"The Judgment of Sgt. J" Chapter One: Kay‘s Demons Take Shape

"The Judgment of Sgt. J" Chapter One: “Kay‘s Demons take Shape”

The first chapter will be Kay’s story of Sgt. J coming into her life. She prefers to tell me and have me write it with her approval.

I sit here telling my story to the man I love. However, I do so in fear of what lies ahead for the man I love. He is a loving and caring man but also one who is bullheaded. He is punishing himself, taking the blame for an event that he had no hand in what so ever. I agreed to tell my side of the story only in hopes of getting back the man I love so dearly.

I must tell you of my forgotten past in order to show you and him just what my future would have been without him. In 1973, at 16 years old I was in love with a man named Mark. The man was four years older than I. He was a smooth talker as well as a charmer. In a few short months, I ran away from home and became his wife.

Mark was a decent man at least I thought so at the time. He worked while I stayed at home. I busied myself with house work, cooking and even getting my high school diploma. Mark was a loving type of a person we were always making love. One day during our dinner, Mark grabbed me and he tossed me up onto the table

“I think you will be my desert,” Mark said as his hands went to the shirt I worn.

Mark lifted the shirt over my head exposing my breasts still encased in their bra. His hands went to my back as he skillfully unhooked my bra. He removed it freeing my rather large 36 c tits. Mark lowered his face to one of my tits as his tongue traced around my nipple.

My nipple responded by growing hard as his tongue licked at it. Mark got my other nipple hard then he went from tit to tit as he suckled on them. I felt my pussy getting wet in the jeans I wore. His hands went to my jeans as he unsnapped them then unzipped them. I arose a bit from the table as his thumbs hooked around my panties as well as my jeans. Mark pulled them both from me tossing them to the floor below.

I lie upon the table in the nude. Mark pulled my legs apart as his face buried between my thighs. His tongue licked wildly at my private parts. Mark ran his tongue in and out of my pussy bringing me to a wonderful orgasm. He lifted his face from between my thighs taking his cock into his hand.

I yelled out, “Fuck me,” as I felt him shove his cock into my wet pussy.

His cock ran in and out of my pussy at a steady pace. My body started to feel the pleasure from his cock. I started to buck my hips under him taking more of his cock. I was close so close to finally having an orgasm with my husbands cock in me.

Even when we were dating, I had never reached an orgasm with him using his cock on me. I had reached them with him giving me oral sex as well as fingering my pussy. However, when it came to fucking me to an orgasm it just never had happened.

“Yes fuck me make me orgasm,” I screamed out.

I felt Mark shove his cock deep as I continued to buck my hips. No do not stop I thought as I felt his cock throb then twitch as his cum filled my pussy. Mark pulled his limp cock from me as he went to the bathroom and jumped into the shower. I slipped two fingers into my wet messy hole where I worked them in and out until I reached orgasm.

I should have walked out on him that very day. However, I was young and to stupid to realize how I had just screwed my whole life up by marrying him. It was not until the next day when I also realized I had not taken my birth control pills yesterday.

I kept it from Mark never telling him as I was not for sure whether I was pregnant or not until I went to the doctors. I had his favorite meal for him when he came home from work that night. I catered to him, as he got ready for dinner. During setting the table for dinner, I had added another plate.

Mark sat down as he asked, “Who’s the extra plate for?”

I smiled as I replied, “It is for our baby coming in seven months.”

“What you’re fucking pregnant?” Mark yelled getting up from the table.

He grabbed his hat and was out the door before I could say anything else. He came home later that night drunk on his ass. The next day he told me he was sorry and that he had over reacted to my news. I believed him however, Mark took up drinking regularly every night stopping at the local bar or bringing booze home. I watched the man I loved turn into an alcoholic as my belly filled with a baby.

We had a baby girl who I named Sherri or I should say I had. For Mark never really took a liking or an interest in the child we had produced. A few months later Mark started to become verbally abusive to me. He would call me names and tell me I was good for nothing. Yet there were times when he seemed almost romantic. However, that was only when my mom was watching Sherri.

I only really put up with his abuse because I did not want to tell my mom she was right about the man I had married. She had told me before I ran away and got married he had trouble written all over his face. Mark hardly ever held or even talked to his new daughter. By the time, she was four I do not think she even knew he was her father nor did I really care for I was having a private affair with our neighbor who took care of my needs.

Mark suddenly one day gave up drinking. In a few months, he seemed to have almost returned to the man I had fell in love with before he drank. He even took a liking to his daughter finally. However, Sherri would not really go to him unless I pushed her telling her it was OK.

Mark was the one who first brought her a pad and a pencil. Sherri took to drawing right away it seemed. Sure, they were but stick figures but you could see the action of what they were doing. We were a happy family for about a year and a half.

I had a girlfriend named Cathy; we had grown up together as well as gone to school together. Cathy did not care for Mark when I was sneaking around dating him. She never really said why she did not like him other than she could not stand him.

Mark had been treating Sherri and me a lot better in the last year and a half. I thought what ever had gotten into him had finally gotten out of his system. Mark rented a porno movie one night and we watched it after Sherri was in bed.

The movie had a threesome in it between two girls and a man. Mark told me I should talk Cathy in joining us for a threesome, as it would be a lot of fun as well as maybe spicing up our marriage up a little. I thought about it for a few days with Mark telling me I would enjoy it and at least it was not like he would be fucking the bar maid down the road.

