Finding a Stripper_(3)

The Idea.

Hello, I have a story to tell that you may find interesting. My name is Marty Harris and I am a school teacher and football coach in a small community in the mountains south of Seattle. I love my job and my students. I guess I am a popular teacher as many of my students and alums keep in contact with me after school, practice or even graduation.

This story begins after I had visited a friend and former student teaching colleague of mine who taught in a similar small town about 2 hours from mine, east of Seattle. She told me that she had been visited by some former students of hers who were in their second year of college now and they were planning to come home for their homecoming and bring a group of friends who had never been to Washington state. They mentioned that they were hoping for a really wild time to show these friends and had even hoped to find a young man willing to strip for them at their “after the game” party. My friend, Beth Manning, and I laughed it off and thought how much more outgoing these girls were than we were when each of us was in college.

Over the weekend, the more I thought of the idea, the more I liked it and wondered if there was anything I could do to help out. I thought of students and had a few ideas, but really had no idea whether I should even bring it up or laugh it off.

On Monday, my day went pretty much according to plan. A full and rewarding yet uneventful day of teaching math, algebra, geometry, and one calculus class and then it was down to the gym for football practice.

I was in the locker as my players came in. Sometimes I spent my prep time in my office and sometimes I was in the locker room with my players as we prepared for practice. I had a particularly good team this year and our Friday game had been a victory. The guys had played exceptionally well against a better ranked team and pulled out a victory by a slim margin. Practice was going to be fairly light this afternoon as a reward to them for their effort.

As I watched my players come in and begin dressing for practice, I again observed the interaction between the players. One of my favorite team members and student caught my eye. Scott Curry, an incoming senior, had been playing varsity since his sophomore year. He was one my offensive running backs and team co captain. I could put him anyplace in the backfield and know he would give his all to get the job done. He was a friendly kid who was always willing to help out. Today was no exception. Normally, any team has a definite hierarchy with the senior players picking out specific spots in our open locker room and shower area. That was true of many of my current players, but never Scott. Today, as usual, he was one of the last players to enter the dressing room as his last class of the day was clear across campus from the gym. He came in and saw one of our freshman and less popular players off by himself. Scott sat on the bench beside him and in a friendly tone greeted the young man. I always liked when this happened and could count on Scott more than any of my other players to do this without being told to. You could see how it brightened the young man’s eyes to be noticed and talks to by one of the captains.

As I watched this interaction I thought then, “Here is my man!”

We had a good practice and afterwards as the boys were dressing, I approached Scott, “Scott, after you’re finished, could I see you in my office?”

“Sure Coach, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

He entered my office about five minutes later and asked, “What’s up?” He didn’t call me coach. He must have known something different was up.

“Well, Scott, I have something to ask you. It’s not a favor, you can say no. It has nothing to do with the team, your playing, your grades or the school.”

He said, “Well I figured it wasn’t about the team or you would have called me Curry.” I generally called my players by their last names only on the field. First names in the classroom or out of school.

“Anyway Scott, like I said, this is not a favor or anything. You have no obligation to do it at all, I just thought, after watching you today, that you would be perfect for this if you wanted to do it. I have a friend who teaches and coaches about two hours from here. I was visiting with her last weekend and she mentioned that some of her alumni were going to be bringing some of their college friends for a visit in a couple of weeks for their homecoming. They were hoping to show these girls a good time.”

“OK Coach, what does this have to do with me?”

“Well, Scott, they were hoping to have a party after their game on Friday night. They wanted a good one and were hoping to find a young man to strip for them. I really just laughed the idea off until this afternoon and watched you work with our younger players. Your helpful attitude and willingness to give any job everything you have makes you perfect. Also, if you hadn’t noticed, you are one hell of a good looking guy.”

Scott looked at me, then he laughed. “Damn Coach. I never in a million years would have guessed you were going to ask me something like this. Are you serious?”

“Yes Scott, I had never thought about finding anyone when she told me about it, and she wasn’t asking, but after watching you today, I think you’d be perfect. It’s totally up to you. No pressure. No promises have been made, and like I said, you are under no obligation to do it. I do imagine, there could be some money though, if you are interested.”

Again, he laughed, “Now you’re making me a whore. How much money. Am I a cheap slut or a high priced call girl?”

That made me laugh. “No idea Scott. Which do you want to be? Should I call Beth and see if they are serious and how much they are willing to spend?”

“No, I don’t think I want to know. Honestly, I am not shy. I like showing off. I might do it, but I don’t even know if I can strip very well. I mean, I am a decent dancer. I’ve won a few dance contests here at school dances, but I think stripping is a little bit different.”

“Well, you have almost three weeks to practice.” I laughed. “is it OK if I call Beth and tell her that there may be hope?”

He was laughing, “Sure, go ahead. I can’t believe I’m considering this.”

I called Beth with the news when I got home that night. She laughed heartily and admonished me, “Marty, you dumbass. I told you that because I thought it was a funny idea. I didn’t mean for you to find a stripper for them.”

“I know.” I told her, “I took it that way too, but watching Scott interact with players today, the idea just hit me. Do you want to go on with it or do you think it’s a stupid idea?”

“Are you kidding? Of course I think it’s a stupid idea and HELL YES I’d like to go on with it. Let me get in touch with one of the girls.”

“Hey Beth, there’s another thing. Scott isn’t sure of his ability to do a good stripping presentation. Perhaps you’d like to come over and offer some preshow advice.”

Beth was quiet for a moment and the answered, “Harris, I like how you think. Let me get back to you.”

On Wednesday I had the answer. The girls were definitely interested. They had up to $500 to pay if needed and Beth was all for viewing a practice session. We set up to do that Saturday afternoon at my place. I would let Scott know.

