My New year's party

This is a true story. All names except mine have been changed.

I was sitting at home feeling down because my HRT treatments had to be stopped, I'm allergic to them You see I'm a transitioning male to female. My body had changed. I now have not quite a C-cup and I can't get a hard-on anymore. Like anyone would know from my little 2 incher. I'm 5’6” 120 lbs with a slim build except my ass is a bit big I think.
That's when the phone rang. It was Jim, a guy I met at the bar back in October. We fooled around a bit and I ended up giving him a blowjob in the cubicle at the bar. He wanted me to go to a friend's of his house to have a little fun.
He didn't have to ask me twice.
I jumped into the shower and shaved my entire body, like there was any anyway. I dried off and started my makeup.
It has been a while and I was feeling particularly sluty tonight so sluty is what my makeup looked like dark eyeshadow crimson cheeks and the brightest red lipstick I could find. If my face didn't say I want to fuck then I don't know what it said lol.
I had bought a sexy little leather mini skirt and a tight white sleeveless latex top. With my black garter belt and seamed stockings,matching crotchless panties and my 5 inch spiked knee-high boots I was ready.
I grabbed my little purse and out the door I want.
Jerry my neighbour was sitting on his porch and let out a catcall whistle that caught me off guard. Spinning around to acknowledge him as he sat in the dark I replied thanks Jerry. Sorry I can't talk now, I'm late. I got in my car and headed for Jim's house.
Along the way I realized I didn't have any condoms so I stopped at a convenience store and graded two packages because I couldn't make up my mind. The teller a guy not much older then 19 looked me over real good and then said someone's gonna have fun tonight. Smiling back at him and paying for them I just say you got that right buddy with a wink.
I got to Jim's house and we took his car to his friends house. We got there around 9 pm. It was a full fledged party. There must have been 150 people there. It was an acreage with no neighbours for 10 kilometers in any direction.
Jim parked his car and quickly opens my door for me. He offeres his hand and helps me out of the car. We walk up to this massive house and are greeted by Trina and Bill the hosts.
There both 36 years old, bill is tall 6’3 230 lbs. He plays football and is very athletic looking. Trina is 5’2 100 lbs 36-23-34 she's an aerobics instructor.
Come in the fun's about to start she says as she gives Jim and I a kiss on the cheek. There's music playing but not to loud and I can see through the dimly lit house. There's lots of people making out.
Jim escorts me to the bar and ordered us a drink. On our way I felt someone grab my ass. It wasn't a little oops type of grab either. I spin around to see Steven a co-worker I used to work with. He leans in and kisses me on the cheek and says I had no idea you liked this type of party. When I asked what kind of party is this he just smiled and walked away.
Jim hands me a drink and I take a couple swallows and he says you've never been to a party like this one I'll bet. I knew what type of party it was by the way he said it but asked anyway. What kind of party is this.
This is a sex party and I think your gonna have a great time.
Just then Bill came up to me and said would you like to be the first?
Things seemed to speed up all of a sudden.
I couldn't think. I was disoriented and the room started to spin. I fainted.
When I came to I was in a dark room. I could hear sounds but couldn't immediately figure them out. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I could see people having sex.
At first I was worried that people would find out my secret, but the sounds are so intoxicating and the more I listen the hornier I get.
I got up and headed for the door and left. The party seemed to die down a bit I thought as there wasn't to mention people left.
Trina saw me and came up to me. Are you OK sweetie she says as she grabs my arms. Ya I think so. What happened? Where's Jim?
Relax sweetie, you're gonna be ok. Jim's outside at the pool. Come sit with me. I need to make sure your ok. What's the last thing you remember?
Bill asking me if I wanted to be first?!? First for what I said as I looked into Trina's eyes.
Well my dear this is a sex new year's party and Bill wanted to know if you wanted to be the first to take your top off and start the party.
Staring down at the floor I said Trina, I have a secret that I'm not sure the people at this party would understand.
What secret Trina said? That you're a transwoman?
Stunned and very surprised I look her in the eyes with disbelief. H h how did you know. I started to year up.
Come with me dear as she helped me to the kitchen. No one was in there.
We've been having these parties for years and we've seen about everything you can imagine. Bill saw it immediately and asked me if he could choose you. I didn't know at the time but bill just knows.
Does Jim know?
If you haven't told him the no. No one else knows.
I'm sorry Trina. I I didn't want.
What? You didn't do anything Lisa.
It's just I really like Jim.
How far along in your transaction are you?
I took HRT for a year and a half and had to stop. I developed an allergy to them.
Oh sweetie I'm so sorry Trina replies. What are you going to do now?
I don't know. I just don't know anymore.
Well I know some people that might know something. I'll introduce you. Come with me dear.
