Kim Possible

Fifteen Years Ago:

Sheila Gordon was getting out of her organic chemistry class feeling inspired. She finally had what she needed to put her plan into motion. For the past three years of college, she had been pining after someone unobtainable: her roommate. She and Ann had been best friends all through college, remaining roommates even when they could’ve gotten singles. They just didn’t want to separate from each other. The only problem with taking their relationship to the next level was that Ann was straight and had a boyfriend.

Sheila had another problem that made moving on even harder. She was born intersex, which made approaching men and women alike very difficult for her. She finally thought she could share herself with Ann, but Ann had found her boyfriend only a few weeks into college.

But the serum Sheila had been working on was about to change all of that. She had engineered it with her professor under the guise of “treating anxiety”, but thanks to a special agent she had stolen from the lab, was much more. After Sheila injected Ann with the serum, and hit the right pressure points, she would become completely submissive to her. She could finally share her love and lead a normal life.

That night, Sheila waited until Ann got back and went to sleep before injecting her with the serum. The injection point looked a little inflamed after the injection was complete, but Sheila hoped it would just be confused with a rash. She went to bed, hoping that the serum would take effect overnight and she could put her plan in motion first thing tomorrow.

Ann woke up just like it was any other day, only her thigh was a little itchy. She and James must’ve been going at it harder than she thought she reasoned. When she got up, she was feeling a little sore, especially in her back muscles. She would’ve asked James to give her a massage, but he had an early exam that morning.

Sheila was covertly observing Ann, watching her every move, trying to discern if the serum had taken effect. The serum would cause muscle aches that would encourage the pressure points to be stimulated. Sheila decided to test this by offering Ann a massage to relieve the tension, giving her the perfect opportunity to test the serum.

“Good morning, Ann! Did you sleep ok?” Sheila asked.

“I thought so, but my muscles hurt every time I try to move.” Ann said, as she moved around in discomfort.

“Well, would you like me to give you a massage? It might help with the pain!” Sheila was really hoping Ann would take the bait, she didn’t know how long the serum would cause her muscles to ache.

“That would be amazing, thank you!” Ann moved around and faced the wall so that Sheila had full access to her back, where the pain was localized.

Sheila started massaging Ann’s back, and Ann started moaning softly.

“That’s the spot, right…” Ann trailed off, suddenly becoming lost in her own thoughts as the sensation overcome her. The serum was kicking in.

“Ann? Ann?” Sheila asked, wondering if the serum knocked Ann unconscious.

“Ann, can you hear me?”

“Yes, I can hear you Sheila.” Ann replied, in a soft, calmed voice.

It worked! Sheila felt so relieved and excited, she almost forgot to carry out the rest of her plan. Almost.

“Ann, listen to me very carefully, I have some very important suggestions for you to follow. First, you are to fall deeply and madly in love with me. Anything I say from now on, you will do without question. You won’t question why this happened to you, or how, all you’ll want to do is please me and love me. Do you understand?”

Sheila prayed in that instant that the serum worked as it was designed to, or that Ann wouldn’t suddenly snap out of her trance.

“Yes, I understand Sheila. I love you very much.” Ann said, almost as if she was speaking from one of Sheila’s dreams. Sheila was so happy in that instant, she could almost cry.

“Excellent! Now I want you to wake up, your muscle aches will be gone, and you’ll want to thank me in a very sexy way.” Sheila said, snapping Ann out of the trance.

“Mmmm, thank you so much Sheila, I feel so much better! What can I ever do to repay you?” Ann turned and gave Sheila an all too sexy look.

“I think I have an idea…” Sheila moved in and kissed Ann, which Ann returned with ferocity. They laid back on Ann’s bed, kissing passionately.

The kissing led to groping, as Sheila felt the perfect mounds that were Ann’s breasts. She ripped off Ann’s shirt, her bra following soon after, and looked at them adoringly for the first time. Sure, she had seen them in passing while Ann was changing, but now Sheila could fully appreciate their beauty.

“Quit staring and start sucking!” Ann said, pulling Sheila’s face towards her right breast. Sheila complied and immediately started tweaking Ann’s nipple with her tongue, using her free hand to tweak the other nipple.

“Mmmm that feels so good. You really know how to turn me on.” Ann said, closing her eyes in pleasure. She was moaning softly now, pulling Sheila’s head closer and closer to her.

