A Boy and his Genie - Chapter 02

Matt was woken up the next morning by the sound of his alarm clock, telling him it was time for him to get up for school. Matt groaned, and rolled over to look at his clock.

“Master, do you wish for me to end that noise? It would seem to be annoying you.” Matt sat up, and saw Lumiosa sat down on the chair
“Uh…sure,” he replied, and the alarm noise immediately cut out.
“Did you sleep well, Master?” She asked him.
“Yeah…I didn’t summon you, did I?”
“You accidentally summoned me in your sleep, Master. I could not return to my lamp without your permission, and I thought it would displease you to be woken up.”
“Lumiosa, it’s fine. I couldn’t get mad at you.”
“Thank you Master,” Lumiosa smiled.
“Do you want to go back into your lamp?”
“Do you have wishes you would like to make?”
“Yeah, but if you wanna go back into your lamp for a bit, you can.”
“I want to grant your wishes, if that is what you desire.”
“Alright then…”

Matt got out of bed, and stood in front of his mirror, looking at his body.
“Yeah, this definitely needs fixing,” he decided.
“What does, Master?” Lumiosa asked, confused.
“My body! I’m not exactly attractive.”
“I think you look beautiful, Master.”
“Thanks, but you’re meant to think that. To a human I’m really not that good-looking.”
“Well would you like me to fix that for you?”

“Yes, I would. Lumiosa, I wish for you to change my body in the following ways: First, I want my excess fat to be replaced with toned muscle. I want all my acne to go. I want my facial hair to stop growing. And I want a bigger cock and balls.”
“How much bigger, Master?” Matt indicated about 9-inches with his fingers.
“As you wish, Master,” she smiled. “But may I recommend that you sit down for this?”
“Alright then Lumiosa,” he said, sitting down on his bed. “Do your stuff.”
“Your wish is my command,” she said.

She snapped her fingers, and Matt instantly felt his body begin to tingle.
“Oh wow…” He moaned softly, as his body began to change. The tingling lasted about 30 seconds, before it faded away.
“It is done, Master,” Lumiosa said. Matt sat up, and his eyes widened as he saw himself in the mirror. The stubble he’d woken up with was gone, and his chest was now very muscular. But it was his groin that was the biggest surprise. When he’d asked for a 9-inch dick, he’d meant 9 inches when hard, but as he looked at now, it was 9 inches soft.

“Woah…” He said.
“Are you pleased, Master?” Lumiosa asked, seeming quite proud of her work.
“Lumiosa…I meant I wanted my dick to be that long when hard, not soft.”
“Master…have I displeased you?” Lumiosa asked, looking as though she was about to cry. “I’m so sorry Master! Please, punish me as you see fit!”
“Lumiosa, it’s fine…” Matt said, going over to give her a hug.
“But Master, I have displeased you! I didn’t grant your wish properly!”
“It’s fine, I know you meant well. Tell you what…”

Matt picked up his phone, opened Facebook, and went to a photo album that had a lot of girls from his school in. “Go back into your lamp, and pick out an outfit you like from the girls in these photos.”
“I’m so sorry Master, but I don’t know what a photo is,” Lumiosa said, still crying at displeasing her Master.
“It’s like…a painting, but more accurate. Look, you can scroll through the different pictures like this…” Matt showed her how to do it, and she seemed to get the hang of it.
“I will do it at once Master,” Lumiosa said, before disappearing back into her lamp.

Matt then tried to get dressed, which took some wiggling to make his new penis fit in his underwear. He had breakfast, and set off walking to school, which wasn’t far away. Once he was out of sight, he pulled the lamp out of his bag, and rubbed it. The normal puff of pink smoke floated out of it, which formed into Lumiosa, only this time, she was fully dressed, wearing a pair of sneakers, some jeans, and a white T-shirt with a heart on it. Matt noticed that she didn’t appear to have a bra on.

“Does this outfit please you, Master?” She asked him.
“Definitely,” Matt replied. “But now we need to do something about my penis.”
“Do you wish for me to return it to how it was?”
“No, I want you to return its soft state to how it was, but make it 9-inches erect.”
“As you wish, Master.” Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Matt felt his dick shrink to a much more comfortable size.
“Thanks Lumiosa, now come on,” Matt said, before setting off walking.

“Where are we going, Master?”
“To school. But I want you to blend in, so I’ve got some wishes. I wish for you to be enrolled in my school as a new student, who’s in all my classes.” Lumiosa snapped her fingers.
“It is done, Master,” she smiled.
“And when we’re there, no telling anyone you’re a genie, okay?”
“Yes Master.”

