When Lisa became a woman

When Lisa became a woman.

Some may say that we were the perfect odd couple; Debra stood 6’ 2” with the most amazing blue eyes, short blond hair and the physical structure of a supper model. She was one of those rare women that could walk into a crowed room and immediately it would fall silent gaining everyone’s full attention. Stretching as much as possible I reach the height of 5’8”, with dull brown eyes, average length brown hair, and the firm athletic build of a wrestler. In complete contrast to my psychical height, the length of my cock easily reaches 10 ½ “ with a girth of 5 ¼”; some may call it a gift however in many cases I found it could also be a curse.
I found the looks and attention we received absolutely rewarding whenever the two of us would go to a public place and even more so when we frequented the club Debra would have on a shier and tight fitting dress. The top making it clear she was braless with the front open revealing a third of her small breast and pulled tightly over her dark protruding nipples, the open back showing off her flawless flesh, with a split running up the left side extending up high on her silky hip exposing the fact that if she had panties on at all it had to be a thong. Her 4 or 6” heels highlighting her long heavenly legs that led to that exquisitely succulent ass. Even with her hells making her close to a full foot taller than me. I must admit, I found it to be completely erotic and devilishly sexual when we danced. With our height difference giving me full access to run my fingertips in a teasing and gentle manner along the length of her heavenly legs and the ability to clandestinely slide my hand threw the revealing slit of her dress and tickle her swollen wet folds or grasp the raw tight flesh of her magnificently firm ass. Debra would commonly insist that I go commando and she would not wear any panties at all. Allowing for my uninhibited admittance she demanded I touch and tease private zones in the most public and daring places. On the occasions we were successful in obtaining the corner table at our favorite club Debra would unfasten my belt then slowly one by one unbutton my jeans before pulling my cock free from my jeans. The excitement of her performing such a daring act was extremely seductive resulting in my becoming fully erect. Then straddling my hips Debra would place the head of my cock between her awaiting hot wet folds as would begin to slowly descend onto my length, engulfing the entirety of my manhood as she methodically swiveled and grinded her hips producing orgasm after orgasm. Once as a very attractive young blond waitress arrived with our drinks Debra held the young waitress’s hand while bouncing on my cock. My initial fear vanished as it became evident the young lady (who’s name I later discovered was Nicole) was not only a willing but also a very aroused spectator. Whom without hesitation agreed to accompany Debra and I home later that evening.
Upon arriving at the ranch house I opened a bottle of wine and pored the three of us a drink as I approached the family room I heard Debra say, “ We are in here and need your assistance.” I entered the master bedroom and to my surprise both women were completely nude Debra had the young lady’s back pressed to the headboard with her legs spread wide and was devouring her smoothly shaven pussy. Instantly my cock began to grow with excitement as Nicole said “ Debra insures me that you are very special” I approached the side of the bed extending my hand holding a glass of wine as Nicole extended hers she stated “ I don’t need that thank you but I do want that!” pointing to budge contained by my tight fitting jeans.
The sound of Debra slurping and smacking on Nicole’s wet cunt had my head swilling. Without delay I kicked off my boots and pushed my jeans to the floor and stepped free, tossing my shirt aside as stood completely nude before this woman I had only recently met. “OH MY” Nicole said in a shocked tone as she reached over grasping me by the balls and pulling me eagerly onto the bed beside her. Nicole leaned closer as Debra looked up; with Nicole’s juices covering her face placing her hand on the back of Nicole’s head she guided Nicole’s open mouth onto my cock. “That’s it suck down that special cock” Debra commanded forcing my cock into Nicole’s throat making her gag. Nicole let out an approving moan as Debra began fucking her wet cunt with two fingers.
Without need of encouragement Nicole pushed forward taking my cock deeper into her amazingly tight throat. Only able to penetrate this beautiful blonds throat with approximately one half of my cock didn’t detour her efforts in attempting to force me deeper. Debra lifted her body from between Nicole’s legs and pulled Nicole to where she laid flat on the bed then preceded to move up rotating into a 69 position straddling Nicole’s face and lowering her wet swollen mound to Nicole’s extended tongue. “Fuck her tight pussy for me baby” Debra said as she pulled Nicole’s legs back and apart. Moving between Nicole’s legs I rubbed the head of my cock between her dripping wet fiery hot folds then pressed forward as Nicole’s cock starved pussy seemed clamp around my hardened tool and suck me deeper.