Ann started to remove Sheila’s shirt and bra, and started fondling Sheila’s breasts. Ann never thought of herself as a lesbian, or even bisexual before today. There was just something so alluring about Sheila that she found irresistible. She wondered why they had never experimented before today.

Sheila broke away from Ann’s breasts, enjoying the feeling of Ann’s hands on her own. She was worked up by Ann’s groping and she wanted a taste of what had yesterday been forbidden fruit.

She worked her way down to Ann’s shorts, and pulled them and her panties off in one effortless motion. She took a deep breath of Ann’s scent, reveling in it. She then delicately traced her fingers all around Ann’s mound, enjoying the quick gasps they caused Ann to let out.

“What do you want me to do?” Sheila asked Ann.

“I want you to take me, take all of me!” Ann said, trying to catch her breath in between gasps.

That was all the encouragement Sheila needed, and she used her tongue to take one long swipe across Ann’s labia, eliciting a long moan from Ann in the process. Sheila then attacked Ann’s pussy, using her tongue to maul Ann’s clit and using her fingers to probe her now dripping pussy.

Ann was moaning audibly now, gyrating in time with Sheila’s movements. Sheila was getting turned on herself, her pussy getting wet and her dick getting rock hard. Sheila kept tonguing and fingering Ann for what seemed like an hour until finally Ann started moaning louder and faster.

“Oh oh oh ohhhhhhh, Sheila, keep going. Don’t stop! Whatever you do don’t fucking stooooooooop…”

Ann came so hard that her legs clamped down hard on Sheila’s head, not allowing it to move. Ann climaxed for a solid minute before she finally came down, trying to catch her breath.

Ann pulled Sheila close to her and kissed her deeply.

“No one has ever made me come that hard. No one, not even James.” Ann said, gazing lovingly into Sheila’s eyes.

“Well we’re not done. You said you wanted me to take all of you. Well I am.” Sheila said, as Ann gave her a questioning look.

“What do you mean?” Ann asked. Sheila just removed her pants and panties to reveal her rock hard, nine inch cock to Ann. Sheila was a little shy, until Ann practically jumped to her knees in front of Sheila’s cock.

“It’s so beautiful!” Ann exclaimed.

“You really think so?” Sheila replied, still a little shy. She had never revealed herself to anyone that wasn’t a doctor before.

“Yes, definitely.” Ann said, as she sank her head down Sheila’s length.

Sheila tilted her head back and moaned, relishing the feeling of Ann’s hot mouth on her cock. This was Sheila’s first blowjob, but thankfully Ann had plenty of experience to bring to the table.

Not wanting to waste her load in Ann’s mouth, Sheila pulled out and pushed Ann back down to the bed. Sheila mounted Ann, ready to push her cock into Ann’s wet and waiting pussy. She looked Ann deep in her eyes and saw nothing but love and need, aching need. A need Sheila was more than willing to fulfill.

Sheila slowly buried herself in Ann, as they joined in a loud moan. Sheila started kissing Ann deeply as she picked up her speed. She was pistoning in and out of Ann’s pussy, which to Sheila was the best thing she had ever experienced until this moment. It didn’t take long for Sheila to come, having already been stimulated by Ann’s mouth. She wanted Ann to share in the experience as her climax approached.

“I want you to come when I come.” Sheila demanded.

“I’ll try,” Ann said in between moans.

“Oh god! Oh fuck! You’re so tight. You feel so good on my cock, oh fuuuuuckkk!” Sheila unloaded what felt like ten years of pent up sperm into Ann.

Ann’s eyes just rolled into the back of her head as Sheila emptied herself into Ann. Sheila could feel Ann’s pussy clamping down on her as Ann slowly came back to reality.

“Now that was the second best come I’ve had, and definitely the best fuck. Why did we wait so long to do this?” Ann asked, pulling herself off of Sheila’s cock.

“I’m not sure.” Sheila lied, thanking the heavens that her serum had worked. As she was regaining her energy, Sheila decided she had a few more commands to give to Ann for next time.

“Ok, Ann, listen to me. From now on, whenever I come, I want you to come too, as hard as you can. Second, I don’t want you to wear panties or bras anymore unless you absolutely have to. Finally, you will become extremely aroused whenever you hear my voice. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Sheila, I understand.” Ann replied, letting Sheila’s commands sink in to her brain.