We when through the house and found the person she was looking for. I was feeling a lot better.
Derrick this is Lisa, Lisa, Dr Derrick. Derrick stood and took my hand and kissed it. I blushed as I said it's very nice to meet you.
Lisa could really use you professional help Derrick. His eyes changed as he looked me over. What? Really! Wow. You're beautiful. Are you sure?
I felt shame then I blushed. He handed me a card and said because Trina referred you to me, of course I'll help the best I can. Please call my office Monday morning and I'll squeeze you in.
Thank you so much I said.
Come Lisa, time for fun, the new year approaches.
We went upstairs to a bedroom. You must fix your makeup as she sat me In front of a massive vanity. Use anything you like me dear she said.
As I fixed my makeup Trina went into her closest, she was saying something but I couldn't quite hear her. Bill and Jim came in as I was just finishing. Bill took my hand and said I'm so sorry I surprised you so badly. Please accept my apologies. Jim stood by the door as he stared at me. Bill went I to the other room as I spoke first. I should have told you this when we first meet Jim but I have to be so careful. Jim approaches me and said you're right. You should have. But I understand why you didn't say anything. Lisa I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. I've thought of only you since then.
Come on Jim. Let me finnish. You don't even know what I'm gonna say. I'm a…
Does it matter he says.
Yes Jim it matters a lot.
I took a deep breath and told him I was born male but now I'm almost all female.
He stayed kneeling down in front of me and said I've known since that first night. Not right away mind you but it doesn't matter to me. My heart has chosen you and there's nothing I can do to change that.
Again I blushed in surprise.
He leaned in and kissed me with so much passion I lost myself for a moment.
Trina came up to me wearing a sexy black and yellow lingerie and took Jim by the arm to the massive bed. She sat him on the edge and came back for me doing the same thing sitting me beside Jim.
Bill came out of the bathroom totally naked and sat Trina at the side of the bed. Trina immediately put Bill's cock in her mouth. Jim put his hand on my leg and slowly rubbed.
I turned to Jim and kissed him he reached up and held my face as we kissed.
I was starting to get turned on so I reached for his belt but he stopped me breaking our kids and said slowly. I reached up and undid the buttons on his shirt as we kissed.
Kissing always gets me hot and this was just like all the rest of the times except I was more focused on Jim then anything else.
Jim slowly took my latex top off and moved his kissing down to my neck.
I could see Trina was still bobbing on Bill's cock.
Jim made his way to my sensitive tits and flicked his tongue at my nipple causing me to take a deep breath.
This caught Bill's attention as he looked over at me with a smile.
Jim flicked each nipple with expertise as he pulled my skirt down.
Bill watched intently which made me even more hot. I was starting to breath heavy. Trina just sucked bill and didn't seem to care what was going on in the room.
Jim stood up in front of me so I undid his fly.
Looking up at him I reached in and took hold of his hardening cock. I stroked him still in his pants. The tip finally peeked out his fly as I was cupping his huge balls. As I masaged his balls his cock grew up my forearm. When his cock reached my elbow I undid his belt and playfully hit his cock with the belt. His eyes lit up as I smiled up at him. I undid his pants and let them fall to his ankles.
I looked over at Bill and he was still watching us.
I licked my lips slowly at Bill then reaching my head down I licked Jim's massive cock. I kept massaging his balls with both hands as his cock slowly disappeared into my hungry mouth and throat. Jim put his hands on the sides of my head and slowly pushed his monster into my throat. When my lips hit the base of his cock he held me there for a moment then slowly pulled all but the head out. I kept looking up at him as he pushed back in a little faster this time.
I heard Bill say wow look at that babe. With a final slurp I heard Trina say oh that's a big one isn't it my love.
I was in heaven. Right where I was supposed to be but having other people in the room made me feel for then a slut. I wasn't sure more.
As Jim was pushing in I thrust forward causing him to slam into my throat while I squeezed his balls. He grunted loudly.
I pulled back faster now and did it again and again. A short while later I got my reward. A belly full of cum. As I slowly pulled his cock from my throat and mouth I sucked extra hard to make sure it was clean. Jim collapsed next to me on the bed some what spent.
Bill stepped up to me and offered his cock. I looked over to see Trina mount Jim's face and thought lucky woman.
I turned back to Bill and he taped my lips with his cock.
I opened my mouth as I left my hands in my lap. His cock was shorter but fatter than Jim's. He was dripping percum and it tasted so good, so sweet. It lubed my throat up nicely. Soon Bill was fucking my throat too. Bill was hammering my face when I heard Trina moan loudly and screen out god that's it right there. I looked up at Bill all red faced as he was exerting himself too much. He finally started to cum but pulled out and strayed my face all-over. At the same time there was a bunch of cheering. It was midnight.