Nicole’s lustful moan was muffled by Debra’s grinding cunt and heightened my desire. Debra and I kissed as she rode Nicole’s probing tongue and I continued feeding more of my cock into her yearning wet pussy. Nicole began to moan or grunt as each thrust forced my cock deeper into her tightly stretched gap. “ FUCK HER HARD BABY” Debra shouted out as she lifted away from Nicole then kissed her passionately tasting her own nectar on Nicole’s tongue and lips. The sight ignited the flames of pure erotic lust deep within as I continued attempting to sink my length into Nicole’s incredibly tight cunt. Debra broke the passionate kiss then slid off the bed, Nicole looked deep into my eyes as she pinched her firm nipples franticly.
Unaware of Debra’s intentions I felt her lips graze my ear then in a sexually seductive voice she whispered “ turn her over and fuck her doggy style for me Baby.” With that I instructed Nicole to turn over and move back to the edge of the bed, she responded instantly placing her ass in the air. Debra took hold of my cock and guided it into Nicole’s tight desire. “ Now give her the fucking she has only dreamed of” Debra shouted as she slapped Nicole on the cheek of her as with such force it frightened me. “TELL HIM YOU WANT HIM TO FUCK YOU HARD BITCH” Debra shouted as she slammed her hand on the opposite ass cheek. I was about to protest Debra’s ruff treatment of this beautiful young blond before suddenly “ GOD YES PLEASE FUCK ME HARD, MAKE ME TAKE ALL OF THAT BIG DICK” Nicole pleaded.
Out of the corner of my eye I noticed movement, the closet door seemed to have opened wider. Disregarding it as my imagination and focused my thoughts back to this beautiful blond beneath me. Nicole’s moans became continuously louder then she released a flow that totally shocked me, it was as if she was peeing all over the bed and I. “THAT’S IT SQUIRT THAT BEAUTIFUL CUM? Debra encouraged as she rapidly rubbed Nicole’s exposed and swollen clit. Nicole’s body stiffened as she spewed river after river. I could not help but notice Debra pulling one of her large man shaped toys from her flowing sex then she placed the tip to the tight button of Nicole’s ass as she spit repeatedly lubricating both the toy and Nicole’s tight brown hole. As Debra teased and played Nicole became increasingly excited, Debra began to fuck Nicole with her tongue probing her tight ass each time I would pull my cock from Nicole’s depths.
“SHE’S READY” Debra said as she pulled my cock from the divinely tight grasp of Nicole’s pussy then reposition the head of my aching cock firmly in the center of her tight puckered brown button. “Push out gently.” Debra instructed Nicole. Nicole willingly obeyed opening her forbidden gap as Debra forced my engorged lubricated cock forward, pushing harder and harder until the head of my cock penetrated with a sudden pop as the tightly stretched rim of Nicole’s brown hole ass snapped incredibly tight around the head of my pulsating cock. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD” Nicole repeated as Debra whispered into my ear “ now begin to slowly fuck her.” Debra had reached between my legs and gripped my sack between my balls and shaft then with firm and deliberate began directing the movement of my cock. This was my first experience with anal penetration and I thought I was going to cum uncontrollably before my cock achieved a depth of merely 3”.
Attempting to gain control of the sensation building within by diverting my thoughts I looked away from this magnificently erotic sight that lay before me. As I looked around the room my attention came upon the closet door that was now standing completely open. Detecting what appeared to be movement I strained my eyes attempting to focus into the dark shadows. Unsure of what I was seeing it looked as if the silhouette of a small woman was pressed with her back to the wall with her legs bent at the knees and spread wide as she continuously plunged one of Debra’s toys into her sex while maintaining perfect in rhythm with my driving thrust. The sight pushed me beyond the limits of self-control and I forced my cocks’ length into Nicole. Instantly she began to squirt uncontrollably as I continued driving my cock faster. The image hidden in the closet kept pace with my pounding cock. Nicole squalled and fell flat onto the bed, I shifted my legs over hers and drove my cock even deeper and faster. “OH GOD THAT’S SO FUCKING HOT” Debra shouted as her body began to jerk and convulse with repeated orgasms.