Vision of his abuse filled my head as he said that. I decided to ask Cathy if she would join us in a threesome. Cathy and I had been best friends growing up and we had been experimenting with sex since we were 12. It started out with just kissing, then fingering each other until junior high and into high school when we were almost full-blown lesbians until Mark came along.

I had kept in contact with Cathy but I never told her of the abuse I faced at the hands of Mark. I guess it was because I did not what to hear her tell me told you so. I invited her over one day and I told her my marriage was becoming a little rocky and I thought about spicing it up a little with a threesome.

“Cathy, would you join Mark and me for a threesome?” I asked her as she sat with me on the sofa.

“FUCK NO,” Cathy replied. “I would not fuck him with my strap on let alone let him fuck me,” she added.

I explained to her it would help our marriage and at least I would enjoy it. I told her I missed our fun together. She still told me no way. I faked some tears as I told her without it my marriage was ruined. I cried the blues about wanting my marriage to work.

“Kay, I will do it under one condition and that is if it does not help your marriage you get the hell out before you can not get out.” Cathy explained taking my hand.

Neither of us enjoyed the threesome we had. Cathy told me she showered for weeks and could not get the feel of him from herself. As to helping our marriage, it only caused trouble as Mark thought I was being more loving toward Cathy than I was he. Within the next weekend after our threesome, Mark was back staying out late after work as well as drinking as he had before.

Mark went from verbally abusing me to hitting me as well as abusing me sexually when we did have sex together. Mark would pull my hair and slap my butt during sex almost to the point of bruising my butt. Now I am not against a light sensual spanking however do not leave marks on my ass.

Mark had also brought a gun around this time and he threatened me with it more than a few times. He would tell me he would kill me if I ever told anyone about his abuse toward me. Each time he abused me in some way the next day he would be telling me how sorry he was and that he was going to change. I wanted to believe him but deep within myself, I did not believe he would ever change. However I was to scared to leave him.

For Sherri’s seventh birthday, Mark came home with a puppy for her. Sherri was thrilled and happy. She had a friend who would follow her around the house. Mark seemed like a better person for a while. Two months later he was back to drinking heavy again. One day Sherri was playing with her puppy in the kitchen. The puppy took to barking as they played.

Mark was asleep well passed out from a late night of drinking. The next bark from her puppy the bedroom door flew open as Mark stormed out into the kitchen. Mark told Sherri to keep that dog quiet or he would.

As Mark went back toward the bedroom I stepped in front of him blocking him as I said, “They were just playing.”

“OUT of my way BITCH before I shut you up too,” Mark yelled as he pushed me out of the way.

I ran to the bathroom in tears. I hated my life as well as the man I had married. I heard Sherri’s puppy start to bark again as I heard our bedroom door opening. I ran into the kitchen just as I heard the gun shot.

My daughter Sherri stood in the corner with her hands covering her face screaming and crying as her puppy lie dead on the kitchen floor. I ran to Sherri covering her mouth to muffle her screams and cries out of fear he would shoot her next. Mark did not say a word he just returned to the bedroom closing the door. I grabbed Sherri by her hand and we ran out the house never looking back.

I called my girlfriend Cathy and I asked her if we could stay with her. I explained to her what had happened. I stood with Sherri on the corner waiting for Cathy to come. Sherri was no longer crying as she held my hand tight.

That sweet little child looked up to me as she said, “Mommy I still love you.”

A few days later I had the police go with me to get my stuff as Cathy had given me enough money to get my divorce started as well as a restraining order placed on him. Sherri and I moved in with Cathy. Her and I shared a bedroom while Sherri had the other bedroom. My sweet little girl was traumatized all she did was sit it the bedroom drawing in her drawing pad Cathy had gotten for her. I asked if she wanted to talk about it.

“Not now mommy but someday, maybe someday I will,” Sherri said to me.

I confined in Cathy about all the abuse we had faced with Mark. She told me she knew, as I could not hide all my bruises. I also told her how it was not Mark’s fault it was mine. I was just not a good wife nor was I even a good mother.

“Kay you stop that kind of talk you were the victim not the abuser,” Cathy said to me. She took my hand as she added, “That is not a good example for that sweet daughter of yours, and you have to be strong for her.”

Her words did not mean anything to me nor did I realize just how hurt and scarred my daughter was. Cathy worked days as a secretary while I found a night job waiting on tables at a club not far from where we lived. It worked out OK as I was home with Sherri in the daytime and Cathy took care of her at night. On my one day off a week, I would spend it with Cathy and Sherri going shopping mostly.

To be honest Sherri was in school during the day and I saw her to school and home from school before I went into work. That was only because I had to support us. Cathy spent more time with her than I ever did. Something I regret very much today. My job at the club did not pay well however I made damn good tips especially if I wore something sexy when I worked.

The first month I barely made enough to cover my share of the rent with Cathy let alone feed Sherri and myself. One of my co-workers suggested I show a little skin and be a little friendlier to the male clients. I could really use more money especially in tips. I took her advice and I started dressing sexy for my job at the bar.

I would not have even thought of doing something like that had it not been for Sherri needing new clothes as she was growing every day it seemed. The work uniforms I had to wear consisted of a black skirt, white shirt, with nylons and high heels so I was already dressed sexy. However I kept the shirt buttoned and the skirt came down to my knees.

