut's face while the MILF-whore feasted on the girl's snatch. I exposed the MILF's plump ass and the dark bush adorning her pussy. Her juices glistened on her hairs, her tangy musk filling the air.

What a sweet perfume. I groaned, bringing my dick to her married cunt. I pressed it into the slut's bush, her silky pubic hair tickling the crown of my dick. Pleasure shot down my cock to my balls. My nuts tightened as I pushed deeper, finding the wet folds of her cunt.

“Your mother is dripping wet, Sheri,” I groaned, my dick pushing into her mother's cunt.

“She's a slut like me!” the girl moaned, now open to who she was.

Her sheath engulfed my dick. It was incredible to feel that amazing delight surrounding my cock. My balls tightened as I buried deeper into her pussy. She had a tightness about her as she clenched down on my shaft.

The friction was incredible. I drew back and then slammed into her. I pumped away at her, ramming deep into her cunt, fucking the married slut while she devoured her daughter's cunt. She moaned into Sheri's snatch, her hips wiggling.

“Jesus, Mom!” groaned Sheri. “Yes, yes, yes, work that tongue into my cunt! Oh, fuck, you love my cunt!”

“Just a whore for it!” I grunted, thrusting hard, staring up at Sheri, her face flushed. “Oh, fuck, yes! Is your whore-mommy going to make you cum?”

“So hard, Henry!” she gasped. “Fuck, Mom, you're amazing! Ooh, yes, yes, your first pussy! Love breaking in a girl! It's hot!”

“Love breaking in a slut!” I grunted, my hips fucking so hard into the married slut's cunt.

Mrs. Saunders's pussy clenched and relaxed on my thrusting dick. She massaged me with that silky sheath. The friction transformed into such amazing rapture. I groaned, my eyes squeezing shut as I reveled in this bliss. My cum built and built in them, coming to a boil.

I reached around her, seizing her tits. I squeezed and massaged those heavy breasts. I kneaded them. My fingers dug into them through her blouse and bra. I shuddered, fucking so hard into the MILF. The pleasure rippled through me, driving me to pound her hard.

I loved creating mommy sluts and spreading incest.

“Shit, shit, shit!” I panted, ramming into the married MILF, listening to the sound of her tongue lapping through her daughter's juicy snatch. “Make that whore cum on your face, Mrs. Saunders. Drown in your daughter's cream!”

“Yes!” the girl gasped, her hands grasping her mother's black hair. She ground her cunt hard on her mother's hungry mouth. “Do it! Make me explode! Make me erupt! Shit, shit! Just lick my clit! Oh, Mom, you're such a whore!”

She screamed out in orgasmic rapture. I groaned, watching her cumming on her mother's face, drowning her in cream. My dick slammed into her mother's depths, stirring up Mrs. Saunders's snatch as she licked. I groaned while such a wild delight swept through my body. I pinched the MILF's nipples.

Her pussy spasmed around my dick. She cried out into her daughter's snatch. I grunted, pleasure shooting down my dick as I plowed into her climaxing cunt. Her flesh rippled around me, stimulating me, driving me to fuck her hard.

“Oh, fuck, Mom! I'm cumming!” Sheri's dark eyes squeezed shut. “Oh, fuck, yes! I'm going to drown you in delight!”

“Yes!” groaned the MILF into her daughter's snatch.

“She's cumming like a whore on my dick!” I growled at Sheri.

“She's my mother! Of course she is!” Sheri screamed, her head throwing back, black hair flying.

I buried into her mother's married, spasming snatch. I unloaded into her. I pumped her full of my jizz. It boiled out of me. Rapture slammed through my mind. It spilled through my thoughts, lighting up all my neurons.

It was incredible. I shuddered my eyes fluttering. Stars danced across my vision as I reveled in the MILF's convulsing cunt. Her hungry snatch milked my dick. She drew out all my cum from me while I squeezed her tits.

“Damn!” I groaned. “Damn, you are just an amazing fuck, Mrs. Saunders. A slut takes pride in that.”

“I am a great fuck,” Mrs. Saunders groaned.

“Yeah, you are, Mom,” Sheri said, a big grin on her flushed face. “And a fucking fantastic pussy licker. Ooh, yes.”

