The Pendant 3

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The Pendant

Chapter Three

At lunch the next day Bobby came right up to me and blurted out “Did you take it?”. I could have asked him what but I told him I had it. He paused for a moment and then asked me if I had used it. Again I said yes.

Bobby seemed to be thinking of what to say next but finally said “Mike was pretty freaked out. I thought it was cool.” This was going pretty well. Obviously he saw the opportunity the Pendant offered.

I looked him in the eye and said “I have used it twice and it is way cool.” He looked around nervously before asking “You changed into a girl?” I nodded. “You got to see her tits?” I nodded “And touch them!” His eyes got big and again he looked around before asking “What else did you do?”

I started walking towards an empty are of the quad and he followed. “You know how people wonder whether men or women have better orgasms.” Bobby nodded and then suddenly his mouth opened in surprise as he figured out what I meant. “It can do that?” he asked.

I proceeded to tell him how I found out that the first one was just different but being able to cum multiple times was way cooler. I was starting to go into details when Bobby blurted out “I want to try it!”

I told him to come by after school and explained how we would have a couple of hours before anyone got home. He readily agreed. By then it was time to head back to classes. I was distracted for the rest of the day and I think he was too.

After school I raced home. Bobby had to drop off his books and tell his mom he was coming to my house so I knew I had a few minutes. I went upstairs, stripped naked, and put on the pendant. I found a pair of shorts that fit and a button shirt. I didn’t button it but tied the tails in a knot just under my tits. Girls always looked so hot dressed like that.

I went into the bathroom and inspected myself in the mirror. Damn I looked hot. I would fuck that.

Just then I heard the doorbell. I peeked out the window to be sure it was Bobby. He was standing there looking nervous. I went down, took a moment to tell myself that this was a good idea, and opened the door.

Bobby turned to come in and looked at me. I am sure he expected the male me and he stopped with surprise. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head as his eyes went to my tits, the Pendant hanging between them, and then back to my eyes as he realized it was me.

“Pretty cool, huh?” He just nodded dumbly. “Are you going to come in?” He didn’t answer but walked in and I closed the door. “I walked upstairs to my room and he followed. Once he was in I shut my door and locked it. He looked nervous. “We should have two hours but just in case all I have to do is yank off the Pendant and we can tell them we were playing a video game together.”

He nodded but I noticed he kept staring at my tits. I started telling him how I had wondered at first if the change was just an illusion but it all felt real. As I said that I brought my hands up to my tits and jiggled them. Bobby’s mouth dropped open as I did that. He seemed to realize this, closed his mouth, and then said “That is so hot”.

We didn’t have forever to let things play out. I needed to push things along. “You should feel them. They are great.” I took a step forward him and dropped my hands to my side.

Bobby started at my tits and his hands came cautiously up. “You don’t mind?” he asked me, his eyes never leaving my chest. “No, go ahead.”

His hands closed softly over my tits, squeezing gently to get the feel, cupping and lifting them to feel their weight. He rubbed his thumbs across the nipples and then smiled as they hardened. He finally started tugging at the knot in the shirt and pulled it open. Brushing the shirt aside his hands went to naked boobs and we both inhaled sharply as skin touched bare skin.

“Do they feel the same?” I told him “The nipples are more sensitive. I am already getting horny from your touching them?” He smiled at this and continued to rub fondle my boobs. “I want to see your pussy” he said. I just said OK.

Bobby waited a second and then reached down to unfasten my shorts and slip them off my hips. I noticed that his hands were trembling as he did this. Was he nervous or excited? It was probably both. I know I was nervous and turned on.

When my shorts hit the floor I stepped out of them and slid the shirt off my shoulders. I was naked and turned around slowly letting him enjoy my body. I stopped facing him and noticed the tent in his pants. I was a little nervous at the idea of dealing with another guy’s cock even with a female body. I decided to push things along and direct them in a way I was more comfortable with.

“Do you want to see me cum?” Bobby nodded his head still staring at the muff between my legs. I moved over to the bed and lay down. As I spread my legs he moved to look between them and then nervously looked up at me. “I used the bathroom mirror to look the first time.” He seemed reassured by this and went back to studying my pussy.

I started rubbing my nipples and then moved one hand down to part the lips of my pussy giving him even more of a show. I started telling him how it felt really good especially the clit, pointing it out to him. Then I explained that I found the clit needed to be wet when I rubbed it or it was uncomfortable. I dipped down for some moisture and started to diddle.

I was working up to asking him to help when he quietly asked “Can I do that?” I slowed my diddling and moved my hand away. “Get your finger wet down lower first” I replied.

Bobby put his hand on my knee, ran it up the inside of my thigh, and then slid his fingers between my pussy lips. He rubbed and eventually poked into my opening. I jerked when he did this and he looked up at me and then went back to poking his finger in and out and watching my hips move in response.

Eventually he moved his fingers up until they touched my bump. His fingers were plenty wet by this time and I couldn’t help saying “Oh, yea!” as he started rubbing. As good as it had been fingering myself having someone else do it was even better.

Pretty soon I was rolling my hips and Bobby leaned over and took my left nipple into his mouth. Sucking and licking it he soon sent me over the edge. I came harder than I had before. Maybe it was getting the nipple worked on or maybe because it was someone else doing it to me but it was fantastic.

Bobby gradually stopped rubbing my clit and let my nipple slip out of his mouth. He seemed pleased with what he had done. He sat there and roamed his hands over my body and it felt good.

