Sun Snow and Sex....

I had decided to spend the afternoon at the local spa instead of skiing, although the conditions were superb due to recent snow falls the thought of a few hours in thermal baths was quite appealing.
Italy is renowned for its thermal spa’s and the springs at Pr?aint-Didier appeared to be just what the doctor ordered!

After spending some time outside in hot baths and being pummeled by hot jets I moved inside to sample the ‘rain tables’ which were just …fantastic and then on to the sauna.
I was amazed to find the large sauna empty, I made my way to the centre and slowly climbed to the top level and lowered myself down. The wooden slats were indeed hot but I got I myself comfortable on my back and stretched out to soak up the heat, it felt good.
After just a few minutes I heard the door open, I felt he cool air pass over my body, just briefly, as the door closed again, but I was too comfortable to even open my eyes, I drifted back into a semi conscious sleep.

I awoke suddenly, shit I was burning up! damn, I must have fallen asleep; my throat was dry and it felt like I was choking, I slowly lifted my head and at the same time swung my legs around and down to reach the lower level, hardly opening my eyes which seemed glued together, my feet landed on something soft, smooth skin…shit! “ Err… I’m sorry” I blurted out, as I realizing my feet had landed on someone…. a young woman was stretched out, beneath me on the next level, ‘ mi scusi signori’ I heard the soft spoken voice.
I rubbed my eyes and began to focus …’I’m very sorry…I didn’t see you’ I garbled…’Its okay …no problem’ …she replied…now sitting up on her elbows and drawing her legs toward her…she smiled ….and I melted!

I swung down to the next level, I was clearly suffering from the heat, ‘you fell asleep?’ she questioned….’I thinks so’ … I replied, trying to regain my composure ‘ yes , I must have fallen asleep… for a moment’ ’I think for 20 minutes, you sleep’ she said, ‘ is that how long you have been here?’ I asked, ‘yes’ she smiled again…she was simply gorgeous and I felt like an idiot!

I decided to make my way out to the showers to cool off, I stood up and moved toward the door, ‘enjoy your stay’ …her soft voice spoke as I passed ‘thanks, you too’ I replied and made my escape….phew!

Gathering my robe and towel I made my way around the corner to the jet showers. I fell into the array jets of cool water that came at me from every conceivable angle. There I stood with my hands stretched out against the wall, the water felt good….what an arse, I thought of myself!

‘Are you okay’… I heard through the noise of the water jets, ‘huh…?’ I spun around, it was the young woman from the sauna, ‘I’m fine now…thanks’ I replied.

She was standing in the middle of the spiral shower area, the water danced upon her slim, but firm body, her bright red bikini complemented her golden brown skin, I couldn’t help but notice just how fit she looked…and I mean fit, not over developed muscles simply… toned…jeeeze….. she was a stunner.

‘You are on holiday…to ski?’ she asked, ‘yes’ I replied… she had moved closer, the noise was seriously deafening…. ‘is good snow for ski…good for off piste’ she added …’lots of powder but hard on the legs’ ….I laughed ‘that’s why I’m here’ I replied, she smiled and moved toward me, much closer now, she angled her head and was looking directly at me as she moved her hand across, to my thigh …she pressed firmly… ‘your legs ….are strong’ she smiled again…. looking straight into my eyes, her eyes were like coal, deep brown eyes and full of mystery.
I moved closer to her and with my hand gently pushed away the long strands of jet black hair from her face, again she looked at me and we kissed, softly at first then with more urgency, our mouths met again and again. I placed my arms around her tender young body, bathed in the mist and heat of the shower jets, our kisses became more passionate and more eager, her skin was soft, but her body was firm, yet silky and the water pressed on our bodies, forcing us together.

‘Come with me’ …she said, taking my hand and leading me toward the exit of the shower room. Quickly pulling our robes and towels from the hangers, without stopping to dry, she whisked me along the clean, softly lit corridors and up the stairs. Still dripping, we had our robes half on by the time we reached the top floor, passing numerous rooms for relaxing and reading along the way.

