The Five Forms of Kimber Chapter 4: Air Stone

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Kimber and Jonath hiked along the path leading up along the mountainside. It had been a long journey already, they were deep into the mountain range and quite a distance up. Jonath was glad that Kimber had forced him to leave his armor behind temporarily at a village in the foothills, even though he was accustomed to the weight it would not have been pleasant hauling the extra load up the steep route. "Shit! Do you see that, the path up ahead is gone!" Jonath proclaimed.

"That just means we're in the right place," Kimber replied. "It's all part of the legend."

"Another legend is it? So what's the story this time?" Jonath asked.

"There is a tower stronghold up in these mountains. It is told that it was originally inhabited by a wizard, a secluded place to work his experiments. But it became better known for a different purpose. The princess of the kingdom nearby was approaching marrying age when a seer foretold that she would bear a son who would one day slay her parents and bring the kingdom to ruin. The king and queen were devastated and imprisoned her in the old, abandoned tower, to be safe from any suitors that could give her a child," Kimber said.

"I suppose sending her to the tower led to a peculiar series of events ending in the prophesy coming true," said Jonath.

"Not at all, in fact," Kimber said. "The queen and many others died of an illness that swept over the land, and the king was later deposed by a conspiracy of traitorous knights, who were themselves set upon by the loyal knights, and they killed each other to the last man. When somebody finally remembered they needed to send another batch of provisions to the tower for the princess, or perhaps to just release her, the only path up the mountain had been completely destroyed by a rockslide."

"That's a sad story. But if they couldn't reach the tower, how do you propose that we do so?" Jonath asked.

"You should know by now, I have a few advantages that others do not," Kimber said, touching the bird symbol on her medallion. The familiar glow enveloped her body. The most striking feature revealed when it receded was the pair of large, majestic brown feathered wings that had sprouted from her body along the entire length of her back. They resembled the broad slotted shape of hawks and eagles, and from tip to tip spanned nearly three times her own height. She gave them a few gentle flaps, then they folded up neatly onto her back and sides, nearly reaching the ground and almost completely covering her arms as well. Another cluster of feathers spouted from the back of each leg at her calves, put together they resembled a bird's tail feathers. These, too, folded down into a rest state along her legs, above her bare feet. Brown feathers also covered her head, in place of hair, but resembling a shoulder-length hair style. Her garment was of a backless maillot design, supported by a strap around her neck in order to not interfere with her wings. It too was covered in brown feathers, the softer body type rather than the long wing variety. The neckline plunged low enough to show a fair amount of cleavage. Her breasts were smaller than her normal ones but larger than those of the serpent girl form.

"Oh, my!" Jonath exclaimed, while stepping closer to her. "I'd been wondering if that bird icon meant you could grow wings, but these are beyond amazing." He reached out and ran his hand down a wing, feeling the feathers.

"I know that look," Kimber teased, with a mischievous look in her own brown eyes. "I promise you can fuck me like this later. I want to do what we came here for first, though."

"Fair enough," Jonath said, trying to hide his eagerness. The cliffside wasn't a good place for dalliances anyway.

"I'm going to scout ahead, then I'll come back and pick you up," Kimber said, unfurling her wings. "Even without your armor, you're more weight than these wings are meant to carry, so this isn't going to be easy, but it's the only way across." She leapt into the air as her powerful wings flapped downward. She leveled off into a stable glide, arms at her sides and her legs flat out behind her with calf feathers spread wide, and flew off in the direction that the ruined mountain path must have taken.

After a brief wait, she returned, and called out, "Hold your arms up!" before circling around. Jonath did so, and as she swooped down they grabbed hold of each other's wrists. In an instant he was off the ground, his feet dangling free beneath him. He resisted the urge to cry out, whether in fear or excitement, he wasn't sure. Kimber beat her wings repeatedly and grunted with effort as she struggled to keep them both aloft. "By the Gods, this is even more difficult than I expected," she said as her breaths became heavy and rapid.

Jonath could see the intact path picking up again ahead of them. He could also tell they were not going to land upon it, Kimber was losing too much altitude. Her wings flapped quickly as she futilely tried to regain some height, then began to panic, crying out, "Shit, shit, shit!" As the cliff wall approached, Jonath pulled his knees up to his chest, thrusting his feet forward, and bent his arms down towards his back. His boots impacted against the rock, and only his boots, as he had forced Kimber to collide with his backside. He released her left arm, freeing his own to grab hold of a small ledge, and let his boots slide downward until they found purchase.