Let me take a moment to describe Scott. Like I said, he was an incoming senior and had just had his 18th birthday this past Friday. He was not your typical football player in that he was light, with a swimmers build, and fast. Six feet even, 170 pounds and solid, not bulky. Light brown skin with slightly darker blond hair and beautiful brown eyes. Slender waist with a torso that tapered out to a broad defined chest and shoulders rounded out the package. If you’re interested in the other facets, I know from being his coach that he is uncircumcised, unshaven in his pubic area and has a nice full scrotum that hangs freely when he’s not cold. His penis hangs nicely over that scrotum with the tip just visible out the foreskin. I have not seen him erect, but I am sure it performs more than adequately.

On Thursday after practice I told Scott about the conversation I had had with Beth. He was a little surprised but only asked what time Saturday.

I told him to come by right after lunch.

“How far are they going to want me to go?”

“Well, I am sure they’d at the very least like to see the full monte.”

He grinned, “I can do that. Will they want to see it hard?”

“Hell Scott, who wouldn’t? I’d guess you’ll be hard and fucking in pretty short order.”

“Fucking? They’re going to want that? This just gets better and better. Are you going to want that for the audition?”

I just laughed and winked at him.

The Audition.

Well, things were set up and plans change. Keeping in mind our various locations, Scott lived and attended school in a small town in in the mountains about an hour south of Tacoma. I lived in the suburbs of Tacoma, WA and traveled to the school to teach and coach. Beth and her alums all lived in a small community east of Snoqualmie on I-90. We decided, rather than meeting at my place to meet at a Residence Inn in Ellensburg where we could get a suite. This was going to be a good audition with an audience. A chance for Scott to show what he could do.

Let me introduce you to the audience. First, of course, was Beth and her husband James, both in their early 40’s and a fit good looking couple. James and Beth taught and coached at the same high school. Next was the young girl who was representing the alums who were hosting the party. She was 20 and a second year college student. Young and attractive her name was Karen. Third was a guest of Beth’s, John, a middle aged gay man who owned a bar and was there to give advice on how to work the audience and possible grooming tips. Fourth of course was myself and my wife Shirley. Shirley has a little bit of a wild side and was entirely for this idea. Fifth were our two daughters, Katie and Cameron. They are 18 and 19 and had thought Scott was a cutie the first time they saw him as a freshman in some practice videos. Like I said, we lived about a half hour from the school where I taught so contact between my family and my students is pretty minimal. Scott had met my wife and girls at our annual athletic awards banquets and he was always very gracious and polite. He had no idea how my daughters thought about him.

We elected to all meet at the suite at 1 with Scott showing up later. It would seem less awkward for him if he didn’t have to sit through the arrivals of everyone. As we arrived and introductions were made, you could really sense the excitement. At exactly 1:15 as instructed, Scott pulled into the parking spot in front of our unit driving a really nice black Mustang GT. He was wearing sunglasses and a black t-shirt,boot cut jeans that flaired over the top of his white running shoes and looking just as hot as I had hoped. As he approached the door, I opened it beckoning him inside.

“Hi Scott. Come on in and meet the crowd. Are you nervous?”

He laughed, “How could I not be coach, but I think I’ll survive. He nodded to the rest of the crowd and said “Hi”.

Introductions were made as Scott stood in the middle of the group who was seated around him. The girls, my two daughters and Karen from Beth’s school, flanked him immediately. Beth commented, “Scott, you look great. That shirt and those jeans really show off your build. Your arms bulge from the sleeves and the jeans fit your butt and bulge great.” Scott blushed and mumbled a thanks.

“Scott, why don’t you take that shirt off and give us a look at what’s underneath.” Beth suggested.

Scott looked at the girls and seductively pulled his shirt off exposing his tanned, defined chest with nickel sized brown nipples on well defined pecs and flat stomach that rippled with a 6 pac as he moved. The slightest bit of a treasure trail rose from the belt buckle to his navel.

“Mmm, very nice Scott.” Beth commented as he sat back down.

Beth’s husband James asked Scott if he had ever done anything like this before and how he thought he would handle having an audience. “No sir, I have never, though I’ve never been a shy person. I guess the reason we are here is to see how I will handle it and if I can even do it..”

Beth asked, “Scott, are you a virgin?”

“No ma’am, though it’s been awhile since anything has happened.”

“I knew you had a girl last year Scott, I wasn’t sure if anything had happened since her..” I commented.

“Actually, Coach, Allison and I never had sex.

“Oh really? Then who is it you have had experience with?” I asked.

“Well, actually, it was a coworker of my mom’s. She was 32 at the time and I had just turned 16. She really took her time and taught me what a woman likes and how to please her. We played together for about 9 months before she got transferred for her work.”

“Very nice Scott,” Beth commented. “Do you think you remember all that she taught you?”

Scott grinned, “I guess we can find out, if that’s what you want.”

John stood and walked over to Scott, “I hope you don’t mind Scott, could you raise your arms, hands behind your head?”

“Sure sir, “ Scott complied as John ran his hands over Scott’s arms, arm pits, chest and stomach, fingering the slight treasure trail that led into the top of his jeans.

“Scott, it looks like you groom yourself very nicely. Have you done anything special to prepare for today?”

“No sir. I usually trim things up on the weekend but I haven’t since last Saturday in case you all wanted me to do something different.”

“Well, so far, I like what I see, your pits are trimmed perfectly, no hair around your nipples or the middle of your chest either. I’d say you are just what this group of girls are looking for. Am I right Karen, or would you have rather had someone with more hair?” John commented.

Karen’s reply came quickly, “I can’t really imagine a guy looking better for this. I can’t wait to see more.”

Beth chimed in, “Well, if that’s the sentiment here, Scott, are you ready to show us some moves? I want to see you interact with the audience. Girls, you get involved too, to help motivate him. You can’t just sit there like bumps on a log.”

