Jeanette The Very Very Caring Carer

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There are a number of avenues this support can occur though. The two main ways are financial and human resources. Now carers are classified as human resources. Now the carers provide support from the basic needs of a human to going away.

Before I continued with this story of mine, I originally wrote this story of mine as an entry in a competition held by a fellow member on a website, which I have joined and regularly visited.

Actual Story: A number of years ago, I was invited by my case worker to go on a trip to a conference regarding issues for people with disabilities. Now the catch was that I was not able to go by myself, hence the reason why I was provided with a carer.

This conference was in Adelaide South Australia. Yes, Adelaide the city of churches as they say. So a few days before the trip to Adelaide South Australia, I was introduced to my carer who would accompany me on the trip.

Now for those of who don’t know, this situation is called “the client” (me) and “the carer” (Jeanette). Therefore, I went away with my carer up to Adelaide, South Australia in Australia.

The reason why I went Adelaide, South Australia was to attend a conference regarding issues concerning people with disabilities. Now an organization/agency provided with a carer, which came with me.

This carer was assigned to me by an agency providing carers for people with disabilities. Her name was Jeanette Muller. Anyway we’re on our holiday and one morning I needed to have a shower as one does in the morning.

As I always did before breakfast and then headed out for the conference regarding issues concerning people with disabilities. Of course, I would be actually showered by my carer, Jeanette who was assigned by the agency.

So that morning of the incident that in the story, Jeanette pushed me to the bathroom in my wheelchair. Now once Jeanette took me inside the bathroom, she started to strip me of my clothes.

With regards to the used clothes that I worn on that day Jeanette placed them in a plastic bag, which I had brought along for this purpose. So at this point of time, Jeanette has stripped me down to my singlet and underpants.

Now my carer Jeanette is extremely attractive and at this point Jeanette got me down to the status of only my singlet and my underpants, there was already a sizable bulge in my underpants. In other words, my penis was already hard and erect.

Now I was thinking: “Oh Shit! Did Jeanette notice my bulge?”. “ Yes, of course”, I thought. “How can Jeanette not notice it?” I thought to myself again and continuing did so. “Wake up, man”, I thought to myself.

“Jeanette is not blind”, I thought to myself again. “Of course, Jeanette is able to see my bulge in my underpants”, I again thought to myself. “Of course Jeanette can see your erection, are you with it man”, I thought to myself.

But then again who can blame me for my natural reaction to the situation, which I was in. Of course, there was no indication either way from Jeanette, whether or not she has seen or noticed my “rock-hard” erection.

Therefore, after she stripped me of my clothes and assisted me to transfer to the chair in the shower. Then she went back out of the bathroom. Five minutes later, Jeannette reappears in front of the shower in her robe.

This caused my curiosity to rise. My mind started to race with all the possibilities and question. Why did Jeanette go out and change? What is she up to? Here I am sitting naked in the “shower” chair with Jeanette in front of me standing in a robe.

After an estimated period of five to ten seconds, Jeanette starts to untie the belt of the robe, which started to reveal to me a black bikini and a very skimpy black bikini at that, especially the bikini bottom.

The bikini bottom barely covered what it was supposed to. As Jeanette started to part her robe with her hands, I was seriously aching and hanging to view the full and whole sight of Jeanette wearing her very skimpy black bikini.

In my opinion, some women are born to wear bikini. I knew that this was the forthcoming view concealed by the boundary of her bath robe and I alone exclusively would this view.

This was one of the reasons that I alone seriously wanted this full and whole sight of Jeanette to reveal itself. Although I have to wait too long for this view, the wait was still agony.

As soon as I saw Jeanette revealing her very skimpy black bikini to me, my initially hard and erection penis grew even more and was also straining to lift higher actually on the verge.

By the same token, my penis was also straining to connect with Jeanette and her vagina – her vagina of paradise. It was like my penis wanted to meet and connect with Jeanette’s vagina. I was willing myself to wait.

In a teasing-seductive manner, Jeanette my beautiful carer adjusted the triangular-shaped cups of her black bikini in an attempt to cover more of her beautiful young firm and vibrant breasts.

The black bikini top just barely covered her beautiful wonderful breasts with its triangular-shaped cups minimally supporting in their place and her bikini bottom just barely covered her steaming loving glorious vagina.

God, this sudden new incredible sight of Jeanette was seriously sent my arousal peaking over the edge of my self-control, but I didn’t want to lose it especially not this early. So I gave myself a very big struggle to do so.

Suddenly, a wide, wanting and erotic smile appears on Jeanette's face, my carer. This wide, wanting and erotic smile was her way of teasing, building me and preparing for what to come.

This was followed by Jeanette biting her lower lip in anticipation and awe of what to come. Now Jeanette slowly and seductively started to ease her robe off her shoulders allowing it to fall down her back until the robe was trapped by her elbows.