I ripped out of the MILF's cunt. “Left you something to enjoy in your mother,” I told Sheri. “At 5 PM there is a meeting of the Mother Fucking Club. You both will be there, and you, Sheri, get off birth control. You need to become a slut-mommy as fast as possible so you can join the club.”

My thoughts burned at that. She shivered, nodding her head. “Yes, yes, I want that. To be a slut-mommy like you, Mom.”

“Mmm, you'll be amazing at it,” Mrs. Saunders said, her face smeared in pussy cream.

I strolled passed them into the school.


Chae-Won “Cherry” Kang

As I rushed through the halls of my college, I was eager to use my new mind control powers for the benefit of my boyfriend. I loved him so much. It didn't bother me one whit that he forced me to love him, that with the very same nanites I had in my brain he wrote my mind so that I was devoted to him. It was so hot. It made me so wet.

I was a kinky girl before he changed me. I would have become a slut like my mother, cheating on my (hypothetical) husband with the preacher, if he didn't make it so I only craved his cock. I was free to enjoy all the pussy in the world—that made my stud-muffin hard—but only Henry's dick.

And I didn't want it any other way.

I still couldn't believe the Institute sent me a Halo. First Henry, and now me. The internet, at least the part totally into mind control erotica, was abuzz with the reports of individuals gaining powers over the last few months. The guy down in New Mexico who turned every woman in his church, including his numerous daughters, into his personal harem. There was the lesbian who took over her entire town and ruled like some sort of sapphic queen. The young guy who parades around his college with his older sister crawling around him proclaiming she's his bitch-whore.

Now I was working with Henry to form the Mother Fucking Club at our college. I smiled. It was recruitment time.

I let out a giddy giggle as I marched into the school's pool, a swim class going on. Coach Bronson, a brown-haired, butch-looking woman marched around the edge in a red, one piece bathing suit, her hair cut bull-dyke short. She looked up at me and said, “Cherry, what are you doing here?”

“You have a son, right?” I asked, using my powers for the first time and I hardly felt anything. Of course that was the sort of question a woman would answer.

“Yeah,” she said.

“Welcome to the Mother Fucking Club,” I said, my hands on my hips.

I stepped past her and marched up to the pool. “Everyone, your attention.”

A slight tingle raced through my thoughts as the college students turned to face me. The girls all wore one-piece bathing suits similar to the coach while the guys had on swimming trunks, their chests bare. The old me would have ogled the cuter guys, but I wasn't on the road to slutdom any longer.

I smiled and said, “Good, good. Coach Bronson has joined the Mother Fucking Club, which means she's a slut that loves cocks.”

“I do?” the coach said while I groaned.

It was intense. Henry described it like a thousand, thousand needless tabbing into your mind as you rewrote someone's brain waves. It felt worse. Icicles plunged into my mind. I million of them the size of a sliver. My thoughts quivered around them. Darkness flooded across my entire vision. I groaned, swaying.

“Yes, you do,” I panted through the pain. “You're a slut for cock now! You'll let any guy fuck you! It makes you wet! You like being gangbanged! And to prove it, you're going to go kneel on the far side of the pool and take on all comers.” I turned to the students in the pools, my mind prickling and racing. I clenched my hands into fists. I could do this.

I would serve my boyfriend. I would make Henry happy!

“Boys, you want to join the Mother Fucking Club! To do so, you have to bring your mothers to the gym at 5 PM today. If you can do that, then you can go fuck Coach Bronson right now!”

I swayed. I almost collapsed as I affected the dozen or so guys. I took a step back, stars exploding across my vision. I wanted to cry out against the freezing fires raging through my brain. My fingers flexed as water splashed.

“What the fuck, Cherry?” Eloise, a blonde, groaned as she waded to the pools edge. “You are saying just crazy things and—”

“Holy shit, Coach Bronson's stripping naked,” gasped Loren, another girl in the pool.

“Girls,” I said, “don't worry about what's going on over there.” More pain, but it was growing easier. “Get out of the pool, strip naked, and line up before me. Now! Move it!”

