Office Rendezvous -- Part 1

I sigh deeply as I look around myself. I hate the hassle of changing departments. I hate training hours that shorten my paycheck. I hate learning a new call flow. It wasn’t bad enough to work in a call center, but now I had to work in a call center for a credit card company where I would be taking credit card applications for nine hours a day. Can you imagine anything more mundane? I sighed as I followed my supervisor down the hallway.

I suppose you could say it was simply another day at the office. Despite my brand new 7 am morning shift, I did attempt to look nice today. I wore a plain black pencil skirt, a teal tank top, and a sheer button down shirt with wisps of glittering thread here and there. The finishing touches of my outfit are my small teal stiletto heels and my thick black-framed glasses. Today I had dressed to impress my new supervisor. My long auburn hair was worn down, long and straight, and it tickled the top of my ass as I swayed down the hallway. If I looked at you, you’d see the teal of my shirt perfectly complimented the deep, sapphire blue of my eyes. I was tiny, standing at exactly 4 feet and 10 inches tall, so wearing five inch stilettos still left me shorter than nearly every one in the building, certainly all of the men. Now, I’m not a thin little girl despite being so small; I’m all soft curves, with a large round ass that frequently gets in the way, shapely thighs, and high, heavy breasts. So occasionally, my outfits would draw the attention of the men around me. Being so short, guys always had a nice, clear view down my cleavage.

I looked around again, listening to the constant hum of voices talking to strangers. I followed my training supervisor Joann. I giggled to myself as I compared her physically to a troll, or a female dwarf from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. She turned around and glared at me.

“Come here Allison. You’ll be nesting with Alex today,” she told me.

“Oh goodie. I’m so excited,” I reply sarcastically, rolling my eyes as I walk up and grab a chair.

I hadn’t been paying attention when she told me whom I’d sit with at first. But suddenly, you’re in front of me. Your entire presence seems to surround me, and pull me to you. You tower above me, despite my heels, at 6 foot 4 inches. At the moment, all I see is your broad chest, currently covered by a fantastically nerdy Star Wars shirt: “Support our Troops!” I smile at the shirt and look up at you.

“You would think that after being cloned after the best bounty hunter and shooter in the galaxy, the Storm Troopers could at least hit a target maybe once, wouldn’t you?” I say.

As I look you in the eyes, you break out in a grin in response to me.

“So, is it safe to say that you’re a Star Wars fan?” You ask me.

“Oh, absolute fanatic. But, I warn you, I’m totally a dark side girl,” I smile at you, looking up at you teasingly over the rim of my glasses.

“Oh really? Well, I’ll be sure to file that away for later,” you respond. “Take a seat, my name is Alex, I suppose I’ll be coaching you for the day?”

“You have me for the next three hours,” I smile at you teasingly.

You laugh and just shake your head. For the next three hours we joke around, and debate over Star Wars versus Star Trek, and a collection of other nerdy topics.

“Thanks for letting me sit with you today,” I say as I stand up. I bend over, picking up my headphones and removing the cord that connected us. As I stand back up, I accidentally bump into you, my ass very gently rubbing against your leg.

I blush slightly and back up from you. “So, is it okay if I sit with you when I transfer out here? Most of my friends quit, and I don’t know anyone in this department that I like so far.”

I watch as you look at me, your eyes traveling down my body, moving from my long thick hair to my chest, where you can see the very top of my black lace bra for my 38D breasts peaking out above my tank top, before landing on the swell of my hips.

“You’re more than welcome to sit by me. I can’t wait to see what else we have in common,” you say as you grin at me slyly.

Again, I blush as I think about the double entendre of your words. Suddenly all I can imagine is that grin on your face, and the crinkle of the smile lines around your eyes, as you pull my hair back and tease me mercilessly. Almost as if you can see what I’ve just imagined your grin broadens.

“Uh, yeah… I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for today Alex,” I squeak as I quickly dash away. I hear your sexy, thunderous laugh behind me as you watch the sway of my ass as I move as quickly as possible.