The two of them continued walking, Lumiosa looking around the neighbourhood with great interest.
“Master, do you own all these buildings?” She eventually asked.
“What? No, of course not. These are people’s houses.”
“I do not understand. Are you not nobility?”
“Nobility? Why would you think that?”
“Your home is most lavish. I have never served a commoner with such a wonderful home.”
“It’s pretty standard around here. Where are you even from?”
“From my lamp, Master.”
“Well…where’ve you been before? Where did your last Master live?”
“I don’t know…It was a big town…with a big library…”
“Alright, never mind then…”

They got to the school, and walked through the halls together, Lumiosa still fascinated by everything around her. They walked into Matt’s first class, maths, where most of the class was already there.
“Hey Matt, who’s that?” Asked the class bully, Dan, who was sat with his girlfriend, the Alpha-bitch Cindy.
“Probably some whore he paid to pretend to be his girlfriend,” Cindy laughed.
“Actually, she’s the new girl,” Matt replied, resisting the urge to wish these two to the sun. “I agreed to show her around.”
“Well then let me give her some advice,” Cindy said, turning to Lumiosa. “Stay away from this dork. Hang out with me and I’ll make you cool.”
“But I must stay with him, he is my Master,” Lumiosa said.
“What the fuck are you talking about?” Dan asked. They didn’t get a chance to reply, since at that point, the teacher, Mr Jameson, walked in.

“Alright everyone, settle down,” He said. “Now, I’ve been told we’ve got a new girl today. Where is she?”
“She’s here Mr Johnson!” Matt shouted, pointing to Lumiosa.
“Alright, well why don’t you come up to the front and introduce yourself?” Mr Jameson said, sitting down at his desk. Lumiosa looked over to Matt, who nodded his approval, so she went up to the front of the classroom. She was about to speak, before she realised she didn’t actually know what to say.

“What’s the matter? Just tell us your name,” Mr Jameson said to her.
“Oh, I can do that!” Lumiosa smiled. “My name is Lumiosa!”
“Lumiosa…is that Italian?” Mr Jameson asked.
“I do not understand, what is Italian?” Lumiosa asked, a look of confusion on her face.
“Uh, her mom’s Italian!” Matt shouted out.
“Well thank you, Mr Evans, but I’m sure that Lumiosa can speak for herself,” Mr Jameson said, annoyed. “Now then, what’s your last name?”
“Um…” Lumiosa struggled.

“It’s the same as mine!” Matt shouted out again. “We’re cousins!”
“Mr Evans, will you please stop shouting out!?” Mr Jameson shouted. “Well then, Lumiosa Evans. Why don’t you go and take a seat? There’s one available at the back.”
“Actually Mr Jameson, could she please sit with me?” Matt asked.
“Oh fine then,” Mr Jameson relented. “Cindy, go sit at the back, so that Lumiosa can sit with her cousin.”

Cindy got up and gave Matt and Lumiosa evil glares, before she did as she was told. Lumiosa went to sit in the desk next to Matt.
“Did I do good Master?” She asked him.
“Uh…yeah,” he replied. “But pay attention to the teacher.”
“Yes Master.”

Mr Jameson taught for a bit, before writing a complex problem on the board.
“Lumiosa, why don’t you solve this one?” He asked the new girl. Matt wasn’t sure about that. Did this genie know how to do algebra? Fortunately, she looked at him again for permission.
“Go up, and I wish you knew the answer,” Matt whispered to her.
“Your wish is my command, Master,” she whispered back, before she stood up, and solved the problem within seconds. Everyone was amazed.
“That was incredible!” Mr Johnson exclaimed. “You’re quite a smart girl!” She simply smiled, and then sat back down.
“Did I do good, Master?” She asked Matt.
“Very good,” Matt replied.

Afterwards, Matt met up with Max and Sam, with whom he had PE next.
“You brought her with you!?” Sam asked him.
“Well yeah, why not?” Matt replied. “She’s enrolled as a student, but she’s not very good at blending in.”
“I’m sorry Master, I’ll try to do better!” Lumiosa said, about to cry again at displeasing him.
“Lumiosa, it’s fine, you’re just not really trained to be a teenage girl,” Matt assured her. “But don’t worry, because for now, you’re gonna be a genie. I’ve got some wishes to make.”
“Simply speak and I shall obey,” Lumiosa bowed her head briefly.

“You gonna get us laid again?” Max asked.
“Yes, and this time, I’m coming with you,” Matt replied. “The 3 of us aren’t doing PE next, and neither are the girls. Lumiosa, first of all, I wish that we won’t be in trouble for missing PE, and neither will the girls. Next, I wish that all the girls in the changing rooms will become incredibly, indescribably, and insatiably horny. Thirdly, I wish that no-one will walk in on us in the changing rooms. Finally, I want you to give the 3 of us unlimited sexual stamina, permanent erections, and unlimited cum.”
“As you wish, Master,” Lumiosa said. She snapped her fingers, and the boys instantly felt their cocks go fully hard.
“Well, I think we know that worked,” Sam said.
“So then boys, wanna go get laid?”

Matt smiled, and the 3 of them went to the entrance to the girls’ changing rooms, with Lumiosa following behind them. As they stood there, they could hear lots of feminine moans coming from inside.
“Well they sound…ready…” Max gulped.
“Lumiosa, I won’t be needing you for a while, go back into your lamp,” Matt ordered her.
“At once, Master,” Lumiosa said, before turning back into a cloud of pink smoke, which was sucked into the rucksack on Matt’s back, where her lamp was.
“Alright then,” he said. “Here we go.”

