My Secretary’s Daughter

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My Secretary’s Daughter

I got a frantic phone call one Saturday night from my secretary. Gretchen said, “My daughter has been arrested for prostitution. I need a thousand dollars to get her out of jail. I don’t know what to do.”

I quickly calmed her down and said that I would take care of it. I then asked what jail and what her fist name was. Then I rushed down to the Sheriff’s department. I told the Desk Sergeant why I was there and then I sat on the long hard wooden bench for over an hour. I was then sent into a room down the hall. It was a judge’s chamber. Soon Lucy was ushered in, in handcuffs. The judge waited for the matron to remove the cuffs and close the door behind her.

The judge asked me why I wanted the girl since I was not her father. Then he asked me if I was her pimp. I explained that Lucy’s mother was my secretary and that Gretchen didn’t have the bail money but that I did. After some firm discussion she was released into my custody and mine alone. I was the only one responsible for keeping her out of trouble for the next year and seeing to it that she attended school and do a hundred hours of community service.


In the car on the way to her mother’s house she called me every filthy name in the book. Finally, I stopped the car, draped her across my lap, and spanked the shit out of her. Well not literally, but I sure gave her tender ass a good workout.

Her short slutty skirt and her G-string panties did little to protect her bare skin from my rough callused hand. It felt warm to my touch, it was nice and soft, and it was just like her mother’s ass.

I dragged her into her mother’s house and told her to pack some clothes while I talked to her mother. I explained how I was totally responsible for Lucy and that I had been given sole custody of her for the next year. Shocked, Gretchen wanted to come along.

Firmly I said, “If you do then you will act as my wife, cook, clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and…sleep in my bed.”

Gretchen smiled and asked, “Does it include sex too?”

I smiled, reached up under her skirt, and cupped her panty-covered pussy.

She smiled and said, “Then I had better pack some clothes too.”

About a half-hour later the two women were in my car and we were headed for my house just outside of town.

Lucy started in again with, “I’m not going to live out here in the sticks just so you can fuck my mother.”

I stopped the car, I pulled her across my lap, and I started in again. Gretchen tried to stop me but I swatted her hand away hard enough for her to back off. Lucy was fully engulfed in tears and unable to say a word when I threw her against her door and continued to drive.

Luckily I owned my own construction company and I could pretty much do whatever I wanted too. I had two crew foremen, each with their own crews, and I could run it from my home if need be.

I stopped on my front porch and had my key out, ready to open the door and let them in when I said, “Strip naked, both of you. There will be no clothes worn in my house. Understand?”

Lucy said, “What about you?”

I sat on the railing, pulled her over my knee, and beat her ass again. While I beat her now tender ass I removed her panties, her slut skirt, and her slut top. She was not wearing a bra. In between hits I slipped her ridicules shoes off too.

When I looked at Gretchen she was naked and smiling at me. Then she said, “My father used to call that…spare the rod, spoil the child.”

When Lucy was nothing but a blubbering mass of flesh I stood up, opened the door, and took her inside. It was late so I gave her a blanket and a pillow and sent her up into the attic. I had a pull down a ladder of sorts to let her up there. Then I put the ladder up and latched it from below. There was no way that Lucy was getting out of there that night.

She asked about a bathroom and I told her that there a coffee can up there for her to use and I warned her about missing the can and peeing on my floor.

I took Gretchen into my bedroom and threw her onto my bed.

Gretchen said, “What has gotten into you I came here expecting to have sex but you don’t have to treat me that way. It isn’t as we if we haven’t had sex before.”

I apologized to her and told her that Lucy just made me so mad that I didn’t know what to do.

Gretchen said, “She wanted to be a whore…treat her like one…just like you have been. Hell, invite some of the boys over to fuck her. She let Billy Bob Jackson fuck her when she was only nine and ever since then I can’t keep her away from men, boys, or the neighborhood dogs. If it’s got a cock, she wants it.”

I then kissed Gretchen, slapped her on her ass, and told her to get on her knees. I slipped my cock into her nice wet pussy and closed my eyes. I thought about fucking that thirteen-year-old in my attic. When I did cum it felt great. I kept it in her as I rolled us onto our sides and spooned her to sleep.

In the morning Lucy was stomping around like a horse in the attic. I unlocked the ladder and pulled it down. She scampered down the ladder on her way to the bathroom.

Lucy said, “I’ve to pee really bad.”

I grabbed her arm and said, “Then stand still for one minute. Don’t you dare move or pee on my floor.”

I lifted the ladder back up into the ceiling and looked at my watch. When one minute had passed I let her go. However, I followed her into the bathroom and wouldn’t let her close the door.

She was desperate and said, “Fine! You can fucking watch if you want too. I don’t care.”

I replied, “That’s good because I’m taking the door off this bathroom and your bedroom door will have bars on it…just like in jail…and your window too.”

She snarled at me and said, “It doesn’t matter. I have to be naked in this house anyway. So fucking look.”

Then Lucy spread her legs as wide as she could get them. A wide yellow stream flowed out of her and into the toilet. She started to pull three or four feet of toilet paper off the roll.

I said, “A pussy that small shouldn’t need any more than two sheets of toilet paper. If I catch you using more that two to wipe your pussy then I’ll spank you.”

The smart-ass asked, “So how many sheet can I use to wipe my ass?”

I shot back, “Four…but you can get four more if that doesn’t do the trick.”

Gretchen was standing behind me and asked, “Does that go for me too?”

I just looked at her. She asked, “I may need some more when your cum stops dripping down my leg.”