------Two Weeks Later------

I had woken up late today, and came into work in black yoga pants, and a tight black Star Wars t-shirt that said “Sith Academy, Now Offering Scholarships”. My long auburn hair was pulled up in a messy bun on the top of my head, and my glasses were perched halfway down my nose.

I perk up as you walk in, smiling at you as I see you’ve brought me Starbucks to wake me up.

“Look at what I brought you?”
“God I could just kiss you, you’re my favorite hun,” I tell you as I grin. I grab the cup, close my eyes, and take a big sip of my latte and moan, licking my lips.

I open my eyes to see you watching me with a sly smile. “Well, you could if you want, but I’m not sure we want to go to HR. A hug will do though.”

I grin at you and stand up. You’ve gotten used to me being barefoot around the office, so my hugs aren’t a surprise anymore when I stand up. I look up at you and grin, wrapping my arms around your waist and hugging you. You place one hand on the back of my head and the other one around my shoulders and pull me close.

“Anytime Alli,” you respond.

I smile and sit back down, folding my legs underneath me. “Check your email! I sent you some great ones today,” I laugh teasingly and wink at you.

Since that first day of training, we’d made it a tradition to email each other multiple conversations, usually ones filled with heaps of innuendo. You open your first email:
“Oh you know it babe. It’s smooth, warm, moist, and perfectly ready. Do you know what I am? ;) “
I watch your face as you break out laughing and turn to me, the sexy weathered lines around your eyes crinkled up as you grin at me.

“Oh REAAAAAALLY?” You respond.

I just stick my tongue out at you and laugh, as I sip my coffee in silence while you laugh at my emails.

A few hours later, as was usual, I could feel how wet my panties were. I worried that you could feel the warmth radiating from my body as I sat at my desk, biting my lip, holding in moans, at your teasing emails. I couldn’t tell if you were actually interested in me, or just enjoying the endless back and forth teasing.

By the end of the day, I received my last email from you. There was no subject line, so I just opened it:
“Should I read more into our emails? Or should we just keep going like this?”

I turn around to look at you. You catch my eye, and I just smile slightly, looking away before turning back to my screen.
“Well, it is fun to leave you in the dark….text me when you figure it out. ;)”

I log out of my computer and clock out for the day. I had been standing, bent over my desk before standing up. I turn around to catch you staring at my ass. It’s the first time I’ve seen you look at me with what I think is desire, so I stand up, and walk over to hug you in the chair. Between our height differences, it places us at eye level. I can feel my chest pressed up tight against your chest, my arms wrapped around you, and my face nuzzles against the side of your neck.

“Bye hun. Don’t forget to text me later.”

I bite my lip, and leave. I’m hoping you’ll respond to me this evening. I’m hoping you’ll give me the answer I’ve been waiting to hear.

A few hours later my phone beeps, and I see that you texted me. My heart skips a beat and I can feel my body warming at the mere thought of you.
“You smelled delicious today. You dirty girl.”

I feel, and hear, myself moan out as I read your response. It’s what I’ve been waiting for since I met you.

For the next few weeks, we continue to share texts, stories at home, and emails at work, escalating our sexual tension. Work became torturous, as you would steal touches here and there…

I’d be sitting at my desk and feel your hand on my neck; your hands running through my hair; a quick and light slap of my ass; your fingertips trailing down my spine; your large warm hand wrapping around my waist briefly; your lips against my neck as you steal a quick hug while you’re sitting down.

Each day I would leave the office with my panties drenched, biting lip, forcing myself to hold in my moans and sighs. I would quickly walk to my car and get inside, catching my breath, before I quickly just rub my pussy to ease even the slightest amount of the tension. I dare not relieve myself entirely. I know I would scream for you if I let myself go completely.

After weeks of your merciless teasing, of your endless stolen touches that drive me wild, you tell me it’s time.

“Are you ready Alli?”
I smile, as I get up to get ready to meet you.

This evening, I’ve dressed for you and no one else. I know you like my hair down, so I’ve washed it, and let it hang down my back. Long auburn waves of hair brush against my bare shoulders and tickle the top of my ass. My lips are covered in a deep red lipstick, perfectly juxtaposed to my bright blue eyes. I’ve worn tight dark jeans for you, black stilettos, and a black corset lined with silver flowers. My breasts swell over the top of the corset, barely containing them. My nipples are barely covered, peaking out ever so slightly if I take too deep of a breath. I look at you, slyly, over the top of my glasses as you approach me, and gently bite my lip in anticipation.

