Alternative Reality chapter 6

My nosed twitched as something tickled it and I opened my eyes to find Sherry’s hair in my face. She was still naked and I was just in my panties and her warm breath felt nice on my breasts. Normally I would get right up when I woke but I just laid there watch her chest rise and fall as she sleep peaceful in my arms. I tighten my held on her and she woke up. “Sorry I didn’t mean to wake you.” She smiled at me then laid her head back down and snuggled in closer to me.
“I really like waking up in your arms anyway.” She was quiet a minute then she looked back at me. “Last night you said that you loved me.” I nodded know where this were this going and pressed a finger to her mouth. “If you feel the same way I don’t want to know right now. While I hope that you do, I really want for you to feel that the moment is right to say it, not just because I said to you. For me that moment I know how I felt and I want you to know. When the time right, you will know it as well.”
She looked at for a moment the snuggled back against me and I tighten my arms around her. “What are we then?” I took a moment. “I would say lovers but that just not how I feel toward you because I don’t really know anything but being a lover.” I said the word lover with disgust in my voice. “But if I could think of something that I want more now than anything is a partner in life so will you be my girlfriend.”
She pushed up and again stared into my eyes. I felt nerves as I wait for her answer but she just stared at me. I looked away not able to take her eyes anymore until she push my face back to her eyes. “I never thought about anyone being my girlfriend not until you and I want you as my girlfriend if you will have me as yours.” I understood what she was saying and smiled and kissed her. “I more than want you as my girlfriend.” We kissed and laid together for a few minutes until a thought popped into my mind and I laughed.
She pushed up again and stared at me. “What’s so damn funny?” It took me several moment to stop laughing then I looked into her eyes. “James going to be pissed when he finds out, he has had a crash on me for years and in a short time the new girl steal me from him. Not that I like him in that way after Mike I don’t think I could be with another man and after you I don’t think I would ever want to be with another girl.”
A tear ran down her face and I wiped it away then she threw herself at me hugging me tighter then we have before. We stayed like that for a while then we got dress and I head out back for my morning Cigarette. Sherry came in to the kitchen and Mr. Clearwater looked up at her. “Why my girl you are glowing like I have never seen before, but judging by all the moaning I would be too if I was you.” She blushed and I smiled then she shocked me and him. “My girlfriend gave me a nice night last night thank you very much.”
My cheek started to hurt from the huge smile I had and then she walked out and sat down next to me. “Are we going to keep this quiet?” I looked at her and smiled. “Why afeard people will stare at us like that so don’t do now. I don’t give a rat ass who knows and you can tell anyone that you want. I just glad that I have you.” We kissed again then we got ready for school. Ashley dropped us off and I found a note on my locker saying I need to go to the office. James popped up and was talking as I got my thing from my locker then handed my bag to Sherry followed by a very intense kiss on the lips before making my way to the office.
I was shock when Mr. Clearwater and three other Officers were waiting when I got there. “I’m not going to like this.” Mr. Clearwater led me over to the chair and told me that I was going to be pulled from school. “What, why?” Miss Phoenix came out of her office and she looked mad. “This is bull shit and they know it.” My eyes widen because I had never heard her curse until now. When she saw me she lowered her eyes. “The school board has got some complaints from worried parents. They are afraid your foster father may try something here at school and the board is give into them. Until this situation is over you can no long attend the public school system. The board has it set up for a private tutor to come to you.”
I sat their unable to think unable to believe now what he was taking from me. Mr. Clearwater looked up at Miss Phoenix. “I want to pull Sherry out as well…” I scream no at him. “She has already given up to much for me and I won’t let her miss out on seeing her friends.” I pushed to my feet and started to the door. “I go and get my stuff and clean out my locker as well.” I walked to my class in anger at this bull shit. I flung open the door to class and everyone jumped.
“Miss Miller for that I will have to give you a detention.” I walked to my seat before looking at the teacher. “Good fucking lucky with that seeing as I no long a student of this fucking school.” I grabbed my bag and kiss Sherry on the cheek. “See you at home.” Everyone watched as I left the class. Mr. Clearwater was outside the office and grabbed my bag and walked me out to the car.