Kimber put her left arm around his neck, then her right, holding onto him as she panted for air, her tired wings collapsing to her sides. "Are you alright?" Jonath asked with concern once her breaths started to slow.

"I'm getting there," she replied. "That was quick thinking. Thanks to you, only my pride has suffered." She opened his pack and retrieved his rope. "Give me a few moments and I will yet still see you safely up this mountain." Her wings spread once more, and she released Jonath as they carried her up to the path. Soon after, the rope came tumbling down to him. "You climb, I'll pull," Kimber called down.

Jonath wound the rope around his right arm before grabbing hold of it, then took hold with his left hand as well. "I'm ready!" he shouted upwards. Despite that claim, he was caught off guard by the rate of his ascent, his feet could barely keep up with the speed Kimber was pulling the rope. When he reached the path and hauled himself up over the edge, he could see why. Up the trail, at the far end of the rope, he could see a horse's backside topped by Kimber's backside. She looked back over her shoulder to make sure he was all the way up, then used her medallion to return from centaur to human form. She walked back towards him, coiling the rope as she went.

"Perhaps a bit of a rest here before continuing on?" Jonath suggested.

"Most definitely," Kimber replied.

- - -

Fortunately the remainder of the path to the tower was unhindered. It was a majestic sight, jutting almost organically from the side of the mountain above a sheer cliff, no mere fortification tower or decorative feature, but a fully livable building constructed more vertically than horizontally. The metal rings affixed to the door and frame, as well as the massive lock securing them together, looked out of place, no doubt they were added when the princess was sealed inside. Kimber examined the lock and said, "I should be able to pick this."

"No doubt, but I think the direct approach would be more expedient," Jonath said, and then bought a large rock down on the lock with enough force to break the ring free from the old wooden door.

"So it is," Kimber acknowledged. She pushed the door open and stepped inside. Jonath followed and closed the door behind him. Kimber looked around at the first level, which held an inviting foyer, what looked to be storage areas, and a stairway leading up to the other rooms. She suddenly stumbled and fell to one knee, catching herself with her hands on the floor.

"Kimber! Are you alright?" Jonath said with concern.

"I'm fine. Better than fine. I feel fantastic," she stammered. She stood up and looked down at herself, then around the room again, and then her gaze fixated on Jonath. She gasped and rushed towards him. "And you are also fantastic! There must be a bed in the upper levels, let us find it and lay together."

"You want to have sex? Now?" he asked. "But you said we wouldn't do that until after—"

"Never mind what I said, let's go," she said excitedly, interrupting him. She took him by the hand and nearly dragged him up the stairs. They found the bedroom on the top floor. The bed itself was large and plush, though covered in dust like everything else. There was also a balcony that protruded from the side of the tower and overlooked the mountain below. Lying on the balcony floor was a skeleton wearing a fine dress.

"The remains of the princess," Jonath observed.

Kimber's clothes were already off, her beautiful naked form waiting on the bed. "Yes, Princess Rowena, the poor dear. Nobody should be made to suffer like that. Now come join me, let me see you," she said. He smiled and disrobed. She gasped, reached out, and gingerly touched his stiff cock. "Oh yes, I am ready for this."

"Good, because so am I," Jonath said. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply, his hands venturing to her breasts and caressing them. Then he got on top of her and pushed his member into her waiting pussy. She squealed as it entered, and moaned loudly as he slid it back and forth inside her.

"Yes! Take me! Take all of me! Ohhhhhh!" she cried, her moans steadily building into a screaming orgasm. Jonath slowed his pace to allow her to catch her breath. "No, what are you doing? Don't let up, give it to me," she pleaded. He obliged and quickened his thrusts again, and was rewarded by her pleasure-filled moans that soon built to a second orgasm. Jonath himself yelled out as his cock unleashed its load deep within her. His lips returned to hers, and she returned the kiss with surprising fervor. "More" she demanded, and then turned over with Jonath to put herself on top. She moved her wet tunnel up and down on his cock as it rapidly regained hardness, and rode him to several more orgasms.

By the time they were finished, the sun had gone down. "Well, I suppose we'll just have to search tomorrow then," Jonath said. "I'm quite ready for a good night's slumber anyway, how about you?" She nodded, pulled in close against him, and fell asleep straight away.

- - -

Jonath awoke first. He looked to the beautiful, naked woman sleeping beside him and felt his cock twitch and rise to life. He decided there would be plenty of time to search for the stone later, and moved down the bed. He gently spread her legs open and began to lick her pussy. She stirred in her sleep, moaning softly, as he could taste her juices starting to flow. Finally her eyes flew open and she let out the last few loud moans before her orgasm slammed through her. "Good morning," he said, sliding two fingers into her wetness, then resuming his tongue's assault on her clit.