Sheila and Ann fucked like that for a month, almost letting other responsibilities fall away. Ann hardly spoke to her boyfriend, but he was wondering why rumors were going around that Ann had suddenly gone without a bra around campus.

At the end of the month, Ann was feeling nauseous. She thought it might’ve been pre-exam jitters, after all they would decide if she graduated next month. Just to be safe, Ann decided to take a pregnancy test. Sheila had been coming inside of her multiple times a day for the past month, even the pill might not have stopped it.

She read the results of the test and suddenly her world contracted. It was positive. Somewhere in her brain, a rush of chemicals lead to her first real thoughts in over a month. She couldn’t keep going on like this, with Sheila. She had a boyfriend who loved her. She would tell him it was his, hoping he believed her, and try to build a life with him. She would move in with him to avoid seeing Sheila again, stop answering her calls, avoid anything that may make her reconsider.

Eventually she had a daughter, Kimberly, and married her boyfriend. They had two sons, who were biologically his this time. They built a life quietly in the town of Middleton, and nobody questioned why her daughter had green eyes when her parents’ were blue and brown.

Sheila never got over Ann leaving, and turned to a life of crime to try and replicate the thrill and acceptance. She used the powers she got from the comet as a child and renamed herself after her childhood name, Shego. She fought Kim many times, always believing her to be James’ daughter, never thinking for a second that she might be her own. Never thinking that the serum she used all those years ago may have transferred in utero, just waiting to be unlocked.

Present Day:

It was an ordinary day at Middleton High School. Kim Possible was getting ready for her last class of the day when her mortal enemy Bonnie Rockwaller came up to her.

“Hey Kim, did your clothes come from the same shelter you did, or did you borrow them from a hobo?” Bonnie snickered at Kim.

“What do you want Bonnie?” Kim replied curtly.

“Whatever. Listen, I need to talk to you after cheerleading practice today, so don’t leave.”

“Alright, Bonnie, fine.” Kim said, hoping Bonnie would leave as soon as possible. She detested Bonnie and her stuck-up attitude, never wondering what made Bonnie so terrible.

In secret, Bonnie too was born intersex. Sure, she had her share of boyfriends over the years, being the attractive girl she was, but she had never gone farther than second base with them. She didn’t want to freak them out or scare them away, which led to years of pent-up sexual frustration.

Bonnie always had an eye for Kim, finding her incredibly attractive, and using put-downs to take out her frustrations on her. Bonnie was also jealous of all the attention Kim got from her world-saving activities. She had hatched a plan to get back at her, to humiliate Kim and release her own frustration at the same time. She just had to wait for cheerleading practice.

The school day went by, and the final bell rang. Bonnie and Kim both went to cheerleading practice. After practice was over, Kim decided to take a shower in the locker room to wash off all the sweat from practice. When she got out, she didn’t see Bonnie hiding behind a pillar. Bonnie pushed Kim down, not giving Kim enough time to respond, and pinned her. In order to keep Kim down, Bonnie pressed hard on certain pressure points on her back, not realizing what the effects would be.

Kim had been struggling and calling out for Bonnie to let her go, and what a mistake she was making. Bonnie had ignored her until she noticed Kim had stopped resisting and was just lying there. Concerned that she had stopped Kim’s breathing somehow, she turned Kim over, only to find Kim staring blankly into space.

“What are you doing Kim? You’re freaking me out.” Bonnie said.

“I’m waiting for your instructions, Bonnie.” Kim said, as the dormant serum in her body began to assert itself.

“Wait, hold up, instructions? You mean if I want you to do something, you’ll do it? Why?” Bonnie asked, incredibly intrigued.

“I will do anything and everything that you tell me to do, I’m not really sure why, I guess I just really want to.” Kim said, in a calm and soft voice.

Bonnie stood there stunned. Here was Kim Possible, wet and naked on the floor of the locker room, alone with her, ready to do anything and everything she wanted.

“Stand up.” Bonnie said, testing the power she now had.

Kim stood up perfectly straight, still staring ahead, totally relaxed.

“Kim, are you a virgin?” Bonnie asked, genuinely curious, and also still testing her power.

“Yes. Ron and I almost had sex once but we got called away to a mission.” Kim answered.

Amazing. Kim was either acting in an attempt to escape, or this was the real deal. Bonnie decided it must be the latter, because Kim could’ve certainly run away by now. This was so much better than her own plan, Bonnie decided, now it was time to take it a step further.