“I’m as ready as I can be I guess.” Scott responded.

Beth pulled out her phone and hit play on a YouTube video and the room came to life from a pair of blutooth speakers she had set up earlier. The song, Candy Shop by 50 Cent filled the room and Scott began dancing to it. It’s a very seductive song and Scott worked it very well, getting up close and personal with Karen. It was really hot watching this shirtless and shoeless athletic young man gyrating with her. My daughters were right there as well, so Scott moved between the three of them. The girls got into the act as well, reaching out and rubbing on Scott’s bare chest and stomach, making his abs ripple with their touch. Just before the song ended, Karen was unbuckling Scott’s belt and opening the top button on his Levis. As the song ended, there was the briefest pause before Pony by Ginuwine filled the room. Another seductive song and Scott changed his movements to match the new beat, but stayed right there with the girls as Katie, my youngest, pulled the zipper down on Scott’s jeans and pulled the top open exposing his boxers. Scott moved away from the grasp of the girls and moved around the room, giving everyone a view and working the crowd. He got close enough to my wife for her to reach out and grab his ass pulling him in close to her. He feigned shock and moved away giving everyone, men included a view. After that, he moved back towards my wife giving her the opportunity to grab again. He guided her slightly, signaling her to pull his jeans down. She got them to his ankles just as the song ended. It was obvious, everyone was having a good time. I think even Scott was. Again, the music only paused briefly before Uptown Funk a Bruno Mars song came on. As it began Scott was pulling his feet out of the jeans. He pulled his socks off at the same time so he was just in his boxers. This is a faster less seductive song, so Scott spent it dancing around the room, pulling the girls and ladies up for a quick dance. I was impressed with how he could work the crowd his first time.

The next song to come on was The Fix by Nelly. Kind of a funky song that slowed Scott down. He was between the three younger girls gyrating seductively in his boxers as Karen reached out holding him by his hips. She slowly slid his boxers down and Scott stepped out of them, leaving him totally nude. I was impressed, he was still soft, but swollen. His uncut cock was plump and veiny looking as it hung over his swinging scrotum filled with those perfect man eggs. His pelvis was much more pale than the rest of his body and his tan lines were quite evident. His scrotum was darker than his body and was hairless. Obviously some grooming had been done. His penis hung over that scrotum swinging right along with it. The tip of his penis was barely protruding from his lovely foreskin and the slit was just visible. It appeared as though the swollen glans was a deep red, almost purple color now, no doubt due to the sheer excitement he was feeling. The head and corona were swollen and clearly visible under that foreskin. His shaft too, was hairless though he had a nice light brown, thick bush that was neatly trimmed so as not to be wild but plenty long and thick enough to run your fingers through. As he stepped out of those boxers, he kicked them to the side and again circled the room giving everyone, men included, a view and, at times, a feel. That song ended and Beth instantly but on Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake. Scott took off shaking his stuff for everyone and then moving in for some hot lap dance action. At this point the girls got involved, not just touching but holding fondling and groping. At times one girl was playing with his package and the other two were stroking his chest, nipples, stomach and legs. If I said that this had no effect on this young man’s body, it would be an outrageous lie. That cock swelled and grew to it’s full size (something I had thought about but never seen) in no time.

Scott’s dick was actually stunning. It was thinner at the base and grew thicker the further it went out. It was a nice reddish color, lighter than his scrotum with a very pronounced and almost purple glans that was emitting a nice drop of very clear precum from the tip. Under the smooth skin of the shaft, small veins were protruding everywhere. The main vein running the length of the underside was thick and impressive. Erect, his cock had a slight upwards curve and pointed almost straight up reaching just even with his belly button. His scrotum was still hanging free with his swollen testicles inside. He backed away from the girls and slowly turned giving everyone in the room a view of what he had. He was perfect. I think everyone was in awe.

He stood there only a moment before my oldest, Cameron, knelt beside him and reached between his legs from behind, taking his testicles in her hand. She gently squeezed and pulled him, making that cock bounce. With her other hand she reached out and grasped his penis at the base and slid her hand the length of it. The music stopped but the action did not. Cameron continued to stroke Scott, who was positioned for all too see. Karen came up from the back and began teasing Scott’s brown, dime sized nipples. As for Scott, he just closed his eyes, leaned his head back and let them. He was gently thrusting into Cameron’s supple hands. Like I had said, Scott was not a big bulky guy, more lightly built as a runner or swimmer, but still, it was evident how nature makes guys the bigger and stronger sex. Cameron’s hands genuinely looked dainty on that thick veiny member of Scott’s. My youngest, Katie, not wanting to be left out approached Scott and began licking his throat which led to him leaning forward slightly and, eyes still closed, kissing her. They were kissing deeply, tongues fighting to go deeper into the other’s mouth, her hand stroking his tight stomach and pubic hair as her sister held his balls and stroked his leaking cock while Karen licked on his neck again and flicked her fingers over his nipples. We adults were silent, just watching. How I envied this student of mine. I couldn’t imagine what he was feeling, and how he was dealing with all of it knowing they were being watched. I did note that Cameron was just stroking Scott’s shaft, not really playing with that beautiful, purple, leaking glans. Perhaps some guidance would be in order later. Right now, we just wanted to see how this would end. Beth did put on another song and it got the kids into a rhythm. Scott was thrusting into Cameron’s hands. He reached over his head to hold Karen who was still licking his neck. This exposed his sexy armpit to Katie who immediately buried her tongue in the nest of damp light brown hair. I’m quite sure he was exuding the pheromones to drive all the girls crazy.

It was a really hot scene and it wasn’t lost on my wife. She asked me quietly if I thought I could have handled that much stimulation when I was 18. “Not a chance “ I said. “Certainly not in front of an audience.”

