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Bast - Goddess of cats, protection, joy, dance, music, family, and love

Sekhmet - Goddess of fire, war, and dance

Hathor - Goddess of the sky, dance, love, beauty, joy, motherhood, foreign lands, mining, music and fertility.

Serket - Goddess of scorpions, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites

Maat - Goddess of Truth and Justice

Tefnut - Goddess of Rain, Air, Moisture, Weather, Dew, Fertility, and Water

Mut - Queen of the goddesses and lady of heaven

Isis - Goddess of health, marriage, and wisdom (wife of Ra)

Ra – God of the Sun, the major god of Egypt

Set - God of storms, desert, evil, chaos and war.

Epaphus – Greek Mythology demi-god – Son of Zeus and Io and a King of Egypt

Ephus - the man, husband of Bast and all her sisters at present
Brothers of Bast and Sekhmet

Thoth - God of knowledge

Sobek - God of the Nile, the Army, military, fertility and of crocodiles

Anhur - God of war and the sky bearer - Full brother of Bast and Sekhmet

Horus - Ancient God of the sky and kingship

Min - God of fertility

Khonshu - God of the Moon

Apophis - God of Chaos and darkness

Shu - God of the wind and air

Karen - neighbor of Ephus

Tina - Karen's daughter.

Dr. Quinn Markov - Doctor of ancient Egyptology and Mythology

Min stepped up as soon as Ephus was done with his declarations. Ephus held up his hand to stop him.

"I also wish to make sure that all of this is fair Ra." Ephus told the male with the sun disk head gear that was sitting next to him.

A wry smile crossed Ra's lips as he nodded. "I know that you are a truly honest man, now demi-god. Please proceed Ephus."

Ephus moved to Min laying his hand on him a moment. The shock that was apparent on Min's face was almost comical. "By all the females that I have yet to meet! Astonishing! I can feel the power flowing into me!"

Ephus approached Thoth who shook his head and pointed to the others. Moving on to Anhur and Apophis Ephus laid a hand on each of their shoulders watching as their eyes also flew wide in astonishment. "By all of the sky realm!" Stated Anhur.

"I haven't felt this way in a very long time!" Shouted Apophis.

Nodding Ephus moved to Khonshu and Shu repeating the same thing. Smiling, when he saw that they too were shocked, at the amount of power that they now had. Past them, Ephus saw that Horus was waiting almost like a child with a long awaited gift to open.

"I am unsure of how much you need as you are one of the older gods." Ephus told Horus hoping that he didn't piss him off.

"What you give will be a welcomed increase from what I am now!" Horus said with a wide smile. Nodding Ephus laid his hand on Horus who at first showed no sign of feeling anything. Then just as suddenly his eyes were also growing wide as he started to glow a bit. Letting go Ephus had to steel himself up as he moved toward Sobek.

"I do not trust you, you who were human. If you think that you can win the contest this way you are sadly mistaken!" Sobek growled out as he refused to let Ephus touch him.

Suddenly Ra's booming voice filled the room. "SOBEK! You WILL let Ephus power you like he did the rest of your brothers. I will not have it said that this trial was unfair either for Ephus or you! NOW! Let him power you or by the two realms YOU will be the next sentenced to one of the other dimensions of light or dark!"

Sobek looked at Ra with an icy stare but finally shrugged and stood still while Ephus placed a hand on his shoulder. Like Horus he showed no signs that he was feeling a thing then quite suddenly a small smile crossed his face then was gone. Letting go Ephus backed up.

Looking back when he heard a gasp he saw that all of Bast's sisters were there behind him. A smirk came to his lips as he could imagine that they were ALL rooting for him.

Again Min stepped toward Ephus. Looking Ephus up and down Min finally spoke. "I find that fighting this one is a waste of valuable time, besides if he had Sekhmet coming back he is more than acceptable." With a smile Min bowed to Ra then backed up.

Thoth walked to Ephus standing before him a moment. "I have found that this one knew of things that I did not. I therefore cannot fight him as I need this knowledge he has!" Smiling, Thoth nodded to Ra and moved to stand beside Ephus.

Anhur was next as he moved to stand before Ephus. "This one has freed both of my sisters restoring them back to this realm. He has also removed them from my realm of the sky. I therefore cannot fight him as I owe him several favors. A position I am unused to." Smiling at Ephus he too nodded to Ra and backed to beside Min.

Apophis walked to Ephus looking him up and down. Then he walked all the way around Ephus looking at him with a scowl. "I find this one to be irritating but having cleared Bast from my realm of night has lessened the burden there. I also owe this one and therefore have no desire to fight while I owe him." With a sly smile to Ephus, Apophis turned to Ra and nodded then backed to beside Anhur.

"Bah!" Sobek suddenly shouted. "It is obvious that none of my brothers are going to fight this one. We should just move mine up with him and"

Ra's booming voice again filled the space. "Are you assuming to tell me how to conduct this trial Sobek?" Ephus watched as Sobek quickly backed off the subject and almost seemed to shrink. "I thought not! Now then continue!"