The boys opened the door, and were amazed by what they saw. Two dozen girls, all completely naked, having an orgy. They were kissing, licking and stroking any flesh they could get hold of, their bodies completely consumed with lust.
“Uh…hi,” Matt said nervously. Instantly, all the girls turned to face them, before running at them. They practically pounced on the boys, and Matt felt someone pull his bag off his back, before the girls all tried to rip his clothes off. He felt his pants be pulled down, and a mouth consume his cock. His knees weakened, and he fell backwards onto the floor. He laid down, and shut his eyes, as he got a blowjob from a girl, while he felt several more stroke and kiss his skin. He was in the middle of moaning when he felt a set of lips come into contact with his own, and he made-out with this girl.

Matt eventually felt the girl’s mouth move away, and he was about to complain, before he felt it be replaced by a vagina. He moaned out his approval between kisses. Eventually Matt came, and thrust deep into this mystery girl. The girl kept going however, which Matt didn’t mind, since his wishes meant he could keep going as long as he wanted.

Matt opened his eyes slightly, and looked around the room. He saw Max fucking a girl doggy style. He couldn't see his face, but the noises he was making confirmed he was definitely enjoying it. Sam was getting a blowjob from two girls who were fighting over him. Over on the benches, Matt saw the gorgeous Sophie Swift, who he’d always had a bit of a crush on, and her best friend Alexis, who were both being eaten out by two girls who Matt couldn’t recognise, but who had very nice butts. Matt then reached orgasm again, and closed his eyes in pleasure as he shot out his cum into this girl’s vagina.

A dozen or so orgasms later, after swapping girls a few times, Matt heard a female voice speak.
“Alright girls, get off him, I want a go.” Matt felt all the girls climb off him, and he was very frustrated. He opened his eyes, and saw that the voice had belonged to none other than Sophie.

“Come on,” she said, taking his hand to help him up. “Let’s go somewhere and fuck.” Not about to deny a request from his crush, Matt followed her, staring at her perfectly-formed ass as they walked. They walked into the PE teachers’ office, where there was a large table.
“Lay down,” Sophie commanded him, and he did as he was told. The table, strangely enough, felt like a comfortable bed, but he wasn’t about to question that, as Sophie then climbed on top of him, giving Matt a good look at her perfect, D-cup breasts. She leaned down to kiss him, and she slid her pussy onto his dick. Matt grabbed her ass, and they commenced fucking.

Matt lost count of how many times the two of them came, but it was a lot. Whenever it happened, he was too occupied with the sensations of ejaculating into this perfect girl’s perfect vagina, which milked him as she came too. Matt noticed that she always seemed to cum at the same time he did, which seemed off, as he’d never wished for it, but he didn’t mind. In fact, he loved it! Eventually, the two of them were too exhausted to continue, so they simply laid on top of one-another, cuddling and kissing, before Matt passed into a deep sleep.

When Matt eventually woke up, he could feel a nice, comfy duvet over his nude form. He opened his eyes, and saw that he was still laid on the table, which still felt like a comfy bed, and there was indeed a duvet over him, which definitely wasn’t there when he’d fallen asleep.

He sat up, noting that his dick was still hard, his wish for a permanent erection still holding strong, despite all the orgasms he’d had with Sophie. Actually, come to mention Sophie, she was no-where to be seen. He looked over at the clock on the wall, and saw that it was nearly 5pm.
“Wow…I fucked and slept the day away…” Matt realised. He got up, and saw that his rucksack and clothes were there in the corner.
“Who put those there?” He wondered. He opened his rucksack, and pulled out Lumiosa’s lamp, before rubbing it.

“Yes Master?” The genie asked as she appeared in her usual cloud of pink smoke. She was still dressed in her clothes from earlier. “What do you desire?”
“Where are Sam and Max?” He asked her. She thought for a moment, before replying.
“They are still in the changing rooms having sex, Master,” she replied.
“What!?” Matt exclaimed, before he then realised. Two dozen girls with insatiable horniness and two boys with unlimited sexual stamina meant that they’d just been going non-stop. He’d have to put a stop to that.
“Lumiosa, I wish for you to put Sam, Max and the girls in the changing rooms to sleep. When they wake up, they’ll be in their own beds at home, with their permanent erections ended,” he wished.
“Your wish is my command, Master,” Lumiosa smiled, before granting the wish.

“Alright then,” Matt said, before getting dressed. “Now I wish for you to go back into your lamp, and teleport me home. Make it so my family won’t wonder where I’ve been. Also, end this permanent erection for me.”
“Yes Master, is that all?” She asked him.
“No, that’s it for now,” Matt replied.
“Very well, then your wish is my command.” Lumiosa snapped her fingers, and Matt was instantly home, holding the bag with the lamp in his hands. Matt walked through his front door, and went up to his room. But he wasn’t expecting what he saw when he walked through his bedroom door…

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