I’m sure that everyone in attendance was wondering just how long this kid could go. There were some comments about how well his “teacher” must have done in helping him gain this level of control. It wasn’t long before Cameron commented, “Oh my God, it’s getting harder!” At that moment, we could all see that magnificent cockhead swell even more. The corona became more pronounced and I could only think how good it must feel to a woman to have it inside when he swelled like that. Scott’s body stiffened and his swollen testicles pulled up to either side of that rigid shaft. The deep purple head of his cock swelled even more and then the first shot of his juice shot out. It was a thick long rope of cum that shot up over his shoulder, hitting Katie on the cheek. The trailing edge of it draped from just above his left pec to his stomach. That shot had barely subsided when the second one came, just as forceful and maybe even larger in volume. Katie had pulled back from licking his throat after being hit by the first one. The second one hit her dead in the mouth and hung over her lip. It was so erotic to watch. The third shot was the same as the first, again, striking Katie in the mouth and chin and again draping over his gleaming torso. After that, his testicles dropped back into his smooth sweaty sack and the shots became less forceful and smaller. Cameron let go of him as he settled down. His cock still stood proud after his performance. The semen still oozing out of the tip and running down the shaft to his slick scrotum. It was still pointing straight up though the head was returning to it’s pinkish color.

There was quite a collective sigh from the audience and a few, “wow”s. I don’t think anyone had imagined a better scene for the first orgasm.

“Very nice Scott” Beth commented. “How long before you can go again, or are you ready for a break?”

Scott was breathing somewhat heavily in his post organic glow but responded, “I think I can keep going if the girls still want to play. With Shelly, I didn’t go soft after my first climax.”

Karen, who had worn a short skirt for this moved to Scott and said, “Maybe this will keep you excited.” and pulled her skirt up to show only Scott her lace panties. Scott immediately knelt down, his balls hanging low enough to be seen below his legs, his prick still pointed to his chest and pulled the panties aside and stroked the lips gently for just a bit. You could see she was very moist and totally turned on. Scott leaned in and gave a few licks on the outer lips before probing his tongue deeply into her. My wife sighed appreciatively, “wow, he does know what a lady likes. Karen was bent over supporting herself on the sofa arms making herself available to Scott. This would be the perfect position for showing off Scott to the crowd. Scott stood, his erection throbbing and the tip of his cock again oozing the clear fluid of his precum instead of the creamy semen from his earlier orgasm. I threw him a condom which he caught like the true athlete he is, smiling knowingly at me as he did. He opened it and began to roll in on. My wife teasingly admonished our daughters. “Girls, where are your manners, give Scott some help there.” Katie grabbed quickly saying,”I haven’t gotten to hold this yet, let me.” It was obvious, she had not done this before as she really fumbled, not that she or Scott seemed to mind. Hey, if you need to practice something, this is a fun thing to practice. At this point, Scott didn’t really seem to mind. Katie got it rolled to the base of that throbbing prick and stroked the length of it a few times, then cupped her hand and held those swollen balls. She lifted and felt the heft of them, then gave a gentle squeeze, let go and grabbed that cock pulling it down till it was straight out from his body and released it, letting it spring back up hitting him in the stomach right about at his naval before regaining its normal angle. Scott moved to Karen and guided his cock at her opening. He stroked the head along the outer lips a bit as Karen moaned, “I’m ready, put it in.”.

With that encouragement, Scott eased the head inside the slowly pushed all the way in. Karen moaned “It’s so thick, you definitely know he’s there.” Scott pulled out and eased in again, this time as his pelvis met her he rotated his hips, moving that thick shaft around her opening and stimulating her clit as he did. She reacted by pushing back against him and wiggling her ass into him.

John spoke up softly, “Scott, turn your hips a little leaving a gap towards your audience so we an see the show.” to which Scott immediately complied. He began thrusting faster. The interesting thing about his style was that his entire body was not thrusting. Scott had amazing pelvic thrusts which let him slide his cock almost entirely out of Karen before slamming in fully causing his balls to slap up against her belly. Just his hips were moving and we could all appreciate the erotic view. Scott varied between thrusting quickly and hard to slowing down to let us view better to burying himself in her and rotating around, giving her the stimulation she needed. Karen’s pleasure was obvious as she moaned, whimpered and encouraged him. After a few minutes of this Scott leaned forward over her back and began fondling Karen’s breasts through her blouse, which she immediately pulled up along with her bra, giving us all a view of her amazingly perky tits. Scott, knowing how to please a lady, went right for the nipples and began squeezing and pinching them in a hot milking motion. He was able to do this without altering his fucking at all. We had an amazing view of his prick sliding in and out of Karen’s now sloppy vagina. The two of them continued this play again for several minutes until Karen began turning her head, trying to offer her mouth to Scott. He leaned in, licking and biting gently at her throat and lips as he continued the thrusting, his balls still slapping against her belly.

This was so hot to watch, but physically it was not a position they could stay in forever, so after longer than I could have done it, Scott stood, still thrusting and gently grasped Karen’s inner thigh of her left leg, the leg closest to us. He gently lifted her as she pulled her leg up, rotating her on his pistoning cock. They never broke contact as he tenderly rolled her onto her back. The former position, standing doggy style, so great to watch was over but Karen lifted her legs first for the maneuver, then gently wrapped them around Scott’s back as she lay on her back. What a sight to watch, these two athletic kids fucking like we had never seen. Scott immediately started massaging her breasts as he stood there fucking fast and hard. Watching his bush slam into her pubic mound and send a ripple of pleasure into her body had us all on the edge of our seats, Cameron got involved by licking Scott’s cum encrusted throat and shoulder as Katie started kissing Karen. It was at this point Karen had her orgasm. She moaned, then her body clenched and began to spasm. Scott actually stopped thrusting and let her ride on his rigid pole, buried totally inside her. After about 30 seconds of her spasms as Scott tickled her nipples he began to again slide gently inside her. As Karen calmed and relaxed Beth asked, “Scott, did you cum too?”

