Master PC - Kyle's Adventure pt3

Hey all, this story is a little shorter and a bit more extreme (body modification wise). Just something that had to happen…. Won’t be this un-real in the next coming chapters. Again, please shoot me back any feedback or ideas! Thanks!


As I made my way home, my mind raced with possibilities. How far can I push this program? How big can I make myself,? How much can I make someone take? I spent the rest the drive home thinking at the next command I wanted to enter. And giving my wife a quick call, I found that she was still about two hours away from being home. Perfect, I thought.

Pulling into the driveway, I quickly made my way into the living room and got on my laptop. Stripping my pants down, I logged on. Opening up the program, I typed my first command.

- *********** Subject - Kyle Stafford

- Increase erect penis size to 16”

- Increase erect penis girth to 4”

- Increase flaccid penis size to 9”

- Increase flaccid penis girth size to 2”

- Increase testicle size by a factor of 6

- Increase sperm production and storage by a factor of 30

- Ability to control erection.

- Apply

Upon hitting return, I could feel my cock swell. God, it was enormous, hanging far down between my legs. My balls hanging almost half a foot down, massive testicles swaying behind my cock. Willing myself to become erect, I watched it grow before me. Slowly hardening, rising upwards, filling with blood.

Becoming slightly lightheaded, I began to wonder if I had enough blood to supply the rest of my body. With my massive member hardening, even more, I quickly typed…

Increase blood production to what is necessary to maintain regularity.


Almost immediately, I could focus again. My lightheadedness disappeared. God, I felt good.

Switching the subject back to my wife, I made a few more changes to her…

-Increased vaginal and cervix elasticity by a factor of 10

-Increased abdominal elasticity by a factor of eight.

-Increase elasticity of womb by a factor of 10

-Increase body flexibility by a factor of 10

-Increase pleasurable sensitivity of nerve endings within vaginal and anal canals by a factor of 10.

-Increase pleasurable cervix and womb sensitivity by a factor of 20.


With a smile on my face, I couldn't help but imagine how the night would play. Still having a little more time on my hand, I ran to the kitchen to grab a garbage bag. God, my center of gravity was off. Took a few steps to get used to it.

Grabbing a garbage bag from the kitchen, I quickly opened it up and threw it around my cock. God, I wanted to see how much cum I could produce.

Walking back to the living room, with my balance a little more in control, I started to image my wife taking my monstrosity of a cock. Filling her fuller than ever imaginable. Stretching her to the absolute limits of the laws of physics.

I could feel my monstrous cock throbbing in my hands, pulsing with my heartbeat. Willing myself to cum, I could feel the cum start to flow through my shaft. With each pulse, nearly a cup of jizz shot out of the tip of my cock.

Pulse after pulse, I started filling the bag. God, the feeling of so much liquid expelling through my shaft felt terrific. My cock throbbed. Shooting my last load into the bag, I pulled it off my cock. Good god, there must have been nearly a quart of warm, white sticky cum in the bag.

Reducing my cock to its flaccid size, I wiped my cock off. Returning to my computer, I made one last change…

-Increase cum ejaculation force by a factor of 5.


I really wanted some force added to my stream as I came.

Switching the subject back to my wife, I made just a few more changes…

-Will notice changes to Kyle’s cock, but will not ask questions as to how it grew.

-Increase sexual arousal by a factor of 20.

-Increase vaginal lubrication by a factor of 10.


Seeing headlights pull into the driveway, I closed the lid to my laptop, and sat back on the couch, completely nude, waiting for my wife to enter the door.

“Fuck I’m horny” she exclaimed as she walked through the door.

“Me too,” I said to her relaxed fashion.

Her eyes immediately darted towards my cock.

“Oh my fucking god.”, she exclaimed with her eyes wide. “God I need you inside me.”

Walking towards me, she quickly started undressing, throwing a new piece of clothing to the floor with each step.

Climbing up on top of me, our lips met with a furious touch. Feeling her dripping wet cunt sliding along my shaft, my cock continued to grow.

Grabbing ahold of her, I quickly stood up off the couch, switching positions with her. Pinned against the sofa, out lips still entwined, I aligned the head of my monstrous cock to her tight, dripping wet cunt.

Slowly pushing my massive head into her, she squealed, thrusting her head back while producing a deep, pleasurable yet painful moan as I stretched her opening.

“Fuuuuuuck,’ she groaned. “God your cock feels goooood.”

“Oh fuck your tight,” I moaned, “You like that don’t you baby..”

“Fuck yessss,” she wailed, ‘Moooore!”

Thrusting further into her tight warm cunt, my lips moved to her neck, pecking her as she thrust her head back further. Pushing a few more inches into her, I grabbed ahold of her tightly once again, as I moved up off the couch with her in my arms, and cunt impaled by half of my cock.

Moving my hands down under her as I slowly begin lifting her up and down the length my cock.

“Oh, fuck, baby,” she nearly got out in the midst of her moans.

Walking down the hall towards our bedroom, I released her weight as she fell to the bed.

Grabbing her legs, I moved my hands up, grasping each of her feet in my hands.

Standing at the end of the bed, I once again started thrusting deeper into her. With more than half of me inside of her, I could begin to see the head of my cock moving within her abdomen.

“Like my cock baby?” I said as I drilled deeper into her.

“Fuck I do!” she cried in both pain and pleasure, “Deeper! Deeper please!”

“Were only halfway baby,” I exclaimed, “Get ready for this…”

Thrusting deeper into her, my cock became more and more pronounced through her abdomen.

Going deeper yet, I could feel another tightness around the head of my cock as I started pushing into her womb. Pulling out a few inches, I thrust deep back into her, stretching her past any reasonable limits, exploring new depths of unknown territory.

“Ohh fuuuck!” she wailed as her body began to tighten and shudder. Her body was constricting and convulsing on my cock as an orgasm shook through her body.

Wrapping my hands around her abdomen, I continue thrusting into her faster, watching her stomach bulge with each thrust. Plowing into her with more and more force, my cock went deeper and deeper.

Orgasm after orgasm crashed through her. The sight was nothing but amazing. Almost bottomed out, I balls slapped against the side of the bed. Preparing to shoot my load deep into her, my cock started pulsing, adding to her already over pleasured body.

As my cock pulsed, it started convulsing, shooting wave after wave of cum deep into her with incredible force. Each jet of cum visibly expanded her abdomen, filling her with my warm jizz.

Screaming in ecstasy, her hands flailing in the air, I shot my last load into her.

Leaving my cock deep inside o her, my hand explored her bulging belly, massaging my cock through a thin, tightly stretched patch of skin. Minutes passed as she finally started coming down from her repeated orgasmic attacks.

Her body drained, both sexually and physically, on the edge of passing out, I slowly started pulling my cock out of her. Twitching, she finally gave out. As my cock left her tight body, cum poured out of her cunt.

Standing over my wife, who’s sprawled out on the couch, I felt amazing. So much power. Laying down on the bed next to her, I slowly started drifting asleep as I pondered on what tomorrow may bring…

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