My first dog in 40 years

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When i was about 12, we had a sable and white collie, we had him from 6 weeks old. shane was a great dog bought by my dad, for my sisters 7th birthday.One day when i was off school,(which was a lot) i was in my room reading, shane opened the door and jumped up onto my bed, i lay there as usual and stroked his ears he loved this. I stopped after a little while, and got up to get some juice, when i returned i noticed right away that shane had a boner, ffs i thought, whats he thinking about, his head leaned forward and started licking his cock, it was a red veiny thing but long, and wet with all his licking. I found myself staring at him doing his own cock and wondered if i could do the same, i lay on the bed, lifted both my legs high, and over my shoulders, but kept falling to the side or going right over, i stopped after a few times, thinking this is stupid it isnt happening, then while watching shane again i thought fuck it, il have another go, this time i put a pillow between my back and the bottom of my spine, i lifted as before this time it worked, my cock was in my own mouth, i was so pleased with myself, and sucked my cock in a frenzy tasting my own pre cum. shane got up and came over to me and started licking my arse and balls, being rimmed by my dog wow this was amazing, i let go of my position and lay down flat to let him lick my precum from my dick, as he did so, i put my hand on his stiff pink cock, and started wanking him. Shane was going crazy, trying to hump my leg , i turned over and offered my ass to him, he got himself in position and staarted fucking me, i could feel his cum spurt into me and dripping from my hole.. After this, i stayed off school a lot. Unfortunately a few months later, shane was knocked down and killed, and my dad swore we would never have a dog in the house again.

Iam now in my 50s, and my wife who is a woman who loves animals, cats dogs birds hampsters, she is a big fan of saving the planet etc. We were sitting having dinner when she said, theres a little dog advertised on gumtree, £50-00 what do you think, looking at me with her own puppy eyes, i said we have enough in the house between kids, birds etc,she laughed and said it would be hers and the girls responsibility, please please pretty please, of course i gave in as usual. We went that night and collected him, he was a lovely black lab cross, shiny coat and tail wagging, we took to him right away.When we got home he was whining, and looked a little confused which i guess was natural, he was in strange surroundings, i made a bed with blankets for him, gave him water food etc, my wife and i went to bed, and while laying there i started thinking about shane, something i hadnt really done for years. I could feel myself getting hard thinking if our new dog would be like shane, i told the wife i was going down for a drink of water.In the kitchen sparky(thats what we called him) looked up pityfully at me, i leaned over and patted him, he seemed to enjoy that, i knelt down and rubbed his tummy, sparky rolled over to give me full view of his sheath, which i began stroking, his cock peeped out immediately,and was breathing heavily, mm i thought nice cock, i leaned down to his cock and had a little lick, oh i thought, i remember that taste, sweet but somewhat of an iron taste to it which is normal. I was about to get more into it, when i heard the wife call out to me, What you doing down there drinking the tap dry, there was punn there somewhere. i left sparky there panting and returned upstairs, put the light out and went off to sleep thinking, i will be having fun with sparky from now on, with a big smile on my face.

My wife left for work at 5-30 am as usual, the kids got up at 7-30, ready for school they left at 8-30. As soon as they were out,i went upstaairs to the bedroom, stripped of and lay on the bed, i shouted sparky, although not used to his name he responded and came striding upstairs, good boy i said c'mere c'mere, sparky jumped up on the bed tail wagging, i let him explore my naked body, which he did with great care, sniffing and licking my ears face legs and cock. I was trying to calm him down a little, when i started thinking back to when i waas 12 and wondered if i could still lick my own cock, i got into the old position, and tried and tried, but alas my bones werent as subtle as they used to be, so i resigned myself to concentrating on sparky. I started to rub his balls in the hope of arousing him, but this had little or no effect, i got him to lay down, he did this as though hed done it before, (probably has) i stroked his lovely shiny coat until i slid my hand down to his sheath just as i had done with shane over 40 years previously, sparky responded in the same way as shane by getting a stiffy, sparky's cock compared to shanes was huge, fk me i thought if he lets me suck that i will be in heaven, i lowered down towards him, his breathing became more of a pant, i slipped my tongue onto the end of his cock, he responded by spurting a tiny bit of liquid which was that familir iron taste, mmmm i thought this is it im having all of it, i took his cock in my hand and began sucking on it, carefull not to scratch with my teeth, as i know dogs dont like this, he was in heaven and so was i, i licked up and down his now even harder and thicker cock, every now and then spurts of his cum squirting into my mouth, and onto my face. While wanking sparky i pulled his cock right back and i thought his balls had been detatched as i saw a huge pink lump, which i then realised was his knot, something i hadnt seen on shane. My own cock was throbbing by now and really oozing precum, i offered it to sparky and he lapped it up as if he was drinking from a bowl. i got up and knelt on the bed, sparky sprinted behind me and mounted my back prodding and jabbing at my arse, but he was too frantic and never hit the target, i got up and got hold of him to calm him a little, he was licking my face, his tongue lapping at my ears , i gave him a friendly hug, but just as i turned to get back to position his tongue lapped aginst my mouth, i laughed and jokingly stuck my tongue back towards him, he licked it, and i felt myself opening my mouth to let sparky slip his tongue around inside, this i have to say was all new and completely unententional, but it was a nice feeling.

After our tongues lashing together i was ready for him, so again i got in the position, this time when he came round behind me i gripped his cock as he mounted me and guided his cock into my arse hole, wow it was fucking huge, he was pounding me so hard it hurt at first, ive had a few things up my arse before but this was crazzy the speed at which he was fucking me, gave me no chance to relax my muscles, the next thing i felt was as if something had ripped me apart, he shoved harder and i realised i had his knot,, jeeesssssuzzzzzz i screamed like a girl, what the fuck, i was trying to pull away but couldnt get him out of me, his knot getting tighter and throbbing inside my hole, after a few more thrusts i begand to relax my arse muscles to be able to take his lot, by this time i was getting my own rythym going and begn enjoying it, after what seemed like half an hour i felt his cum fill my hole, i put a hand beneath my balls and felt it running down the inside of my thighs, i scooped what i could onto my fingers and tasted his cum, this done it for me, i pulled away from sparky cock to release him form his duty of shagging me, but this was my biggest mistake, i pulled and almost fainted, i read later that you should never pull out from a dogs knot, too fucking late reading that i guess. i rolled over onto my back, holding his head to my cock he licked the end frantically, i was ready to explode,sparky was licking my precum up and slurping when i knew it was time i was shaking like crazy and wondered how he wouold react when i came, i shot my cum onto my stomach and sparky just carried on licking it up, slurpping at my stomach cock and back to my stomach, even the small amount thats splashed on the floor he took into his mouth. I lay there exhausted and sparky was sat beside me panting. i got some tissue to clean myself, but when i looked at it, it was covered in blood, hence why you should never pull away if your pooch has his knot inside, i learned that you wait till he retracts back into his sheath, but fuck it, i still loved it, and was worth ever bit of pain.

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