“No Ma’am, I did not. I hope to give he another one before I do.” he answered.

“Wow Scott, I think you DID have a good teacher if you held off during that.” was Beth’s reply.

“Uh, yeh, she had some pretty good teaching techniques.” Scott said, still buried inside Karen and still hard as steel, he leaned down and kissed Karen gently on the lips, his hands still massaging her firm breasts. His hips slowly pivoting, pulling his erection nearly out of her, then pushing gently in again. Karen cooed softly, moving her legs from behind him to his shoulders. Her hands reaching up to palm his firm pecs, now shining with a light sheen of sweat, his small brown nipples erect in their own right. Cameron leaned back in to kiss Scott fully on the mouth. Their tongues rubbing each other’s, her hands stroking his shoulders. Katie began rubbing Scott's butt, slowly moving down and reaching between his legs to tickle his scrotum and those swinging testicles.

He had been hard and stimulated for about half an hour now and had cum once. He had been fucking Karen now for about 15 minutes, giving her one powerful orgasm but had not yet cum in her.

Scott moaned with pleasure as Katie stroked his balls and Cameron moved down to his throat, licking and sucking gently. The pace of his thrusts increased again as Karen’s pleasure again peaked. She again began bucking, but this time Scott did not stop to let her ride him, he increased his pace and moaned from his impending orgasm. His back arched, he lifted up onto his toes and bent down to probe Karen’s mouth as his hot cock pulsed and throbbed inside her. They stopped, you could see both their bodies spasm with bliss. They both whimpered in pleasure. Katie was still holding his balls, cupping and squeezing. She later said it was amazing to feel them pulse and pump his sperm laden semen into her. Scott’s second orgasm of the afternoon was in the books after 20 minutes of good solid fucking of a beautiful girl in one of the hottest situations imaginable. They paused and Scott stood upright, their pelvis still together. Katie let go of his sack and pulled back to watch, as did Cameron. The sight was an indescribable turn on for all of us I think. Karen lying there on her back, balanced on the back of the sofa, her top and bra pulled up to expose her perky breasts with he nipples still hard, her skirt pulled up over her stomach, her legs spread with Scott standing between them, his narrow hips fitting perfectly, a light sheen of sweat covering his body glistening in the light, showing the remains of the cum streaks from his first orgasm. His pubic bush mashed up against Karen’s outer lips. Slowly he pulled out, reaching to the base of his cock to hold the condom from slipping off. Ask he popped out, the impressive fullness of the condom shown by the thick creamy white filling surprised me. My wife and Beth both nodded, acknowledging their pleasure at such a showing.

“Very impressive Scott, I didn’t expect your second ejaculation to have that much volume.” my wife commented.

Scott, just smiled as he grasped the tip and pulled the condom off, expertly tying it into a knot and tossing it at the trash can. His cock was still swollen from this workout, but most of the hardness was gone, though the length and girth appeared to be the same as when it was erect. His flushed body was fully on display once again and just as impressive as before. Maybe more so since we had seen it perform. Scott helped Karen up and assisted as she straightened her top and pulled her skirt down.

“I have to say Scott, no one has given me two orgasms while fucking. No one had the action that you did to stimulate me that way.”

Scott blushed and mumbled a humble "thanks".

All of us watching began to comment and talk about what we had just seen. Scott sat on the couch and reclined, his legs slightly spread so his scrotum could hang between them, his cock flopped over onto his left leg, still oozing his creamy semen from the slit. His foreskin was covering about half the head with the corona clearly visibly beneath it. Katie and Cameron sat on either side of him, Cameron’s right hand resting on his thigh just at the tip of his oozing penis.

James spoke for all of us, “Well Scott, that was a fantastic show. I don’t know what you could have done to make it better for the audience. The angles you gave us, the movements, changing positions, that was all fantastic. You have the makings of a perfect adult stripper or porn star. Whichever you choose.”

“Thanks, I guess I just tried to put myself in your positions and guess what you would want to see.” Scott smiled that All American boy smile.

“Scott, you amaze me, you are the only one nude here, you have just given us a show of a most intimate act yet you seem so relaxed. How do you do it? You aren’t trying to cover up and you are sitting here talking to us as if we were talking about school or cars or something.”

Again with the smile and this time a slight blush, “I guess I like showing off. I knew I was never shy, but having all of you watching and liking what you are seeing is kind of a turn on to me I guess.” he answered.

I asked, “Does having men here seem to bother you Scott? I mean, one of us here is gay, you never know, the others of us could be bi. Does that bother you?”

Scott only paused slightly before answering. “Not really. I mean, I’m sitting here, your daughters have been playing with me. Karen gave herself to me. It has been wonderful, and I know I love girls. As long as nobody violates my trust or limits, I see no harm at all.”

“Scott, you were very at ease earlier when I checked out your grooming. Did that really not bother you?” John asked.

“I guess I just took it as kind of clinical. Was there more to it than that?

John answered, “I’d be lying if I said it was all clinical. Have you been handled before?”

“Just by doctors. Most have been men, a couple have been women.”

“Have you ever been watched before Scott?” Beth asked.

This brought a bright blush to Scott’s face and a little laugh from the rest of us when we saw his reaction.

Beth again, “Well, I guess we know the answer to that. Care to tell us about it?”

“Well, it was with Shelly, the lady I mentioned earlier. It was a cool fall day, well after we had begun playing around. My parents knew what was happening. I won’t say they were exactly pleased, but they never disapproved either. I was out doing lawn work and Shelly and Mom were on the deck, talking and watching. After awhile, Mom went inside and I moved up to sweep the deck. Shelly started teasing me and said it was too cold for me to do anything as she knew what effect cold had on young men. I promised her I could still get the job done. After a little back and forth teasing, I was proving to her I could do it in the cold, right on the deck. Mom was in the kitchen and saw through the window.”

