Maggie – Part 8 – Barn Trips & Betty

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Maggie couldn’t sleep. She laid there sharing a bed with her lil’ sister, naked from the waist down, in their small Kentucky backwoods trailer, the gentle breeze from the fan blowing on her bare legs. It was August and hotter than hell. Her daddy Emmitt in the next room had just started to snore, but her mind was on her horny pussy. She slid her hand down, into her light brown bush, and began to rub her aching cunt. It was just yesterday morning that she’d fucked her lil’ brother Earl down by the creek but she had developed an insatiable sexual desire over the summer.

“Creeeeaaakkk.” Maggie pulled her fingers from her cunt and sat up in bed. She’d heard that noise a thousand times and knew it was the front screen door opening. She quickly slid to the foot of the bed and peered out through the fan to see if she could see anyone. The full August moon lit up the front yard and she watched as Earl crept across the yard, headed to the barn.

“Now what the hell is he up to?” thought Maggie. She slipped quietly out of the bedroom, down the hall and out the front door. She had seen Earl disappear on the left side of the barn so she crept around the right side to the back pen. She peered around the back corner of the barn, just in time to see Earl latch the heifer into the chute. The young cow immediately started eating from the bucket in front of her. Earl disappeared on the other side of the chute, so Maggie took the opportunity to sneak closer and hide behind the old trash barrel, just 6 feet away.

Earl was squatted down on the opposite side of the chute when suddenly she heard the board they used to keep the cows locked into the place, slide in behind her legs. Maggie ducked down as Earl quickly climbed up the other side and jumped in behind the heifer.

“What the hell is he…..Oh my god, he’s going to fuck her”. Maggie thought. Reaching down, she rubbed at her cunt. It was already moist from what she was seeing, but it was begging for her attention. She fingered gently at her cunt.

Earl stepped onto the board behind the heifer and dropped his cutoffs. He was shirtless and now naked to his ankles. Even in just the moonlight, Maggie could see as he eased his hard cock up to her cunt. Holding her tail aside with one hand, she watched as his young rock-hard cock disappeared into the young heifer. He rocked back and forth, slowly pushing deeper and deeper into the burning cunt of the bovine. He’d never felt such a hot cunt before and after just two minutes, he was ready to explode. But he didn’t. He slowed his pace, but still pushing hard against her fat cunt lips. Standing on his tiptoes, he could almost shove his ball sack into her cunt. His pace quickened. His breathing hastened. He grabbed the heifer by her hip bones and pounded harder and harder, until finally he paused, deep inside, and shot ropes of cum deep inside. He groaned as he emptied his balls into the young heifer.

Suddenly, a noise to his left snapped him to attention. Glancing over he could see a figure squatting beside the trash barrel and fear shot through him. He jumped from the board, yanked up his shorts and jumped over the side of the chute.

“Take it easy, Earl, it’s just me” Maggie whispered.

Earl froze, but slowly came to the realization that everything was ok. I mean, what could she say. He’d watched her get fucked by the family pony just two days before. “What are you doing here?” he demanded.

“I saw you sneak out and wanted to see what you were up to. Now I know”, her slight smile visible in the moonlight. “That was so amazing, watching you fuck her. How many times have you done it?” she asked.

“Last night was the first time. And you better not say a word.”

“Oh I won’t but oh my god, now I am so horny I don’t know what to do.” Maggie took three steps and was face to face with her little brother. She reached down and undid the button on his cutoffs. They dropped to his feet. Squatting down she took his half-erect cock in her hand. She could still feel the slick love juices on his cock and balls. Slowly stroking it, she moved in, opening her mouth, taking his whole cock in her mouth. It tasted different and she assumed it was the cum from the young heifer that tasted almost tangy. She sucked harder and could feel Earl’s cock growing in her mouth. Pushing his hips back, his cock sprung from her mouth. “Fuck me, Earl. Please, fuck me.”

Grabbing his hand, she turned and stepped inside the barn. When she reached the two haybales stacked on each other, she bent over them, spreading her legs. Earl could see her white ass glowing in the moonlight and he eased in behind her. Reaching between her legs, Maggie spread her cunt lips with her fingers. She jumped as she felt his cockhead touch her and slowly enter. She was dying. She pushed back hard against his cock, burying it inside. She moaned as he grabbed her hips and slowly started to rock back and forth. Having emptied his balls just a few minutes before, he could now enjoy his sister’s much tighter cunt. While slowly pumping her pussy he reached up with his thumb and pushed at her squeaky tight asshole. He pulled back, licked it, then dribbled a string of spit directly onto her puckering asshole. Slowly sliding his thumb into her asshole again, she jumped and let out an audible yip when he pushed in to the first knuckle. He worked his thumb deeper and deeper and could feel her rectum clamp down tight against it on every stroke.