"Yeeeeees," she yelled out as his skilled manipulations of her pleasure points brought her again closer and closer to cumming again, and then completed the journey when he sucked hard on her clit. Her back arched as she screamed. "Don't stop, please, don't stop," she begged, and he was happy to oblige, licking and sucking her to several more orgasms before flopping over on the bed to rest his mouth.

She moved down, bringing her face close to his rock hard dick. She gave it a tentative lick, then another, then took the tip into her mouth, running her tongue around on it. Jonath moaned in appreciation. She starting lowering her head, taking it deeper into her mouth, slowly at first, and then she threw caution to the wind and slammed her head down, taking it all in at once. She began bobbing up and down on it, slurping and sucking, pausing a few times to swirl her tongue around the head before once against sliding her lips all the way down the shaft. When he could take no more, he screamed out and pumped his jism into her mouth. She looked surprised and unsure briefly, then closed her eyes and swallowed as her hands moved to fondle her pussy and one of her breasts.

He watched her fingers disappearing within the folds of her sex, then grabbed her wrist and pulled it to him, slipping those same fingers into his mouth to once again taste her dampness. Then he pushed her down on the bed and bent down to resume tasting it from the source. She moaned and put her hands on the back of his head, pushing him into her. He ate her to another orgasm, then replaced his tongue with his cock and fucked her to two more, as well as another of his own. In the end they were both exhausted, and fell asleep again in each other's arms.

Jonath woke up to the feeling of her hands all over his body, mostly running over his chest and stroking his hard rod. "We'd better start at exploring the tower now," he said.

"I'd much rather explore you," she countered. He chuckled, shrugged his shoulders, then pulled her on top of him. He turned her around, and guided her head to his cock while her pussy hovered over his lips. She got the idea immediately and they both began licking and sucking each other's genitals, muffled moans emanating from both of them. When he came, she swallowed it all without flinching, and he drank in as much of her juices as he could summon.

When then finally pulled away from each other, he forced her to her hands and knees on the bed, knelt behind her, and moved his cock into her pussy from the rear. He held her hips and thrust over and over, slamming his meat into her drenched hole. He reached forward and took a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back gently. She screamed, "Yes, yes, harder, more, do it harder, don't stop!" He pushed her head down to the bed, pounding into her, ramming himself deep inside. Her moans nearly joined into one continuous moan, until finally she yelled out as her orgasm struck. Jonath came as well, spewing his hot seed into her body. They both collapsed, exhausted.

They continued this the rest of the day and into the night, wearing themselves out by fucking, and then picking right back up again as soon as they were able, barely stopping for meals only at Jonath's insistence.

- - -

The next morning, Jonath again was the first awake. He rose from the bed and got dressed, then picked up his pack, and Kimber's knapsack as well, in case some tool within it would be useful when he ventured down into the tower. He had decided to do this while he was able, for once she woke up she might very well keep him in bed all day again. He descended the staircase and searched the floors one by one. There was a comfortable sitting room, a library filled with books, a kitchen area, and the foyer. He examined every corner, nook, cranny, cabinet, and item of furniture thoroughly, and found nothing.

He returned to the sitting room, determined to start again. If he'd checked all the obvious places, perhaps there were some non-obvious spots he'd overlooked. He had no idea how to discern what those would be, however. He idly pulled the earth and water stones from the knapsack and stared at them. "If I were hiding one of these in this tower, where would I put it?" he asked aloud. No answer was forthcoming. He wished he could count on Kimber's help for this, she was clearly better at it than he. Perhaps the stone was hidden in the bedroom, and he would have to fend off her sexual urges while looking for it.

"Here you are, I've been looking for you. Why did you leave the bedroom?" she said, coming down the stairs. She was wearing a dress that she must have taken from the princess's wardrobe. She looked quite beautiful in it. The medallion around her neck seemed to glow along with its splendor.

"I was just searching for your treasure," Jonath said as she walked up to him.

"Ah, but I have found my treasure, and it's right here," she said, reaching down to squeeze his cock through his pants.

"Perhaps so," he said, smiling. "However the companion to these two is still somewhere in this tower." He held up the stones for emphasis.

"Oh, I know where that is," she said, almost dismissively.

"You do? Where? Take us there," he said.

"I'd rather you take me back to bed so we can have more of the sex," she said, running her hands up his chest.