We had been droving for a few minutes and I heard him mumbling under his breath. I caught words like not fair and not right. “I hate him.” I never heard my voice like that and it scared me. I saw that he was watching me as well then he pulled a U-turn and we head downtown. “Where are we going?” He didn’t say anything until we came to a stop. “Here” I looked over and saw a sign that read Frosten Country School Board.
He got out and walked around the car and helped me out before he led us inside. “Yes can I help you?” A woman asked from behind a desk. “Yes I need to speak to the head board member NOW!” I looked up at him and could not believe how angry he was. “What is this about?” He thought for a second. “Just tell him that the Detective Clearwater is here to see him.” She picked up the phone and passed on the massage then she stood up and led us to the back.
A man in his fifties stood by a door and smiled at the both of us. “Detective Clearwater how can I help you today?” He said as he led us into his office and offering us chairs. “I just thought you should explain to me and Miss Becky Miller why she can’t attend school anymore.” He looked over at me and seemed to be unease with me. “Well simply put after hearing what the parent are saying we thought it best to remove her from the school and give her private help so not to endanger the school body.”
“Mike never once step foot on those ground in two and a half years. So I being punished because I was beaten and raped well thanks for clearing that up and thanks for give him what he wants by keeping me from having a damn life.” I pushed to my feet in anger and lost my balance and Mr. Clearwater’s hand caught me before I fall. I left them to talked and head outside and pulled out my cigarettes.
About fifteen minutes later Mr. Clearwater came out and found me sitting on a bench crying while puff my second cigarette. He set down beside me and wrapped his arm around me. “I tried everything I could but they won’t change their minds on this. We trying to find him and we have a few lead that did show results but he was gone before we got there.”
“I know that you’re doing everything you can and I thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” He drove me home then went back to work. I rolled me a joint and puffed away one it while I flipped there the TV until I saw a picture of my High School. “The Kids at Frosten High School went on what they are calling a stroke after a young girl who is being hunted by her abusive foster father was banned from attend school until the person is caught.”
“From what we got so far the school board chose to ban the young girl after complaints made by many of the kids parent come to light. Many of the kids of those parents are now standing in front of the school behind me refusing to return to class until the girl is allowed back in school.”
“For the love of god.” I said as I pulled my phone out and called Sherry. When she answered I know she was one of those kids outside because of all the noise. “Sherry, listen to me and end this before something bad happens. Yes it not fair and no, it doesn’t give the other kids a right to miss school so tell them for me to get back to class.” I hung up before she could say anything.
“Wait something is happening now.” The reporter said and I saw Sherry walking in front of the other kids waving her hands to quiet them down. When she had their attention “I just got a call from Becky who wants this to end and for us to return to class. While I still don’t like this I am going to do what she ask, how about you?” I smiled at seeing her power and know she had got them to listen when they hung their heads and slowly made their way back inside. I sat there shaking my head. “Well this end easier then the School Board feared it would and I wonder how they are feeling know that the very girl they banned managed to end this only after an hour since it started. We will keep an eye on this case as it follows.”
My phone ringed and when I answered it Mr. Clearwater was there. “Thanks for getting that under control. The school board called in for Riot Police to came in.” I again shook my head again. “Yeah that would have work young people and the police on two different fronts.” He laughed and thanked me again.
I was sitting on a bench in a park when I had a feeling of being watched. I looked around but didn’t see anyone until I turned and there was Mike right in front of me Naked. I set frozen as he walked over and rubbed my hair. Then he slapped me. He pulled me to my feet by my hair and turned me until I was facing away from him and then I felt great pain as he shoved into my ass. I didn’t understand why I could move it was like I was tied down. He continued and I tried to scream but my mouth wouldn’t open.
I jerked awake sitting on the couch and my legs hurt like hell. I looked around trying to calm myself then made my way to my room and grabbed my pills. I went to change cloths because I had sweated the one I where wearing out. I pulled on a large shirt and a pair of nylon shorts then walked back to the couch. I had just seat down good when Sherry walked in and joined me. I wrapped my arm around her and just held onto her.
