Fleeting fantasy

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This story is just a random flash fantasy. Although fleeting it represents only a small fraction of what I have fantasized for years.
Anyways, There is a sexy girl I knew in highschool, WAY out of my league of course. Blonde (and i prefer brunettes) and just down right
gorgeous! Cheerleader and Honer Roll Student and the whole nine. Well I went to prison for a good while and now 26. I am new to this facebook thing
and was amazed how connected everything was, what an easy way to REACH out and grab someone you know what I mean? Sorry for stalling nature,
anyways my point is I looked her up and seen all her pictures and info. I was reading all her info and intrest for the sole purpose that I wanted to know if
my understanding was juxtaposed with her personality. I wanted to get in this bitches mind, see who she was.looking at her very soul through the patterns of
her post! So simple and easy, oh I digress once again. I see her drinking and socialising, her success as a cheerleader and slut of the party. THATS THE THING,
my intuition SCREAMS that she is not a slut, not a girl that would put out so easily. I believe that I am more than half way correct on this assumption. The point
in mentioning that is the fact that if she is indeed innocent for the most part, still a little slutty, then how nice it would be to witness her dad fucking her consensually.
I picture her walking out of the bathroom to go to bed for the night. I see her in some cute little soft white booty shorts on and a red spagetti strap top on. With some
white angle sockes on them, because her ankles are so cutealong with her feet. I see her father saying, "get a good nights sleep honey, its a big day".
She responds in a bubbly innocent way, "Daddy im just ready to quit my job so I can stay here all the time". He responds, "your hear now pumpkin, so it will be ok."
She says that she knows and walks over and sits beside him on the couch, placing a hand on his lap. A bulge appears on the crouch of his pants and he
says, "oh my god honey, im so sorry. Please, daddy didnt mean it." She laughts and says "daddy, dont feel bad. Why do you think I dress like this all the time."
He has this STUNNED look on his face as multible thoughts of suprise and joy integrated. She bit her lip and slid down off the couch on her knees and rubbed
his crotch untill the bulge was about to rip through his pants. She looked up at her father with the look of pure lust, the look derived from eve convincing adam to
eat the forbidden fruit. He was hypnatized and laid his head back and stared at the ceiling as his daughter lifted him up a little and pulled down his pants. He lifted
up a little struggling to get those jeans to the floor. His throbbing cock was there exposed to the air, pointing straight up to the sky with his glance. She grabbed his
dick at the base and pulled on it ever so gently, her hands so soft to the touch. She knew how to do this, because she wanted to be the best fuck hes ever had,
even top her mom in the actions taking place. She put the tip of his dick into her mouth, pressing down on it softly with her wet lips. He began to moan softly
and grab her hair. She started bobbing her head up and down, softly and slowly moving her tounge all around his dick in one fluid motion. It was perpetual bliss and he
looked down at her and said, "look at daddy you nasty little slut. I want you to look me in the eyes. Your eyes look just like your mothers oh yeah suck it."
She started to speed up while following her fathers orders. She loved the taste of his dick and the feel of it throbbing inside her mouth. She sensed that he was
about to cum and said, "no daddy dont cum, you still have to fuck me." She got up and got on the couch, laying on her back. "I want you fuck me daddy, fuckme so good and make me cum".
He lifted her legs on his shoulders and placed his cock into her little pussy. He grabbed the bottoms of her small cute feet and thrust in and out of her. She started
moaning and yelling. "Oh yeah daddy, fuck my fresh pussy. You know Ill always be your little girl, yeah keep doing it like that." He pulled out and told her to
get on her hands and knees. Her ass stuck in the air revealing both her tight pink asshole and pussy slit. He started lickin her asshole and finger fucking her
wet cunt. She was crying in exctasy as he did this and he stopped and told her to relax. He then put his dick slightly in her ass until she was squirming a little
from the discomfort. "dont worry pumpkin, im not going to go all the way in ok, just enjoy it. Let daddy fuck his little angel in the asshole" He then just full forced
jammed his dick in her ass. She screamed, "daddy please stop it hurts. Please stop, oh god it fuckin hurts." Tears started falling down her cheeks as he was grabbing
her hair and pulling her face towards him.
He was fuckin her so hard and pulling her hair. "oh yeah, you like this dont you?"
He felt his legs give way as he was climaxing and he pulled out and grabbed her head and forced his dick inside her mouth. "I want you to pretend like you fuckin
want every last drop. I want you to look me in the face and when you gobble it all up lick your lips and kiss me passionatly" If you dont do this I will
stick my 12 gauge shockgun barrel in you pussy and blow it apart, do you undersand?" So she proceeded with this order and he came in her mouth. It kept cumming
and it started oozing out the side of her mouth and running down his dick. She was still trying to impress her father so she kept eye contact with him and
took his cock in her hand and licked the sides of his dicksoaking up the reminence of his orgasm.
I really hope you readers enjoyed this story. I am fairly rusty with my spelling and word placements so please bare with me. The story was just something I felt like sharing, just a simple fantasy. I would really enjoy some insight to my style and need some critical advice. This would be greatly appreciated so I can learn
what I need to do to improve, thank you once again.

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