Maggie was out of control. His fucking felt so good, but it was magnified ten-fold by him fingering her asshole. She bit down on her hand to squelch her screams. Earl pumped away at both holes. Suddenly, he pulled out and, pushing her ass a little lower, moved the head of cock to her puckering butt hole. Maggie gasped as Earl forced his throbbing cock into her ass. She grimaced as he grabbed her hips and buried his cock into her anus. The intense pain slowly turned to pleasure as her muscles relaxed. Maggie continued to bite hard on her hand as her first orgasm erupted. Her empty pussy was yearning for something inside but Earl continued to pound away in her ass. With each stroke, he could feel her rectum clamp down tighter on his cock, soliciting the cum from his balls. Maggie pushed back hard on every stroke, his balls slapping against her cum-dripping cunt. Finally he could take no more. He gripped her waist harder, and pulling her back, dumped his load deep in her ass.

Earl collapsed on Maggie’s back, her face cheek-down on the haybale. He could feel his cock slowly losing blood and retreating from her cum-filled ass. Maggie moaned again as it slid out her asshole and she could feel his cum run down over her pussy lips.

“Oh my god Earl, that was sooo good. Thank you.”

Earl stood, found his cutoffs and pulled them on. “We better get back.”

Maggie grinned to herself as they crept back to the trailer. Her ass was sore from the butt-fucking she’d just received but it had been so good. She was already thinking of the next time.

They made it into the trailer undetected, and headed to their perspective beds, immediately falling asleep.

In her dream Maggie heard her bedroom door open but it didn’t register that it really was opening. Emmitt stood in the doorway admiring his two half naked daughters lying on the bed. No better way to start his day than getting a peek at his blossoming daughters. Molly lay on her side, facing away from him, her bare white ass glowing in the dim light of the bedroom. Maggie, flat on her back, legs spread, and the fan blowing on her light brown bush. “Goddamn, I got two hot looking daughters” Emmitt thought to himself, rubbing his stiffening cock through his ratty drawers.

“Get up! We got work to do!” He screamed.

Both girls jumped from his loud demands, their hands flying up trying to cover themselves, but Emmitt had already seen enough of his naked daughters to get his morning thrill. He smiled and started down the hall to kitchen mumbling to himself, “Might have to fuck one of them today.”

Betty turned from the stove when she heard Emmitt yell for the girls to get up, and watched as he came smiling down the hall. His half erection forcing his ratty briefs out didn’t go unnoticed to her either. Her girls were maturing quickly, especially Maggie who had turned into a beautiful , bosomy, young lady. Betty had Maggie at a young age, before she was out of High School, and she worried about Emmitt being home with the girls so much while she was working. She worried that he was messing with the girls. If he was, she swore to herself she’d kill him!

Betty was in her mid 30s now, still quite the looker herself, but her own sexual desires had gone unnoticed by Emmitt all summer long. He never responded to her advances and showed no interest at all in sex. Her loins ached for a good fucking. The guys at the factory hounded her non-stop and if Emmitt didn’t soon show her some love, she might just take one of them up on their daily offers.

Everyone finished up breakfast, got dressed for the day, and Emmitt and the kids headed to the barn to start their day. It was Saturday and Betty would make her weekly trip into Hazard to the grocery store. She stood naked in front of dresser trying to decide what to wear. She reached for her jeans then decided “fuck it, I’m going to town looking good”, and grabbed her button up sundress from the closet. She passed on her bra and panties and as she crawled into her old Impala, her naked ass stuck to the vinyl seat. She hadn’t flaunted her body in years but dammit she was doing it today!

Twenty minutes on the back roads, windows down, and Betty hit the Rt. 15 four-lane into Hazard. As she came up beside the first coal truck, she bent her left leg against the door, and hiked up her dress, exposing her blonde bush. The trucker sped up beside her to enjoy the view and then yanked down on the air-horn to show his appreciation. Betty laughed as she sped off toward Hazard and could feel her cunt moisten. “At least somebody appreciates me” she thought to herself.