Allowing the robe to the floor, she reveals to me a black bikini and a very skimpy one at that. Now Jeanette bent forward turn on the water in the shower and proceeded to adjust the temperature of the water.

So Jeanette was soaping me with the soap-lathed washer. So once the temperature of the hot water was adjusted to a safe, warm level, Jeanette proceeded to drench me all over my body including my head.

Now again the washer/cloth, Jeanette soaped it up until there was a great deal of soap on the washer. Jeanette started on my back washing it with the blend of softness and firmness.

When Jeanette was done with my back, she moved to my chest and again she washes it with a beautiful blend of softness and firmness and this continued until she got to my waist.

Jeanette stopped at my waist and requested that I stand up from my shower chair in order to wash and clean my behind. I complied with her request and stood up. When I stood up, Jeanette with the washer clean my rear (bottom).

Once this was done, she assisted me to sit back down in the shower chair. Now Jeanette proceeded to wash my shoulders lathing them up very well. From my shoulders, Jeanette washed with a firm gentleness my chest and my waist.

All of a sudden, Jeanette stopped and dropped the washer, which fell to the tiled floor of the shower. Looking into my eyes, Jeanette took my face in both of her hands and placed her lips on mine and a second later push my lips open with her tongue.

God, that tongue of her was dancing in my mouth and was actually instructing my tongue how to dance with her. As she was kissing, her hand went to my penis gripping gently, yet firmly.

She started a gentle stroke, which I stopped after a few seconds. Now and again her thumb of her hand would pass over the head of the penis. This was a combination of pleasure and torture.

This combination of pleasure and torture was also an indication to me that Jeanette to relieve her of straining bikini top. In my opinion, this situation was not fair for Jeanette to have all the fun and not to have fun myself. I needed to rectify this.

So I took it upon myself to bring this situation back into balance. Therefore taking the initiative upon myself, I leaned forward and to the side to gently pulled Jeanette down to my level and started to caress her back for a period of a few minutes.

Now with Jeanette at my level, I allowed my caressing motions to continue in order to reach around to Jeanette’s back in order to untie the sacred knot. The knot of the two strings of her black bikini top.

Now by me untying, loosing and separating the two strings of her black bikini top, I would gain access to those incredibly young and also incredibly beautiful vibrant breasts.

As I located and pulled the two strings of her bikini top that were knotted together, I felt Jeanette’s restraining feeling induced by her black bikini top being tied to her beautiful chest completely disappear with a deep and anticipating sigh.

Dared I say an anticipating and arousing sigh, which caused my penis to arouse and slightly lifted up. I was arching for the freedom, the freedom of her chest and the freedom of her breasts.

Then I delicately separated the two strings and gently pulled the bikini top over the head and allow the bikini top to drop to the floor of the shower floor already soaking. As I relieved Jeanette was of her black bikini top, she let a small sigh.

Her eyes moved for a split-second to look at her own breasts with a slightly smile wondering whether I approved. I smiled back as I watched Jeanette looking at her own breasts. Jeanette noticed me smiling.

With this Jeanette looked back at me, a look consisting of wanting and desire. This sacred desire was only reserved for me and only me. I felt warm and privileged by this.

I needed to free Jeanette of the remaining bikini bottom, in other words the second component of her black bikini. It was restraining her and it had a restraining impact on my feelings.

The remaining bottom of Jeanette’s bikini, which had a slight wet patch at the groin area of her bikini bottom indicated to me that Jeanette was becoming even more aroused hence why there was natural moisture on her bikini bottom.

I felt truly touched due to this reason and this reason only was more than enough. This indicated to me that Jeanette was beginning to become aroused, which in turn caused me to become even more aroused, thereby wanting her even more.

Not only was there a slight wet patch at the crotch of her bikini bottom, but Jeanette was also breathing heavily. Those eyes of Jeanette were burning with a type of fiery passion, which was only for me.

I could see it and that was not difficult. The wet patch has started to darken indicating to me that she was aroused to the point of becoming wet down there. I lent forward and ever so delicately touched her sacred womanhood, her sacred vagina.

I saw Jeanette’s reaction. Her breath was becoming rapid and heavy. I started to massage her vagina, gently and slowly at first. Then I started to rub her vagina firmer and I increased the pace.

I did this for a minute or so. It was time for her final half of bikini, her bottom to be removed and discarded. I gingerly took hold of the sides of her bikini bottom and slowly gingerly pulled them down.

What was revealed to me was incredible. I was looking at the most beautiful vagina in the world. I have never seen anything so beautiful. The first thing, which I noticed about Jeanette’ vagina was that it was completely bare.