Some of the other girls rolled their skirts up showing more leg. I noticed these girls were counting three times the amount of money I was at the end of the night. The following Friday which were always our busiest night I decided to dress sexier. Sherri was spending the weekend at my mom’s so I did not have to worry about her seeing me dressed as I was.

I put on a black push up bra, which made my 38 c tit heave above my bra. I unbuttoned the shirt so you would have a good view of the girls when I bent down serving you. I rolled my black skirt up so that it was just barely below my butt. I decided on red panties under my skirt to match the bright red lipstick I had on my plump lips.

I dressed and checked myself out in the mirror. I looked like a street hooker but hey if it got me more money then so be it. I walked out into the living room where Cathy was sitting.

“HOLY shit woman,” Cathy said looking at me from the sofa. “Are you waiting tables or hooking?” She then asked me.

“The other girls make more tips than I do and this is how they dress,” I replied as I walked toward the door.

Cathy stood up grabbing me by the arm, as she said, “Just don’t lose your self respect in your greed for money,” as she slipped her hand under my skirt and pinched my ass.

“HEY,” I yelled as I rubbed at my ass.

“Get used to it,” Cathy replied as she walked away shaking her head from side to side.

I was nervous as I got to work. The other girls told me I looked sexy and the tips would be rolling in tonight. I walked to my section and as I did, two older men in their fifties in suits came over and sat at a table.

I walked over to them and I placed napkins on their table as I bent over giving each of them a nice view down my shirt. Their eyes stared at my tits over flowing from my bra. I even gave the girls a little shake before I straighten back up with my pad in my hand. Their eyes followed my tits, as I stood back upward.

“Would you gentlemen care for a drink tonight?” I asked.

“A slippery nipple would be nice,” one of them replied.

For those of you who do not know what a slippery nipple is let me explain. A Slippery Nipple is a popular shooter that pairs sambuca and Irish cream liqueurs. Sambuca is an anise-flavored (like black licorice) liqueur and is a bit of an acquired taste which can catch you off guard in a shooter like this, though the Irish cream does a fair job of taming that taste.

I took their drink order then turned to walk toward the bar when I felt one of their hands rub at my ass. I turned back to them and normally I would have told them not to touch however, this night I wanted to make some money. I smiled at them as I gave them another shake of my tits.

“That will cost you extra tonight,” I said as I winked at them before making my way to the bar as I shook my ass side to side.

I returned with their drinks and I placed them on their napkins. As I did, I made sure I did it from behind their head. I pressed my 38 c boobs into the back of the heads. After serving, them I went to the side of their table in between both of them as I tucked the tray under my arm.

“Will you be enjoying dinner tonight as well? I asked with my pad back in my hand.

“Only if you are on the menu,” the one man replied with a laugh.

“I am afraid I can only be the late night snack after closing,” I said with a laugh of my own.

The two men did end up ordering something and I served them their dinner. I also made sure to check on them from time to time when not busy with my other customers. I flirted with both of them whenever I was at their table.

The two men ate and stayed for a couple hours drinking before I saw the one leaving as the other waved me over to their table. The man at the table asked me for his bill. I placed the bill in front of him as I placed my two hands on the table directly in front of him.

I leaned down with my tits directly over his bill. His face damn near was between my tits as he reached for his bill. I felt his breath on my tits, which only caused my nipples to grow hard. The man took his wallet out and laid his money onto the bill on the table.

The man smiled at me as he said, “Girly whether you know it or not you helped me win over a big client tonight.”

The man reached into his wallet again and he pulled out a fifty-dollar bill that he slipped between my breasts as he said, “I will be bringing all my clients here for now on as long as you promise to wait on us.” “My name is Jack by the way,” he added.

“Thank you Jack, my name is Kay and it would be my pleasure to serve you,” I replied.

The man gave a little laugh as he said, “I just bet you would be such a pleasure,” as he stood up smiled and told me he would be back next Friday with another client.

I cleared his table as he walked out of the bar. I could not believe he had given me a fifty-dollar tip. I walked over to our bartender and cashed the man’s bill out with him. The bartender handed me back fifteen more dollars. I asked him if he had made a mistake,

“Nope, I guess that is your tip,” he replied handing me the money.

I could not believe it in just one customer I had gotten a $65.00 tip. All I had really done was to be nice and shake the girls at him. Well there was that feel of my ass too. However, I would let you rub my ass anytime for $65.00. That was also only the beginning of the night. Before the night was over, I went home with over three hundred dollars in tips.

Holy shit that was more than I made all week working there I thought. I returned home a happy little server that night. I also returned home horny as hell from all the men grabbing my ass or staring at my tits. Cathy was still up in just her robe. She was on the sofa when I came home a little before three in the morning.

“I waited up for you to make sure you made it home dressed like that,” Cathy said.

“I am just fine nothing happened and I did make a little more money than normal,” I replied not wanting to tell her just how much I had made. I leaned down to her putting my tits right into her face as I added, “I am glad you waited up as I am fucking horny.”

“I can take care of that,” Cathy replied as her hands went to my tits.

Cathy rubbed her hands all over my tits cupping them in her hands through my shirt. Cathy unbuttoned the last few that I did have buttoned. She stood up slipping my shirt from my shoulders. She kissed at my neck then to my face until her lips fall upon mine.

We embraced as we kissed deeply and with passion. Cathy licked at my lips with her tongue then shoved her tongue into my mouth. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth as we kissed. I felt Cathy’s hand going between my legs to my panties under my skirt. I knew they were wet as I was going to play with my pussy in the parking lot at the bar but was afraid too.