Khonshu stepped out and slowly approached Ephus. Finally he stopped in front of Ephus. Staring into Ephus's eyes for several moments he finally smiled. "For freeing my sister I thank you I do not require a fight to see that you are good for her and us." Turning he nodded to Ra and backed to beside Apophis.

Shu was the next as he hesitantly walked toward Ephus. Stopping he shook his head, "I only agreed to this all those years ago Ra because I thought you would relent, freeing your daughters. I have no patience nor the stomach for a fight. I have far more important things to do than battle. I adore my sister, both of them but I am no warrior." Nodding to Ra he also backed 'til he was beside Khonshu.

Horus took a step toward Ephus then stopped. Contemplating a moment he resumed his approach. "I also owe you." With that he threw a bolt of energy at Ephus. With a surprised look Ephus flung it away as if a fly, making Horus smile. "So you have learned to defend" Throwing a different energy at Ephus every few seconds Ephus was concerned at first. Each he slapped away was strong but not overpowering. Finally possiblytwenty minutes laterHorus nodded. "It is good I accept your defense." Turning Horus nodded to Ra then backed to beside Shu a huge smile on his face.

Ephus could only shake his head, what in the hell was that? Finally it was Sobek turn. Ephus could see that he had almost been chomping at the bit to get his chance at him.

Sobek stood away from the others and pointed at Ephus. "Now human! We will see if the blood of gods truly runs through your veins. We will see if you really are the one that was said to free us all, as well as Bast and Sekhmet! Defend yourself for I will not stop 'til I know!" With that Sobek released a titanic blast of energy toward Ephus.

Ephus tensed up when he saw the energy coming toward him, reaching out he slapped at the blast surprised when almost all of it returned toward Sobek! Looking over at an extremely wide smiling and nodding Horus, Ephus finally understood. Horus hadn't been attacking him, not really. He'd been helping Ephus to strengthen his defenses and offense!

Ephus now with a smile on his face, could see that he really had a fighting chance now. No matter how slim he most definitely had a chance!

Sobek howled when his own attack returned to strike him, so the human was going to play it that way huh? Changing tactics he started to ricochet blasts off the walls, cursing when they also were returned. Looking over at Horus, Sobek scowled, "You were helping him! Here I thought you wanted the truth!"

Horus bowed a little replying, "I already know the truth brother. You are just too blinded by your mistrust and hatred to see. Really brother, after all this time one would have thought that you had learned!"

"I have learned!" snarled Sobek. "I've learned that we cannot trust the mortal world. I have learned that if he is a god that he has to prove his self! I have learned"

"You have obviously learned nothing!" Thoth suddenly stated. "All of us can see it except you. The mere fact that he has a power that none of us have ever had nor seen, should be enough. The fact that Ephus is a fair combatant is another that you have seemed to have ignored! As our brother Horus said you are indeed blinded to what is plain to see."

"I have seen none of this supposed power! We were saddled with the responsibility to make sure he is the one. Not ignore him with the fact that you are too busy!" Sobek snapped back.

There was a sudden thundering and crashing as another god appeared. This one had a scorpion, mace mask on. Ripping the mask off several of the goddesses and gods grimaced.

Thoth whispered to Ephus, "That is Set, apparently he appears to be more than upset."

Scowling at all there he then turned to Ra, "I am sorry lord. I was occupied, they knew they weren't to start 'til I was present." Walking past the other six he growled slightly, then he got to Sobek. "So still trying to do things your way?" Reaching out Set smacked the hell out of Sobek knocking him to the floor.

"I had thought you far to busy to attend Set." Ra told the tall god. "Since you are here we will recess for a bit then resume." All that were there nodded as all winked out except Bast, Sekhmet, Isis, Ephus, Quinn and Set.

Set walked over to where Ephus was standing with Bast. "So you are the one I have heard so much about. I also heard your relative was Epaphus. I briefly remember him, also his father." Set shook his head. "That was a stressed god. Always seeing plots." Sticking his hand out Set eyes went wide when Ephus grasp it.

A few seconds later Ephus saw that Set was glowing and quickly released his hand. "Sorry about that Set, forgot I was pushing the power out like that."

"Sorry? By all the power of this realm! I feel almost as I did centuries ago! Truly this power you posses is a grand gift!" A still surprised Set said.

"Thank you I think." Ephus said with a half smile. "Though at the moment it appears that others think I am not anything like the rest of you."

"Ah yes! Young Sobek. I suggest you make him angry. It has always been his weak point." Set said.

"Wait, you are helping me also? I thought all of you were trying to make sure I was the one." Ephus asked.

"All help husband. When done you, Bast, talk!" Bast said a slight look of anger in her eyes. Then again as he looked deeper he could also see her love.

As Bast walked over to check on a still shocked Quinn, Set smiled and whispered to Ephus. "That one is a wild one, be careful it has been said that she could love you to death!" Laughing Set also disappeared.

"Are you alright?" Ephus asked Quinn when he approached her.

"Not really sure." Quinn said a bewildered look in her eyes. "Just a little afraid. I don't have power like you do I AM MORTAL. "

Ephus was nodding his head, "Sorry Quinn Ra brought me here when I touched the door, as you were also both you and it are here. Not even sure I can send you back, if they allow it. As I am the one on trial here they may not allow it."

