Freaky Friday Part 2

Over the next few days I continued on my sex romp. Every day I would usually pull at least two guys back to my apartment for some good times. They would all be different, short, tall, black, white, blonde hair, or black hair. Along with bringing all these random guys to my apartment Greg would stop by every now and then for a quick fuck.

Every time I fucked I got more and more comfortable with the situation of actually having sex with a dude. I was even warming up to the idea of performing a blowjob.

On about the seventh day of the experiment I went out to grab some lunch and possibly find a new mate. The place I went to grab my salad was practically empty so paid and ate then started to head back to my apartment.

On my way back I spotted an opportunity to fulfill God’s wishes. I saw three boys who were probably around 18 walking down the street headed towards me. These three reminded me of what I was when I was 18, a nerd. The each had backpacks on and had on clothes that were not in style at all. I could also tell that the conversation that they were having would not entertain many other people. I realized that if I can bang these three boys at the same time it would start fulfilling God’s wishes. We were getting close to each other and I stopped them while they were walking by.

“Excuse me, you look like the fellas who could help fix my TV problem.”

One of them answered, “Um…we could probably help you out with that. What exactly is the problem?”

“Well I would need you guys to come up to my apartment to take a look if that’s OK.”

“Sure we’ll come up with you. What’s your name?”

“Heather. Thanks for your help.”

We started to walk back to my apartment and I started to formulate my gameplan. First I noticed that the boy who answered me was pretty short with black hair and a skinny build, his name was Josh. Another one was about average height with blonde hair and glasses, whose name was Chris, and the last one was over six feet with brown hair and also skinny, whose name was Joe.

We got up to my apartment and I told them that I was having trouble programming my DVR. While they were looking at the TV I quickly changed from my shirt and jeans to just a bra and sweatpants.

“How’s it going out here guys?”

I could see they were startled by my appearance. “It’s going great Heather,” answered Josh.

“Josh have you ever seen breasts without a shirt covering them?”

“No Heather.”

“Have any of you boys?”

The others both answered no.

“Are you boys all virgins?”

Each answered yes.

“I figured as much. I’m going to give you boys each a chance to lose your v-card if that’s Ok with you.”

Josh answered, “Of course that would be great, why are you letting us do this?”

“Let’s just say I’m paying back a favor. Also I will expect something in return after. Now each of you strip down to your underwear.”

They followed my directions and all three were wearing tighty whities. They all had the same skinny build except for their height. They all looked a little nervous following my directions but each one did.

“Ok, one by one each of you are going to come into my bedroom to get rid of your virginity, you guys can decide the order.”

At that point I waited in my bedroom for the first boy. Obviously it was Josh who seemed like he was the ringleader. When he entered the room I grabbed him and pulled off his underwear. He was sporting the smallest penis I have ever seen, it could not have been more than 5 inches in length fully erect. He moved into kiss me, which I obliged to for a second, but I quickly moved to the bed.

“Take off my sweatpants.” He did this immediately and moved into the missionary position.

He plunged his cock in me and to be honest I barely felt it. He started to fuck me but it was easy to tell that he didn’t know what he was doing. Of course within 30 seconds he had finished up.

“Alright send the next one in.”

“That was it?”

“Don’t worry you will get some more later, I promise”

Next came in Chris. I stayed lying on the bed for him. He came in to start making out but I immediately removed his briefs to reveal his cock. This one was only a little bit longer but was much wider. He plunged into me and this felt different, he actually was expanding my walls. We fucked in the missionary position so it would be familiar and of course he also only lasted 30 seconds so I didn’t get the full effect of his cock.

Finally Joe entered and I followed the same routine as I did with Chris. I removed his underwear to reveal a strong healthy cock which looked to be at least 8 inches. We again fucked in the missionary position and again it lasted a very short time but I could feel that Joe could do some damage to me even though I had failed to orgasm with any of these boys.

“Joe you have some real talent there.”

“Thanks Heather. What now?”

“Send in Josh and Chris.”

My goal with this had been to pleasure these boys and indeed I had already but I wanted to gain some pleasure myself. I had been fucked by one guy at a time but now I waned to try double penetration and maybe fill my third hole. Also I knew that if I tried it now it may not last very long with these guys. I figured if I was able to get them to cum for a second time the third time would last a while.

Josh and Chris entered both with their underwear back on. I decided to finally remove my bra to reveal my glorious boobs. I then took each one of their hands and placed them on my boobs.

“Now that you felt your first boob. You’re each going to receive your first blow jobs, when you’re ready to blow aim for my tits.”

I got down on my knees and pulled down Josh and Chris’ underwear to reveal their cocks which were hard as a rock. Josh was standing the middle so I took his boner and inserted into my mouth. I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft, it truly did feel like I was sucking on a cucumber or carrot. I then realized that Chris and Joe were just standing there with throbbing boners so I proceeded to jerk them off with my hands. I started switching off who I was giving head to and who I was jerking off. Chris’ dick was hard to fit in my mouth but once it was in there it was easy to blow. I was actually able to fit all of Joe’s dick into my mouth which was very surprising but I guess this could have been another one of Heather’s gifts. About 3 minutes later while I was sucking Josh’s dick he blurted out, “I’m about to go.”

Instead of swallowing it I pulled back and was able to get the cum on my tits. Chris and Joe proceeded shortly after.

“Alright boys I know you’re tired but now it’s time for my dream. Joe lie down with your head at the foot of my bed.”

He proceeded to follow my orders but his dick was not hard. I was forced to fluff him up.

“Now Chris I’m going to put Joe’s dick inside me and I want you to come behind me and stick your dick in my ass and pump. Joe while I’m on top of you, you also need to pump.”

“What am I going to do?”

“Josh you’ll be at the foot of the bed waiting for me to put your dick in my mouth.”

I went over and slowly started to insert Joe’s cock into my pussy. Chris came up from behind me to try and get his dick in my ass.

“Heather, you need to lift your asshole up so I can get my dick in it.”

I was forced to lie down on top of Joe while he was inside me. I then felt Chris put his dick inside my ass and started to fuck me. As soon as this happened Joe realized he was behind and started to thrust his hips so he can get his cock as far inside me as possible.

The feeling was indescribable. Both Joe and Chris were fucking me hard and there was never a break. As soon as one was a little bit out the other one penetrated me deeply.

“Don’t stop. Fuck me faster!”

I could tell Joe was getting more confident because he grabbed me to bring me closer to him. This enabled him to get his large cock even deeper inside me. Chris was also grabbing me by the hips so he could get his cock into deeper into my asshole even thought his girth was beginning to tear my ass up.

I didn’t want to leave Josh out so I brought him over and stuck his dick in my mouth. From there he grabbed my head and started to throat fuck me. I was getting it in all three holea and to tell the truth it could not have fetl better. I had multiple orgasms and when all three finally jizzed after awhile my pussy began pouring out cum as well.

We were all beat.

“I don’t know how to thank you Heather.”

“You don’t have to. What do you boys want to do now.”

Right then my phone rang and the caller ID said it was someone named Julie.

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