“Damn girl you’re soaking wet,” Cathy said as her hand rubbed at the mound on my pussy.

Cathy rubbed at my panty-covered pussy as her lips fell upon the top of my breasts sticking above my push up bra. She kissed and licked there for a few seconds then with her other hand she scooped one tit out then the other. Cathy’s tongue licked at my nipples making them harder than they were already.

“AHHH Cathy,” I moaned out as her mouth engulfed one of my tits.

Cathy suckled at one tit then the other, as she rubbed at my pussy harder. I was soon grinding my pussy into her hand while she suckled at my tits. I slipped my right hand into her robe and between her thighs. Cathy was naked under her robe. My fingers went to her hairless pussy under her robe. I teased her hanging pussy lips with my finger before I slipped my finger between them. My finger slipped up into her wet pussy.

“I see you were horny as well,” I said to her.

“I am always horny for you,” Cathy replied.

Cathy left her robe fall from her body. Cathy was 5’ 7” with long strawberry blonde hair that draped over her shoulders. Cathy had nice perky 36 c tits on her slim athletic body. Her pussy at that time was hairless as she kept it shaved. Her pussy lips hung slightly from her slit that ran up to a rather large bump hidden behind a hood.

Cathy was a year younger than I was but she was all women at the age of 21. She reached behind me unclasping my bra. She left it fall to the floor as her hands went under my black skirt. She pulled my panties down as I stepped from them. Cathy brought my panties up to her nose sniffing at them.

“Well at least you came home clean,” Cathy said as she pushed me to the sofa.

Cathy dropped to the floor in front of me parting my legs with her hands. She ran her hands lightly up and down my nylon-covered legs, her fingers lightly tickling at my inner thighs. Cathy took hold of one my legs lifting it from the floor. She removed the high heels from one then from my other foot.

“AHHhhh yes so nice to get those off,” I cooed out as I sunk into the back of the sofa.

Cathy massaged my feet with her hand. Her gentle hands soon had my feet forgetting that I had been on them all night. Cathy ran her hands up my legs to the top of my thigh highs. She rolled one down then the other removing them from my legs.

I lie on the sofa in just my black skirt on and nothing more. Cathy parted my thighs as I spread my legs wide for her. Her tongue licked at my inner thigh as she worked it toward my pussy. She kissed at my pussy a few times then used her tongue on my other inner thigh.

My pussy was twitching, as it needed to feel her tongue inside of it. I lifted her face from between my legs pulling her up onto the sofa with me. Her lips touched mine as we kissed swapping tongue as we did. We both scooted down on the sofa until we were lying flat with Cathy on top of me.

Cathy spun around and as her thighs enclosed my head, I felt her parting parting my hair then my pussy lips with her hands. Cathy dipped her tongue into my pussy as my hands parted her lips as well. I lapped at her pussy as she sat it down onto my face. Our tongues were in unison as we licked out each other’s pussy.

My hands wrapped around her butt pulling her tasty pussy into my face. Cathy started to rock her pussy on my face as I bucked my pussy into her face. I ran my hands all over that lovely butt of hers as she squirmed on my face.

“AHHHH Cathy,” I managed to moan out as her tongue went to my clit.

Cathy licked at it then enclosed her mouth around my swollen clit as she sucked at it. I placed my hand to her pussy as I dragged my tongue from it. I ran my tongue up the crack of her butt until it met her asshole. I slipped two fingers up into her wet pussy as my tongue poked at her ass hole.

“AHHhhhh You naughty girl,” Cathy cooed out rocking her butt on my tongue.

Cathy moved her hand to my clit and she started to rub her fingers at it. I could feel it swelling even more as she did. I poked and licked at her asshole as my fingers searched for her special spot. My fingers found it as they rubbed against it.

We both moaned at the same time screaming each other’s name as orgasm swept through our bodies. My own pussy squirting as she rubbed at my clit while hers dripped her love juices onto my chin. We lie flat on each other for a while before she spun back around and we kissed.

We showered then went into the bedroom for more sex. We used toys and our tongues on each other until we each had three or four orgasms. Cathy cuddled me as I fell asleep in her arms. I loved that the most falling asleep as she held.

My life started to get better and even Sherri seemed happier. Her eyes sparkled again and she laughed again. She would catch Cathy and me kissing every now and then, which always made her laugh. Life was good and so was my job.

I was bringing home good money from my tips every night as I started to dress sexy for any night I worked not just on Fridays. Between the tips, Jack gave me anytime he brought a client with him and my other normal customers I was bringing home some money. I would shake my tits; maybe give one or two a quick flash of the girls. Many of the men would put their hand under my skirt grabbing my ass before the night was finished. However, I never did anything else with the men. I always went straight home to Cathy. We had become lovers once more.

That lasted for around six or seven months. Then it happened I did not want it to happen it just happened. It was a Friday night just before I was to go into work and Jack had called me.

“Kay, I am bringing a special client to the club with me and I just wanted to make sure you would be working,” Jack said to me on the phone.

“I will be there Jack and it will be my pleasure to serve you,” I replied into the phone.

I hung the phone up to find Cathy staring at me. I told her it was work and that they were just making sure I was coming in tonight. I told her they were over booked with reservations.

“Right and it would be your pleasure to serve them,” Cathy said as she left the room.

