Fitness Freak

I have to make sure I don't wear my tight compression shorts when I train with you. You've been coming here for two months now and your body is starting to become a work of art. You've gone from sweats to everything looking as though it's painted on.

It's torture helping you with squats and having to see your beautiful ass bending over repeatedly under my watchful eye. That inner thigh machine you love so much, ok I admit I'm not supposed to be looking then but it's just so damn tempting. Every time you catch me you smile but I know this can't go pass a professional relationship. It's a two way street though, I see you looking at my dick when I spot you on the bench press.

Too bad we are both too busy to find time outside the gym. I wouldn't hesitate at the chance to make you submit to me but the gym is always packed so that would never happen

I wake up with a hangover and looking awful after my new year’s celebration. I rush to work forgetting to shave but I know the gym will be packed with people due to New Year’s resolutions. The wind is whipping and the rain is coming down in buckets. When I get to work the lobby is empty and only the janitor is there.

"They were supposed to call you, said they weren't opening up today" the janitor tells me. I let him know that I'm going to shave & shower and then I'll be out of his hair. When I emerge from the men's locker room you are coming out of the females and you tell me "Guess we got the whole place to ourselves".

I want to tell you the place is not open but why pass up an opportunity to get you all alone. Halfway through our workout you complain of the heat and strip down to a sports bra and some spandex shorts. You look over at me and make me feel at ease "No one's here, you don't have to keep the abs covered today".

I pull my shirt up revealing my abs and I pull it back down quickly. You look crushed and call me a tease. You decide to skip a training station and go straight to the thigh machine. You ask me to check out your form to make sure that you’re doing it right. Your thighs open and close repeatedly while you stare at me intensely watching your pussy. I know it has to be pretty with you being so beautiful.

I imagine you getting wetter with each squeeze "So what do you think about my form" you ask. "Your form looks perfect to me but I couldn't really see those thigh muscles contracting and getting a good deep stretch". You blush and close your legs quickly, "If you want to see my muscles contract I'm going to have to see more than those abs".

I pull off my shirt and you tell me to turn around so you can admire my back. You get up from the equipment and lay your head on my back as you rub my abs, "Now drop those shorts and we're in business". I put your fingers between the waistband and you tug them off quickly. When you see I have a second pair of shorts on you are heated and demand I remove them as well.

I order you too hold up your end of the bargain and maybe that would get my shorts off. You pout but you have confidence that your pretty pussy will be enticing enough. You look at my hard dick bulging in the shorts and you peel off your shorts thinking about all the times we've checked each other out.

Just like I figured from the print in those shorts, you’re not wearing a single thread of underwear. Your ass looks even better naked too, as you slightly bend over I check out that phat pussy framed by your thighs. You sit on the machine and open your thighs like you have so many times before. Your lips barely part and it's driving me insane.

I walk over to part them so I can see your pretty pink center but you demand that I drop my shorts if I want to touch you. I pull them down and take full advantage of your offer. I rub your breast and part your pussy using the head of my dick. You grab my manhood and lean forward to suck it just enough to get it wet. You place it back at the entrance of your pussy and stare me in the eyes as I feed it to you by the inch.

Your nails dig in my back as I pound your body against the foam padding on the machine. Your legs are wide open and I take advantage of it. I massage your sweet center until you yell that you’re cumming. I look at my dick and I'm glad you came but there's no way you can quit on me. I lay you down on the weight bench like I'm spotting you with my dick dangling above your face. You open your mouth and allow me to fuck it like I’ve wanted to do while everyone in the gym watches.

You suck me good, rubbing my balls as you allow me to slide down your throat more and more. You gag a little and try to pull me out to regain your composure. I help you off of the bench so you can straddle me while I lay down on it. Your eager and grab my cock before sliding your pussy onto it, wasting no time before you start bucking and grinding. You balance yourself by placing your hands on my chest while I massage your breast.

I know you want to lean forward and have them sucked but your too busy showing off your riding skills. I raise my hand high and slap your ass repeatedly calling you every nasty name under the sun. You begin to fuck me senseless after you get turned on by being treated like such a bad girl. Thrusting your breast in my face so I can lick and suck them while you ride me like a woman possessed. My gaze is fixated on your bouncing breast but the sounds of your moans have me on the verge of cumming.

I tell u to let me cum all over your breasts but you tell me not to pull out. You ride me hard and fast as I fondle you and we take turns rubbing your clit. You finally cry out in ecstasy but it's too late for me to give a warning. You feel my dick swell and release cum into your tight little pussy.

We both rush to the showers to take a long hot shower together. We spend the whole time performing the foreplay we should’ve had before sex. You suck my dick with that special trick only you know. I lay you on the shower floor and lick you until you crave my hard cock in your pussy again.

We fuck in every position imaginable until we end up in both of our favorite. I fuck you from the back while grabbing your hair and smacking your thick wet ass. My stroke is long but rapid and you know that's a sign that a guy is close "cum all over this phat ass daddy, use this pussy until you give me that nut baby" my nails dig into your ass as I fuck myself into a frenzy.

I pull it out just in time to see my load land in the middle of your back. My dick continues to jerk and your ass is covered in my warm sticky cum by the time it finishes spasming. The janitor walks in and we smile at each other not even trying to hide. He gets a peek but he wanders on so we can get dressed.

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