The Algebra Teacher 2 - Love in the wrong place

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(recap: Phillip is a black student in Colleens, his teachers class. Lisa and Kerri are fellow students and are part of an after school tutoring. Colleen and Phillip find themselves attracted and begin to get it on after class.)

Colleen quivered as she felt Phillips hand on the soft inside of her thigh. Slowly, Phillip moved his hand up her leg. Colleen became quiet, she looked at the door and then leaned over and gave Phillip a kiss. Their eyes locked as Phillip continued with his hand further toward her “V”. Colleen gave a slight sigh and a smile. She took Phillip’s hand in hers and moved it deep between her legs.

The class room door was still open as she put her hand on Phillip’s leg. This was crazy, right here in school but so exciting, Colleen had dreamed of this so many times. Now as she felt Phillips hand between her thighs, she squeezed her legs tight and then let up. Her hand was already over his crotch. She could feel his hard cock pushing against his pants.

They held each other tight. Hands moved up and down their bodies bonded together. Phillip kissed her neck, her long hair hung over her neck. This was everything Colleen had hoped for. It was more than anything Phillip had ever dreamed off.

Colleen opened Phillip’s fly, rubbing his dick with her palm. She kissed him harder sliding her tongue inside his mouth. Phillip was overcome by lust as Coleen’s hands were on his butt, pulling down his shorts and pants at the same time. His cock already hard was in her hands. She spit on her hands rubbing his cock head between them . Both hands on his dick she leaned over and spit on his cock head.

Colleen leaned over and took Phillip’s swollen member in her mouth.
“Ahhhhhh.” Phillip moaned, twisted, grimaced.

Lisa and Kerri peeked around the door. They both had their cell phone cameras recording on video.
They looked back and forth between the hallway and the lustful scene unfolding in the class room.
They couldn’t believe their eyes. Their teacher had Phillips black cock in her mouth.
They kept their camera just around the edge while they looked down the hallway hoping no one would

Colleen sucked his black dick thinking about him inside her.
Colleen gasped to herself, she needed him, she needed him now.
“Fuck me now. Please Phillip. Fuck me.” She was begging for it.

Phillip pulled her up, twisted her around and pushed her against the desk. Colleen leaned over the desk and grabbed the far ledge with her hands. Phillips pulled down her pants as Colleen trembled with anticipation.
In a low voice she begged himagain . “Hurry Phillip, God hurry. Please.”
Colleen grabbed the desk hard as she felt first her pants and then her panties pulled down.
She spread her legs and pushed her ass out showing off her sweet white pussy.

The girls peeked again. “OMG, she is gonna fuck that black cock.” Lisa mouthed to Kerri.
“Fucking slut whore.” Replied Kerri, only whispering. They looked back again to see…..

Right there in the classroom Phillip nailed Colleen against the desk. Colleen braced herself as Phillip
jammed himself inside her. All Colleen’s deepest dreams were being fulfilled. Phillip reacted through instinct, never did he think this could happen. His friends had talked about fucking white pussy .
The had talked about Colleen, hot white teacher but this was not talk, this was the real shit.

The girls watched intently around the corner hoping the two would never look their way. Colleen’s
neat black slacks and her panties lay on the floor. Her Auburn hair hung over her face swishing back and forth to the rhythm of Phillips thrusts. Colleen groaned quietly. Phillip had his hands on her white
ass, probing her with cock.

The girls watching could see the side of their faces. They could hear the muffled grunts.
The scene was so hot, Kerri had her hand between her legs rubbing herself. Lisa was squeezing
her thigh’s, watching the black-white fuck fest.

Phillips’s steady thrust quickened, trembling Phillip filled Colleen with his seed. Colleen felt him throbbing and the release inside her. She was shaking barely able to keep from screaming in her passion.Finished, they held each other, neither believing what they had just done. Colleen reached down and ran her hand over his cock and licked her hand letting him watch her lick up his cum.

The last the girls filmed was Colleen slurping Phillips semen off her hand . The girls could hardly talk on the way home, they were trembling. It was so hot watching their Teacher have sex with the black student, they never thought him such a stud but then…… “God, did you see Phillip, he was like a mad man. You get a load of how big he was.” Hustling to Kerri’s house they kept talking about what they had seen. “He was fucking that naughty white pussy.” “I am so fucking jealous laughed Kerri, I would like some that black cock.”

Kerri and Lisa hurried into Kerri’s bedroom to download and watch their videos. The girls were glued to the video screen as they watched . Kerri pulled her box of TOYS from under the bed. “Take your pick,
Or should I say prick.” Laughed Kerri. Lisa grabbed the big black rubber cock. Kerri took her favorite
vibrator. Nude from the waist down the girls used the TOYS as they watch the videos over and over.

“Fucking Slut loves the Black Cock.” “Teachers Pet. Oh fuck Me Phillip.” “Oh I would love to Colleen.”
“Wonder if she will get Knocked UP.” “Yea she probably wants to.”
“Internet News. Slut teacher get knocked up by Black Student.” “Way to go Bitch.”

Kerri and Lisa dug out some wine from their stash. Laughing and joking they started to kiss.
“69 me Bitch.” Laughed Kerri. As they wrestled around, Lisa pulled off Kerri’s top and Kerri pulled off
Lisa’s and their faces were buried in each other pussy. “Swallow that pussy Bitch.” “Who you calling a Bitch, Bitch.” “Eat my Pussy.” “You eat mine.”
Kerri was on top, then Lisa. They dug their faces into each other pussy, licking sucking. Kerri used the black rubber cock to fuck Lisa while she licking her clit. They twisted and turned, laughed and joked while they made lewd comments about Colleen. Exhausted and satisfied they lay on the bed jacked up on sex and wine.

To Be Continued

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