Sherri came in a few minutes later and she asked, “Why is Cathy crying mommy?”

I lied to her and told her she did not feel good that was all. I told her Cathy would feel better tomorrow. Sherri went back to her room as I went into our bedroom. Cathy was sitting on the edge of the bed. She was wiping the tears from her eyes. I went over and sat besides her wrapping my arms around her.

“I only tease them,” I said to her. “It is just harmless fun for them as well as for me,” I added.

Cathy looked at me as she said, ““Patience when teased is often transformed into rage.”

I did not know what she meant by that and I did not ask her. However, I believe it meant someday it would not be just harmless fun. I asked her if she wanted me to stop dressing as I was for work.

“It is not the dress, it is the person in the dress,” Cathy said to me.

“Trust me Cathy I want nothing to do with any man,” I replied. “I am happy and in love with you,” I added.

Cathy pressed her lips to mine, she kissed me deeply, and with passion before she said, “I have been waiting for you to tell me those three words.” “I trust you Kay and I love you too,” Cathy added.

We heard Sherri giggling and we looked to see her standing in our doorway. She smiled at us as she said, “You two made up I see,” as she walked to us and handed us her latest drawing.

Cathy and I looked at her drawing to find it was a drawing of us in a loving embrace. Sherri had even drawn a heart around us both. Sherri’s drawings had greatly improved from stick figures to regular people drawing. Even at the young age of eight, her talent for drawing was impressive.

Sherri would take her drawing book and pencils everywhere with her. It seemed she was always drawing in it. I asked her one day if I could see her drawing book for a second, as I needed a piece of paper to write something down.

“NO,” Sherri replied in a rather loud voice.

“I only need a blank piece of paper,” I said.

“OK mommy here you are,” Sherri replied tearing a page from her drawing book.

If I had only been a better mother maybe I would have noticed, there was something not right about how she protected that drawing book of hers. If I had, I would have gotten her some help to aid her with dealing with the abuse she suffered as well as the abuse she saw me take.

Early Friday night I dropped Sherri off at my mom’s house as Cathy was going away and would not be home until Sunday. I returned home and got ready for work. I took a long hot relaxing bath before I went into the bedroom to get dressed.

I dressed in the same outfit, which was a black mini skirt, a white buttoned down shirt, with a black push up bra. I reached into my panties drawer to grab a pair of black panties. However, I saw a red thong, which I decided to wear. I slipped the thong on and looked at it in the mirror.

The thong barely covered my hairy pussy. The hair from my pussy was sticking out on both sides. I turned to check my butt out to find the red thong slipped right between my butt cheeks. You could pretty much see my whole ass except for a thing piece of red material running between my butt cheeks.

I reached for my thigh highs only to find a runner in them. The other pairs I had were either dirty or white ones. I searched in my drawer until I found a black garter belt. I looked in my hose drawer to find a brand new pair of black nylons that I slipped on with the garter belt. I checked myself in the mirror once more and decided it looked damn sexy.

I went into work and into the back room where we took our breaks as well as kept our own stuff. I unbuttoned my shirt to where my tits showed nicely and adjusted my mini skirt so that it came down just below my ass. I grabbed my tray and I went about waiting on tables.

Jack and his client walked in about an hour into my shift. Jack had his own personal table by this time at the club. It always had a reserved sign sitting on the table even when he was not in the club. Jack was some type of a business lawyer or something and he would bring his clients both new and old to our club for dinner, drinks and the little show I gave them. I followed Jack and his client to his table. Jack turned to me as he gave me a kiss on my cheek as he always does.

Jack turned to the man with him as he said, “William this is Kay.”

William looked at me checking out my body from the get go. A smile came to his face as he looked down my unbuttoned shirt. I held out my hand to shake his. However when he took my hand he brought it to his lips and he kissed it lightly.

“Nice to meet you Kay and please call me Bill,” Bill said.

“It is my pleasure to meet you as well as to serve you Bill,” I replied pulling my hand from his.

The two men sat down and I asked them if they wanted a couple of drinks before their dinner. I sat my tray down onto the table and laid my pad on it as I bent down right in front of Bill. His eyes grew big as he stared down my shirt. There was one slight problem when I bent down. I had loosened the bra clasp as it had been cutting into my back. When I bent down in front of Bill both my big tits rolled from my bra.

I scooped them back into my bra as I said, “Sorry about that the girls bust out every now and then.”

“Them be some mighty pretty girls,” Bill replied with a little laugh.

All of us had a little laugh as I took their drink order. I picked up my tray and my pad from their table as I went to do so. I knocked Jack’s reserved sign from the table; as I bent down to get it, I felt the cool air of the nightclub against my butt cheeks. I knew they were getting a nice shot of my ass from where they sat.

“OH MY,” I heard Bill say.

I picked the sign up giving them a quick butt shake. As I was walking away from their table, I heard Jack as he told Bill. That girl has one hot ass.

“One I would love to have,” Bill replied.

I did not think anything of the remark Bill had made as I went and got their drinks.The men drank and talked as I waited on them. Sometimes they both would rub their hands on my legs and up my skirt. By the time they finally ordered dinner, I was feeling horny. As I was taking Jack’s order Bill asked if I was on the menu. I gave Bill the same line I had told Jack the first night I met him.

“I am afraid I can only be the late night snack after closing,” I said to him smiling.

“Then I better save some room for desert,” Bill replied.