"I tell you what, you lead us to the stone, and in return I'll fuck you in the ass," he offered.

She gasped. "Oooo, do people really do that? How naughty! Do you promise you will?" He nodded. "Alright, then. Follow me." She led him down the stairs to the foyer, and explained, "You wouldn't know by looking at it, but this tower was actually built on the mouth of a cave." She entered one of the storerooms, and walked directly into the far wall. "Owww!" she exclaimed, stepping back and rubbing her nose and forehead.

"If there is a cave behind this wall, there must be door concealed here, and some mechanism to open it," Jonath said. He'd examined these walls for loose stones, but a secret door would never had occurred to him. He started looking for the switch. There was a torch holder mounted to the wall, he'd passed it over before but now he took hold of it and attempted to move it. Indeed, it rotated an eighth of a turn, and then pulled out a short distance from the wall. Old gears creaked behind the wall as a portion of the stones swung inward, revealing a doorway.
Jonath lit a torch and entered first, cautiously. The space inside the cave was clearly a wizard's laboratory, filled with strange, nearly indescribable items. The air stone, however, was in plain view in a small glass cabinet. A list, four items long, was etched into the glass in a language he couldn't read. He opened the cabinet and took the white stone, then retreated back to the tower. Though nothing seemed to be alive in the cave, it was decidedly creepy and he didn't care to dwell there any longer then necessary.

He passed through the door back into the storeroom, held the stone aloft triumphantly, then placed it in Kimber's knapsack. She had waited there for him. "Mission achieved. Let's go," he said. She clapped her hands and squealed with glee. He took her by the hand and led her out to the foyer, and to the door to the outside. He pushed it open and started to walk though.

"Where are you going?" she asked. "You promised to give me a fucking in my bum."

"And I will, once we leave the mountains. We're done here," he said, pulling on her arm.

"No! Come back to bed with me!" she demanded. She held her ground quite well, he could not pull her beyond the threshold of the doorway, and she wasn't even holding on to anything.

"Alright, the bed it is, then," he said, finally agreeing. They returned to the top floor and stripped out of their clothing. Jonath bent her over the bed, spread her ass cheeks, and positioned his hard cock at her back door. "Are you ready?" he asked.

"Yes, give it to me!" she pleaded, then cried out as he pushed inside her rear entry. She moaned more as he slid all the way into her, then began thrusting in and out. He reached a hand around her and started massaging her clit, forcing her to moan even louder. Before long she reached orgasm, and as her ass muscles squeezed his cock, Jonath came as well, depositing his spunk deep up her asshole. He pulled out of her, flipped her onto her back, and dove into her pussy, licking and sucking it. She screamed in appreciation. They were soon deep into another full day alternating between marathon sex and fatigue-induced naps, lasting well past the setting of the sun.

- - -

As morning returned, Jonath stood out on the balcony, his hands on the parapet wall, looking over the edge. It was a long way straight down. He was again fully dressed and bearing both his and Kimber's packs. She eventually walked out to fetch him, still naked. "Return to bed, I want you back inside me," she said, while snuggling against his backside.

He turned to her, clutched both her wrists and pulled them up to her collarbone next to the medallion. He pulled his body tightly against hers, holding her with one arm around her neck and the other around her waist, trapping her own arms against her chest. He kissed her deeply, then looked into her eyes and said, "I'm going to need my friend back now."

"What whatever do you mean?" she asked.
"Come now, Princess. Did you really think you could carry off your ruse?" he said. "I don't know if it's the residual magic in this place that kept your spirit confined here, or your anger at your unfortunate life, perhaps a combination of the two, but I must leave here now, with Kimber."

"No! I won't leave her! She's mine!" she said, panic creeping into her voice.

"Rowena, please, you have to. We ran out of provisions yesterday. We can't stay."

"You must! Never in my life did I feel such pleasures! Remain here and we can do sex at least a few more days! Please, I need it!" She was on the verge of tears now. Jonath also noticed that the medallion was definitely glowing with its own light. He'd begun to notice it earlier but thought it his imagination. No matter, whatever the cause, it was not important to his plan. He started leaning backwards over the parapet. He could feel it as once more the tower resisted letting its captive go, and they hovered on the brink, beyond what should have been the tipping point for their weight to carry them over.

"I hope that your soul can one day find rest. Perhaps I have even helped you with that. But now I must bid you farewell." He pulled his legs up, planted his feet against the parapet, and pushed off with all his might.