My toes flexed in my shoes. I drew in deep breaths, almost choking on the scent of chlorine filling the room. The girls were moving, splashing as they climbed out of the pool while my mind recovered from rewiring their brains. Water dripped off their bodies, their hair trapped beneath rubber caps. Those came off first, the girls interpreting my commands in a way that put off stripping naked for as long as they could. They all looked at me with such fearful, confused glances, not understanding why they were exposing their breasts to me, peeling down their swimsuits.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes, fuck my cunt, Austin!” moaned Coach Bronson. “I haven't had a dick since college! I didn't think I'd miss them.”

“Such a slut, coach!” Austin groaned.

I smiled then faced the girls. Eloise struggled to hide both her bountiful breasts, but also her pussy, her right arm pressed tight about her tits, her left hand cupping her pubic mound. Other girls tried to do the same thing as they struggled to hide their bodies from me.

“Stop covering yourselves,” I said. “Show me everything.”

Terrie, a brunette, whimpered as she exposed her brown bush, her hair soft and curly. She bit her lip then tears spilled down her eyes. “W-what are you doing to us, Cherry?”

“Inspecting you,” I said and thrust my hand between Eloise's thighs first. She gasped as I caressed her cunt, her big tits jiggling before me, almost brushing me as I probed into her flesh. She was wet but from pool water, not excitement. I thrust a finger into her dry cunt.

She winced.

“You are a slut,” I told her. “Slut's are wet all the time.” I turned to the other girls, my thoughts prickling. This wasn't as hard for them to accent. None of them thought they were sluts. Yet.. “Pay attention. A slut will let anyone, even their own son or daughter, fuck them. A slut wants to become a mommy-slut and will get pregnant as fast as possible. See those boys over there. They got cocks. A great place to try to get knocked up.” I stared Eloise in the eyes. “Right, slut?”

“Right!” she gasped and darted away, her pussy growing hot right before her movement pulled her cunt off my digits. “Boys, boys! Someone needs to fuck me! I'm a slut, too!”

I grinned and slid over to Terrie. My fingers slid into her soft bush, reaching for her pussy. “Are you a slut?”

“No, no,” she answered as I brushed her folds. “I'm not. I'm not like Eloise. I'm—”

She gasped as I thrust a pair of fingers into her cunt. “Where's your hymen, Terrie? Did you break it playing sports? Or did you let a guy fuck you?”

“My boyfriend,” she whimpered, her eyes widening as I pumped in and out of her.

“You are a slut,” I purred. Her suddenly juicy cunt clenched down on me. Then she raced to the boys, her feet slapping by the pool. “No running by the pool! You don't want to get hurt! You're a slut, not an idiot.”

She slowed to a brisk walk.

I shivered, sliding to the next girl. “Veva, are you a slut?” I asked, my hand shoving between her thighs. “Do you have a hymen?”

“I'm not a slut, but I don't have a hymen.” She groaned as my fingers rubbed through her flesh. “I'm eighteen. What girl at eighteen is still a virgin?”

“I was,” I told her, jamming fingers into her depth. “Slut.”

She groaned, shuddered, then hurried—as fast as she could without running—to the growing orgy. Already Eloise and Terrie had guys fucking their cunts. I moved to the next girl. In moments, Loren rushed after Veva, eager to be bred. Then Lexa went scurrying, her fiery hair bouncing about her pale shoulders.

Was there a virgin in this class? I had to find new girlfriends for my dad and for Henry's three friends. Pure girls who weren't sluts. They deserved to have them. Henry told me so. It was nice he included my dad in that since my mother was a cheating whore.

Emily, another redhead, trembled, her round breasts jiggling. Her hands twitched like she wanted to cover her tits. “Well, are you going to disappoint me?”

“No, Cherry,” she whimpered. “I I have a hymen.”

My hand shot between her thighs. I gasped as I rubbed at her pussy through her bush and felt that precious membrane of skin covering her inner depths. A wave of hot delight washed through me. I found one.

“Sit down on the bleachers, virgin,” I told her. “You are not a slut.”

