Naruto Byakugan curiosity

Hinata just finished a hard day of training with her teammates and is now heading home exhausted. The opposite direction she here’s something. She activates her byakugan an to see what’s going on from a distance. She see naruto surrounded be several men and it seemed they were moving in to attack. Hinata rushed toward the scene to assist naruto then stopped when she noticed the men disappear in a poof. He must be practicing his shadow clone jutsu. Naruto looked in her direction and she quickly took cover in a nearby bush. It seem he didn’t see her. He turned back around and summoned about 20 clones and made those clones transform into Sand ninja. He fought of them off and made it look easy. He squatted down to rest. Hinata could see his chakra flowing even after that jutsu. She decided since nothing bad happened she should go home. As she lowered the intensity of her byakugan she noticed she could see his ass. She tightly closed her eyes as if to stop looking but her byakugan can see through her eyelids. She didn’t look away. What if he turns around, she thought to herself. She wondered what he looked like down there but quickly rejected the idea. He stood up and turned around. He walked over to a bush near Hinata and pulled down his pants and started to piss. That’s so nasty, Hinata thought to herself but she still couldn’t look away from Naruto’s manhood. It wasn’t the first time she had seen one on accident she had seen through people’s clothes. Naruto’s was by far the biggest she’d ever seen. She grew wet down there. It’s so big she thought, I wonder if it would fit in me. She slowly started to rub her crotch. Naruto returned the spot where he was training before and this time made at least 100 clones. His signature mass shadow clone jutsu. At this rate one of them will find me peeping. Hinata crawled from under the bush and slowly crawled trying to sneak away. A twig on the ground poked her hand.
“Oww,” she slipped out. One of the clones noticed her.
“Who’s there,” the clone called. “What someone’s here,” Naruto asked. He dispelled the clones and saw Hinata on the ground. “Hinata? What are you doing here?” She immediately started blushing.
“Ugh, um, ugh,” Hinata stammered. She always got tongue tied around naruto. “I heard something going on over here and when I got here I tripped and fell.”
“Oh let me help you up.” Naruto gave her a hand getting up. Hinata tried to say thanks but she just stammered some more. “Your face is really red are you okay, if your sick you should go home and rest .”
“Yes bye.”

When Hinata got home she locked herself in her room. She was still excited. She immediately stripped naked lied down on her bed and rubbed down her clit.
“O, Naruto your so big,” she moaned out loud. It didn’t matter how loud she was her father and sister aren’t home. She played with her nipples with he right hand. While fingering herself with her left. She imagined Naruto’s Long stiff cock going in and out of her as he lick her nipple.
“Yes, harder Naruto kun, please I want more,” she moaned in pleasure.
On the other side of that door stood Neji Hyuuga. Hinata completely forgot about him. Using his Byakugan he can see everything. Konoha have no sexual education classes so most gennin are in the dark about sexual reproduction until a parent or older sibling tell them at a certain age but Neji is an orphan. Neji had no idea what Hinata is doing to herself he thinks she’s in pain. Neji breaks the door down and confronts Hinata.
“Hinata, what is hurting you,” Neji says to Hinata as she looks completely surprised. Her face goes bright red.
“I’m sorry you caught me like this,” she pleads as she covered herself in the sheets.
“Sorry? You mean your not hurt?” Hinata realized Neji had no idea about the female body. So she tries to play it off.
“Ugh, I mean I was doing a special training and you interrupted me,” she lied.
“What a new type of training. That looked very intense may I examine you technique?”
“NO! It’s a very personal training I need to be alone.”
“Want me to fix your door?”
“No, ill take care of it you can leave now.” After Neji left Hinata took in a sigh of relief. Close call.