“Wow, pretty hot story. Did you finish outdoors, in the cold?” Kate asked. “Did the cold affect you?

“We did.” Scott replied. “Again, she had two orgasms before I got mine. Mom may have mentioned that later. The only affect was my balls were pulled up tight, other than that, all systems were go” he grinned.

Cameron slid her and down his thigh to cup his testicles in his still loose scrotum, “These were cold? They’re hanging pretty nicely now. I bet they swing pretty well.”

At that Scott stood, turned to face Cameron and began swing his hips. His cock was helicoptering from his body as his balls swayed hard back and forth. With his legs spread, those of us behind him had an interesting view of his ass swaying and his balls swinging. Cameron laughed and grabbed his hips to stop him. With that, he grabbed her hands and pulled her off the couch to dance with him. She remained clothed but with him nude, he put on a great show. As they danced around the room, Cameron grabbed several times for his swinging equipment, but he would pull back just in time. Scott was quite the tease and just the kind of entertainment a group should like. He turned to the rest of us, giving us all a close up lap dance for a bit, showing off for the men as well as the women. I know Beth and my wife enjoyed it, but John really showed his pleasure and it didn’t deter Scott at all. When it was my turn I figured I’d try him and see if he was receptive to some play by another male.

Keep in mind, after his two orgasms, Scott was still flaccid and his cock showed the evidence of it’s recent activity, glistening with the remnants of his ejaculation in the condom, swollen and flushed and still oozing some of his cream. As he came to me, I grabbed his hips and stopped his motion. He stood before me, seated very close to my wife and let me admire the goods. I reached out to his scrotum as he spread his legs slightly and stroked my index finger down the front of his scrotum over his left nut, then reached around holding his sack in my right hand. The heft of his loose testicles in his smooth sack felt wonderful in my hand. He made no move to pull back. Pleased with his reaction I released his bag and grasped that swollen cock, lifting it and pulling the foreskin over the still oozing head. Again, that magnificent member began to swell.

“Hmm Scott, you seem to not mind this.” I pointed out.

Scott gave a muffled chuckle and quietly asked, “Have you been wanting to do this Coach?”.

I didn’t answer, but Scott allowed me to stroke him to another full erection as everyone watched. Again, not wanting to be left out, the girls all got involved licking his nipples, stroking his stomach and taking turns feeling his tonsils with their tongues.

Not knowing what was in store next, but knowing I did not want to watch him screwing my precious babies, I released his erect cock and left it pointing at the ceiling as the girls continued their stimulation of him. My wife reached in her bag and pulled something out. “Is this what you are looking for?” she asked, handing me a newly purchased fleshlight and a bottle of lube which we had picked up on the way over. I had no idea at the time if it would come into play, but right now it looked like a good time to try introducing it.

Scott, being somewhat preoccupied with three girls pleasuring him and doing his best to reciprocate, had no idea what was going on right in front of him. The adults in the group were all intently watching the action as Shirley squirted a generous puddle of lube into her hand and covered that thick veined cock then squirted some inside the new toy. Shirley commented, “I have forgotten about teen age boys. This thing is as hard now as it was for his first erection. How many times do you suppose he can go?”

She handed the fleshlight to me with a gleam in her I knowing that I wanted to do this. I took it, looked around the room to see the smiles of anticipation from the rest of the group. I reached out to Scott and teased the shiny tip of that throbbing cock with the opening of the toy. I know Shirley had just lubed him up, but I’m sure that was fresh precum on the knob. How much can this kid produce? Scott, with the girls still kissing on his face and neck, their hands stroking all over his torso, nipples, armpits and stomach, could still sense the activity on his cock without seeing. Instinctively his hips thrust up, his glans penetrating the opening. He tried to push in further, still without looking or knowing who was in control of this new pleasure he was experiencing. I pulled the fleshlinght up, keeping just the head inside. He tried to push in further, but he was extended as far as he could. I gave a slight twist of the toy, stimulating the knob in a way that was new. His nuts, swinging in that sack pulled up to his thick shaft and dropped again. What a sight. With that, John reached over to caress that smooth bag. He looked around the room, his hand still on his prize and mouthed, “fantastic”.

James, seeing this and not wanting to be left out, reached out with his thumb and forefinger and grasped Scott’s penis at the base, right at the pubic bush. He applied slight pressure and I swear Scott’s already thicker than normal erection intensified in girth. I know the head swelled more. Scott did look down to see the three men were pleasuring him. Knowing that Scott is straight, I was afraid this might put him off, but he just closed his eyes and turned his attention back to the girls and their play. Shirley and Beth, not wanting to be left out, began to stroke the smooth globes of Scott’s skinny butt and rub the back of his thighs as every other area seemed to be covered. I don’t think I have ever seen in porn or read a story where one young man was being pleasured by three teenage girls, three adult men and two adult women. Eight people pleasuring this young man and he still seemed to be somewhat in control of his body. I think we were all pretty sure that he couldn’t last long. That slippery sex toy sliding over that slimy, hard as steel erection was turning all of us on. Occasionally, I would slide that fleshlinght right to his bush, bottoming it against his pubic bone. The swollen knob would stick fully out, leaving the shaft totally covered and the knob exposed. A few times I would rotate it on his shaft while John fondled those swollen nuts. It was erotic beyond belief. Shirley nodded at me, knowing what I wanted to do and knowing I was afraid to do it. I didn’t want to risk turning Scott off, but I was so overcome with the thought of it. After a few times of exposing the tip of him in this manner, I leaned in and swiped my tongue over the tip of it, pausing slightly while it was covering the slit. The taste of that crystal clear precum was so much better than I had expected. Yes, it was salty, but it was more subtle in it’s saltiness and had a sweet aftertaste to it.