Happy new year Bill said.
Trina was waiting and moved into clean up her husband's mess. Licking and kissing me all over my face neck and tits.
I looked over to see Jim licking at Bill's balls and ass. This got my attention as I didn't think Jim was into men but I was okay with it.
Trina got to my little dick and licked and sucked as hard as she could but I didn't get hard. I just leaked some precum. At one point she had my dick and balls in her mouth and there was still lots of room in there.
She slowly worked her way down to my ass as she licked and probed with her tongue and fingers.
She suddenly got up and went to the nightstand and produced a black strap on dildo and some lube. I turned over and put my ass in that air and wiggled it. Trina stepped in and slowly slid into the hilt. The dildo wasn't very big I thought then it occurred to me that this is what she uses on Bill.
I looked over again to see Bill's legs in the air as Jim was just lining up to fuck Bill with a glistening hard cock.
I watched as Jim slowly entered Bill. Going slow enough not to hurt him.
Bill was groaning a bit. Jim was grunting. I was so turned on I hadn't noticed Trina was pounding me hard. Don't get me wrong, I was enjoying it but it was smaller than what I use at home.
Trina must have realized this because she got up and took my hand. Come with me she said. We got to the bedroom door when I realized she wanted me to go into the house. She wasn't taking no for an answer.
We entered the hall and headed down the stairs. We passed people along the way and it seemed to turn me on more knowing they could see the real me. When we got to the basement she opened a door and we walked in. The room was dimly lit until Trina turned on the light. I was relieved to see no one was in there but then I saw the dungeon she brought me to. You sit here Lisa as Trina pointed to the padded chair like thing in the center of the room.
It looked like a padded electric chair with restraints type straps, a toilet seat, and a bunch of attachments on it.
I did as I was told.
Trina said in this room I'm the boss and no one else. Do you understand? I nodded. She waited a moment and then said did you hear me in a very firm voice.
Yes ma'am I replied.
In this room I'm known as mistress. Do you understand?
Yes mistress.
Put your ankle restraints on she says.
Yes mistress I say as I put them on.
Just then a bunch of people come on the room and start to tie me to the chair.
I can't move when they're done. Not even my head.
Trina then comes around to the front of me and says there. Now you're ready.
I couldn't respond as I had a ball gag in my mouth so I just sat there.
Trina pushes a putting on a remote she's holding and the chair moves so that I'm now facing the floor.
My little pretty wasn't enjoying the fucking I was giving you where you little slut? Well I've got just the thing. She pushes another button and a here mechanical sounds behind me. I feel something cold touch my ass and slowly push in. It's a huge dong. As it splits me and slowly reaches for my and out in and out repeating over and over.
Trina then says when this is done with you you're going to feel very gaped in deed. She then leaves the room I think.
The fuck machine was doing its job very well and she was right it seemed to get bigger and deeper as time went by. I could here people in the room but no one touched me at all.
What felt like hours went by as this thing fucked the hell out of me getting faster and reaching deeper every minute.
Finally the machine stopped with the dong all the way in my bowels Trina speaks. And says very good my little slut. The dong pulls out and the chair sits back up. I felt so empty as the people undid the restraints.
Now come with me she says and she grabs my hand.
We walked back through the house it felt like I was being paraded around.
We made our way back to the bedroom and Bill was fucking Jim hard in the ass.
As we approached Bill filled Jim's ass with cum and pulled out.
I got on my knees and licked and sucked Jim's ass out until I got my reward.
This turned Jim on and he was sprouting another hard-on. So I pushed him down flat on the bed and mounted him. His massive cock filled my gaping hole and then some. We fucked like that for a good twenty minutes. Then he layed me down and entered me from the side, kissing and fondling my tits at the same time.
Jim has some amazing stamina let me tell you. We fucked like that for another twenty minutes or so then he got up and put my legs on his shoulders and entered me again. With long deep strokes he made love to me. Kissing the inside of my ankles and sucking my toes. Something I've never had done to me before.
He kept it up for a while and then pulled out and laid his cock offer mine and pumped stream after stream of cum all over my belly and tits. I was very surprised to see that I also was cumming from my limp Member with him.
Totally spent he fell brown beside me and just laid there. Both of us were breathing heavy.
Trina came up to sit on my face and Bill lifted my legs and entered my very well used ass. Trina grinded her pussy in my face and it felt like she was trying to rip my nose off.
Bill fucked me hard and tried to jerk my time cock to life but it was no use.
A while later and Bill filled my ass and Trina came all over my face.

This is what happened to me on New year's Eve.
I called Dr Derrick and made an appointment so see him late In January for a consult. I'm excited so say the least.
Bill and Trina have invited Jim and i to there next party on Valentine's day.
I can't wait.

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