Hotel Tricks

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After 3 days in Key West we drove back to Miami in our rental car. I had a room booked in one of the airport hotels, making sure the one I picked had a bar, pool and hot tub. We’d be taking the shuttle from the hotel to the terminal in the morning so I dropped my wife at the lobby to check in and relax while I returned the car. I figured she would either be napping or in the pool when I got back. After all, 3 nights in Key West leaves one tired and sleep deprived.

The thought of my hot little Filipino wife alone in one of her tiny bikinis at the pool got my imagination rolling. She is shy but will flirt if engaged by someone who does not give up after the first try. We have done some swinging and she knows how turned on I get at the thought of her fucking other guys. My wife is 5’2”, 112 lbs, B cup boobies and a perfect little ass to go with her beautiful smile. She gets her share of attention even when she is not dressed sexy.

For the ride up from KW she had worn a sundress and nothing else. Most of the time when we vacation I tell her no panties or bras, its more fun that way. We stopped a couple of times for pictures and to fool around but didn't have sex. I also played with her in the car when passing trucks so she was plenty horny when we got to our hotel. As luck would have it Enterprise was very busy so it took close to 2 hours before I got the return done and shuttled back to the hotel. I picked up my key card at the front desk and looked into the pool before heading up to our room. She was not in the pool so I figured she was waiting in bed for me, i started to get hard in the elevator just thinking about how good the sex was going to be.

To my disappointment she was not there either. I looked around and noticed her suits were still in the bag but the dress was laid out on the bed. This meant she changed clothes leaving me wondering if she was in the bar. I went back down and looked in the bar, there were 7-8 single guys and one couple but no sign of my wife. I asked the bartender if he had noticed an asian woman around. His response floored me “She just left with a customer, most of the time the girls that work these hotels are back in 30-45 minutes. Would you like a drink while you wait”. I managed to squeak out a yes and while he got my beer I recovered a bit. Thinking he was mistaking my wife for another girl calmed my nerves a bit but made me wonder over again where she was. I pulled out my phone and sent her a text to meet me in the bar.

It seemed like hours but it was just 35 minutes later when she walked in. I wasn't surprised to see she was wearing her jean mini skirt and an off white thin knit tank (nipples showing prominently), as she only had sexy little clothes packed for the trip. She didn't see me right away and I heard the bartender say “honey, you have another customer waiting right over there” pointing at me.
She had the naughtiest look on her face as she walked up to my table. I asked “what is he talking about, you have customers”?

She said in a low voice “keep you voice down and I’ll explain in our room” then said slightly louder “its $100 for straight sex”. I about fell out of my seat but managed to nod my head yes.
I followed her out of the bar and into the elevator. As soon as the doors closed she was kissing me deeply and shoving her tongue into my mouth. Another surprise as she is usually not very aggressive, she usually lets me lead and even when she is the lead its nothing like this.

I could taste sex on her lips as she continued to kiss me. Reaching around and grabbing her ass with both hands I pulled her in tight against my now raging hardon. Slipping my hand lower then up under her skirt I found slippery inner thighs and a dripping pussy. The elevator stopped and the doors opened on our floor. While we were disengaging two business type men stepped in and got an eyeful of my wife’s ass as my wet fingers slid out of her pussy. We practically ran out into the hall.
After getting into the room we stripped in seconds before she dropped to her knees, taking my rock hard 7” as far into her little mouth as she could with the first gulp. She usually starts with a couple inches and works up to her max of 5 inches. After sucking me near to the point of cumming in record time she pulled off and said “I’m already warmed up if you didn't notice”. “Oh I noticed alright you little slut, you have some explaining to do” was my reply.

I picked her up and tossed her onto the bed. Grabbing her legs I lifted them over my shoulders and dove face first into her pussy. I licked her inner thighs clean as well as suck her pussy lips and clit till she had an explosive orgasm. She pushed my head down from her clit so I was just licking her leaking hole and moaned as I shoved my tongue deep into her. When I couldn't stand it anymore I moved up and slide my cock balls deep with no effort at all.

“Start talking my little slut wife” i said.

“You left me here so horny and all by myself, so I thought I’d wait in the bar for you. Maybe I’d find someone to keep me company and flirt a little” she said. “When the bartender brought me my first drink he passed a note from one of the guys sitting further down the bar. It said If you are working I’m in room 212. I looked down and a rather hansom business man gestured to me”

As she is relaying her story I was slow grinding in her wet pussy, I could feel the mixed juices oozing out around my balls. I’d have to be very careful not to loose my load to early as her story was almost enough to make me cum without the incredible stimulation of her cum filled pussy.

She said he got up from his stool and walked over to her, sitting beside her he asked her name. She made up a name on the spot and replied “Julie”.
He then said he hoped he didn't offend her with his note but thought she was very sexy and hoped he was right about why she was there. Her reply was “we can work something out”.

My wife and I have fantasized about her getting paid for sex but I never thought it was more than just a wild fantasy. This was blowing my mind in such a good way.