I have no idea if Scott really knew what was happening or not, but I kept doing it. As I looked around, John and James were looking on in jealous wonderment, so I offered him to them as well. They each took a turn before I pulled the toy back over him and gave a few more strokes and we all repeated the process. What an afternoon this had turned out to be. After four cycles of us taking turns on him, we finally got a sign that our fun was culminating. The girls were still all over him and he seemed to be totally committed to them. I have no idea how he could perform this way with everything that he was feeling. His testicles pulled up further than I had seem them go before. Nestled on each side of his shaft where it emerged from his pelvis. His supple sack was empty in Johns hand but James was lightly stroking his finger over those man eggs at the base of his torso. I pulled the fleshlinght off his throbbing erection and gripped it with my hand. With my mouth I engulfed just the glans, my lips formed a seal just beyond the corona as I swirled my tongue over his entire knob. I could literally feel him swell in my mouth as he began to buck. I counted 6 huge jets squirting into my mouth, though I swallowed none. His ejaculation weakened as the spurts became smaller, though his contractions continued. As he finished his climax I pulled off, sucking the knob dry as I pulled away, my mouth full of his creamy semen. His balls returned to his supple, smooth bag but his erection remained hard is steel for the moment. I opened my mouth to show the crowd the load I had taken. Shirley leaned in placing her lips against mine and I gave her about half of what I had. I could see by the look in her eyes that she was both surprised and pleased. James commented, I counted 14 contractions. This kid can perform.

With the completion of his third orgasm, Scott stood between my legs still facing all of us. His erection standing proud for a moment before beginning to subside. His swollen nuts again hanging low in that smooth scrotum. His eyes were still clear as we all admired him.

Scott’s throat was covered in wetness from the kisses and licks of the girls. His chest was flushed and his small brown nipples were still erect. His penis looked swollen as the remnants of his third orgasm passed. He backed to the couch and sat down, his legs spread slightly as his equipment hung between them, his balls resting lightly on the fabric of the sofa.

“Well, Scott, what did you think of that?” Beth asked. “You seemed to be OK with it.”

“I’m not sure.” he answered. “I know, the feeling was indescribable, but the thought of guys doing that to me,,, it took me by surprise.”

I asked, “Did I push you too far Scott? The last thing I want to do is hurt you. I apologize if I took it too far.”

Scott paused as we all, me especially, waited for his answer. “I don’t know how to answer that.” he finally said. “I am sure I have no desire to be with a guy, but I guess, like this, I am entertaining, I guess it’s OK. I really don’t know. If it were to happen again, I doubt if I would try to stop it.”

I know we were all totally amazed at this kid. Here he was sitting in a room with eight other people and he alone is totally nude and has just provided us with three fantastic orgasms with one or more of us taking part in all of them. Now he sits here talking with us about it, his limp dick still dripping some semen onto the fabric of the couch, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

“Scott, how much more do you think you can do?” Beth asked.

“Honestly, Ma’am, I don’t know right now. This has been pretty intense, but a lot of fun.” he answered.

“Scott, trust me, and I think I speak for all of us, it has been a pretty good time for us as well.” she replied. “Should we take a break?”

“Whatever you want.”

John spoke up, “Scott, would you mind me getting a good look at you? I would like to give you just a couple of hints at your grooming for an event like this, though you obviously have a really good idea what you are doing now.”

Scott was quiet, but smiled at John, nodded as he stood and walked to where John was sitting. His dong, longer that when he first undressed, bouncing slightly and swinging as he did so. He stopped directly in front of John, facing him and seemed not the least bit embarrassed as John looked. Gently, John reached out taking Scott by the hips and turning him slowly. When Scott was facing away from him, and facing us, John stopped him and evaluated the view from the back. Scott's lower legs were covered with light brown to blond hair that got lighter in covering as it got higher. The mounds of his ass were pretty smooth with just a light amount of that golden hair right at his butt crack. John ran his hands the length of Scott’s legs and commented, “very nice”. He again took Scott by the hips and turned him back around, stopping him as Scott was facing him full on. At that, John reached out, taking hold of Scott’s limber penis and lifted it for inspection. He lightly pulled the skin of the shaft forward, pulling some of Scott’s pubic hair out onto the shaft.

“Scott, I can see that you have trimmed, but if you pulled your skin out like this, you could better trim that hair at the base of this beautiful piece. That way, you can keep this great looking bush, but the young ladies won’t get it in their mouths as the suck on you.”

Scott just nodded.

John reached back to Scott’s scrotum and picked it up looking more between Scott’s legs than at his testicles. “Again, Scott, you have some hair here that could be trimmed off as well, for the same reason. A girl licking here or sucking on your balls will get a mouthful of hair. You don’t want that.”

John let go of Scott’s genitalia and ran his hand up Scott’s lower stomach to just below his chest. “I think you have done an amazing job here Scott. The hair here that you have kept is perfect, your chest is smooth.” he said as he ran his hands over Scott’s pecs and nipples. “The hair in your arm pits is the perfect length. I think you should keep it just as it is. The only change I would make to your grooming is the two items I just mentioned.”

With that, he milked the length of Scott’s penis and got a bit more semen from him, which he quickly licked off the tip, swirled in his mouth as if he were tasting wine, and swallowed. “Scott, this is not at all bitter. Very nice. I’m assuming you eat quite a bit of fruit in your diet. Might I suggest pineapple for a few days before your party. Your jizz will be downright sweet for the girls. I can tell you don’t smoke as well. Smoking makes your cum taste like as ashtray. Please don’t start.”

Scott answered quickly, “I would never smoke. I didn’t know about the pineapple or I would have done that for today. I didn’t know what to expect here.”

