Raju And His Bhabhi (Brother's Wife)

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Raju And His Bhabhi (Brother’s wife)

By: A W C

If the new inventions of today were not available, Raju must have felt very bad not being able to attend his elder brother’s wedding. Thanks to the internet and the cameras, he felt as if he was present at the ceremony. He had to promise his brother Satish and his wife that soon, if he could get only a week off, he would fly back home to meet his brother and his wife Malika (Raju’s Bhabhi). As Malika insisted, both mom and dad agreed that Raju could come directly to visit his brother and his newlywed wife in their new home and they would try their best to visit them a day or two before Raju was packing to go back to his University in Europe.

Raju was so happy to see his elder brother waiting for him at the airport. As they drove back home, they talked and Raju guessed his brother was very happy with his married life. They were both hardly 2 years apart in their ages and hence very free and open, talking about sex to each other. This was not at all about sex when Satish spoke about his newlywed wife, having all the necessary curves and curvatures needed in a woman’s body for a man to enjoy, making Raju very curious to meet his Bhabhi, Malika.

As they arrived home and Satish hit the automatic garage door button to get inside and take care of Raju’s luggage, the inside door to enter the house opened and their stood the angelical faced Malika. Raju was stunned to see her beauty, the milky white smooth skin of her face and arms. As Raju and Malika exchanged the greetings and they hugged and kissed each other, Satish took his luggage to the guestroom upstairs. Malika was wearing a long shirt, hugging her body and accentuating her very beautiful young body. Raju wanted to take a shower before getting to the breakfast waiting for them at the dining table and Malika guided him upstairs. She showed him the towels in the bathroom closet and as Raju got in the bathroom getting ready for his shower, Malika and Satish walked down stairs to the kitchen. Soon Raju was ready to step into the tub when he felt that still he could feel the touch of Malika’s hard tits on his hairy manly chest. He quickly got an erection and decided to take care of it to avoid another surge while in the presence of the company but of course, he could not get rid of thinking about her beautiful naked body under the long thin shirt she wore. After unloading his balls, he took a warm shower to clean himself and get rid of the smell of the manly essence from his body, dried before changing and going downstairs.

As he walked the stairs, he heard Satish and Malika talking a bit loud about something Satish said was not expected by him. As he reached the dining table, he learnt that while his brother was at the airport, a phone call from his office was received by Malika letting him know that his application for a one week time off was approved but he had to switch the time with one of his office mate and go away for the business meeting right away for 2 days. Malika was trying to soothe him saying that these things happen with the jobs and he must not feel bad because he will be back in two days to spend the next 4—5 days with his younger brother. Satish finished breakfast much faster and ran upstairs to get ready and pack his bag. By the time Raju and Malika were done with the breakfast, Satish had called the taxi and taken off to the airport for his two days trip but not before asking her to take a good care of Raju in his absence. Raju and Malika were sipping their tea after having done with the breakfast, when she asked him about his life in Europe and particularly about his girlfriends. Malika was trying to sound very casual in her conversation.

Raj purposely did not look at her tits but concentrated directly in her eyes, as he denied of having any girlfriend there.

“Oh really. Why so”? Said Malika. “A good looking man like you should have plenty of girls all over him”. This made Raju blush as he heard the comment but somehow he kept the conversation limited to the topics of weather and University classes. Thankfully, it did not go any beyond during the lunch or the dinner time. Late night after the TV news, Malika showed him to his room and she left after telling him to call her if anything was needed. As Raju lay in the bed, he just could not shake the thought, how pretty she looked. He tried to divert his thoughts but Malika was on his thoughts making him aroused and hard. Thinking that she would be sound sleep in her room, and being alone behind the locked door, he decided to jerk off once again. All carelessly, he took of his boxers and started stroking himself. Soon as he got into a steady rhythm, his door creaked open and he hardly covered himself up as he looked Malika standing at the door. Shit! He must have forgot to lock the bedroom door from inside.