“Are you ready?” You respond, grinning slightly, as you stand above me so I have to tilt my head back to look you in the eyes.

“Oh, I’m always ready for you,” I sight softly as I stand in front of you.

Now you tower above me, your body warmth radiating toward me as I move closer to you. I breathe slowly, looking up at you, anticipating you reaching out to touch before you do. I close my eyes, waiting quietly.

Suddenly, your hand snakes around my waist, pulling me in tight. My breath catches and comes out in a soft sigh. I keep my eyes closed, biting my lip as I wait for more. I can feel the warmth of your body as your hand rests on my skin, slowly sliding my shirt up so I can feel your hand rest against the bare skin of my hip.

I keep my eyes closed, my breath starting to quicken as I feel your other hand run up my body, your fingertips gently running up against my neck until I feel your hands running through my hair, and you grab a handful and pull my head back making me moan softly and push my body tighter up against you. I feel your warm breath as it runs across my neck before your lips teasingly brush up against mine.

My breath catches, and I moan ever so slightly. I struggle to keep my eyes closed as I let you explore and tease. Suddenly, your lips are on mine, kissing me passionately, and I moan against your mouth, gently biting your lip as I give in and wrap my hands around your waist. I slide my hands up against the inside of your shirt, wanting to feel the warmth of your skin against my cold fingers. You jump slightly at my touch, and sigh into our kiss as I gently push my long nails against your hips.

Soon, I feel you slowly walking me backwards until I feel the coolness of the wall against my back. I lean back slightly to catch my breath, and I look up at you, my chest heaving as I take several shallow breaths, my eyes misted over as I look at you. I slide my hands up at the front of your shirt, my nails ever so slightly raking up your chest, until you feel my fingers on the back of your neck, begging you with my body and my eyes to kiss me again. I’m moaning into your mouth as I snake my left leg around one of yours, trying to get as close to yours as possible. I hear you moan softly as I gently push my body against yours, and you can feel the heat of me against your leg as I kiss you deeper, teasingly sliding the tip of my tongue against your bottom lip before gently biting it, smiling against your mouth as I feel you react.

I feel your hand start to move from my hip, and your fingertips brush my sides, making me shiver and moan against you, as your hand slowly moves to my chest, teasingly placing your hand against me, feeling the quick beat of my heart, but not sliding inside the material to feel me entirely. You can feel my nipple harden against your hand through the material as I push my chest against you, begging you to touch me further. My deep breaths are pushing the meaty flesh of my chest into the palm of your hand. I need to feel you everywhere my skin is bare.

I feel you starting to harden against my chest as I push myself against your leg, slowly rubbing my body up and down so you can feel my heat and excitement. My breathing becomes sporadic as I kiss you, having to pull away and moan, leaning my head back as feel the rising warmth in my body. Your hand pulling my hair, pulling me farther back, and thrusting my chest toward you so you can better see my heaving chest, my nipples now free of the material encasing them, slowly starting to brighten with excitement. The warmth of your hand is suddenly missing from my body, and I whimper softly, never wanting you to stop touching me.

I see you smile as you look at my nipples for the first time. You look at me with delighted surprise as you see the piercings, and I feel my entire body flush with heat. The metal bars pierce them vertically, adding the tiniest hint of silver to my dusky nipples when they’re hardened.

Suddenly, I gasp, though, as I feel the juxtaposition of your hand at the base of my neck, holding my hair and massaging the muscles as your fingertips slowly trace my lips, sliding down the side of my neck to trace my collarbone. You stop, for just a moment to place a gentle kiss at the base of my throat, before pulling back, and tracing the neckline of my shirt.

I whimper softly, pushing against your leg once more. I open my eyes to look at you. I feel my cheeks flushing as rub myself against you, begging for more.

“Please…” I say quietly.

You look at me and smile at me knowingly.

“Please what?” You ask innocently.