There was not even a trace of pubic hair. Jeanette has shaved her beautiful vagina completely. God, those lips of her vagina were so full and so thick. She stood there allowing an incredible view of her “to die for” vagina.

As I was looking at her vagina, she traced the outline of it delicately with her finger smiling at me she did so. Jeanette continued to trace the outline of her vagina for a minute or so.

Jeanette moaned in enjoyment as she was doing this to herself. Her moaning was increasing my arousal to breaking point. I watched Jeanette as she slowly penetrate her vagina with her finger.

Very slowly Jeanette was moving her finger in and out of her vagina. Jeanette kept up this for a minute or so when she had a violent spasm accompanied with a violent shudder, which caused her juices streamed out around her finger and her hand.

Jeanette took her finger out of her vagina and offered it to me. Immediately, I accepted it because I didn’t want to miss out on her natural sweet nectar that she was offering me.

I accepted her offer of her finger and took it in my mouth. I hungrily sucked her finger savouring her naturally sweet nectar. My beautiful carer Jeanette had the sweetest natural female nectar that I have ever tasted.

I sat there in my shower chair for a minute or so allowing Jeanette washes my body and head. God, Jeanette was washing me so delicately and so firmly at the same time that she was stirring my arousal again.

After a minute or so, I decided to stop her washing me and took over control of my body. I instigated this by respectfully brushed her hand from my body. I started stroking the side of her breast. This caused my penis to stir.

It didn’t take long for my penis to awaken. Therefore now, my penis was now at full arousal, which was throbbing and wanting to enter Jeanette’s sacred womanhood, her beautiful and blissful vagina.

“Jeanette”, I said looking longing at her. “It is time, baby”, I said as I continued to look longing at her, my own eyes repeating the message to Jeanette’s own eyes. She nodded knowing exactly what I meant.

Jeanette moved to the side of the shower chair and remove the arm of the shower chair, which she then repeat the procedure on the other side of the shower chair. She placed both arms of the shower chair underneath it out of harm’s way.

Jeanette came in front of me and stood there with her legs slightly apart and bringing along her incredible naked beauty. Hmm, a wonderful view I must say. “My God”, I thought. So she moved up and stood as close as possible in front of me.

Standing in front of me, Jeanette initiated a show, a show only for me. She stretched her arms and her deliciously wet hair back. By this time, we were both naked and soaking wet from the shower.

While holding her hair back with both hands, she started swaying her hips in circular motions and at certain intervals thrusting her vagina in my face. After a minute or so of I began to smell that sweet, sweet nectar of her and soon it was pouring from.

This was the second time that Jeanette came. Again my face was flooded with her sweet, sweet nectar. I grew to love and need this sweet, sweet nectar that poured from Jeanette’s heavenly pussy in only a day.

Jeanette was a goddess and the goddess always offering sweet, sweet nectar to those who worship her. This goddess was mine and I was exclusively worshipping Jeanette. Jeanette was my goddess of not beauty but of ecstasy.

That is what I was doing. I was worshipping Jeanette and Jeanette was my own goddess as well as my carer, a carer exclusively for me, a carer to care for me. Now Jeanette decided to reward me for my worshipping towards her.

Still Jeanette my goddess and carer was not finish and she want a third round. Again she hooked one of her legs over me and the result of this was that her vagina was directly in front of my face.

God again, the natural fragrance of her vagina was waffling up my nose sending me to an incredibly natural high better than any drug-induced high that is available nowadays.

Now I leant forward and gingerly licked her pussy. The instinct I licked her pussy, a moan erupted from mouth. I repeat the process this time with a little bit more penetration, which caused her to moan slightly louder.

The third time I drove my tongue into her pussy and twirl it around for a while causing to moan loudly and pant deeply. I decided it was time! I wanted to make Jeanette cum right there and then.

After thirty seconds, she started humping my face really hard signalling me that she was about to blow or cum. This continued for twenty or thirty seconds when all of a sudden she experienced a shudder and hot steaming vagina juice covered my face.

I try to drink and take in as much as I could of her sweet, sweet feminine nectar. Yet this was not enough for Jeanette. Now stood a few steps back and stood erect. I looked at her wondering what she was going to do.

She came close to me again and everything was visible. She leaned over and removed the remaining arm of the shower chair. So there she stood naked in all her beauty and in her glory.

She parted her legs enough to walk closer to me. The result was that again her incredibly wonderful “to-die-for-vagina” was in my face, just millimetres away. Her intoxicating natural womanly fragrance was waffling in front of my face.

I sat there in my shower chair just taking in wonderful beautiful natural fragrance emitting from that heavenly tunnel, the heavenly tunnel that leads to paradise and ecstasy, which was where I solely wanted to be.

Jeanette abruptly stopped and this caused me to wonder why. Then I could see why. You see my shower chair has arms on the sides, which are removable. These arms were obstructing our access so Jeanette removed them.