“Hey Raju, I only came to apologize.. for the.. I think, I should have knocked before opening the door”. She was unable to finish what she wanted to say. Her mouth was open and her eyes were open like the big saucers seeing Raju’s enormous cock length erected to touch the ceiling almost and his hands busy gratifying himself.

“I am sorry, Bhabhi”. Raj said, embarrassed and shivering with shame.

“Oh, it is ok. Don’t worry baby, it is very normal. All adults do it. Although married, I still do it”. She said in a flow of words. “You are a normal adult man and it is very common and normal to do by all of us. You just should not feel embarrassed. Now look, you are hard as if it was made of steel”. Raju had actually had grown much harder after Malika had come into the room. As Malika turned around to leave, Raju gathered all the courage to talk to her. “Listen, did you say that you still play with yourself”. Raju was actually talking sex with his Bhabhi.

“Oh yeah. You do not need to be shy about it. Exploring your own sex is awesome and I always do it when Satish is away for meetings. Oh, I am sorry, I should not disclose my sex life to you”. Malika said.

So open and honest talk made Raju’s cock jump and sway side to side under the covers and he only repeated, “Did you not say it was really normal”. He covered up his cock jumping with joy.

“Yes it is very normal but I should not be talking about exploring my body to a man who carries a full load around with him. It surely will cause more frustration and tension in your body. I am sorry”. Malika said it all in one breath. She walked in the room and stood by the bed, as if waiting for Raj to remove the covers and reveal his erection to her once again but he laid there silently. Malika just did not dither and pulled away the covers and reached for his cock for stroking and jerking it as she saw it fit. She did not forget, telling Raj to keep it a secret in between two of them only. “It is very normal and nothing is wrong in doing this but I am only helping you because, I interrupted you to boost your frustration.

Next second, she was licking Raju’s sex muscle. “You must use a proper lubrication for full enjoyment or arrange to get it sucked if self-sucking was not possible”. She instructed him.

“Oh Malika, It feels so good”, Raju told her as she sucked him hard and played with his balls. Now Malika told him to cum in her mouth without making a mess around. She really wanted it all in her mouth. This was enough for Raju to spill his juice in her mouth and deeper in her throat to swallow it all into her stomach. After cleaning a couple of drops from her chin, she asked Raj, if he felt better. Raj felt better, he said but seeing Malika’s pussy all wet through her shorts, he told her that she could use some help and volunteered to help her. He grabbed Malika’s hand, pulled her closer to him and took her shirt off to expose her beautiful tits. They both moaned as his hand moved inside her panties feeling her pussy and quickly pushed the panties to aside revealing her swollen pussy lips while tonguing her tits and nipples. He could feel, her pussy was nicely trimmed making the moisture stay on her mound. Getting closer, he kissed her inner thighs while watching her pussy breath slowly.

Slowly he got to her labia and licked the moisture making her sigh each time his tongue licked those flaps. Soon he was trying to insert his two fingers in her pussy for finger fucking her while continuing to eat her out as well. She was moaning and handling her own tits with her eyes closed. Raj moved up to her fully erect clitoris for licking and sucking it gently as she fucked his face with her pussy rubbing on it. She was shouting and asking him to suck her clitoris much harder. She held his face to her pussy and ejaculated huge enjoying her orgasm. By now, Raj was hard again and she noticed it telling him, “You cannot go to bed like that” and demanded to put it in her cunt. Of course, she did not have to repeat. He took position aiming her pussy. Going in deeper, he began thrusting harder feeling her warmth clenching on his dick. Raj fucked his Bhabhi for good 15 or so minutes when she started to scream and growl and he shoved as deep as he could and unloaded his juice in her before collapsing next to her on the bed all spent. She squeezed himself closer and thanked him for a very nice and needed session. Soon she was cajoling Raj, making him promise to visit again soon as possible.

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