Soon I was feeling the need and I looked at him and simply said “Again”. He dipped his fingers into my wetness and started to rub my clit again. His other hand continued to roam over my body and I felt tingles from his touch. Eventually he focused on just my breasts and as my hips started to move under his fingering he started twisting on pulling on my nipples.

In minutes I was cumming again. He slowed and released my tits but continued to rub my pleasure button. “How many times can you do that?” I looked him in the eye and replied “I loose count. I just keep going until it gets sore.”

Bobby slipped his fingers down to wet them again and started rubbing quickly while bending over to suck and nibble on my nips. I came again and again until I couldn’t tell when one stopped and the next began.

Finally I managed to yell for him to “Stop!” He slowed down and I explained that I was out of breath. I looked over at the clock and realized an hour had gone by. Looking up at Bobby I asked him “Do you want to try wearing the Pendant? I expected some hesitation. But he said “Hell yes!” How could he be so quiet all the time and so confident when it came to sex?

I dragged myself off the bed; after all those cums I just wanted to lay there for a while. I put on my shorts still not ready to deal with the penis issue. Then I reached up and pulled the Pendant’s chain over my head. When the change finished Bobby was staring at me. He smiled and said “Damn your ugly.” “When I changed back the first time I remember how plain I looked compared to how hot she did.”

I told him it was best to get naked when he changed and he stripped down naked in ten seconds. I handed him the Pendant getting excited wondering if he would look like his hot sister. He hesitated and I assured him it was OK, I had used it three times already.

Bobby pulled the chain over his head and as the Pendant touch his chest the familiar change happened. When the transformation completed I realized I had been wrong. She was hotter than his sister. Of course being my age and naked may have had something to do with it.

Bobby looked down at herself and began to run her hands up her hips and tummy to cup her tits. They were bigger than mine had been and had some sag though I would say it was worth it for the extra size. She looked at me and demanded “I want a mirror.”

I unlocked my door and led her to the bathroom. As we walked through the door she brushed against me and I had to force myself not to reach out and touch. In the bathroom Bobby stared into the mirror. Remembering my first time I completely understood.

She began turning this way and that to see from the side and the back all the while moving her hands across that lovely skin. Eventually she began rubbing her pussy and winced saying “I see what you mean about needing it to be wet.” Wetting two fingers in her mouth she tried it again and I saw her eyes close half way as she concentrated on the feeling.

“We should get back to my room” I said. Bobby opened the bathroom door and walked back to my room and I followed watching her ass sway. In spite of all those orgasms while female my cock was hard as a broom handle and I had to adjust my shorts as I followed her back to my room and locked the door behind me.

Bobby jumped onto the bed spread her legs and continued playing. I sat on the edge of the bed and started down between her open thighs. Her fingers were moving pretty good and she quickly dipped down to wet them before resuming work on her clit.

“Do you want me to help with that?” I asked hopefully. Bobby didn’t even open her eyes but said “No”. I was thinking how unfair this was when she continued “I want to do the first one by myself. You can do me the rest.”

I was impatient at having to wait but I understood. Making myself cum the first time as a female was the sexiest thing I had ever done. And “doing her for the rest” sounded pretty good.

I didn’t have long to wait as soon her hips were tensing and then raising off the bed and she let out a grunt and stared bucking her hips. She finally slowed and stopped and simply said “Wow!”

I put my hand on her leg and stroked her soft skin up to her thigh and hip. I moved past where she was still gently rubbing and up to her boobs. They felt good and I reveled in touching tits that were not attached to me. They jiggled a bit and I finally started rubbing the nipples. Bobby reacted to this by rubbing more quickly between her legs.

Leaning forward I began to lick and suck her nipples. When I switch to the other boob I continued to rub the remaining wet nipple between my fingers. It wasn’t long before this was too much for her and she began cumming under me. I gave her a few seconds to catch her breath and then resumed sucking. She responded quickly and I moved my free hand down between her legs. She was already doing a great job on her button so I moved lower and started fingering her wet opening. She came again in response to that. I slipped a finger inside and began stroking it in and out and the cums all blurred together with her hips moving so much I had to push harder into her to keep my finger inside her.

I waited for Bobby to stop but she just kept going. After ten minutes I finally stopped what I was doing and put my hand one hers to slow her down. She let out a moan of frustration and I told her “My mom will be home soon. We need to stop.”

Bobby sighed, gave one last rub, and then stopped. I helped her sit up keeping a hand on her shoulder until she seemed steady. Reaching up she grabbed the pendant from between her breasts and lifted it off her head.

When the shimmering cleared there was my friend Bobby with a huge boner. He looked down at it and said “What the hell?” I told him that was how it worked. He reached down to stroke it and told him he would have to do that at home because he needed to get dressed before my mom arrived. He got dressed pretty quickly and I put on a shirt. I opened the door and a window to air the sent of pussy out of the room.

We sat there talking about what had happened. Bobby said it was great and that Mike was a dickhead. He asked if we could do it again tomorrow and I said yes. I think both of us were wondering about doing more but were not ready to say it out loud.

My mom came home then. It was a good thing we had stopped in time because I didn’t hear her until she was coming up the stairs. We both said hi and then Bobby said he had to get home for dinner and left.

I couldn’t stop thinking about how great this had worked out. I was also worried about tomorrow. What if he wanted to do something more? Was I ready?

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