"Look Ephus, I'm not complaining. I've seen more goddesses and gods than any mortal has ever seen! I could write for years and not get it all. Really? I'm glad it happened. Just be careful it looks like Sobek isn't about to just give in." Quinn advised.

Ephus was nodding as he sat next to Quinn to rest a bit. It was maybe an hour later when Set reappeared. Then one by one the rest of the goddesses and gods popped in.

Set smiled at Ephus as he called him and Sobek to him. "This cannot go on for a long time as we all have much to do. I therefore order that you both finish soon."

"You cannot set a time limit on this trial Set!" Horus shouted.

"I just did! Horus, if you disagree then go to Ra I am sure he would listen to you whine." Set sneered at Horus.

Giving Set an icy stared Horus appeared next to Ra whispering in his ear. This in turned caused Set to growl more especially when Ra was nodding agreement to what Horus was saying.

"Lord Ra," Set started when Horus was done. "I am sure you see the reasoning behind what I said."
"Yes I do, though I think that no time limit should be put on this. If any have other business, then by all means take care of it." Ra told all there.

Horus smirked at Set who just seemed to grow even madder at this. Sobek almost caught Ephus with an energy bolt because he'd been so intent on the other two. Quickly deflecting toward Sobek, he heard the young god curse again. Hmmm Ephus thought thinking about what Set had said, make him mad.

"You are pathetic Sobek, you have yet to hit me. Here I have struck you three times with your own attacks!" Ephus started to laugh, looking at Sobek, Ephus could see he was starting to steaming mad. "What's the matter? Afraid to hurt the human?" Ephus laughed again.

Sobek started to scream at Ephus then was firing wild at him. He saw that Bast and Isis had taken up a position on each side of Quinn. Good he thought she was protected. Laughing harder and pointing at Sobek, Ephus could see that Sobek was almost out of control. Yes it shouldn't be long now as Sobek was starting to grow slightly weaker.

"I will kill you!" Sobek was screaming. "You are nothing! Do you hear me NOTHING!" With that Sobek resumed his wild firing at Ephus.

Shaking his head as he started to move closer Ephus thought there is no way that it is this easy! Sobek was still firing now he was actually hitting Ephus though there was really nothing behind the blasts. Ephus just shook his head again as he was now almost nose to nose with Sobek.

"I only have a few things to say to you." Ephus started. "You talk too much." Reaching back Ephus punched Sobek in the stomach not sure it going to work. Then he was surprised as hell when Sobek folded almost in half. Swinging again Ephus clipped him on the chin watching in amazement as the young god dropped like a pile of bricks. "Yup like I thought you have a glass jaw!"

Ephus turned to see all of the gods and goddesses staring at him. Ah shit Ephus thought now what? Bowing to Ra Ephus asked. "Uh Ra? Did I do something wrong?" When Ra didn't answer for a moment Ephus thought they were all going to turn on him.

"No nothing wrong. We all assumed that since you had the power you would use it. You saved most of your power instead of wasting it like Sobek. Do you wish Sobek to cease?" Ra asked his eyebrows raised.

"Cease? As in no longer exist? No I do not. Though I do hope that he does have a change of heart. Being defeated like this I am afraid won't help." Ephus said.

Thoth came up and clapped Ephus on the shoulder, "Oh it helped a lot more than you think. I believe that he might even like you after this."

Ephus could only stare at Thoth as if he'd lost his mind.


Five years later: Epilogue

Ephus was sitting on the upper deck of the small mansion he and Quinn had. Their son was playing at his feet Quinn was sitting on the other side. Sighing Ephus knew he only had a few hours before he had to go to the god realm. Ruffling his son's hair he laid back trying to enjoy the sun.

<Pa, pa?> Ephus heard. A small smile crossed his lips as his daughter appeared with her mother.

"Hello my little Hyna, have you been a good girl for your mother?" Ephus asked.

"Yes I have pa, pa. Mother says my power won't come to me for some time. Can you let me for a few minutes?" Hyna begged.

Ephus looked at Bast who smiled the most beautiful smile and nodded. "It is all she has talked of husband."

"Alright, only a few minutes." Ephus said as he touched his daughter drawing a squeal from her.

<Pa, pa that's not fair!> Ephus heard five other voices as two more girls and three boys appeared. Then all their mothers appeared with them.

"Sekhmet, I hope you aren't teaching our daughter to be as bad as you were." Ephus told her.

"I wasn't bad." Sekhmet said with an innocent look. "I just enjoyed life."

"Uh huh," Ephus said.

A moment later Serket appeared. "I am sorry," here she whispered, "husband." It had taken her almost five years to get to this point. Ephus really didn't care, he had no desire to push her, a fact she was extremely happy about. "I was following them but got waylaid."

"It is fine as it has always been." Ephus said making Serket smile. A look, that, he was finally starting to get used to.

As Serket nodded and followed the children Bast walked up to Ephus holding her stomach and leaned down whispering into his ear.

First his eyes got a shocked look as they went wide. "You're sure?" Ephus asked.

That's when he saw that the others were looking at him with a hungry predator look. Shit! Not again!

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