The girl gave a big sigh of relief and darted to the bleachers. She sat down as I shifted to the next girl. I knew Piper was a slut before I even thrust my fingers into her cunt. She was caught cheating on her boyfriend last month at a party. She hurried off to get fucked and bred. I had hopes for Nelle and Dixie purity, but they both proved sluts, too.

Then I came to black-haired and petite Winter. She trembled, her little titties jiggling, but she had a smile on her lips. She looked like someone who thought she could please me. My pussy clenched. She had a bush. A good sign even though I shaved my virgin pussy. But I was a borderline slut before Henry rescued me. Winter also possessed a certain innocent cuteness about her.

I shoved my hand between Winter's thighs. I caressed her pussy, finding her juicy already. I parted her tight slit, stroked up her folds, and made her shudder. She smiled as I felt her hymen, her eyebrows lifting.

“I'm not a slut,” she said proudly. “I'm a good girl.”

“Yes, you are a good girl,” I said, my pussy molten. I glanced at the last two girls. Both had shaved pussies. “You two have hymens?”

They both shook their heads. Ollie, the girl closest to me, groaned as she asked, “Are we sluts?”

“Yep. You are both sluts.” My thoughts tingled. They raced to join the orgy, the guys grunting and groaning as they used the girls. Eloise and Terrie were in a sixty-nine, no doubt licking each other clean. I shuddered, loving what I'd done.

Now I needed my own satisfaction.

I plopped down between Winter and Emily, looking back and forth between them. “You're not sluts, but you do like eating pussy.” My thoughts burned as I said those words. I savored the pain. It meant I was controlling someone. For Henry. “Right now, you want to eat my pussy. Together. Just feast on me to thank me for saving you from being like those sluts over there.”

“Yes,” Winter moaned, her face twisting, her small titties jiggling. “Of course, Cherry, we are so grateful. We don't want to be filthy.”

“No, no,” Emily groaned, her rounder tits quivering. She slipped off the bench. “Let us thank you. We'll eat your pussy so well.”

I grinned in delight and hiked my skirt, exposing my shaved, juicy cunt. I glistened, my pussy clean of any cum thanks to my slut-mommy's hungry tongue. My sweet musk rose over the smell of chlorine. I let the sounds of the orgy wash over me as the two virgin girls knelt before me. Their faces pressed together as they leaned forward to lick at my crotch.

Green and hazel eyes looked up at me as Emily and Winter nuzzled into my pussy. I felt two lips, two sets of tongues, lap through my folds. I groaned, reveling in my new powers. It was incredible to enjoy. It was outstanding to experience. Their tongues were timid, brushing across my labia, not digging deep.

But it was still hot. I mind-controlled them into eating my cunt.

“Mmm, you can do better,” I purred. “You have nothing to be afraid of. Eating pussy doesn't make you a slut. So enjoy yourselves.”

“Yes!” Emily said brightly while my thoughts hardly buzzed at all. She lapped harder, brushing my clit, the redhead eager to love me.

“Mmm, you taste so good, Cherry,” moaned Winter. “So sweet. Is that where your nickname comes from?”

“Sure!” I lied then gasped as Winter's tongue fluttered into my pussy. She swirled it around inside of me.

“Are you a slut?” Winter asked after a moment. “You don't have a hymen.”

“My boyfriend claimed my cherry,” I said. “We're they type of girls who only want one man to fuck us. He is the man we love with all our hearts. The man we're devoted to because he's strong and handsome and loves us back.”

“Yes!” groaned Emily, her green eyes glossy with passion. “I've always wanted that!”

“I'm so glad!” Winter moaned. “I can't wait to meet him. My pussy is so on fire, but”

“But you won't let anyone fuck you but your boyfriend. Ever!” My thoughts prickled ever so slightly.

The virgins both moaned their delight then buried their mouths back into my snatch. I shuddered at the feel of them licking and lapping through me. My eyes fluttered. It was incredible to feel. I reveled in this amazing moment as they lapped and licked at my cunt. They feasted on me, driving me wild with their pleasure.

My hands squeezed my tits through my blouse as their eyes shone up at me. Their tongues caressed my labia and brushed my clit. Winter jammed her tongue deep into my pussy, swirling around while Emily sucked and nibbled on my clit.