“I missed you in class today.” She said and I kissed her forehead. “I missed you too.” She pulled back and lightly placed her hand on my cheek and I leaned in to it. She then started kissing me hard. When I felt her hands at my shirt pulling it up, I was nerves but didn’t stop her. I groaned as her warm wet lips attached themselves to my left nipple. I felt her tongue work little circles around it then she lightly bite down. “Don’t bite.” I whispered and she pulled back and kissed me to my ear like I had done to her the night before. “Sorry.” I shook my head and she went back to my nipple and leaned my head back as the feelings grow and I felt my own wetness between my legs.
It was then that her hands where tugging at my shorts and I was beyond the able to end this if I want to which I didn’t. I pushed up and felt her fingers trail down my legs as she pulled both my shorts and panties off. Like I had with her she pulled back and stared at my large d-cup breast and my shaved pussy. Unlike her though who had nothing to worry about when it came to her body I had scars on my chest, stomach, legs, arms, and back.
I turned away not wanting to see her face as she saw each and every one of them. Then I shiver as she kissed the ones on my chest and stomach. She slid to the floor and pushed my legs apart and I turned back and watched as her tongue touch me and I shivered and my head fell back. I closed my eyes as she sucked on my clit letting out little wimps as the press started building inside of me. She worked between my lips and I grabbed the couch squeezing it as my hand curved into fist. Then the press spiked and I didn’t cum I sprayed her like she had me.
I heard her laugh and I couldn’t talk do to my rough breathing. She kissed up my body until she was sitting in my lap with her legs bend behind her and her lips sealed against mine. I tasted my own juices but it didn’t stop me from returning the kiss. When she pulled back I smiled at her. “I love you so much.” She kissed me again and then the door opened. I grabbed her pulling her against me hiding my body from view. “Oh sorry, don’t mind me.” Mr. Clearwater said as he rush passed us with his head down. Even after he disappeared down the hall I held her closer.
“Maybe next time we should keep this in the bedroom.” I said as she pulled back and got off of my lap laughing. I leaned over and kissed her again. “But I don’t regret it for a moment, so don’t even think it.” I pulled my clothes on and saw Mr. Clearwater peek around the hallway to make sure I was dressed. “It’s clear, sorry I guess I just got caught up in the moment.” He nodded and walked into the living room. “Been there, done that.” I laughed again and he said he just came by to pick up something for work.
The next morning while Sherry was at work I was sleeping on the couch have finished up with the tutor an hour after he go there. Someone knocked on the door and I pushed up and got my crutches and slowly pushed to my feet because my legs were asleep. Then knocking came again and I started towards the door. “Give me a minute I coming.” I called out to whoever it was.
When I got the door open a microphone what shoved in my face. “Miss Millie how do you feel about the school boards decides?” I looked up at the male reporter form the news yesterday. “Hi it’s nice to meet you.” I turned and slammed the door in his face. “About the same as I do when it comes to reporters.” I spoke loudly for him to hear me. “No get of the yard before I call those nice cops sitting outside to escort you off.”
I walked through the house and closed all the windows and made sure they couldn’t see inside. Then I flipped on the news and took my pain killers and smoked me a fatty. “Well I guess she’s not in the mood to talk with Mark.” The lady reporter said and I was the video of our house and the reporter knocking on the door. I laugh at how calm my face looked when I talked to him and slammed the door in his face. I fall to my side as I got a stitch in it and rubbed it as I continued to laugh. Then my phone beat saying I had a test and looked at it.
Nice. Liked how you show that reporter. I smiled and text Mr. Clearwater back.
“Can you get them off the lawn?” He texted back saying he was on it. About Eight minutes later sirens blasted the air and I peeked out the window and saw several Officers pushing the reporter and his camera man across the street. I saw the mailman and then it hit me that with the reporters here Mike chances of get to me has decreased.
I walked out the the mailbox and questions where yelled at from across the street but I just got the mail and crutched myself back inside. I waited by the window again when it was about ten minutes till Sherry got home. When Mr. Clearwater’s car pulled up at the curve I walked out on to the pouch as Sherry got out and stared at the reporters across the street. I called her name and she started walking towards me.
