Adventures of Seba And Marissa

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Note: This is not a series made by PolishCock and all rights to the guy, oh that's right I'm PolishCock :D

Seba ran. His gleaming eyes full of malice, malice for himself. How could he have run away like that? What would his master say? Would he whip Seba? Make him stand for two weeks? Starve him? He didn't know. He didn't want to know. The road ahead would be long and perilous, but by Perun he would do it, he will escape the Maze of the Undead!

Seba was a lean, muscular dark elf of Underdark, the ancestral homeland of drows. His hair, which ran down his back like mercury was sleek and silver. His eyes, however, were crimson like hot coals, a trait all drows share. A tattered ebony rucksack occupied his back, along with a quiver full of La'Varashan arrows. These projectiles were a dark elf specialty; tipped with poisonous sap from glowing buds which grew only in Underdark. He stole them from his master along with Headhunter, a bow of legend. The weapon was supposedly carved from The First Tree, by the Sylvan Elves, the predecessors of drows. Seba did not care about that however, to him it was just a tool, a means to an end.

As the elf made a turn, a ghost of a whisper made him stop abruptly and notch an arrow to Headhunter. His piercing eyes shot towards the shadows. A girl, no, a woman stood, her arms outstretched and her head bowed, her mouth hung open in a mouthless scream. His shoulders relaxed and he replaced the weapons in their quiver. He slowly paced towards the female. Her skin was pale, like fresh snow on a pure winters dawn. Her hair was long and free, black as the abyss. Seba felt a peculiar feeling in his groin. He never felt like that before. He brushed it off and walked with purpose to the woman. She moaned and fell. Seba caught her, but only just. Her skin was warm and satin smooth.

The woman's lips twitched and Seba put a long, pointed ear closer to her face. He quickly recoiled as she bit him, playfully, sucking on the tip for a second before letting go. She got to her feet and brushed herself off. Like Seba, she only wore a loincloth, proudly displaying her gorgeous breasts. The nipples were hard and stuck out invitingly. She eyed Seba suspiciously and spoke. Her voice sultry and lustful "What is such a handsome drow doing in the Maze of the Undead?"

Seba looked down. A bulge was developing under his loincloth and the tip of his cock was peeking out from the strip of hide. HIs olive cheeks flushed. The woman giggled. " My name is Marissa, what's yours?" She purred, cocking a finger in his direction to beckon him forward. " I am Seba of the Bloodmoon Clan of Underdark, and I must escape this maze." He replied.

"Well it just so happens that I am the Mazekeeper." She smiled knowingly." I will show you the way, for a price"
"I have no gold, no jewels or gems. What could you possibly desire from me?" Seba inquired.
Marissa grinned "I desire no gold or gems, I desire your mouth and tounge."
Seba blanched. How could he survive without his mouth! "Fine. Make it quick" he said, as he pulled out a long curved knife. He managed to steal it from the kitchens along with a couple of slices of snake meat and a bag of rice.
Marissa burst out laughing. " No you fool! I want you to share my bed!" The glee was splattered on her face like warpaint.
Seba sighed. He was used as a sex-slave in Underdark before. He shrugged off his quiver and tore off his loincloth displaying a rock-hard cock well over 9 inches long. His size was a mixed blessing. While it was the reason he was picked for his role by his master, it also made him a small fortune. Seba was known for his elfhood in his homeland.

Marissa giggled like a small child and skipped over to Seba who stood, his features like carved sandstone as Marissa's small hands explored his majestic dick. His expression changed, however, when her moist soft mouth enveloped his cock like a sheath would a sword. He signed and grunted her name. He was used to licking pussy, fucking, even anal a couple times for the occasional guest but never this. This was something else. And he loved it!

Marissa's golden eyes rested on his hard stomach muscles as she skilfully wrapped her long tounge around his shaft and milked him while sucking it like a straw. Seba moaned and tapped her head. " I'm gunna cum." To his shock Marissa giggled and said "Good I want to feel your sticky jizz in the back of my throat. Please paint my neck with your seed. I want it- no- I NEED your cum!"

That was all Seba needed to hear. He gripped her head and pounded her mouth. A bulge was visible in her windpipe but she didn't notice or didn't mind. Seba yelled as what felt like buckets of cum splashed the back of Marissa's throat. She licked him clean and gurgled happily on his cum.

"Now, its your turn Seba of the Bloodmoon Clan" she panted " Make me cum if you can!"

************** like for part two***************

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