He asked her how much for some forplay and then sex. She told me she said the first number that came to mind which was $100. He swallowed the last of his drink and said I’m ready if you are. Taking another gulp of your drink you swiveled your stool towards him and as you slid off your skirt road up, his eyes were glued to you bare pussy. He got a huge grin and gave the bartender a thumbs up.

When you got to his room he sat on his bed and you walked up to him and started kissing him. The thrill of kissing a stranger for money made your knees week and pussy even wetter than it was before. His hands went to your hips, then quickly slid up under your top to encase your little boobies. He gently squeezed them and twisted your nipples until you broke the kiss and knelt down to start undoing his pants. He helped you slide them down along with his boxers to expose a rock hard 7” cock. The length was good but it was his girth that mad you start drooling.
using one hand to cup and caress his hefty ball and the other to stroke his hard shaft you kissed and licked the drops of precum from the tip of his cock until you couldn't stand it anymore. (my wife loves to suck cock so this was teasing her as much as him) You pulled back to look at it and just then he seemed to start gushing in what you thought was an orgasm. Clamping your mouth around the head you stroked him but the big blast you were expecting didn't happen.
He then said this was his first time with an asian and he seemed to have extra precum because he was so turned on. You then started your talented blowjob in earnest, sucking as much of that cock as you could get into your mouth as you could and enjoying slickness all that precum provided.

Preferring his load in your pussy where you could bring it back to me, when you sensed he couldn't take much more you stopped. Standing up to drop your skirt and top on the floor you said “know lets get that fat cock where it really belongs”. Laying down on his bed you started playing with your nipples. He took his phone out and snapped a picture, saying he’d forward it to his co-workers who used the same hotel and winked.

As he moved into position you reached down and guided his cock to your very wet het hole. The stretch you felt as he pushed into you started you into a set of rolling orgasms that made this fuck session seem timeless. He stated slow and built up to a hard fast pounding. You said between his girth, his balls bouncing off your ass and how hard he was fucking you drove you to and incredible orgasm. He slowed and laughed that someone might call the front desk and complain about her moaning which surprised you because you didn't realize that you were.
(at this point I'm completely still inside you, one more stoke and I’d blow my load)
You looked at him and said “know I want you to fill me with you cum”. A few stroked later you felt him swell up and he erupted deep inside you. This triggered another small orgasm that lasted the whole time he short stroked and ground your clit, until his balls were completely drained.

He rolled off and lay beside you for a short while then said you could clean up in his bathroom.
You replied that you’d clean up in you own room as you pulled your skirt and top on. He then pulled $200 from his wallet. As he handed it to her he winked and said “Is your husband waiting for you?”. Your mouth dropped and you said “how did you know”. Laughing now he pointed at your wedding ring and said “real working women don't kiss and use condoms. I added twice my usual tip because you are a great fuck, I hope to see you here again”.

At this point I’m back to fucking you hard but only for a few strokes as I blast my built up load into your sopping wet and well used pussy. We lay entangled and kissing, me whispering how much I love her and what a sexy slutty wife she is. (she likes dirty talk) When we disengaged I pulled her away from the head of the bed and lay beside her head to toe. Grabbing her by the hips I rolled her onto me and planted my face right back in her sloppy pussy. Taking my very obvious hint she sucked my know soft cock into her mouth to clean all three of our juices off.
I licked her and sucked her clit until she had another orgasm and the cum stopped leaking from her tasty pussy.

By now she had me very hard again and as I prepared to try to fuck her again she wagged a finger at me. Pointing at the clock she said “your hour is up, I have to see if I have other customers waiting”. Going into the bathroom she cleaned up with a wash clothe, dressed in her same clothes and walked out the door. I just lay there in bed speechless. That was about 9:30pm.

It was 12:30am when I woke to feel her sliding into bed with me. She backed into me in the spoon position as I asked about the rest of her night. She reached behind her to find me hard and ready. Rubbing the head of my cock between her legs I could tell she was slick with juices. She then backed onto my cock and with one effortless push I was balls deep.

“I’m to tired to tell you what else happened so you’ll have to wait till morning” she said. “But do enjoy your wife very profitable pussy”. I grabbed her by the hips and started fucking her hard. I had mixed feelings, a bit of jealousy mixed with intense love drove me to a huge orgasm. Wrapping her up in my arms and legs we fell asleep.

I woke pretty early and figured I’d order room service. Walking to the desk where the phone is I found 5 separate piles of money. I was guessing she had 5 customers last night and this was her way of teasing me before telling me. I called down for coffee and something to eat, used the bathroom but she was still sleeping. With just a sheet over her lower body her boobs looked spectacular, big nipple pointed at the ceiling. I peeked under the covers and could see her pussy lips were still swollen and she had dried cum on her inner thighs. I arranged the covers so anyone coming into our room could just see her half covered pussy and all of her upper body.
Thats went I heard a soft knock and a mans voice calling “room service”
End Part 1

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