First time with step-mother

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This is my first Erotic story I've ever written so any constructive critisism is fine. This is about my stepmom from when I was younger, she had wonderful feet and this is just a story about what would have been great.

This all started when i was about twelve years old and i had a huge foot fetish. Me my dad and his wife, laurie my stepmother, were on vacation, and me and my stepmom were on the patio at her aunts house and she took off her socks and rested her feet on my lap, now at the time i didnt really think anything of it but then i looked at her feet and i realized then, that she had the sexiest feet i had ever seen. I tried my hardest not to look to avoid getting a hard-on, but i couldn't help my self. Before i new it i had a raging boner and laurie noticed and put her feet down and went in side. I imediatly went to the bathroom and masturbated to thoughts of her feet. When I was done I went into the living room and sat down, she walked by and gave me a look, not a bad or angry look but a sort of kinky look. My aunt called us all into the dining room for dinner and we all sat down at the table, I purposely chose the seat across from Laurie. A few minutes later I took my cell phone out of my pocket and pushed the camera button on the side. I started to take pictures of my stepmothers bare feet, she had perfect feet they were nice and clean and somewhat tan and she had perfect leangth toes with pink nails. When dinner was done I went into my aunts guest room, which was my room for the next two weeks, and I stripped off all my clothes and layed down on the bed and started to masturbate to the pictures. Suddenly my door opened and Laurie walked in."Alex what are you doing?" "Sorry" I quickly Covered mySelf up and she came and sat on the corner of my bed and said "What were you looking at on your phone?" I figured I would just tell the truth "I was looking at pictures of your feet" "Oh so you like feet?" "well not really untill I saw yours they are just so beautiful" "wow are my feet really that sexy? I'll tell you what let's go into the living room and you can give me a foot masage and let's see how good it is, deal?" "of coarse" I couldn't wait to feel her feet, we got ou there and I sat at one end of the coach and she layed down and put her feet on my lap and handed me some lotion and I went to work. Her feet were so soft and they had perfect arches. I started to rub the arches of her feet and I could tell she was liking I I slowly worked up her foot, I got her toes and by then it was just me and her in the living room and when I was done with her right foot I kissed the top of her big toe, she didn't do anything. So I moved to the left foot and about half way through she fell asleep and I just continued masaging her foot then when I was sure she was totally asleep I pulled my pants down and started to rub my 7 1/2 inch dick while rubbing her foot with my free hand and then I decided i was going to take it a step further and I took the lotion and put some on my shaft and some on the arches of her feet and then I held her feet together and after some careful manuvering I was laying down with my legs off the couch and I had her feet above my penis and I lowered them and I began to fuck her feet. It wasn't to long before I felt like I was going to come so I stopped because I didn't want my fun to end yet, and suddenly her feet were going up and down and I look at her and she was awake and staring rite at me. She was giving me a footjob! My dream was coming true for real.but after a few minutes I told her I was about to cum. " it's ok cum on my feet!" so I stood up and grabbed her feet and fucked them then I blew my load all over them. She pulled her right foot to her mouth and began sucking on her toes and licking up all the cum. "thankyou so much for the wonderful foot masage, and for the delicious treat at the end" I was so happy and I wanted this to become a regular thing but we didn't have time as my dad had just called her to go to bed. As I woke up the next morning I wasn't sure whether what had happened last night was a dream or reality but when I went out for breakfest and Laurie winked at me with a smile I knew it was real. After breakfest I packed all my bags because we were leaving in about an hour to go to the airport. We said by to everyone and put our bags in the trunk. When we go to the airport we headed toward the security part where they check you and all your stuff. When we got there Laurie took off her shoes to reveal she was wearing no socks and she saw me staring and started to wiggle her toes and brush her feet together, this gave me a raging hard-on. I was lucky I was wearing basketball shorts and I fit it up in my waist band. And once we go through. We boarded the plane and we picked our seats I picked the isle seat and Laurie sat next to me, since it was first class there was two seats on each side and two seats in the middle. We were in for a long flight. About 45 minutes throught my dad fell asleep and Laurie then took of her shoes. "grab the bag underneath your chair and it has some lube in it" I listened and grabbed it and she turned sideways and pit her feet in my face, the smell of her feet was great. "if you want another footjob your gunna have to pleasure me some how" I was happy to oblige her. She spread he legs and pulled he shorts down and revealed her sexy pink panties. I pulled them aside and leaned over and began to lick her sexy pussy. It tasted wonderful. I was having the time of my life after a little while she said "I'm about to come" and she pulled my head into her pussy even closer and she came and her juices went all over my lips and on the seat. She said "thankyou I believe it's you turn" I quickly unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick and started to slowly rub it as I stared at her she bent down and started to suck me. I was geting my first blowjob and it was from my own step-mother! It felt wonderful her tongue was like warm velvet rubing over my cock and she was just bobbing her head up and down and she looked so sexy with my dick In Her mouth. "Laurie I'm about to cum" she just kept going and before I new it I shot my seed all in her mouth. She tried to swallow it all but she couldn't and some of it was on her lips and around her mouth she cleaned it up with her finger and then licked her finger clean. When we landed we got picked up by our neighbor and he dropped us off at home and asked my dad if he wanted to play some basketball and then watch the baseball game so my dad was going to be gone for the next few hours. So we carried our stuff in to the house and then my dad left and Laurie asked me "Alex, do you like just feet or socks and shoes and all that?" I said "well I gues since I love the smell of feet and how they look I like all three" she looked very excited that I said that. "ok well now that you've told me a secrete o yours I'm goin to tell you a secrete of mine. I love guys to rub my feet and smell my shoes and socks so I guess me and you can take care of eacothers foot fetishes." I was so happy that this was happening. She asked "do you want to do something now?" "yea but what should we do?" she said "Aha I have an idea" she ran up stairs and came back down a minute or two later wearing

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