We entered what appeared to be an older part of the building, with oak panels disguising three solid oak doors. She reached onto one of the ledges and pulled down a notice which read ’Not in Use’, opening the door to our left she placed the notice on the door and closed the door. She moved quickly over to the window and took a key from the sill and locked the door behind us.

Looking around the room, there were two large, smooth wooden chairs, in a fixed reclined position facing each other. At the other end of the room in front of a log fire on the floor was a water bed complete with pillows and covers. The sun was shining through the large window that were half covered with foils.

I sat down on one of the chairs… and sighed as I watched as she carefully began to towel dry her long, black, silken, locks of hair, she was amazing and I was fixed by her smile. Turning slowly she lowered herself on to the chair facing me, installing her feet between neatly between my legs, she giggled as she began wiggling her toes along my inner thighs. I took her foot in my hand and began to kiss her toes, gently inching my way from toe to toe and down her instep toward her heel, then back toward her toes. As I looked up at her face I could not tell if she was in agony or ecstasy, her eyes were closed and she was gently biting her lip.

I sat up and moved quickly across to her chair. I kissed her mouth and repositioned my right hand around her back and nestled my head into the nape of her neck, then back to her gorgeous lips.

Our kisses became longer and more passionate, I moved back to kiss her neck, then her smooth silky shoulder, gently removing her robe, I slowly kissed my way down, pushing aside her bikini top and caressed her inviting breasts, my tongue flicked across her nipples and I felt her body quiver as I delicately sucked and teased those gorgeous orbs, they were truly delicious.

Her robe dropped from her shoulders, I untied her did bikini top, that too fell away allowing my hands to run freely about her lovely body, first her breasts, cupping and squeezing, I held them and licked her curves, savoring every moment.
I was moving down her stunning body with my hands, circling the small of her back and around to the soft skin of her belly. I peeled away her bikini and pushed my face into her silky thighs enjoying the moment, kissing, licking and fondling every inch of her soft flesh onward and upward. She new exactly were I was headed and I new she was making no attempt to stop me. I could feel her body squirming ever so slightly in anticipation of me reaching the delights of her pussy.

My cock was now straining to be released from my shorts, I was quite uncomfortable now, kneeling before her I was hard and ready to have her, ready to devour her…. but I fought against the now very real urge to simply impale this lovely woman on my aching member…. I wanted her alright… I longed to slip my throbbing cock deep into her hot young body…how I wanted to feel the heat of her cunt around my cock, it was torture!

I removed her bikini and was immediately rewarded by the site of a well manicured pussy; in fact she was almost completely shaven. The smooth skin of her mound was interrupted only by the thin triangle of hair that pointed toward her tantalizing young pussy. Her pussy lips were neatly folded …hiding the pleasures that surely lay behind those folds….it was almost too much to deal with …so I buried my face into her pink and very moist slit that peered from between her golden thighs.
Careful not to move to fast, I lapped the lips of her vagina pausing momentarily to taste her and to gently lick her now protruding clit.

She was now moving her body gently to the rhythm of my tongue in her tender young body, deeper and deeper, running the length of my tongue into her sweet pussy. I pushed her upward and at the same time cupped her taught buttocks with both hands pulling her down and again onto my waiting tongue, allowing her pussy to completely cover my mouth. Fuck….I love that, to be consumed by a woman’s sweet and sexy cunt just blows my mind…

Over and over I worked my hands around her stunning body as I drove my tongue deeper and deeper into her. I moved my position to allow me to spread her lips with the fingers of my right hand whilst licking at her clit. I began to suck, gently at first, on her now pouting cunt lips, the pink of her pussy turned me on, she was now very wet indeed and her low moaning had become noticeably louder.

I pushed a finger inside her, gently moving it, left then right, touching the dripping walls of her cunt, her juices flowed and I savored every second of her very generous body.