“Did you expect this?” John laughed.

“Coach mentioned it might happen for the party. I had no idea about today though.

Shirley was loving watching this and eager for more. "Scott, for not having any idea what to expect here today, you have certainly handled yourself well. You seem so at ease here. I'm really impressed with how well you have interacted with the girls and even the men here this afternoon. While you were dancing, you divided your time pretty equally with everyone in the group. The young ladies have gotten a show, you had sex with one of the girl, for everyone to enjoy. The men have even gotten a chance. I am hoping Beth and I can have a turn to see what you can do. Do you think you have another orgasm left for us?"

Scott, as well as the rest of us laughed. I teased Shirley, "Feeling a little left out are you?"

She responded with, "Whether he does more or not, it has been a fun time here, but I'd love to play with him too."

Scott, ever the gentleman, still nude and now flaccid and relaxed, stepped between them both extending his hands for theirs and pulled them into the center of the room. One of the girls found Otis Day and the Knights and Shout on the phone. The women both laughed and commented positively about the ***********ion of songs for this. The dancing started and Scott did not disappoint, During the "a little bit lower now" he leaned way back as if he were doing the limbo. The ladies took this time to reach over and rub on his stomach and chest. Possibly they may have gotten a feel of that pretty cock that was flopping around too. When that part of the song came around again, Scott knelt down low enough that his swinging balls were visible below his legs. Shirley took the time to reach under his leg once and fondle them. After the song was over, Scott turned to each of the women, pulled them in and kissed them. He was totally relaxed, his penis fully flaccid and the foreskin now covered the head fully. Scott was warm and flushed from the exertion, his smooth scrotum was fully relaxed and his testicles, hanging well below his penis were swinging freely.

"Scott, do you think you can go again?" Shirley asked.

"I think so, with the proper motivation." he responded. "I've cum 3 times this afternoon, but I think I can go again."

With that, Beth and Shirley pushed Scott back towards the couch as the girls made room for him. He sat and the two women pushed him sideways until he was lying on his back, his arms above him, his beautiful pits visible and his cock poking up. His balls lay between his legs as Shirley went down on him,.

"Oh wow, you want this." Scott laughed.

Just sit back and enjoy for a little bit Scott" Beth commanded.

Beth went to work on Scott's chest and stomach, tickling and stroking him while Shirley worked over his cock, which, clearly, was not finished for the day. Every time she pulled off of Scott, we all could see how his prick was lengthening again. After several minutes of this, Shirley pulled off and went for that loose scrotum, pulling each of Scott's balls into her mouth one at a time. You could see how she was exciting Scott with her tongue swirling over his man eggs. Beth took the opportunity to go down on that semi erect dick and bring it to full attention. With time, they stood him again and let us all see that his prick could still attain the stiff throbbing erections from earlier this afternoon.

"Good Grief boy, do you ever get done?" Beth asked.

Scott just smiled as she went back to work. At one point Beth had his cock buried into her mouth as she rolled his balls in her hands while Shirley licked all over his ass while stroking his back. Shirley then stood and started on his nipples, licking and biting gently while stroking his rippling stomach. Beth stood, motioned for Shirley to go after that swollen genitalia while she stroked his chest and belly. Her mouth eventually found his and as their tongues probed one another Scott's balls pulled up one more time. Shirley pulled off Scott and let him shoot for us all to see. He had one good healthy shot that went about two feet from him and then he just kind of dribbled. There was a puddle on the floor between his feet that looked to be about a teaspoon in volume. As his testicles rescinded and we all admired the scene before us, Beth commented, "it looks like maybe you are running out Scott. It would be fun to see how long it takes you to recover."

Scott laughed, "It's been quite a day, for sure. I don't know how long it will take me to be able to go like this again. Maybe someday we can find out."

"I guess the party is in two weeks. I should be ready by then." he laughed.

"Well Scott, I suppose we should let you recuperate. It's been a great afternoon. Are you ready for this to be over with for now?" Bet questioned.

It's been a fun afternoon, but I think so." he answered.

"Why don't you get a shower then and let us talk about you, if you don't mind then." Beth said.

Scott, just smiled and turned for the bathroom. As he walked by me I started to reach out to him, but he grabbed my arm and pulled me to him, bringing my face within inches of his crotch. "There." is all he said and he passed by.

While Scott showered, the room was filled with lively talk about what we had just seen.

"Well Karen, you are the real reason this all happened. What do you think?" I asked.

She responded quickly, " I have no idea what to even say. We were hoping for a strip show for some of the newer girls. We thought it might be fun to get one of them alone with him, if that were possible, but to have him fucking a part of the show??? I had no idea. And not only was he willing to DO it, he can deliver the goods. Tell me, was it as enjoyable to watch as was to receive?"

I think the answer to that was pretty obvious. As the discussion died down, we were all tired, as in that after sex glow. I don't know how Scott was still functioning, but he came out of the bathroom, clean, dry and totally naked and entered to living area looking for his clothes.

Katie, my youngest, picked his boxers off the floor and held them. "I'd like to keep these for awhile. Maybe you can get them back someday." she said. That's my girl.

Scott just laughed, picked up his jeans and stepped into them. We all watched as he pulled them up, tucking the goods inside before he zipped up.

"Be Careful there." John said, "That's a dangerous action when you are commando."

"Oh? Do you know something about that?" Scott asked much to the amusement of everyone.

Karen handed Scott his t-shirt and rubbed his stomach one more time as he pulled it over his head. "I can't wait to see this again."

After Scott had dressed, we all said our goodbyes and said how we wanted to hear about how the party went.

I walked Scott to his car and told him how much fun it had been and that he did better than I had hoped. I was thinking, maybe he could come to the house sometime.

We'll see.

End of Chapter 1.

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