Bossing the Boss 1

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Its another monday again. TJ isn't ready to get up from bed, he's already deactivated his alarm years ago, but still his body is set to wake up at 5.30am everyday including holidays. He lazily stands. Brushes his teeth, does some exercise, bathes, gets dressed for work, He would grab breakfast at the office. He's off to work at 6.37am. He drives a range rover sport 2012 model. He's an engineering supervisor at an oil company in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria. He's got the money, the looks, the age. He's single, 6"2' n he's 26. He gets to his office by 7.53am traffic was mad as usual. His boss. A very stern looking 49year old Mrs Hassan awaits him at his door. Hands crossed over her breasts. She's a 5"8' woman,dark in complexion,uses heavy-framed glasses,doesn't smile, weighing a little over 102kg. She's got the ass to follow her stature and a 32d sized boobs. She got short hair and all the other looks of a stern boss. TJ noticing her walks quickly to her and greets warmly "Goodmorning madam, how's ur weekend, how's your family". She looks at him and says follow me. He's used to the reaction so he follows behind her to her office down the hallway of the 7th floor of the building all the while staring at her hips and thinking of all the things he could do to them. When they get to her office. He snaps out of his fantasy. She sits on her swivelling chair and without offering him a seat she looks at him and says "I've been at the office since 7am expecting to have the report from last weeks operations shutdown at the oso flowstation" I couldn't find it and I need it this morning so where is it. TJ smiles and is about to speak. She raises a hand in the air and stops him before he starts. She continues "we don't pay you to be the most eligible bachelor, you are paid to make this company move forward, u have 20minutes to send me that report else u'ld be receiving a query". TJ silently bowed n left to his office. He had already prepared the report. But he forgot to mail it to her so he quickly sat at his desk and sent her the report with a short apology and a little addition asking if there was any way he could make up for his mistake. At her office Mrs Hassan was already feeling Her moist legs. Whenever she was close to TJ. She always got horny. She knew he was hot and she knew she wanted him. But she knew it was unethical so she kept her thoughts to herself. After receiving his report n his request to make up for his error a little scheme popped up in her head. She knew it won't be easy. But she knew it was worth a try. So she called him and said "about ur request to make up for your negligence. Come to my office by 11.30am ". That was the beginning of the lunchbreak. TJ felt she was just trying to be mean. She had hatched a dirty little plan for him. By 11am she went into the toilet in her office n carefully removed her lace panties n bra. She opened the top two buttons on her shirt. Shook her hair a bit n walked back to her office. She then turned off her a/c and took a handfan and started feigning a spoilt a/c. By 11.30am TJ knocked on her door. She replied for him to come in. She offered him a seat. His eyes quickly fell on her shirt n immediately he said." It seems ur a/c is broken down. Have you called maintenance". She said yea. He couldn't take his eyes off her shirt n she couldn't contain the tingling between her legs. She asked him to come n help her check some figures on the final report before she prints them for the review meeting by 2pm. TJ moves to her side of the table n has a full view of her left breast. He can clearly see she has no bra on and he wonders why. So he bends further as she leans further to look at the desktop screen. After a while of talking n checking figures. She abruptly stands up. Walks to. The door n locks it. As she turns. TJ is directly behind her n he immediately grabs her boobs at that moment he stops. He remembers what he just did n starts apologising. she immediately leans forward n kisses him. TJ is bewildered he kisses her back n puts his left hand on her left breast. He pushes her to the door behind n gropes her left breast some more with his free right hand. He starts unbuttoning her shirt. It opens n he pushes it to the floor. She's topless b4 him all he does is gasp n say "beautiful". He kisses her left breast n starts sucking on it while playing with her right nipple. She's hard on her nipples. He bites the left one some more n she let's out a low moan she presses his head in more n he's sucking on it with all seriousness. He moves his hand to her skirt n unzips it. its still stuck on the hip. So he pulls it down n puts his right middle finger on her clit and starts stroking it. He moves his mouth to her right breast n continues the sucking. He can't believe it. Here he's doing this to. His boss. The one person he didn't expect and he's loving it. This thought pushes him over the edge so he unclasps his belt n his trouser hook n let's it fall. Then she pulls his boxers down to reveal a fat 8inch cock. She looks down n is awestruck. She falls to her knees n without looking away she envelopes the cock with her mouth. She can't remember the last time her husband touched her. He's always too busy being an active member of a political party. So for years she's been left to. Fend for her pussy and she hasn't really been faring well. So this opportunity is like a miracle and she's ready to explore it all. She sucks his cock like there's a reward for it. He places his hand on her head n directs the speed of her head motion. She sucks on him. Using her tongue to go round his cock head. He's moaning. Her eyes are closed. He takes out his cock. He stands her n moves her to her table. She places her hands on the table he steps up behind her n puts his cock at the head of her 49year old pussy. Its wet so wet he doesn't know when he slides in immediately he presses her to the table. Her head touches the table n she's bent he pushes. Himself deep in her. Her hears her moans n he starts fucking her. She's trying to be quiet she's teary at her eyes because she can't scream as she wants to. He knows he's making her his after this so he doesn't go gently. He fucks her with his suit,tie n shirt still on. She holds the table with her left hand n places. TJ holds her right hand n places it in front of her on the table. He archs his back a little n continues fucking her. She's sobbing gently. Biting her lips. She's feeling the full 8inches in her n its working some magiic she doesn't understand. Then she feels her cum building. She's sobbing 2 tempos below a cry. He feels her pussy getting tighter he smiles. He knows he's. Gotten her. He fucks her harder. She moans a bit n tries closing her legs but he keeps his cock in her pussy letting her cum flow on his cock. She's shaking. She's 49 and she doesn't believe she could cum this much. He removes his cock. Holds her by her hair and pushes her to the ground. He points at his cock. She immediately gets on her knees n starts sucking her juice off his cock. He likes bossing his boss. He holds her head n gags her with his cock. She does an excellent job at sucking him. He's getting close. He decides to reward her by surprising her. After she sucks some more. She feels him hold her head tighter. Before she removes her head. She feels his hot cum on her tonsils n down her throat. She removes her head immediately n she feels more load of cum on her face and hair. He smiles at her n puts his cock back in her mouth. She licks him off. He looks at the clock on her wall it 12:53pm.

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