“What going on?” she asked when she was standing beside me but I just kissed her hot and heavy then pulled her inside. “The little stroke outside school has got them watching me. Which as long as they stay across the street I don’t mind myself because I would love to see Mike try and get to me with them out there.” She nodded and dropped her bag by the door then we went into the kitchen and I flipped on the news.
They where sawing the kiss between us and I smiled. “And what was that for?” She asked as she pulled out a soda and seat down with me in the living room as I flipped through the channels seeing the kiss not only on the local channels but the national channels like CNN. “Well if they’re out there I may as well get a little fun out of this and besides when do I need a reason to kiss you. Unless I embarrassed you and if I did, I’m sorry.”
“No it not that I was just wonder if you did it tell the world about us.” I tried to puller her up but she looked at me “what?” I laughed and leaned down until I was near her ear. “Just in case you father comes home again.” Her smile grew and she jump up and we went to our room. I pinned her against the door kissing her neck and shoulders. Her hands ran up my back and I moaned into the kisses. Then I started feeling a little pain in my legs so we over to the bed and I pushed her down then I pulled of my shirt and laid on top of her continuing kissing her neck and shoulders while her hand rubbed my nipples.
Then she surprised me by pushing me over and grabbed my hands pinning them above my head. I tried to ignore the unease I was feeling at being trapped and enjoy the feelings of her lips on my breast but finally it got to me “STOP!” She jerked back and I not sure what my face looked like but I was breathing erratic and I felt tears flowing down as I tried to get the feelings to stop. “Please let go of my hands please, please, please.” I heard the begging in my voice and she let them go and got off me.
“I sorry I wasn’t thanking I just got…” She didn’t finished and she jumped up and ran from the room. I tried to follow but knocked my damn crutches over and fall with them. I got to my feet pulling on my shirt and called her name over and over but she didn’t answer. I check every room but she wasn’t in the house and the back yard. “No” I said quietly as I made my way out front and again I heard questions being yelled at me. I looked up and down the street. Pulled out my cell phone and called her but it only when to voice mail.
I walked over to the police cars. “Did Sherry leave the house?” they nodded down the street and got in the back and told them to find her. The three cars pulled off in the direction they said she went. I pulled out my phone again and called Mr. Clearwater. “Hello?” I heard his voice and I frozen not sure what to say. “Becky is something wrong. Are you and Sherry ok?” I felt my eyes water up.
“I don’t she got upset and ran out of the house and she won’t answer her phone.” He told me to calm down and tell me what happen. I looked at the cops in the front seat then thought fuck it. “We were in our and it was getting intense then she rolled me onto my back and pinned my hands and I freak. She saw how upset I was then just ran. I check the house but she wasn’t there. I asked the Officers outside and they point down the road. I with them no but I don’t know where she is.” As I spoke my voice became hard to understand even to me but somehow he got every word and said he was sending more cars to us.
We drove around for hours until it was dark when I got a call from Mr. Clearwater tell me to come back to the house. When I got there I damn near ran into the house only to be asked if I had any luck. I shook my head and told me to stay here and he was going to look for her. I seat on the couch and pulled my knees up to my chest. I sat there until it became morning and yet nothing. Mr. Clearwater came back for a quick change and grabbed a picture of Sherry then walked over to the reporters.
I watched the report as he asked for anyone to call if they knew where she was then he left and was back on the street. I didn’t like the news reporting that she was out there where Mike was. If he had found her he would know she was missing and look for her himself. Only if he found her…I didn’t want to say it to myself. Day turned to night and back to day and yet she had not returned. I hadn’t left the couch but I had long run out of tears. My mind trapped me in vision of her with Mike or her hurt and alone.
Then my phone ringed and I felt my heart jump when I saw that it was Sherry. “Sherry come home I not mad or upset just come home.” I plea into the phone then the air left my lungs and my heart stopped. “Oh she can’t do that every again I’m afraid bitch. She was so fun to play with but I got tired and ended her suffering. I wish I could say it was quick but sorry can’t.” I heard the line go dead and then nothing. The phone fell from my hand and it was like I was a robot. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe.