Jack asked me to come sit with them when I took my break. I had done it a hundred of times with Jack and his clients. I would sit there doing nothing more than showing my tits as we talked. When my break time came, I walked over to their table, Jack pulled a chair out next to Bill, and I sat down.

We chatted as the men ogled my tits. I squeezed them together with my arms as I sat there which allowed them to see more of the girls. I felt a hand go to my thigh then up my skirt. I did not even have time to react when I felt a finger rubbing against my thong. I looked at Bill as it was his hand and his finger touching my thong.

I was horny and it was dark where Jack’s table was. I also saw that no one was around us. I parted my thighs spreading my legs giving his hand a little more room. Jack smiled at me as did Bill. Bill managed to work his finger past my thong and up into my wet pussy.

“AHhhh,” I moaned softly at the table as his finger entered my pussy.

Bill ran his finger in and out of my pussy. My pussy squeezed around his fat finger thinking it was a cock. I rocked on his finger as he took it in and out of my pussy. I knew it was wrong what I was doing but I was so horny and I knew Cathy would not be home when I got off work.

His finger was just about to get me off when Bill pulled it from my pussy. I pouted at him as he withdrew his finger. Bill brought his wet finger to his mouth and sucked at the wetness my pussy had left on it.

“Now that is some tasty dessert,” Bill said removing his finger from his mouth. “Just what time do you get off Kay?” Bill asked.

I looked to Jack who had a begging look on his face then back to Bill as I replied, “I will be done at 2:30,” as I placed my hand onto his thigh running it up to his crotch.

“I will be having my desert at 2:45 then,” Bill said.

My hand rubbed against a nice hard thick cock. I squeezed at his cock through his pants as his lips touched mine. Bill kissed me as I kissed him back. His hand went to my tit rubbing it as he kissed me.

I broke the kiss as I stood up removing my hand from his cock as I said, “My break is over for now,” as I winked at Jack before I walked away.

An hour or so later Jack came over to the bar where I was standing. Jack told me he wanted to settle his bill for the night. Jack paid his bill along with tipping me handsomely. Jack then took a hold of my hand turning it palm side up in his. He pressed something into it as he rolled my hand around it. I looked down into my hand to see what looked like cash rolled up with a rubber band around it.

“A little something for your help tonight,” Jack said giving me a wink.

I kissed him on his cheek as I replied, “Thanks Jack.”

I slipped it into my apron as Jack walked away. I forgot about it for the time being until I took some of my tip money into our back room to stash it in my purse. I pulled it from my apron and removed the rubber band. There was $200.00 in twenties wrapped around a hotel key. The hotel was right down the street and the room number was 101. I should have just gone home that night after work.

However, I was horny and apparently, Jack had paid for my services or at least for Bill’s dessert. I finished work and drove to the hotel. Once there I went to room 101 and knocked. Bill answered the door.

“Kay, I have been waiting for you,” Bill said as he opened the door in just a fancy robe.

I walked inside checking the room out as I did. His room was not in a fleabag motel nor was it a simple room. Bill’s room was a suite with a bar as well as a Jacuzzi right by the bar. Music was playing from the fancy stereo in the room. Bill walked me to the bar and sat me down on the barstool.

“What you drinking?” Bill asked.

“A screwdriver would be nice,” I replied smiling at him.

Bill fixed me a drink and him self one. The lighting in his hotel room was better than in the nightclub and I got my first good look at him. Bill was an older man maybe in his fifties. He had medium length black hair with silver streaks at the side that made him look distinguished. Bill was about 5’ 10” and of average weight. His body was toned but not muscular in anyway.

Bill was rather handsome looking and his manner seemed carefree. He rather reminded me of my grandfather when I was a child. I did not notice a wedding ring on his hand as we talked. I am not for sure if that would have mattered as I was just plain horny for some cock.

Bill and I had a few drinks as we talked. Then as a slow song came over the stereo, Bill asked me to dance with him. Bill took me into his arms as we danced around the room. I had forgotten just how wonderful it felt to be in a man’s arms again.

Bill kissed at my neck then nibbled at my ear. I felt my pussy wetting my thong as it tingled. I slipped my hand from his back down between us. I slipped my hand inside his robe placing my hand onto his hard cock. I rubbed and pulled on it as we danced around his room. The song ended as his lips touched mine.

Bill kissed me lightly as his hands roamed over my ass under my skirt. He pulled me against his body as I rubbed his cock against the thong I had on under my skirt. I was wishing he would just scoop me up and sit me down on his cock. I slipped my tongue from his mouth as I broke our kiss. I gave his cock a few more pulls before I left go of it as I dropped to my knees in front of him.

I looked up at him as my hand went back on his cock and I asked, “May I suck it?”

Bill did not answer he just smiled as his hands went to the back of my head. He pushed my head to his cock. Bill had an average size cock six inches with big heavy hanging balls. I rubbed at his balls with one hand as my other hand pulled on his cock. I used my tongue to lick around the head of his cock.

I teased the head of his cock with my tongue until he pushed at the back of my head. I opened my mouth as I took his cock inside of it. I worked my mouth down to my hand then back up again slowly. I did this for about 2 or three minutes. I moved my hand from his cock as I took all of his cock into my mouth.

“AHhhhh Kay,” Bill moaned out as my lips touched his pubic area.

I moved my mouth up and down his cock sucking at it when I got to his dickhead. I rolled and pulled at his balls with my hand as I built a steady rhythm sucking on his cock. Bill was using his hands at the back of my head to pull and push my head onto his cock.