Nicole moaned and mumbled powerlessly as my cock began to swell. “OH MY I THINK IM ABOUT TO” I shouted out as I erupted it was like no orgasm I ever had. With each thrust of my cock I erupted with equal intensity, slowing my thrust only increased the sensation and my cock would twitch erupt each time my length entered Nicole’s depths. I unable to control myself I fell onto Nicole’s back she turned her hear placing a hand on my cheek pulling me forward and we shared a passionately wet kiss. “That was excellent!” she said as I responded “NO SHIT!” The three of us fell fast asleep then after waking in the late morning and sharing a shower we entered into another sexual adventure yet not nearly as spectacular.
Debra and I had been dating regularly for a little over six months now and our sexual exploration never diminished in the slightest even though she would routinely bring her daughter Lisa along to stay at the ranch house over on the weekends. It was mid May and we were in full swing with our summer fun and activities. Spending every minute of our spare time at the lake swimming or playing on the jet skies. Debra and I enjoyed a very exciting sex life; I had yet to discover any suggestion that she was not eager to explore and I would actually blush at some of her suggestions. It didn’t take long to discover she is obsessed with risky exhibition and introduced me to the pleasure of FMF threesomes. Recently Debra has become intent on directing me in both masturbation and how I perform when another woman is involved. She has my bedroom setup like a photo studio and continuously has been including several types of props. On numerous occasions, I have found evidence of Debra viewing the photos and videos we have created while pleasuring herself and trying out the numerous props.
Over the past few weeks I have felt the distinct sensation that we were being watched. I’m sure it wasn’t the fact she was videoing us, yet more like we had an unannounced audience. Originally it made me feel a bit uneasy and hesitant to comply with some of the request that had been asked of me. Only now that sensation had developed into one of and erotic nature. I guess Debra’s exhibitionism was beginning to rub off on me.
Debra’s daughter Lisa was 18 just graduated High school and preparing to get her drivers licenses. She never had much of an opportunity to do any driving with her mom so I had been allowing her to drive me around ranch and on occasion allowing her to solo between the barns and the house. It made it to where the two of us we were spending a lot of time together. Lisa did not inherit her mothers height she stood a mere 5’ tall with the most beautiful bright green eyes that held a hypnotic force, her completion made it appear she had a perfect dark tan year around, and her body had the curves of an goddess. One Saturday afternoon when the girls (Debra and Lisa) had returning from shopping in town, Lisa came running up to me extremely excited and insisted I see the new bathing suit she purchased. With a smile that ran from ear to ear and a brilliant sparkle in her beautiful green eyes, I could not refuse her request. “ It would be my pleasure young lady, but I have no doubt you could make even a burlap sack look appealing.” I stated.
Like a bullet, she ran up the stairs exaggerating the swing of her hips as she looked back and shot me a wink. I remained at the base of the staircase as I pondered what she could have meant with her wink. Suddenly my eyes locked onto her golden image posing like a beauty queen at the top of the staircase, the swimsuit was hot pink and pure silk. There could not have been enough material in it to make a handkerchief. Our eyes locked as she began her decent down the stairs moving in such an overwhelming sensually seductive manner. I felt myself drawn in by her intense suggestive stare. Instantly it was clear this was no mere young girl, she was 100% woman radiating a pure sexual force and she was directing at me.
With each step, her confidence grew, sensing approval by the uncontrollable reaction of my body. I became totally possessed by her beauty and perfection tracing every silky curve with my eyes. Her nipples were simply divine, standing firm demanding my attention and reveling her arousal, with each step closer the flames of desire grew higher as the two of us fell deeper into its grasp. My eyes dropped to view the bottom of her suit and found myself rewarded with the most succulent sight. A thin strip of pink silk was pulled tightly in order to cover her heavenly passion. The thin material exposed the fact she was swollen and wet, fueling my yearning and growing lust. Lisa’s body swayed with the most sexually hypnotic rhythm as she continued to move closer. I was frozen in place as my heart raced, pounding with the force of a base drum.
With a mischievously smile on her face Lisa continuously lowered her eyes to my crotch then back up and directly into my eyes. Without doubt, the rapidly growing bulge in my trousers had her completely intrigued. My cock had reached its length throbbing heavily with each beat of my heart while continuing to gain in girth. Trapped and bound by my tight trousers becoming severely uncomfortable I desperately needed to relieve my discomfort. Yet, I would be unable to do so without opening my trousers and physically pulling my cock free.