She hit the 15 bypass and headed to Sav-A-Lot for groceries. Getting out of her car in the parking lot, she not-so-accidently flashed two young guys walking to their pickup. “Oh this is starting to feel good” she muttered to herself and she headed inside. The next lucky recipient of a peek at her hairy bush was the young black stock boy. Looking over, he watched her squat down, studying a jar from the bottom row, then turning towards him, spread her legs wide before she slowly stood. She gave him a wink as he stared, mouth hanging open. Betty continued her friskiness until she thought her juices would run down her leg. She finished her shopping and headed to the car pushing her buggy. She made a point of bending way over while putting the groceries into the trunk. Her ass was on fire and she wanted to show it to anyone that wanted to look! She was enjoying the wetness of her cunt, but it craved a fat cock.

Thirty minutes later the Impala was bouncing up the two mile dirt road to the trailer. She couldn’t wait until Emmitt fucked her tonight. Earl came out when she pulled up to trailer.

“Need some help with the groceries?” he asked.

Betty opened the door and, not thinking, swung her legs out, exposing herself to Earl, “Yes honey, help me get them out of the trunk.”

It had been a long time since Earl had seen his mother wearing a dress and seeing her naked bush when she got out of the car startled him. “You sure look nice today, momma.” He could feel his young cock stiffening.

“Thanks honey, let’s get these groceries inside.”

Earl admired his mom as she walked up the steps, bending to peek up her short sundress. He never looked at her this way, or even thought about her, like he was now. His appreciation of the female body had increased tremendously after fucking Maggie and she was actually a damn good looking woman. “If daddy can fuck Maggie and Molly, what’s so wrong with me fucking momma?” Earl thought to himself as he watched her bending over putting groceries into the fridge, and stretching to put cans up on the top shelf.

The evening went on as usual with Emmitt paying absolutely no attention to the fact that Betty was showing off in her sundress. He was oblivious to her flirting, and it was pissing her off. She was so horny she was about to explode.

Emmitt lay on his side, nodding out, when Betty crawled into bed beside him, naked. Sliding her hand over his side she reached for his cock, only to have her hand pushed away, “what the hell are doing? I’m trying to sleep goddammit!”

Betty rolled unto her back, frustrated. Her cunt yearned for a hard cock inside her. Since Emmitt was her only option, her mind quickly remembered the cucumbers the girls had picked that day. She slipped on a t-shirt over her naked body and crept down the hallway to the fridge.

Earl lay on the sofa waiting for everyone to fall asleep so he could take his nightly barn visit, when he heard someone coming up the hallway. Peeking over, he watched as his mom cracked open the fridge, bent over exposed the naked outline of her ass and grab something from the bottom of the fridge. She eased it shut and crept out the front door. Sneaking to the front door, he watched as she disappeared around the corner of the trailer. As Earl crept around the corner, he could see his mother lying in the grass, knees bent up and legs spread wide. He watched her hand massaging her cunt. His young cock stood at attention. He saw her raise her other hand and begin working something in and out of her cunt. He watched in the moonlight and could make out a large cucumber sliding in and out when suddenly she spied him watching from the corner of the trailer, “What are you doing?”

Earl was shocked and embarrassed but his cock was doing the thinking now. He eased towards his mother, threw off his t-shirt and stood naked between her widespread legs. Without saying a word, he slowly dropped to his knees and eased his face to her cunt.

“Earl! What are you doing? You can’t do this.” Betty whispered. But her aching cunt was begging for him to bury his face between her legs.

He felt her jump as his tongue touched her cunt lips. She let out a slow moan as he pushed her legs further back and completely buried his face in her cunt. He licked gently at her cunt, nibbling her clit, then jamming his tongue as deep as it would go. He could hear her breathing and moaning hasten so he licked and sucked harder on her cunt. Suddenly she thrust her hips up and he could feel her cunt squeeze down on his tongue, and felt her cum pour into his mouth. He lapped it up, feeling her body quake beneath him. His cock was throbbing. He rose up slowly, pushing her t-shirt up to her neck as he did. He sucked hard at her rock-hard nipples as his cock inched its’ way closer to her cunt. Sliding up, he felt his cock-head touch her wet cunt. Reaching down, he guided it inside and began to pump slowly. Betty gasped. He could feel her cunt tighten down on his cock with each stroke. He bit at her nipples causing her to yip, and slowly slid his lips up, sucking at her neckline.

Betty was losing control. She’d learned to stay quiet when having sex because of the kids, but she wanted to scream out so badly, she was dying. She clawed at Earl’s back and thrust her hips up with his every stroke. She could feel her second orgasm coming quickly. She tried to hold back her screams but it was useless.

Earl’s pace quickened as he knew he couldn’t hold back any longer. He pounded as hard he could until, hearing Betty begin to scream, covered her mouth and his balls erupted, filling her cunt with his semen. She bit at his hand but he held tight as her cunt nursed the cum from his balls. He collapsed on top of his mother, completely spent.

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