I was indeed privileged to be enjoying this lovely young woman, I slipped a second finger into her and was now alternating my work on her clit, with my tongue and the thumb of my left hand as the fingers on my right hand explored her warm, wet and now throbbing pussy. She began to shudder and was slowly succumbing to the more urgent advances of my fingers and tongue intruding into the intimacy of her body.

Her moans became louder; she was riding the waves of pleasure flowing through her tender young body. My movements had become much more intense, her pussy was now very wet and swollen, her engorged lips looked even more tantalizing, I wanted to fuck her, I wanted to bury my cock deep inside her very tight cunt, I would have exploded in her with little effort ….but this was not my reward…not yet.

She drew her legs right back perching her heels on the edge of the chair which allowed me easy access to her moist and throbbing love hole, I was going deep inside her now with three fingers, pushing deeper than before I was firm and persistent with each stroke.
My other hand was supporting the small of her back, whilst guiding her clit onto my eager tongue. Her hands were now tight around the back of my head pushing, guiding and forcing me onto her. She rocked in time with the thrusting of my hands, she was close ….and we both new it.

Looking down at me she smiled and for a moment she seemed to know what I really wanted. I loved having my face buried in her pussy, I loved having my fingers inside of her and I loved the thought that this raven haired Italian… had chosen me. I wanted to enjoy her as she came… I wanted to enjoy this young beauty as she squirmed in my hands and I wanted her to submit to the pleasure of her orgasm and to let herself go….yes with me ….a complete stranger. This was a lot to ask.

Almost as soon as I had maneuvered my fingers inside her I could feel her shudder involuntarily… to the tremor that builds to be an orgasm. She began to thrust her body onto my hands and tore at my head and drove my tongue harder and harder on to her clit. “ ci …ci …ci signori” closely followed by torrent of words in Italian that were unrecognizable to me…she sat bolt upright clutching my head between her thighs as she trembled and writhed for what seemed like an eternity….she held that position…almost a naked statue…only her heaving breasts gave indication she was alive

To my surprise, she pushed my fingers deep inside her, now holding my wrist tightly, she forced herself ever deeper and harder onto my hand, twisting and turning now, her body was writhing ….up and down, harder and faster in an almost uncontrollable frenzy, she was panting and screaming, uttering words that were completely lost on me…she had climaxed again.

Slumping back against the chair, she was breathless and almost lifeless, sighing gently I couldn’t help but notice just how beautiful she looked, her jet black hair draped around her shoulders just covering her gorgeous breasts. I gingerly removed my fingers from her dripping pussy… she moaned and grabbed again at my hand, unsure whether to let me move or stay…. either seemed unbearable for her at that moment.

I moved my face closer to the heat of her still throbbing pussy, carefully without touching her clitoris I gently licked the last of her juices that had flowed so easily as she came. This was my pleasure. This was my reward.

I gazed up to meet her eyes… she beamed a smile and gestured for me to join her on the chair. Gathering her up, I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close, she nuzzled into my chest…. I gently stroked her hair as we lay together enjoying the silence and each other.

Suddenly, she jumped up from the chair and stood before me, somewhat distressed and anxiously fixing her robe, she said ‘ Signor, the time…I have to go….I am so sorry….forgive…’ she picked up her bikini and moved to the door, stopping for just a moment she smiled at me and gave a long, deep sigh and was gone.

I was completely stunned.

My mind drifted …part of me could not believe what had just happened?
What was all that about?
Why me?
Why did she go so quickly…with no fucking explanation!

Fuck……I didn’t even know her name!

Lost in my thoughts of her and just as I was coming to terms with the reality of what had gone before….the door swung open…I stood up…she had returned.
She moved toward me … ‘book a therapy …ask for Angelina…’
……she reached toward me and kissed me gently on the cheek and again….
….she was gone.

End of part one…

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