“Just like that!” I gasped. “That's how you love pussy! Mmm, whenever your boyfriend wants you to, you'll eat pussy. It's the best when it's a slut's cunt full of his jizz.”

“I bet it is!” Emily moaned between sucks on my clit.

Winter moaned her agreement into my cunt.

I shuddered, my toes curling. My eyes stared up at the ceiling as I reveled in my new powers. Their tongues were bringing me closer and closer to my orgasm. My hands grasped their hair, Winter's black strands finer, but both felt like silk. I clutched them tight, pulling them into my pussies. They feasted on me. Their tongues danced around me. It was incredible.

I loved it.

My eyes fluttered. My heart thundered in my chest as their mouths feasted on me. They drove me wild. They sucked and nibbled on my flesh. They devoured me while I squirmed and groaned. Their tongues flicked up and down my slit, swapping places.

Winter's tongue circled my clit now, stroking my bud, while Emily fucked hers in and out of my cunt like a mini-cock. It was incredible to feel. It was amazing delight to experience. I never wanted it to stop. I drank in the sensations as they made my body shudder.

My orgasm built faster and faster. My pussy grew tighter, hotter. Winter sucked hard on my clit. A powerful surge of pleasure spiked into my cunt. I bucked on the seats, fingers digging into my tits through my blouse.

“Fuck, yes!” I moaned as my orgasms burst through me. “Henry! Oh, Henry, I wish you were here to see this!”

My juices gushed out of me. They bathed the virgin's faces. They licked and lapped at my cunt, driving me wild. I groaned and whimpered. My eyes squeezed shut as the pleasure burned through my mind. It soothed away any lingering ache from using my powers for the first time.

Stars burst through my vision as I bucked. The sweet girls kept bathing me with their tongues as the pleasure flowed through my body. My legs kicked out. My heart hammered in my chest. It was such an incredible delight to experience.

“Oh, yes, yes, yes!” I groaned. “Ooh, that's amazing! You are both such good pussy lickers and Yes!”

I came again as Winter nibbled on my clit with her rubbery lips. My pussy convulsed so hard around Emily's probing tongue. More cream squirted out of me. My head leaned back while my body bucked.

They gave me such pleasure. They had me moaning and gasping, screaming out louder than the sounds of the orgy to the right. My fingers clenched and relaxed as the naughty virgins feasted upon me. It was incredible.

This was such an amazing pleasure to experience. It had me gasping, moaning. I whimpered as my thighs squeezed tight about their heads, pressing their cheeks together as they drowned me in so much rapture.

“You two virgins are amazing!” I gasped, my pussy and clit starting to ache from so much rapture, grown hypersensitive. “Ooh, that's enough thanking me for now!”

“Yes, Cherry!” moaned Emily, lifting her face, her features smeared with my cream, her green eyes glazed. Her hands were between her thighs, rubbing herself.

So were Winter's. I smiled, loving the sight of them masturbating their virgin cunts while they pleasured me. I shuddered then felt like such a Goddess. They were worshiping me. I was divine, the consort of the God Henry. His chosen woman.

His wife.

“Mmm, you two were amazing,” I said. “You worshiped me.”

“We did,” Emily said, sounding half-dazed.

“Now, I bet you both are eager to have boyfriends so you can be fucked,” I said.

They nodded.

“From now on, you, Emily, love Noah Hayley. You're his girlfriend. You are utterly devoted to him and him alone.”

Emily's eyes widened while my thoughts burned. “He's so cute! I I like nerdy guys. I must, right? If I love him?”

I nodded my head as I turned to the other virgin. “And Winter, you love Teo Rojas. You're his girlfriend always. You only want him. Crave him. You love him with all your heart.”

“Of course I do,” Winter said. “Ooh, he's cute. And now he's my boyfriend! I'm so happy! We're not sluts, Emily.”

“No, we're not!” Emily said, such joy in her eyes.

“Fuck my slut-cunt!” howled Eloise from the other side of the pool.

“Cum in my asshole!” moaned Coach Bronson.

“Yes, yes, yes! Jizz on my tits!” howled Veva.

“And remember, girlfriends never get jealous of their boyfriends when they fuck sluts,” I told them.