"Noooooooooooo!" she screamed as Jonath pulled her off the balcony. He could faintly see her ghost as it was ripped from Kimber's body and yanked back into the tower, still screaming in protest. The two of them dropped, head first, from the tower.

"Kimber! Kimber!" he shouted into her face, which bore a dazed expression. "We need wings, now!" Somewhere between the urgency in his voice, the air rushing past her ears, and the feeling of being upside down, Kimber snapped awake and pressed the bird symbol on the medallion. Jonath closed his eyes as the glow overtook her body, granting her the vital wings. With great effort she was able to pull out of free fall and away from the mountain before it was too late, and eventually achieved a level glide.

"Well, this is a better hold than what we tried before," she said, referring to his arms clutching her back above and below the wings. "You're not as much of a drag on the air this way, though you're still too much weight for sustained flying."

"That's okay, I'll settle for a slow descent and safe landing," he replied.

"What just happened, anyway? Why were we falling?" she asked.

"So you don't remember anything," he observed.

"There's something. It's fuzzy, like recalling a dream. We were in the tower. There was a very nice bed, and you we were fucking in it."

"You were possessed by the spirit of the imprisoned princess. Suffice it to say she's no longer a virgin, many times over." Kimber grimaced.

"I'm not sure whether to feel violated, or sorry that I missed out on that." She paused to consider. "I don't suppose you were able to find the air stone by yourself in between all that sex?" she asked hopefully.

"Unfortunately not," Jonath answered.

"Dammit. I had hoped this would be the conclusion of the quest. I do know someone that can craft us an exorcism spell, but it's going to be a long journey there and then back to here."

"However, the princess was able to lead me right to it," he finished. "Apparently in her spectral form she had easily discovered the wizard's old hidden laboratory."

Kimber stared at him blankly for a moment, then reached her arm up and nudged him playfully in the cheek with her fist. "You scoundrel," she said with a broad smile. She looked up ahead, and said, "Hey, are you hungry? I'm hungry."

"That I am," he agreed. He could feel her start turning and heading downward.

"Let go when I say," she ordered. He nodded. "Ready now!" He released his arms and fell just a few feet into a bush. He turned and watched her climb again, then she peaked and started into a dive. The familiar glow covered her body as the wings were replaced by a fish tail, and she plunged into a mountain lake. In short order, she surfaced at the shore, dragging a sizable fish with her. She returned to a human state and prepared the fish for cooking while Jonath gathered wood and built a fire.

After they had both eaten their fill, Kimber stood and activated her bird wings once more. She held them spread out behind her as she reached behind her neck and unfastened the clasp on her garment. The front promptly fell forward, fully uncovering her breasts. She pushed it down her legs and tossed it aside with a flick of her foot. She smiled slyly at Jonath and said, "You've earned this."

Jonath disrobed as quickly as he could and approached her. He guided his hard cock into her pussy and then placed his hands on her shoulders while he started thrusting with his hips. Kimber folder her wings into their rest position at her sides, they partially enclosed Jonath in a feathered embrace as he fucked her. She moaned in pleasure and her wings started twitching as his dick rocked into her. She backed away from him, then spread her wings and leaned over onto a boulder, spreading her legs wide to give access to her warm, dripping wet cunt. "Take me hard," she requested.

"My pleasure," Jonath responded as he held her hips and entered her from behind, ramming forcefully into her. She screamed out loudly and her wings flapped gently up and down in rhythm with his thrusts. He leaned forward and laid his arms out over the wings, feeling their strength as they moved beneath him and caressing the soft feathers. He grunted and moaned as his orgasm built, then yelled out when his cock erupted deep inside her. He pulled out and backed away to give her wings wide berth as she turned around, then she closed the distance to him again and kissed him passionately.
She then pushed him to the ground onto his back, and got down on all fours to pull his cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked it back to full size, then crawled forward and mounted him, impaling herself on his rod. She rode him, moaning loudly, raising and lowering her pussy on his manhood, pushing it deep up into her. Her wings flapped faster and faster and she held onto his body to keep herself anchored to him. "Yes, fuuuck, yes, yes, ooohh, yes, yes, yesyesyes aaaaaahhhhh!" she cried out as she finally came, her back arching and her wings thrusting straight back behind her to their full length.

She collapsed forward onto Jonath, and her wings sank slowly to the ground, then her legs slid out from underneath her. As she rested, her wings slowly folded back in. She rolled over off of Jonath and onto her back as they tucked in against her body, and sighed with content.

Continued in Chapter 5: Stones of Sekenig

- - -

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