Taking both arms of the shower chair, Jeanette placed them behind and underneath the shower chair for the reason of safety. You see Jeanette wanted this experience to be memorable so safety was maintained as much as possible.

Again Jeanette stood in front of me naked in all her beauty and in her glory. This sight was like looking at a goddess. Looking at me, Jeanette took her hand and with two forefingers of one hand parted her lips of her beautiful pussy.

Then Jeanette took the forefinger of her free hand started to trace the outline of her beautiful pussy. She repeat this procedure quite a few times and observing my reactions and me as she did so.

After repeating this procedure quite a few times watching me as she did so, she was causing herself to become aroused. Basically, the more Jeanette repeated this procedure the more she was aroused

Due to this type of attention applied by herself to her pussy, this attention was increasing the overall moisture and the overall wetness of her incredibly divine pussy to the point where her sweet natural nectar was oozing out.

I needed to touch this sweet natural nectar. I needed to feel this sweet natural nectar. I needed to lick this sweet natural nectar. I needed to taste this sweet natural nectar. I needed to drink this sweet natural nectar.

So that is exactly what I did. I touched this sweet natural nectar. I felt this sweet natural nectar. I licked this sweet natural nectar. I taste this sweet natural nectar. I drank this sweet natural nectar until I couldn’t drink anymore.

While I was doing all these things to Jeanette my beautiful carer, she was breathing heavily. Jeanette was also panting heavily, moaning quietly thus after a few seconds became louder and heavier.

I knew Jeanette was on the verge, the build-up was there and ready near the point of no-return. Then I just plunged my tongue into her vagina as far as it would go. As soon as I did this, Jeanette’s hips leapt up of the bed her back arching backwards.

Arching her back backward and with an incredible yell, Jeanette came so hard, so much, so forcefully that it was incredible. I felt my waist, my mid-section, my groin and my penis soaking wet with her incredibly sweet, natural nectar.

This happened for the second time. Yet apparently Jeanette wasn’t finished and she pushed me back flat on my back. Jeanette started kissing me first at my neck working her way to my chest, sucking at my chest.

Jeanette spent considerable time on my chest working it, massaging it with her lips and tongue, worshiping my chest and making love to my chest. This continued for a few minutes until Jeanette had enough.

Then Jeanette reached between her legs looking for something. A second or two later, Jeanette found what she was looking for. She took a firm hold of my already hard and erect penis and aimed it at her waiting, hungry and soaking wet vagina.

Due to the fact that Jeanette’s vagina was soaking wet, it slipped in with no trouble at all and the feeling was bliss and out of this world. Jeanette took a hold of my penis and lined it up with the entrance of her soaking wet vagina.

Then she slowly and gently lowered her soaking wet vagina onto my penis opening up naturally as the head of my penis made contact with the entrance of her soaking wet vagina continuing lower itself my penis covering it.

Once Jeanette was comfortably settled on my penis, Jeanette started to move her hips slowly and purposefully sliding up and out on my penis at slow, steady pace. Jeanette continued this for a while and I want on a trip.

Jeanette even started her hips in gyrate and circular motions while my penis was inside her hot, wet and soaking vagina sending me ballistic. She kept up these gyrate and circular motions for a full two-minute.

All of a sudden, it happened. Instantaneously, we both Jeanette and I came together at once flooding each other. I flooded with my ejaculation juice and Jeanette flooded with her vaginal juice. Then we just sank into each others arms.

Afterward Jeanette slid down into my lap cradling and holding me while my face raised to her chest level was cradled and nestled in the warmth of her truly magnificent breasts.

After a few of minutes of holding each others in order to recover from our blissful and aquatic lovemaking, Jeanette quickly soaped me up again and thoroughly cleaned. She then repeated the procedure to herself while I watch.

While watching Jeanette showering and washing herself, my penis stood to attention again. Jeanette noticed this happening and started waving her finger mockingly at me while she smiled.

So Jeanette finished showering herself and dried me off. Once she completed drying me off, she started to dry herself off with the same towel. She assumed that I was finding this erotic and I did because Jeanette was doing this.

That was the only reason why I found a woman drying erotic is because it was Jeanette who was drying herself in front of me. As she was drying herself, she paid particular attention to particular areas of her body.

As she was “performing” for me, Jeanette noticed that my penis has risen again. A wicked smile appeared on her face and this was developing into a major grin. With that she walked and dropped the towel.

She stood up tall and erect, walked to me she gave my penis a mock or pretend “smack”. “Bad boy”, she commented mockingly to me. With that she turned and walked to where the towel was on the floor.

With the towels in her hands, she dried herself off while I watched and enjoyed the personal show of Jeanette drying herself. After the personal show, we then retired to bed sleeping blissfully in each other arms.

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