School Friends turn into Adult Friends

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I was at a house party a while back, with these rednecks I knew from my old school days.

The metalcore music was pounding as we drank our beer, bourbon, or whatever alcohol by a fire.

We smoked some weed and we talked about the old days and what clowns we were at school. I was getting pretty drunk, I think we all were. There was Jacko, who at school was my best friend (but I hadn’t seen him for a few years). Then there was Roger and Theo, the Terrible-Twins (I never could tell me apart and still can’t). I tolerated the Twins because they were Jacko’s cousins.

After some time Jacko started playing around and taunting me. I retaliated and then began wrestling around with me. It was playful wrestling, but when he pinned me down in submission, the terrible-twins started laughing at my predicament. The beer and weed had fully kicked in. Jacko laughed his ass off while holding me down, while the Terrible-Twins started stripping my clothes off. Once naked, Jacko released his hold.

I was pissed, naked, and embarrassing as I slumped down by the fire. They laughed as they taunted me with my clothes. . It was embarrassing to be sitting there naked as shit in front of these guys.

After a while of being the butt of their jokes, I took off and run inside their house and locked myself in the bathroom.

I sat in the bathroom and I could still hear their chatter. In just minutes Jacko was knocking loudly on the locked bathroom door. He wanted to know what the problem was. Louis knocked again louder and told me to open the door. I then let him in, as I tried to leave.

Jacko had a firm hold on my arm pulling me back into the bathroom with him and shut the door behind us. I sat on the edge of the bathtub while he pissed. When he finished he put his hands on my shoulders and moved me over to sit me down on the toilet. His hands went to my head as he pulled me to his still hanging dick that was to my surprise hard even after just pissing. This was such a weird situation to be in and also that my mouth opened. That’s just what Jacko wanted and slid his cock inside. Impulsively or on instinct, I let him in my mouth, It was as if I was in a trance, as I started sucking his cock. I wanted to get him off, as quickly as possible, so soon I was going at his cock quickly and hoped the Terrible-Twins didn’t find out about this.

That wasn’t going to happen because, after a few minutes into the blow job, there was a knock at the door. Somebody was calling us out. “What are you two guys doing in there?” My head was spinning (thinking I was busted). I knew we would have some explaining to do. Jacko seemed unbothered and moved my head to keep sucking. He just scolded back and told them to go away until we were finished. It was soon after they left, that his breathing got wild and he was grunting and groaning. “Damn,” He moaned, as he filled my mouth with his cum.

Jacko patted my head. He told me that he always knew I had it in to give great blow-jobs. He zipped up and left quickly.

I quickly pushed the door shut, as he left.

Immediately I could hear chatter and then laughter from outside. I could barely make out their banter, but Jacko told them that he got his dick sucked. “No way,” “Bullshit,” the Twins replied. Jacko said something that I couldn’t make out. Then there was silence.

Well, sure enough, there was a pounding on the bathroom door. “Open up, open up the fucking door,” One of the Twins growled. I eventually opened the door and in came one of the Twins. He wrestled with his pants as he closed the door behind him. I guess I couldn’t deny him of whatever he wanted. I looked at him and he had lust in his eyes. There was no reluctance on my part, now knowing that this was planned all along. I had given in to the idea, that I will be sucking cock again tonight. So, without any prompting, I just went used my mouth to give pleasure, and I knew I could make him cum.

I did not get to leave the bathroom for some time. As soon as I sucked off one cock, another would appear. My cock was a drooling mess as I cum too a few times, from sucking dick. Jacko came back for more and the Twins did. I could hear their carrying on outside after some returned. Finally, it got to be about 11 p.m. the bathroom.

I cleaned up my cock before re-joining them, by the fire. I was still naked and I still couldn’t see my clothes. I sat on the ground and held my knees to my face, cold and feeling embarrassed as now I am known to them as a fag. To tell you the truth before today I hated guys who do what I had eagerly done to Jacko and the Twins. They even praised me for what I did for them, even one of the Twins. The other Twins threatened to bust my ass with his cock right there and then. It was around that time the group thought it was a good time to head back onto the streets, and bag some chicks. “Real chicks,” as one of the Twins said. They made no big deal about what just happened. Jacko thanked me for being a good sport and taking care of them. I went in search of my clothes after they’d left but never found them. So I stole a towel and walked home.

We started having these campfire gathering by Jacko’s place all Autumn.

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