Trafficked Love Ch. 4

Chapter Four: Corrupt Cops and A Cop's Mission

Maybe he wouldn't recognize her. Maybe he wouldn't remember her from the other night.

She sat up on the bed as he walked toward her, his eyes narrow. She could tell he recognized her, but she didn't think he could remember where.

She motioned him onto the bed. He sat, but still seems untrusting and tense.

Instinctively, she gently pushed on his shoulders to lay him down. He was still suspicious of her as she straddled him. Figuring it was best to keep her face hidden, for fear that the longer he looked at her, the more likely he was to remember her, she burried her face into his shoulder, gently kissing and biting him.

He stayed tense. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw him roll his eyes, looking slightly annoyed.

She sat up, still crouched over him, balancing her weight on her hands. Her dark brown hair hung loosly down off of one shoulder. "Hey, relax, it's ok" she tried to assure him.

He looked off to the door, still tense and annoyed. She shimmeyed her way down his body and started to undo his pants. His body tensed further as he questioned "what are you doing?"

But she gave no response as she freed him and gently sucked him into her mouth.

He gasped, a hand on the back of her head to hold her still. She let him push her all the way down onto him, as he growled. He was still tense, but perhaps he may relax soon.

No such luck as he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her free from him. He tilted her head to look at him, but she instinctively lowered her eyes. "Why are you doing this?"

Confused, her brow furrowed as she tried to respond "because you paid."

He sighed, annoyance hidden in it. "You know who I am. I saw you the other day, Fallen Angel."

Her eyes shifted from side to side as she thought of how to respond. "So? I've had numerous people like you" she answered, implying that just because he was a police officer, did not exclude him from being clientel. In fact, there had been numerous police officers, lawyers, and even politicians and other people of respectable positions, paying her for business.

He pulled her completely off of him, sitting up on the bed.

Things started to click in Angel's head. He wasn't here for business. Or at least, not the business she though. He was here to arrest. Eyes widening a bit, Angel sat up and moved off of the bed.

"Where are you going?" He grabbed her by the wrist.

Her body tensed, "to get your money."


"If you aren't here for business, then you don't have to"

He cut her off by pulling her back on the bed, pushing her face down, and pinning her down. "No, you are not going out there and fucking this up." He had realized she had figured him out "we have been working too hard on this."

She began to panic. She tried to squirm free, but he was much stronger than her. She was trapped. Her breathing quickened as she struggled.

He straddled her, sitting directly on her ass, one arom across the back of her neck, the other restraining her wrists above her head.

"Please" she begged and pleaded. "Please don't do this!" She continued to squirm, but had no leverage to force him off of her. "Please, I won't tell! I swear!"

She could have been lying to him. She could have sworn secrecy, and bolted at her first chance. However, there was something about the way she said it. Perhaps it was the true and actual fear in her eyes and voice, perhaps it was her struggling, perhaps it was her tears, or even something deeper between the two of them, but the man seemed to believe her. He loosened his grip on her, but still kept her still.

"I'm going to let go of you. You will not run or scream. You will stay here, and continue acting like this is nothing more than any other night with any other person."

Her breathing was still quick, but he let go of her hands and removed the arm from the back of her neck. He continued to pin her down by straddling her, but he was showing her some mercy. She brought her arms down from above her head, her head turned, but still refused to look at him.

He reached up to wipe a tear from her cheek, and she flinched. "Shh, it's ok. I'm not going to hurt you" he assured.

She swallowed hard, trying to control her breathing as he brushed the tear from her face.

"Good girl" he soothed. He pulled himself off of her completely, sitting on the edge of the bed. She laid still.

He sighed, looking over at her. "Relax."

"How long did you pay for?" she asked quietly.

"Til six."

"Five hours? That's a lot of money. Are you sure you don't want me to go get it back?"

He shook his head. She rolled onto her back, next to him.

There was a knock on the door and the door handle jingled quickly as it was unlocked and Frank opened it, poking his head into the room. His face quickly showed disgust and anger. "Is everything ok in here?"

Angel cowered down, lowering her head as her breathing quickened.

"Yeah" the man responded to Frank.

"You don't like her?"

"What? No, that's not an issue!"

Angel could feel Frank's cold, hard, angry stare "I can get you a different girl."

"No! She's fine. I want her."

Angel heard the door shut and the lock click as Frank left.

The man looked at her "does he do that a lot?"

She nodded, and he sighed.

There was only one way to ensure her safety from Frank, especially since he would be checking on her, and they both knew it

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