Lisa was merely inches away; her hypnotic green eyes were locked on my bulging cock and it only made me even harder. Licking her lips as she began to gently stroke her enter thigh with a slow seductive motion. I forced myself to swallow and gasped for breath as she slipped two fingers under the thin pink material covering her freshly shaven pussy. Fighting my desire to throw her down on the stairs and give into her sexual trance, I had to bite my lip in order to regain control of my desires. However, unconsciously I uttered the words aloud “You Are One Fucking Hot Beauty!”
I would have never thought it was possible for her green eyes to become brighter yet it was as if they became beckons shooting to my inter core. Lisa then spoke in a clear and unfamiliar tone “I’ve been wanting you to see me as the woman I am, not some little girl! Do you think I’m woman enough for you?” (OH SHIT what am I to do) was the thought racing in my mind? I was torn with my body screaming for action and my mind flashing warnings RUN – RUN)
“Without question Lisa you’re truly the most beautiful woman ” Before I could finish my statement she leaned in grasping my throbbing bulge then firmly stroking its length. My cock twitched as pre cum formed a wet spot on my trousers. Lisa gasped then looked up smiling “is that because of me, did I really do that?” My knees became weak and I thought I was going to pass out as every drop of blood in my body rushed to engorge my pounding cock even further. Finding myself unable to speak I reached down to remove her increasingly tight hold on my cock. “Why is your dick so hard,” she asked in a shy mischievous tone knowingly she was fully reasonable and priding herself on such an accomplishment. “ I need to finish feeding the rest of the stock!” was all I could say as I turned and headed to the door. “ Wait and I’ll go with you,” she yelled as the door closed behind me.

The discomfort created by my cock had become unbearable as I nearly broke into a full run to get behind the truck before loosing my trousers and pulling my cock free. Dam that girl is going to give me a heart attack I said to myself as I gave into my lust and stroked my now free and aching cock. My eyes closed and lost in my fantasy of tasting Lisa’s sweet pussy I continued stroking my engorged cock. “ I’m ready anytime you are.” I heard Lisa say as the passenger door slammed shut. My eyes popped open and I looked to see Lisa still wearing the swimsuit top and a pair of Daisy Duke shorts that had no crotch reviling her pink and swollen lips. Forcing my cock back into my trousers I then jumped into the truck started it up and headed to the barn. A
As we neared the darn I looked over to find Lisa with her head leaned back and eyes closed she had one leg propped up on the dash and the other up with her foot hanging out the window. Her chest was heaving, as her breath grew deeper as the cool breeze that swept over her flaming and dripping pussy. The truck came to a stop; Lisa spoke in a near whisper “ I hope this doesn’t make you uncomfortable.” I turned to discover she had shifted herself in the seat with open legs facing me as she rubbed her swollen clit. There was no possible way I could resist any further “ Not if this don’t bother you.” I said as I bent forward placing my hands on her fiery hips and then running my tongue between her sweet pink lips.
“ OH GOD” she squealed as her hands slammed on the back of my head and her fingers became entangled in my hair. Lost in my lust I drove my tongue deep into her depths as she thrust her hips vigorously. Her taste was like nothing I had ever experienced driving my desire even higher. I probed her wet cunt and sucked her swollen clit as if mad with passion. It was merely a matter of seconds Lisa began to thrash her head from side to side “ OH MY GOD DON’T STOP” she screamed out as her orgasm released flood after flood of heavenly sweet nectar.
I hungered for every precious drop, drinking down her flowing passion as she pulled my head tighter into her beckoning desire. I forced three fingers as deep as possible into her tight gap then began to pump her viciously. “FUCK ME NOW, PLEASE TAKE ME AND MAKE ME YOURS!’ she demanded. I looked up into her beautiful green eyes as another wave of orgasmic bliss overtook her body. Lisa looked deep into my eyes as she took in a deep heavy breath of air and gritted her teeth together tight “FUCK ME!” she grunted. I pulled my fingers free and lifted myself from between her legs forcing her entangled fingers free from my hair. Quickly I pulled my trousers down and stepped clear of them, my swollen throbbing cock stood free bouncing with each beat of my pounding heart and in Lisa’s clear unobstructed view.