“Ok, Kim, then I have some instructions for you. From now on, you are my property. That means that anything I say goes, no questions asked. If I tell you to do something, you do it. From your perspective, you are no longer a person, you are my object to be used. You will also no longer be allowed to wear any underwear, no bra, no panties, nothing. I want to be able to use you whenever I see fit. Finally, if I touch you, you will immediately be aroused and willing to take anything I give you. Is that clear?” Bonnie was really banking on Kim not snapping out of it right now.

“Yes, Mistress Bonnie, I understand.” Kim said.

Now that was a surprise. Maybe Kim had a secret submissive side, Bonnie wondered. It didn’t matter, now was the time for Bonnie to take what she wanted.

Bonnie stripped out of her own clothes, revealing her eight inch cock to Kim. Had Kim not just been conditioned, she would’ve found the sight appalling, but she just stood there.

“Well, suck my cock!” Bonnie demanded.

Kim immediately moved to Bonnie and tried to take Bonnie’s length into her mouth. She was having difficulty, though, Kim didn’t have much experience sucking cock. Bonnie didn’t care, the sensation of Kim’s mouth around her cock felt amazing, and Bonnie kept pushing herself deeper. Bonnie was moaning deeply, and Kim was getting aroused from being touched by Bonnie’s cock.

Bonnie pulled herself out of Kim’s mouth and ordered Kim to stand on all fours. Kim complied and Bonnie got behind her, ready to take Kim’s virginity. Bonnie pushed in and could tell how nervous Kim was, so she started stroking Kim’s back to add to her arousal. It worked, and Bonnie was able to push in even farther into Kim’s wet pussy. Kim moaned loudly, unconstrained by the empty locker room. Bonnie was fucking Kim harder and harder, not caring if Kim was going to come, but building up to her own climax.

Kim was moaning louder and louder and Bonnie was grunting as she was getting close to coming, and finally let out a shout as she emptied her balls in Kim’s pussy. She hadn’t even bothered asking Kim if she was on any birth control. It didn’t matter what she thought, anyway, Kim was her property now, her’s to do with as she pleased. And Bonnie wasn’t sure, but she might want a kid.

Bonnie pulled herself out of Kim’s gaping pussy, smiling because she didn’t see a hint of blood on her cock. She must’ve been really aroused, Bonnie though to herself, smiling.

“Ok, bitch, get up.” Bonnie said to Kim. “Go home, and go back to your life, but remember my instructions. Any time I want to use you, I will use you without question. If anyone has a problem with this, direct them to me.”

Kim just nodded and gathered her things. Bonnie couldn’t help but laugh to herself as all of her dreams had come true, and she wasn’t even sure why. Kim just went home, thoughtless, as objects didn’t have thoughts unless they were told to. Part of Kim was uncertain about everything, but not enough of her to do anything about it.

The next day at school, Kim had gotten dressed in a pink blouse with no bra, and a white skirt with no panties. The skirt was short enough that if she bent over, there was nothing left to hide, as per the command from Bonnie’s text message. Bonnie had definite plans to use her newest toy that day at school.

The periods came and went, and Bonnie made sure to brush into Kim multiple times in the hallway, just to build up Kim’s arousal. Kim was getting wetter and wetter throughout the day, with an all too visible wet spot appearing on the front of her skit. Kim did her best to dry it off between periods, but it would return almost immediately.

Eventually, lunch time came around, and Kim went back to the locker room as Bonnie had ordered. As soon as she entered the room, Bonnie closed and locked the door behind her. She reached under Kim’s skirt to feel her arousal, and pulled out her hand to find it soaked. Bonnie just smiled and ordered Kim to bend over, which she did instantly. Bonnie pulled down her pants and just thrust her full length into Kim’s waiting pussy.

Kim moaned immediately, if not for her own arousal, then to increase Bonnie’s. She was there to serve Bonnie, after all. Bonnie just kept fucking Kim relentlessly, pulling at Kim’s breasts underneath her blouse. This went on for a few minutes before Bonnie unloaded herself again deep inside Kim. She ordered her to get dressed and be ready for the afternoon session.

Meanwhile, Sheila Gordon, now Shego, had been sitting around Drakken’s lair, bored in between assignments. She couldn’t help but think about Ann and how beautiful she was the last time she saw her. She decided that enough was enough, and she had to see her again. She looked up Ann’s information and gave her a call.