Lucy looked at her mother’s face, then she looked at the blob of thick cum on her inner thigh, and then she said, “If I lick it off, you won’t need any toilet paper.”

I chimed in, “Deal!”

Lucy looked at me.

I said, “Lick it then. Your mother can find you the next time she needs you.”

I stayed right there. I pushed Gretchen closer. Then I watched Lucy lick her mother’s inner thigh, look at me, and then attack her mother’s pussy…giving it a rather good cleaning. Lucy was holding her mother’s ass and pulling it in closer while Gretchen was humping her daughter’s tongue. I was certainly going to enjoy having two women under my roof.

The following day, which was Monday, I took Lucy to school and dropped her off. When I picked her up after school she bragged about letting three boys fuck her in the boy’s bathroom during lunch.

On Tuesday I arrived just before lunch and had her sit my car with me while we are cheeseburgers, fries, and soda. She was not pleased.

As the week went on she became less and less pleased.

That Friday while we ate Chinese takeout she said, “Okay! What will it take for me to get fucked? I’m used to letting several boys fuck me every day and I haven’t had a stiff cock in me since Monday. I’m so fucking horny right now that I’ll even suck your cock.”

I said, “What if I let you invite a hundred boys to come over this weekend and fuck you? For the cost of just one-dollar they can fuck you once. What do you think?”

Lucy asked, “Why a hundred?”

I laughed and said, “Because at three boys an hour it will take you close to seventeen hours, then clean up and get some sleep for the next day.”

Lucy said, “I’m good at Math too. Suppose I let each boy have me for thirty minutes and fifty hours later I’m done?”

Shocked I asked, “Do you really think that you can stay awake for fifty hours?”

Lucy laughed and said, “I don’t have to be away for them to fuck me.” She thought about it for a moment and asked, “Who gets the hundred dollars?”

I smiled and said, “You get fifty to spend on clothes. Your pimp gets to keep the other half.”

She asked, “Can I buy whatever I want?”

Again I laughed and said, “Yes! Yes, you can. If you are naked at all times in my house and I’m pimping you out as my whore, then I guess you can dress like a slut if you want too.”

I got a big hug, a nice kiss on the cheek, and then just before she bolted from the car she said, “I’ve got to get busy if I want a hundred boys to fuck me…starting at four o’clock today. I’ll start a sigh up sheet and let them pick the best time for them. The last fifty will just have to take whatever is left.” As an after thought she asked, “Can the same boy fuck me more than once?”

I didn’t want to make it easy on her so I said, “No! Once per customer.”

She just smiled and said, “Okay, no problem. See you right after school.”

She was gone and I watched her run into school with her ass twitching, her boobs bouncing, and thought of her panties getting wetter by the minute.

At home I explained everything to her mother. I thought that she would be upset but she wasn’t at all. In fact she was pleased that it was taking place at my house so that we could be around just in case that there was any trouble.

I had Lucy home and naked by three-thirty. The first four boys were there soon after. What to hell, we started early. I had her notebook with a list of times for every half-hour for the next fifty hours with a boy’s name printed behind it. I called out the first boy and had Gretchen take him up to her.

Gretchen was naked and she seemed proud of it. Those boys drooled over her but they were there to fuck her daughter. When thirty minutes had gone by she took the next boy up and brought the previous one down with her.

That boy told his friends what a great time he had had loosing his virginity. I put a V in a circle behind his name and decided to ask them all if they were virgins…discretely of course.

That first boy then asked Gretchen if he could fuck her. She replied, “Not for a lousy dollar.” Then of course he asked how much she wanted. I could see her calculating the price but what she said made me smile, “I’m not for sale.”

When he offered her a hundred dollars she showed him to the door. Now that made me smile. Especially when she came over and said, “One prostitute in the family is enough.”

I laughed and said, “Too bad you could have made a lot of young boys very happy.”

Gretchen replied, “Lucy is doing a great job of that already.”

There was a never-ending string of boys. Gretchen and I managed to stay up until the last boy left at six-thirty on Sunday…then we all slept for thirteen hours, called in sick, and then stayed in bed for most of the day.

Lucy eventually climbed in bed between us and said, “Thank you. I had a great time. Can I do it again next weekend? They all want to come back. I told them that the first time was a sample and that the next time will cost them twenty dollars. My notebook has the same hundred boys listed on it but in a different order. Can I? Please!”

It was Gretchen that said, “Okay, but you have to keep your grades up and no fucking around in school.”

Lucy said, “Okay.”

True to her word, Lucy became a model student and she started dressing much nicer. Since she was making a thousand dollars a weekend Gretchen made her start a college fund and put half of her earnings in it. Of course, I added my thousand to it.

After the year was up and she was released from probation her mother and I were married.

It was very hard to talk her into going to college…after all she had been saving seventy-eight thousand dollars a year for the past six years…ever since she was thirteen in the seventh grade.

However, in college she raised her price considerably, studied very hard, and made a lot of her professors very happy…even the female professors.

When Lucy graduated with a degree in Business she already owned a business. She ran a teenage prostitution ring for other teenagers. In fact it had been in operation since Lucy entered college. It took ten girls to take over for her. The apartment building that she bought worked out perfectly. My construction company remodeled the place to provide a gathering place and in and out doors in every bedroom. The ground floor was disguised as a youth center run by Gretchen. The boys could play pool or a variety of video games before going up to a bedroom. A machine dispensed special tokens for twenty-dollar bills. The boys turned the coins in for sex. Within a few months we had converted the third floor into ten more bedrooms.

The End
My Secretary’s Daughter

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