Bill removed his hands from my head as he yelled, “You better watch out I am going to blow.”

I pulled my mouth from his cock as my hand wrapped around it. His cock swelled and throbbed in my hand as I pumped hard at it. A small burst of cum shot from his cock. When it did I took his cock back deep into my mouth.

“AHHHHhh fuck,” Bill screamed out as his cock jerked in my mouth.

Two squirts splashed against the roof of my mouth. The cum flowed into my mouth as I swallowed it. One more heavy blast came from his cock as I sucked at it draining the last drop of his juices from his cock. I licked at my lips as I looked up to him.

Bill looked down at me as he said, “Damn Kay you could suck a golf ball through a garden hose,” as he closed his robe.

I took that as a compliment on my dick sucking abilities giving a little laugh as he helped me to my feet. Bill walked me over to the bar where he fixed us another drink. He handed me my drink slipping his robe off then stepping into the Jacuzzi.

“Care to join me?” Bill asked.

I did not reply as I sat my drink onto the bar. I slowly unbuttoned the few remaining buttons on my white shirt. I draped it over the bar stool as I reached my hands behind myself. I leaned down letting the girls rest up against the push up bra I wore.

I undid the clasp of my bra letting the girls fall from it. My breasts bounced and jiggled as they fell from my bra. I shook my tits at him, as I stood back upward. I ran my hands over both tits as I made eyes at him. I scooped one of my tits up with my hand as I lowered my mouth to it.

I teasingly used my tongue to lick at my already hard nipple. I licked at one then the other before I left my tits fall from my hands. I slowly turned my back to him as I slipped my skirt down over my butt. I bent over as my red thong slipped further between my butt cheeks. I ran my hand over my butt pulling at my butt cheeks showing him the red thong up my ass crack.

I turned my head slightly looking to him and smiling before I stood back up stepping from my skirt. I slipped my high heels off as I walked over to him. I placed my nylon cover leg near him from the outside of the Jacuzzi.

I smiled at him as I asked, “Would you be a dear and help me unfasten my nylons?”

Bill’s hands went to my thigh in front of him. He unhooked my nylon from the garter belt as he kissed and licked at my thighs. Bill rolled in down and off my leg tossing it near the barstool. Bill rolled his face against the front of my hairy pussy as he went to my other thigh. Bill unhooked my nylon and rolled it from my leg. Bill looked up at me with his face directly in front of my hairy pussy.

His hands went to my thong as he hooked his thumbs around the waistband. Bill pulled my thong down past my thighs and over my knees. I stepped from my thong standing naked in front of him. Bills eyes roamed my body from head to toe then back to my hairy pussy in front of his face.

“Don’t ever shave that lovely pussy,” Bill said as he stuck his face up into my pussy.

Bill rubbed his face into my wet pussy as sucking cock always makes it drip with my juices. He used his nose to grind against my clit before I felt his hands gently pushing my hair away to get to my pussy lips. Bill parted my pussy lips as he ran his tongue between them. I moaned as his tongue explored my pussy from below. Bill removed his face as he asked me to turn around with my butt to his face.

“Bend down for me a little Kay?” Bill asked.

I bent over feeling his hands on the cheeks of my butt. Bill parted them as he stuck his face up into my pussy from under me. Bill licked wildly at my pussy as I back it onto his face. He poked and licked at my pussy with his tongue making it even wetter. I felt him remove his tongue as he ran it from my pussy up the crack of my ass.

“AHhhhhh Bill,” I moaned loudly as I felt his tongue at my butt hole.

Bill licked then poked his tongue at my asshole. I felt him stick two fingers up into my pussy as he buried his tongue deep into my asshole. Bill worked his tongue in and out of my asshole as his fingers toyed deep in my pussy. His fingers found my special spot as he licked at my asshole again.

“AHHhhhh Fuck,” I screamed as a powerful orgasm rushed through my body.

My hands went to the floor to keep myself from falling over as my knees buckled then my thighs started to shake. My orgasm rocked my body as my pussy squirted my love juices all over his fingers and his chin. Bill stopped his licking of my asshole as he continued to rub at my special spot. I pulled my pussy off his fingers as I stood back up turning toward him.

I pushed him back into the Jacuzzi as I removed my garter belt and stepped into the Jacuzzi. Bill turned and sat down as I straddle his lap. I reached under me and into the water and found his hard cock. I sat my open throbbing pussy down onto his cock as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

I started to rock back and forth on his cock as I kissed at his lips. Bill’s arms wrapped around me and he helped me to ride his cock. I was soon bouncing up and down on his cock as he kissed and licked at my tits. I felt my orgasm start to build and I bounced harder on his cock splashing water from the Jacuzzi.

“AHHHhhh BILL,” I screamed as an orgasm rocked my world.

“AHHh Kay," Bill moaned out before he pressed his lips against mine.

We kissed as I rode his cock to my own orgasm as his cock shot cum deep within my pussy. My orgasm started to fade as I thought about how many orgasms I never had when Mark would fuck me. I slipped off Bill’s lap as I slipped into the water beside him.

His arm wrapped around me pulling me into his side as he said, “That was wonderful Kay.”

“It was wasn’t it,” I replied as my hand rubbed at his chest.

I ended up spending the rest of the night well the early morning talking and having sex with Bill through out his room in that hotel. We had just finished fucking in his hotel bed when I looked to the clock on the nightstand. It was after ten in the morning.

