Sex Ed and Sara Part 1

It was my first day of school and I was as nervous as I was in 1st grade. I had failed my senior year and had to finish my education in a continuation school. The new faces and grown bodies different from high school I'd be facing made me both jealous and aroused. I had just turned 18 and I was only 5 foot 4 and 120 pounds. My hair was was just past my shoulders and my brown roots were showing through my dyed blond hair. I was amazed to see freshmen girls that were kicked out of high school with larger breasts than mine. I had soft round breasts but barely filled a C cup. That summer I had successfully tanned without getting burnt so I walked with some pride left.

That day I had decided to dress more for the look than comfort. I went with the classic school girl get up that was widely accepted because you were intensionally trying to stand with a costume type look. A silk white blouse one size too small so even my chest would look big, wavy red and black checkered skirt, white stockings finished out with black mid length boots.

I purposely took my time getting to my first class. I enjoyed the curious eyes unable pick between undressing me in their minds or just staring at my outfit. I found a seat in the back of the room furthest from the instructor. As I glanced over at my neighboring classmate, a glimpse of white panties peeks through pressed thighs and a black mini skirt caught my attention as did her cleavage from what I could tell to be C cup, a little bigger them my own, barely covered by a pink tube top. I caught myself staring and managed to take my seat before she noticed. The softest greeting filled my ears as 100 pounds of black long hair, pale skin, and innocent blue eyes said, "Hi, I'm Sara." "I'm Katie," I replied, with a smile and a mildly seductive look into her eyes.

This is the first sex education class being taught in the district and like everything else they were testing it on us first. The course was very detailed and would be too much to subject to freshmen or younger. Most were taking it well but I could sense the tension in several who were getting heated from the class lecture, including Sara. She kept moving around in her seat as if she had to go to the bathroom. Her hand periodically was reaching down between her thighs. I couldn't tell why she was putting her hand there, but it seemed she was adjusting her underwear then would run her hand along the tops of her legs.

By then a faint odor had drifted to me, an all too familiar smell. I now knew why she so tense. The lecture had made her wet and without stimulation, soaked her panties to the point of putting her uncomfortably teased state. A few times her hand lingered between her legs and I could see her body go ridged. A soft distinct exhale passed her lips and her hand came back up. She sat back in an annoyed fluster. She glanced at me and saw I was attempting to watch out of the corner of my eye. When she looked, I turned and smiled trying to play it off like I hadn't been watch but she turned as red as my skirt.

At that point I was unsure if the wetness I continued to smell was still from her or that of my own. Watching Sara attempt to relieve the built up emotions festering under her skirt left me nearly sitting in a pond on my own juices.

Forty-five minutes had past with only thirty left. My own urges had started to take over and before I knew it, my hand was under my skirt. Sara had seen I too was in similar situation and it seemed to have fueled her lust. With less discretion she reached under her skirt and carefully move her hand about. I couldn't handle it much longer. I gazed about the room to make sure no one was aware of our situation. The desk were set up as such that Sara and I were side by side and no students to our left or right.

I cautiously reached over to Sara's thigh, gentle rest my hand half way up from her knee. Sara let out a sharp but quiet gasp that quick turned into a soft pleasureful inhale. I waited a moment before I slid my hand up her thigh. Her skin was smooth and soft, so my hand moved without friction or force. I stopped just at the edge of her skirt, maneuvering my fingers in the direction of her underwear. To my surprise I felt her hand over mine, pulling my hand in closer to her wetness. I barely caught the moan escape from under her breath as my finger tip brushed against her drenched panties.

With Sara's help, her panties were pushed off to the side. I could feel the heat of her desires on my fingers. I ran my finger from the bottom to top of her opening parting her swollen lips slightly. I could tell she was shaved and by the resistants of her lips, she was tight.

Sara scooted a little closer to me before I was about to enter her. As I pushed, she took a deep breath and arched her back against the seat. I extended my finger as far into her as I could running along inside of her. She gripped my wrist and bit her lip to keep from moaning. She reached over to my other hand hidden under my skirt and found my clit. As she rubbed me, I could feel her clench every time I pushed my finger back in, roaming my finger around looking for her g spot. Her grip on my continued to tighten as she pulled my wrist into her with the same rhythm as my finger moving about within her. As i went faster, so did her fingers on my clit. Both of us locked in a fit of lust rubbing each other, it got more and more intense with each passing moment. With one thrust, my finger brushed against the top of her inside sending a powerful surge of pleasure throughout her body.

Sara held me firmly, moving my hand faster into her while she breathed harder fighting the moans that wanted to burst out of her. With her rubbing my clit and seeing the reaction of my efforts, I was nearing the moment. My hand, guided by Sara, rubbed against her as fast as I could while I used my thumb to stimulate her clit. The sounds of our fingers against one another could only be heard by Sara and I, fueling the desire within us. I placed my hand on Sara's that was rubbing me to let her know I was near. This pushed Sara's excitement past its threshold and she turned to me and whispered in exclaiming voice, "I going to cum!"

Sara began to hold her breath and her eyes closed, she held my wrist tighter then ever. She began rubbing my vigorously when a slight moan slipped through her throat. I too was clench her hand firmly, pushed back in my seat, breathing deeply. The orgasms surged through our bodies and seemed last for minutes as we made each other cum.

Just as I was slowly my pace and easing off, Sara continued her rubbing after the moment past sending a rush of bliss over me. My finger jumped into a fury inside her, fingering in rapid strokes, each pushing against her g spot. Embracing and pleasuring each other, a second wave of ecstasy washed over us as strong as the first.

Out grips lightened, our bodies relaxed, and we looked at each other with a passionate smile and a look of relief. Through the remainder of the class, we exchanged caresses on each others thighs, hands, and arms below view.

When class was over, Sara grabbed my hand and pulled me close. In the softest sensual voice in my ear she said, "Skip your next class and meet me in the unused building across the campus." I was instantly turned on again and my body aching for her touch. Clearly Sara knew neither of us didn't have enough, and knew how to get more.

To be continued

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