I walked over to my bag without even being aware of it until I had the rug unfolded in my lap with the shine new razor I bought shortly after my first failed attempt. I stared at it and stared at it. “There is no life without her.” I didn’t feel the pain as I cut deeply into my wrist several times before doing the same to the other. I set there as the blood flowed from my arms remembering the time I spent with her. He had finally found the sure fire way to kill me and I didn’t care anymore. I just know I couldn’t live without her.
A little beating noise slowly pulled me from the darkness until I opened my eyes and saw that I was in the hospital. “Nooo” I whined as I started pulling against the straps holding me to the bed. Nurses came rushing in and tried to hold me down. “Why couldn’t you just let me die so I could be with her?” I felt a little prince and show them giving me something then slowly I fell back to sleep. “But why would she trying it again, I thought she was happy now.” I heard heard her and felt sad that my brain would do this to me. I didn’t want to hear her I want to be with her. “He called her from you cell and I could only imagine the lies he told her. He knew that using you would hurt her the most.” I couldn’t understand what was happening. Why was my brain tormenting me like this?
“When will she be awake so she can see that I’m ok?” Hearing her voice sent pain through my body and I wished her voice would stop. “She was really upset when she came to and found that she was here. She begged the nurse to let her die so…so she could be with you. They gave her a strong injection to sedate her until she could be calmed down. That way I broke every speed limit between the house and here. They feel that only seeing you would calm her down.”
I felt so strange when I felt myself waking up then the event of the played in my head. “I’m so sorry that I hurt you sherry. I’m sorry that he found you.” I felt tears running down my face then I felt lips touching mine and they were so familiar. I slowly opened my eyes and Sherry’s watery hazel eyes where looking down at me. I felt my mouth open but I couldn’t speak. “It ok I fine and so are you.” I felt my breathing come in short breaths.
“But he said…he said…” She grabbed my face with her warm hands and more tears followed down my face. “He said he killed you.” I saw tears in her eyes then she again kissed me. “He did find me but I managed to get away. I must have dropped my cell phone and he used it to get you to do this.”
“But he said…” she leaned over until her arms where around my neck. “He lied.” I cry hard feeling her warm body against mine. “I sorry I freaked and I sorry I scared you.” She pulled back and shook her head. “No, it’s me who should apologize to you. I forgot that he uses to hold you down and I just got carried away. When I saw how upset you where I just ran thinking you hate me. I went to the shack and stayed there until I felt stupid for run away like that. Then he showed up and told me that how you uses to hide her all the time and never know that he know.”
“Then I ran and Lucky dad was come down the road and saw me. I told him mike was there but he got away. Then I got home and there you where laying on the floor covered in blood just saying my name and…” she broke off and wipe her tears then mind. “Why would you do that to me I would never want you to hurt yourself just because I’m not with you anymore? Do I have to be afraid if this didn’t work out between us that you would kill yourself?” I stared at her.
“If you broke up with me at least I know you’re alive, when he said that to me I just couldn’t live with you take from me by him. He stopped me from having kids and put me on crutches for the rest of my life, but when I thought he took you from me I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I was tired of lose stuff to him and when he took my heart by tell me he killed you I just broke inside. I couldn’t think or breathe or feel anymore. When I thought he took you there was nothing left to fight for because you are the only thing that kept me happy after the last time. You showed me a whole new life and I thought he took from me.”
She wrapped her arms around me and held me and slowly I again felt stupid about this. Four day later I was release but I had to see a Therapist once a week to help deal with my emotion baggage. My attempted suicide was caught on the news and the story about Mike calling me spread and the nationwide hunt for him beginning.
Four new scars two per wrist where now another reminder of how sick Mike was and how easily he got to me. Mr. Clearwater got Sherry a new phone as well as threat that if she ever did that to him and me again he would put a GPS collar around her neck. He wasn’t happy at finding me like that but he did understand how it all lead to it. He asked me the next time I felt like that to please call him, Ashley, or sherry first.
To be continued.

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