“Give me more,” I whisper, looking you in the eyes, hoping to convey how badly I want you.

“More of this?” You ask as your fingertips slide inside my shirt, to trace the lining of my bra.

“Y-yes… more of that,” I manage to answer you.

I’m biting my lip, waiting for you to do anything to alleviate the insatiable desire I have building in my body.

Soon, you’re smiling and I feel your hand sliding down my spine before you deftly unhook my bra. The feel of the cool air on my exposed skin, and the intensity of your body heat drive me nearly to the edge where I’m loudly moaning for you. I simply close my eyes and moan, leaning into you as your fingertips trace feather light touches across my spine and back, making my shiver in reaction to your touch.

My eyes open suddenly as you’re pushing me back against the wall once more. You pull up my shirt slowly; your nails gently run up my sides, making my body shiver for you as I audibly moan while you remove my clothing. I watch you as you do so, hoping that your hands will soon return to my aching body.

I close my eyes again, biting my lip to hold in my moans, as I wait for your warmth to once again run across my body. I jump and squeal ever so slightly as I feel your hands run slowly and gently down both sides of my neck, tracing the lining of my body, before moving inside to your final destination. You lightly trace my nipples, smiling as they harden for you, and as I moan your name softly.

The feel of your fingertips as they run small circles around the tip of my nipple drives me crazy, and I once again pull you in closer. My hands grab your belt loops and pull you against me so I can feel your hardness and excitement fully. My nails very gently run across your skin from your back towards your hips, before you feel my fingertips trace against your jeans, teasingly.

I smile as you shiver against me from the feel of my small hands against your body. Your paused in your efforts as I distract you with my hands, tracing you, feeling you, my nails gently running up your back to pull you closer.

I look up at you and can barely breathe again.

“I need to feel you against me, inside me, and all around me…”

I feel your breath catch as you sigh deeply against me, your eyes closing to stave off your desire. I watch with bated breath as you slowly open your eyes again and smile, leaning down to kiss the side of my neck, and making me softly moan for you.

“Not yet. Soon,” you whisper in my ear.

I hold my breath as you slowly lean down to gently leave a trail of teasingly soft kisses from my collarbone to my nipple. I feel you smile against my chest as you finally get to feel my piercings against your tongue—one smooth metal rod vertically piercing my flesh, making my nipples more sensitive to your touch. You see them pebbling before you as my body anticipates your touch.

I clench my eyes shut not wanting to ruin the moment, and soon I’m gasping as the warmth and wetness of your lips closes around my nipple, as your other hand manages to gently tease the other. My hand immediately moves to your head, my nails softly running through your scalp as I push against you further. I feel your tongue teasing my piercing, slowly and gently running it up and down, making my nipple harden for you further as you lean back to blow cool air on my heated body.

You look up at me and smile as I whimper and again try to entice you with my heated and willing body. You grab my hands and pull them together above my head, holding them both in one of your large hands.

“Not yet, my pet,” You say with a dark grin on your face.

“Will you at least let me have a taste?” I ask coyly, smiling slightly as I look at you over the top of my glasses.

I push my chest against your hardening body, and look at you again.

“Just a little one,” you answer, knowing how badly I want it.

I watch intently as you slowly unbutton your jeans, waiting for you to appear before my lips. Your hand slides inside and you slowly draw out my prize, watching as I lick my lips, preparing to feel you against them.

I slowly slide down the wall, till I’m resting on my knees before you, looking up at you intently as my tongue slowly darts out and tastes your tip. I watch as your eyes close briefly and your breath catches, before I wrap my small hand around you and place my tongue at the base of your cock, and slowly, teasingly, run my tongue to the very tip. I want you to feel the warmth, the wetness, of my mouth.

You watch as I lick my lips and gently place your tip against them, tracing the dark red lipstick that lines them, before you very slowly slide your hard cock inside my mouth. Your eyes close and you groan softly as inch by inch you learn the feel of my tongue wrapped around your cock; you slowly begin to feel the back of my throat. Your eyes open, and don’t leave mine as you watch me. I slyly smile with you between my lips as you continue to slide further down, until you feel nothing but the warm embrace of my lips and tongue.

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