“Bill, I have to be getting home,” I said as I walked from the bedroom.

I went back by the bar picking up my clothes from the floor and the bar stool. I got dressed thinking about just how wonderful my time with him had been. Bill was a skilled and a gentle lover not like my first husband Mark who seemed to want to hurt me when we had sex. I was dressed as Bill came up behind me. He spun me into his arms and he kissed me fully on my lips.

Bill broke our kiss as he took a hold of my hand and he said, “Kay, that was just about the most wonderful night of my life.” Bill pressed a wad of rolled up money with a rubber band around it into my hand as he added, “Just a little something for showing me a good time.”

“Bill that is not…” I started to tell him that was not necessary.

However, Bill stopped me by pressing his finger to my lips as he said, “I am sure you can find good use for it.”

I hugged him and told him thanks. Bill walked me to his hotel room door. We kissed once more then I walked out his door. I started down the hallway when I heard his door close. I stopped and turned back toward his door. I stood there in the hallway thinking as I looked to his room.

I wanted to go back and asked him if I would ever see him again. I had truly enjoyed my night with him. He had treated me so lovingly and gentle during our fun. Bill had even talked to me nicely not just to get into my pants or yelling at me to take your clothes off and fuck him. The reality of the night hit me as I stood there.

Bill was over twice my age, he came from a different world one full of class and wealth. Bill had everything while I had nothing. He was high class and rich while I was just a poor single mother trying to raise a daughter alone. I shook my head as I told myself it could never be as I walked out the hotel and got into my car.

I got inside my car and I unrolled the money wrapped in a rubber band. There was $400.00 in fifties wrapped by that rubber band. I had earned almost a grand tonight with the money from Jack, Bill and tips from work. I smiled to myself as I drove home thinking I might get to like this after all.

I arrived home and I was in my own little world as I unlocked the door. I walked in and as I closed the door. I turned to see Cathy standing there with her arms folded in front of herself. She had told me she would be gone the whole weekend.

Cathy looked at me shaking her head as she said, “True love never leaves the heart, so if you don’t love me now, you didn’t love me then.”

“Cathy let me…” I replied.

Cathy stopped me as she walked to me wrapping me into her arm as she whispered into my ear, “Our love was not meant to be not now at least but maybe some day.”

Cathy broke our hug as she walked to our bedroom with her head looking to the floor. Cathy closed the door as she entered the bedroom. I think I had hurt her with what I did that night. I took a long warm shower wondering if her and I were still lovers or even friends.

I hung my head down sitting there in the study with John.I heard the typing stop as John looked at me across the desk in his study. I hung my head for a few seconds more hoping he would lift it however he did not lift it. I lifted my head looking up into his dull almost lifeless blue eyes. I reached across his desk touching his arm with my hand. He felt cold to my touch as I rubbed my hand on his arm.

"I guess I might have broken Cathy’s heart back then without ever realizing it until now," I said to John as tears streamed down my face.

“Maybe you should have knocked at Bill’s door instead,” I replied to Kay. “It is time we took a little break,” I added as I left the room leaving Kay alone to her thoughts in my study.

This is Kay typing to you as John has left the room. My John the one you readers know as Sgt. J seems so distant and so cold to my touch. The man I fell in love with seems not to be inside of him any longer or he is beneath the sorrow he feels in his heart . It is hard to sit and know that the man you love with all your heart is broken. I wipe my tears from my eyes as I type to you. That is something I cannot ever remember John not doing for one of us when tears flowed from our eyes.

It is hard for me to watch the man I call John and whom you call Sgt. J lose his way. A man who fought bravely in Vietnam, one who faced despair, heartaches, as well as many other challenges in his life. A man whose dreams and hopes were taken from him when he lost a special woman as well as his unborn child. A man whose love for that woman helped him put his life back together with her guidance from beyond. A strong, trustworthy, loyal man, a man who once used to talk to angels now he turns his back to them.

It is hard for me Kay his beloved wife to sit here watching the man who delivered me from my own demons and my own darkness slip deeper into his own. I know not how to help him other than to show him how dark my life would have been without him. The man I love sits in judgment of himself thinking he is to blame for a recent event. I know that not to be true and that is why I agreed to tell him my side of his story.

I do so because somebody has to defend him against himself and who better than his beloved family the ones he has helped the most during his life. The man you all know as Sgt. J has led us all since the day he came into our lives. He leads us no more, as he has removed his rank, his heart and maybe his mind as he sits in judgment of himself. Our family seems lost at times and I fear it is only a matter of time before we each slip back into our own darkness without him. If only he would have taken me into his arms and whispered into my ear, "Hush, hush my love or the creatures of the night will get you," maybe then and only then this nightmare would be over.

I know my husband used to leave you with quotes and questions at the end of his chapters so I leave you with this. What demons or darkness caused my husband to lose hope? Can we save him from himself? What will happen between Cathy and I? That will be answered in the next chapter as to the other questions those will come later in this story. I leave you with this quote.

“We should not judge people by their peak of excellence; but by the distance they have traveled from the point where they started.”

If this be true then in the case of my husband the one you know as Sgt. J. He has been to hell and back many times helping others close to him from their own demons and the darkness. I would say that my husband’s has enough miles on his boots to qualify.

I will continue my story in the next chapter. As always, let him as well as me Kay his wife know if you are enjoying his story.

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