Ann was waiting at home doing some housework when the phone rang. She answered it, but when the voice on the other end started speaking, the serum immediately took effect.

“I’ve missed you, Ann.” Shego said, softly.

Ann was immediately and overwhelmingly aroused. Her pussy practically started dripping into her panties. She started wearing them again as the serum wore off.

“I’ve missed you too, Sheila.” Ann said, as her feelings of unending love came rushing back.

“I’ve missed seeing your hot body and fucking it daily.” Shego said, hoping that Ann was still under the effects of the serum.

Ann just moaned, loudly, thankful that the house was empty.

“Well, maybe you should come by and fuck it again.” Ann said provocatively, forgetting for a moment that she had a family and a life now.

“Mmmm,” Shego moaned, “That does sound nice. But tell me, why did you leave me all those years ago?”

“I had to, Sheila. You had gotten me pregnant, and for some reason I felt like I had to leave. I can’t figure out why right now for some reason, but it made sense at the time.” Ann said, feeling terrible at the thought of leaving Sheila.

“Pregnant? You were pregnant with my child?” Shego said, in shock. She tried piecing things together and finally asked, “Wait, does that mean that Kim is my daughter?”

“Yes, Sheila, she’s your daughter.” Ann replied.

Shego couldn’t believe it. All these years she had been fighting her own daughter. She now felt a little guilty for masturbating to thoughts of her, believing her to be just another hot girl she wanted to fuck. She couldn’t believe the news.

“Well, I’ll deal with that later. Do you remember your instructions?” Shego asked.

“Vividly,” Ann purred, thinking back to all the fun she had with Sheila.

“Good, then I’m going to get a hotel room for us near you, and we’re going to relive some old memories.” Shego said, excited at the prospect of seeing her old lover again.

“Excellent, I can’t wait. Call me when you have everything set up.” Ann said, hanging up.

Ann felt so excited for Sheila to visit, it had been too long since they’d been apart. Suddenly, Ann felt self-aware of the fact that she was wearing underwear. She immediately discarded her bra and panties, unsure of why she even owned them to begin with.

As Ann got herself ready for Shego’s arrival, Shego booked them a penthouse suite. Years of crime and robbery had left her quite wealthy, and she was ready to enjoy it with her slut. Ever since that first night, Shego had lovingly referred to Ann as her personal slut, or even personal fuckslut if the mood was right. She couldn’t wait to use her again.

Shego called Ann with the details, and they met in the parking lot of the hotel. Shego was ecstatic to find that Ann wasn’t wearing any underwear, and already had a prominent wet spot on the front of her short skirt, showcasing what was to come.

They entered the hotel room and attacked each other, pulling off their clothes and settling on the bed. Shego was on top of Ann when they moved into a sixty nine position, enjoying the tastes of the others’ pussy. After Shego had made Ann come at least five times, having come about three herself, Shego was ready to fuck her slut.

Shego got up and positioned herself on top of Ann, readying her cock at the entrance to Ann’s pussy. Shego pushed in effortlessly, with Ann letting out a long, steady moan.

“I can’t believe we waited to long for this!” Ann moaned, as Shego picked up the pace, really digging into Ann’s pussy.

“Me neither!” Shego gasped back, reveling in the pleasure of the moment.

As Shego approached her orgasm, Ann said, “Come inside me! I wish you had given me all of my children!”

As Shego came deep inside Ann’s pussy, she had a naughty thought.

“Ann, I want you to get on the phone.” Shego said, pulling out of Ann, leaving a stream of cum in her wake.

Ann got up, “Who am I calling?” Ann asked, looking up at Shego.

“I want you to call Kim, and get her to come to our room.” Shego said, looking Ann right in the eyes. She could see the doubt in her eyes, and she could also see the doubt fading away into love and adoration, and Shego knew she would do anything she asked.

“Ok, Shego, anything for you.” Ann said, lovingly, picking up the phone and dialing the high school.

At the high school, Kim didn’t know why her mom needed her, at a hotel no less, but she did know she would have to run it by Bonnie. She texted Bonnie the situation, and Bonnie replied that it was ok, so long as Kim knew she would be making it up to her with her ass, literally.

With that, Kim left for the hotel, unsure of what awaited her in the room.

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