Lisa’s eyes widened and became locked onto my engorged cock “ Wait, I don’t think you are going to be able to put that in me, it’s way to big!” she said as disappointment overcame her face. “Don’t worry Baby, I will never hurt you, I will always insure you Love everything we do.” I whispered while pulling her closer and placing the head of my cock between her fiery pink and dripping wet lips. Pulling her head to me our lips met for the first time. Lisa thrust her tongue deep into my mouth as her chest heaved with every breath. We kissed with a passion like none other and it was if our hearts became one, pounding in unison with one another. Continuing to kiss with such passion, I forced her legs further open and back. It took force to push the head of my cock past her swollen lips, or kiss muffled her lustful moan. Pushing harder I forced 4” of my cock inside. Lisa let out another muffled moan and began to squirm her hips from side to side. I began to work the 4” of cock in and out and Lisa began an intense rocking her hips meeting my thrust.
Then I forced an additional 4” of my cock deep into her, catching her off guard and making her release a slight whimper. Holding 8” of my cock firmly in her depths then breaking our kiss I looked into her beautiful eyes “ Are you OK?” I asked with concern. “ YES, I LOVE HOW I CAN FEEL YOUR HEART BEAT INSIDE OF ME. TAKE ME TAKE MY PUSSY, MAKE IT YOURS!” she pleaded. I could not believe the way this young woman was talking to me. Pulling my cock back where only the tip parted her lips I thrust forward driving the full length of my cock into her. Lisa’s hips squirmed as she held her breath and I continued to apply pressure even harder with my engorged cock. “ OH NO IT HURTS, IT’S TO MUCH!” Lisa shouted out. I slowly pulled out to where once again only the tip of my cock held her lips parted. Then just as slowly began to slide my full length back into her flowing wet cunt, ignoring her whimpers I repeated this action and soon felt Lisa’s flaming desire begin to open up to my manhood.
“OH SHIT” Lisa screamed as her flooding orgasm took control of her body. Her juices gushed forward with each increasingly hard thrust I made, allowing for my deeper unrestricted penetration into her untouched regions. I felt the tearing of my flesh as Lisa’s fingernails dug deep into the cheeks of my ass, pulling me with unbridled force seeking to crave her longing desire. I had become completely lost in my animal lust, pulling my cock free I flipped Lisa over as I slid her ass over to the edge of the seat. Driving my cock into Lisa’s waiting cunt from behind, I began to fuck her with all of my force; it was as if I lost complete control of my actions. Grasping the edges of the seat Lisa attempted to steady herself to my assault as I spread the cheeks of her hard ass and drove my cock like a piston. In moments, another orgasm took over her body, with out conscious thought Lisa pushed back meeting my thrusting cock. Her entire body began to quiver as orgasmic ecstasy took over her body.
I could feel the sensation beginning to build deep in my groin “ I’m going to cum!” I said as Lisa began pushing back even harder, I stopped my motion allowing Lisa to take control. Like a woman obsessed she would pull away then slam back driving my full length inside she desiring depths. “ I WANT YOUR CUM INSIDE MY PUSSY, FILL ME WITH YOUR HOT CUM, MAKE ME TAKE IT ALL!” Lisa demanded of me. I reached up wrapping her hair in my hand and pulled back as if trying to stop a run away horse and forcing my cock even deeper into this beautiful goddess. “ YES” was all I could say as I exploded, holding my cock deep inside her as I erupted stream after stream of my hot thick seed deep in Lisa’s whom. Yet, still filled with lust I continued my assault pumping her sweet cunt with my cock, with Lisa’s hair remaining wrapped in my clinched fist I felt no resistance as I rammed my cock in her flooded passion.
“ OH MY GOD I LOVE IT” Lisa proclaimed as I flipped her over to her back and forced her knees back to her shoulders. Feeling a completely new sensation beginning to build within me, I pounded her wet cunt with a furry. “OH GOD I’M GOING TO CUM AGAIN” Lisa screamed out as I exploded with a force like never before. Depleted of all my energy and sexual fluids I fell forward covering Lisa’s body, basking in our sweet sweat of Passion as we kissed with such deep passion until we both fully recovered from our orgasmic bliss. Our lips parted and Lisa’s green eyes were glowing as if illuminated with an unconditional desire then as her stare penetrated deep into my very soul she said “ YOU KNOW I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED YOU BUT NEVER DREAMED I COULD AS MUCH AS I DO NOW!”

If you would like in the following chapter I will tell about what took place when Lisa and I were discover by her mother Debra.

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