The next afternoon was supposed to be a day where Guy’s team had a meeting. Neji waited in front of his sensei’s door but no seemed home. Using his byakugan he saw the building was empty. He went to Tenten’s place. The door was open so he walked in. He never been in her house even though he has known her for almost 3 years now. He found his way to her door. He knocked but no answer. He slowly opened the door and heard moaning. It was dark so he couldn’t see much. He activated his byakugan and saw Tenten on her bed with a finger in her cunt and sucking on her other finger.
“Oh Neji,” she moaned. “I want you so bad.”
“Want me for what?” Tenten shrieked and quickly got up and tried to punch him in the face but missed in the dark. “Wait it’s me Neji.”
“Neji, what the fuck are you doing in my house.” She turned the light on. She was naked. After she remembered she was naked she turned the lights back off.
“I can still you I have my byakugan on.” Knowing it was useless she putt the lights back on. “Don’t we have a meeting now?”
“Guy sensei and Lee are on a mission right now. Neji I can explain what I was doing.”
“It’s alright I know. I saw Hinata doing the same thing yesterday sorry I interrupted your private training.” Tenten is pretty smart she could tell Hinata lied to him to cover herself up.
“It doesn’t have to be private you know, you can watch.”
“Alright then since we don’t have a meeting I guess I have a lot of time.” Tenten sat on her bed facing Neji. She couldn’t believe Her number one crush was right there watching her about to masturbate. She opened her vagina open so Neji could see inside. Neji stood there with a serious expression. She had a remote vibrator next to her. Not the normal dildo the kind that the shape of a small egg and is controlled wirelessly with a remote. This one is pink she inserted it slowly into her wet pussy so it was right against her G-spot.
“Neji you can help me with this.”
“How?” She tossed him the remote.
“Put it on and switch it from high to low to medium as you like.” Obediently Neji put it on he started on low. She moaned softly and squirmed around. “Neji look where I am rubbing.” She was touching her clit. “I want you to rub me there but be gentle for right there is very sensitive.” Neji sat next to her and started to rub her clit.
“Like this?”
“Oh yeah baby, perfect.” Neji it also helps if you were to suck my nipple. Neji sucked on her nipple while he switched the vibrator up to the next level. “Just like that Neji.” This is so hot, Tenten thought to herself. If this keeps up she was sure to have an orgasm.
“Tenten are you alright I’m about to turn it up one more level.”
“Oh yes!” Neji turned it up to high. “Neji instead of rubbing me down there how about you use your tongue?”
“If it will help your training.” Neji went down on her. Now the full intensity of the vibrator on her pleasure spot and Neji hot tongue stroking her clit she couldn’t help but scream in pleasure. As she rose to climax she started swearing like she had no mother.
“Oh shit damn ah ah ooooo eeeeee yes fuck ummmm FUCK!” She squirted her love juices on Neji’s face. Neji turned the vibrator off. Tenten took it out.
“Are you done now?”
“Yup pretty much now I need to help you train.” For the first time Neji saw Tenten as the woman she was. Her dark brown hair. Her round perky breast. Her curvy hips, she was athletic and beautiful. A wave of lust hit Neji but he didn’t even know what it was. Yet he did notice his shorts felt a lot smaller. Tenten saw the bulge in his pant’s. She caressed it through his clothes. Neji if you want to experience this training then you must be naked. Clothes is only an obstacle. Neji stood up and stripped down. Tenten sat down on her knees in front of Neji and began to stroke his boner.
“Tenten what are you doing?” She shushed him.
“Just relax.” She licked the tip of it her tongue circling the head. Neji let out a moan. She squeezed harder as she stroked him. She began to suck on the tip. The head of his cock now in her warm mouth she tongued the head. She went deeper. Now most of it going in and out her mouth. Deeper and deeper until she tried to deep thought it. She cough the first time then tried again.
“This feels so good Tenten. I think something is about to come out.” Tenten engulf the whole penis in her mouth. Neji shot his load in the back of her thought. “Ugh, this feels so great.” Tenten swallowed all of Neji’s cum. His penis went limp as she licked it off. She could hardly believe she was able to get the genius gennin to touch her and cum in her mouth. “Neji collapsed onto the floor. “I’ve never felt like that before.”
“I can make it even better, but I need you to get big down there again.”
Neji transferred his chakra into his penis so now he was even harder than before. “Don’t get up this is the most intense part of the training. She stood over him and sat down on his cock. He pussy opened up as his cock went deeper and deeper until their pelvises were touching. Me and Neji are finally one, she thought to herself. She bounced up and down. Her pussy seemingly getting tighter contracted itself around his cock.
“Tenten how will this training help us.
“Don’t worry about it.” Neji thrust up as she came down timing it perfectly to Tenten. Both of them moaned in pleasure. It was as if her pussy was sucking his cock trying to get more of it if possible. She rocked back and forth and in circles to grinding against him. “Let’s switch positions,” Tenten suggested. They both got up. She bent over her bed and presented her ass to Neji. “Stick it in.” Neji slowly slid it in and began to hump her.
“Like this?”
“Yup! Now go faster.” Neji banged her faster and harder. There bodies smacked into each other as Neji thrust and Tenten moved back and forth. Tenten could feel him fill her up from the inside. He felt so good in her he thought he would melt.
“It’s about to come back out again.” Neji gave one last hard thrust as his cum exploded into her vagina. Neji’s warm juice is inside of me, she thought to herself. When he pulled out sperm was leaking out.

Next time they met Neji was full of questions. “What is that training called?”
“It’s called masturbation and when you do it with some one else it’s called sex.”
“Sex. Does Guy and Lee know about sex? We have to tell them about this.” Tenten didn’t want anyone else to know about what they did and felt kind of guilty for tricking him into losing his virginity, so she told him the truth. She told him about sexual reproduction and what Hinata was actually doing.
“And that’s it.” Neji stared at her in disbelief.
“You lied to me and used me just so you can get off.”
“Yes I’m sorry. But there’s more to it Neji I’ve always like you in fact I love you I wanted to be as close as possible.”
“Tenten…” They kissed for the first time right then. “Lets hurry up Guy is waiting for us for the next session. And maybe when were done we can ‘sex’ again.”

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