Henry Archer

Cherry sauntered down the hall. I hadn't seen her at all since we arrived at our college. I was so busy, moving around, giving commands, sparking off small orgies as new sluts had to start getting bred, not to mention more than a few teachers were inducted to the Mother Fucking Club. There would be a couple hundred MILFs showing up tonight.

More than I could fuck in a single night. That floored me.

“You look like you had fun today,” I said as my girlfriend sauntered to me, a big smile on her lips, her face gleaming with pussy juices.

“I did,” she said, throwing her arms around my neck and kissing. I groaned at the flavor of spicy snatch on her mouth, my dick throbbing hard. My hands grabbed her ass, pulling her tight against me, loving her so much.

Maybe I did love her. She was devoted to me. She would never betray me. She would never leave me. She would never cheat on me. I didn't have to worry about her hurting me in any way. I broke the kiss, staring into her eyes.

“I love you, Cherry.”

The effect on her was devastating. Even if I didn't love her as much as she loved me, it was worth it to see the how my words made her feel. Her entire face melted into joy. Emotion brimmed in her eyes. She shuddered against me, her arms so tight about my neck. “I I love you, too, Henry.”

“Good,”I said, squeezing her ass. “So, what did you do today, baby-cakes?”

Her grin turned wicked. She rubbed her dainty nose against mine. “Well, I found girlfriends for all your friends and sent the girls to them.”

“They are more than happy with them,” I said, smiling. “Terry sent me a pic of Chanel sucking his cock in the bathroom.”

Cherry smiled. “Chanel was so happy to be his girlfriend. She made me cum so hard as thanks.”

“That's my naughty girlfriend,” I said. “And recruitment?”

“Coach Bronson, every guy in her swim class, and another thirty or so other guys. There will be so many MILFs tonight! And, of course, plenty of sluts trying hard to get bred.” She giggled. “The birth rate here is about to skyrocket.”

“Perfect,” I said. “Well, we need to start getting set up. The Mother Fucking Club's first official orgy starts in a few hours.”


Ulrich Geller cooled his heels for a few hours in a locked office, wondering what the Institute would do to him. Finally, Ron Hoagland, the chief of security, opened the door, a beefy man stretching out the dress shirt he wore, the tie tight about his throat.


Ulrich nodded. He followed the man through the halls. People lurked, watching him, whispering as he passed. Everyone who worked here was devoted to the project set out by their founder, Dr. Blavatsky and his wife, Dr. Bailey. Though they were dead, their teaching lived on. The Institute's engineers finally cracked how to make the halos, the scyers were identifying the proper individuals to change the world.

Ulrich betrayed them all.

Hoagland opened the door to President Deidre Icke's office. Ulrich entered and found the leader of institute kneeling on the floor before her desk, naked, her hands cuffed behind her back, a collar about her throat. A leash was clipped to the collar and held in the hand of her ex-husband. He stood over her, now her owner. She was a devote to some of the other gods, especially the last Goddess who became her own parents' sex slave.

Despite her submissive role for her ex-husband, she rose to her feet, tits bouncing. Anger burned across her face. “Do you know what you have done, Mr. Geller?”

He lifted his chin, not withering beneath her anger. “Followed the wishes of my God, Henry Archer. He wanted his consort to join him in godhood, so I sent her the Virgo halo.”

“That wasn't who Dr. Blavatsky wanted it to go to!” she hissed.

“I think a God trumps our guru.”

“The new Gods don't know who should be chosen! They are all supposed to be different, to teach different lessons. Cherry is just an extension of Henry. We're not learning anything new. She's not spreading her version of enlightenment, but his!

“How can the world be awakened to the new age if there aren't twelve different Gods out there ushering mankind into the various possibilities they represent? Huh, Mr. Geller?”

“Now there's eleven,” he said flatly. “It'll be enough. My God made a request. I fulfilled it!”

“Your fired!” she snarled. “Further, you are excommunicated from the Institute. We have already contacted the police, alerting them of your theft of millions of dollars of corporate assets and for industrial espionage!”

Ulrich didn't care. He folded his arms behind him and grinned with all the passion of a martyr.

To be continued

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