Mom-Son, part 6, his version, "Learning the ropes."

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Mom, I want you to watch me masturbate sometime. I like it when you lift my balls and tug on my sack. Even more so, when you talk to me as you work a finger up my ass. I know if you keep this up, I will cover you with a big blast of my jism.

This was my dream as Mommy woke me. She was sitting on the edge of my bed, stroking my forehead. “Wake up Ronnie.” she cooed. “It’s time for breakfast.”

I opened my eyes and my cock got even harder, because I was looking between her heavy breasts, into that deep cleavage where I longed to work my cock. Momma’s eyes held mine as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I flicked my eyes between hers and those delicious jugs. “Oh, mommy, good morning, nice view.”

She was telling me that Dad had to be gone this weekend, and that she and I would have the house to ourselves. My mind flashed back to the firs time we were together, when she had introduced me to sex. I flexed my cock, reached under my PJ’s, and stroked myself.

Momma noticed the movement under the blankets. With a grin on her face she lifted the covers and exposed my naughtiness. She gasped then helped me remove my PJ bottoms, so she could watch me masturbate. With quick hand I reached deep inside her nightgown and lifted her left breast free, exposing her fat erect nipple.

She blushed, and whispered, I know she didn’t really mean it. “Ronnie, stop it, your Dad might catch us touching each other.”

I know she didn’t mean for me to stop, because if she did, she would have stood up and walked away. Instead she covered my stroking hand with hers and squeezed the head of my penis. Our gaze returned together and she smiled encouragingly. I tugged her extended nipple, and she fingered my cock, smearing precum under my foreskin.

“OK now, we must get up and get breakfast. We can finish this later.”

“Finish later… are you crazy? I’m so close to shooting that I can’t stop.”

Before she could response, my cock explodes with sperm flying through the air, some landing on her cheek and some in her hair, most landing on my chest.

She squealed in delight as she smeared my cum all over my shaft and down under to my balls. “Oh, my, look at you little boy, cumming so hard for your mommy. Baby does that feel good? Just lay back and relax, let mommy take care of you now.”
I relaxed allowing my knees to fall wide apart. I felt her finger slipping between the cheeks of my ass. With the tip she massaged the opening to my poop hole with my own sperm. It caused me to flinch.

As her finger into that opening, she purred. “Just relax baby, mommy knows what her little boy needs.”

I murmured as she worked that finger all the way into my bottom, “Oh my God, mommy, yessss, mmm.”

She worked it in and out for several minutes as my free hand, the one holding her breast, began pulling at her fat nipple.

She squealed, and then took me into her mouth; she sucked me so hard that the top of my cock brushed against her throat. She did this for a second or two then stopped and kissed my lips, with her tongue searching inside my mouth. The sweet taste of her breath mixed with her morning coffee warmed my heart.

She extracted her wet finger from my bottom. “Now that is enough. Get up and get washed and ready for school, we will have the whole weekend together.”

She slapped my ass, and stood up, her tit hanging free from the front of her nightgown. She smiled then covered herself up and walked out.

I staggered to the bathroom, my now hard boner flopping ahead of me. I stood and looked at myself in the mirror watching my hard cock. I smiled and stroked myself openly. Even though I had just cum in her hand I wanted another climax. Inside of a minute I was my nearly hairless penis was shooting all over the sink and the mirror. I showered and left the mess for mommy to cleanup.

As soon as Dad drove off mommy took me by the hand into the kitchen, removed her panties, and climbed on the counter.

“Eat my cunt, yes that’s it, shove your tongue deep, and make momma, cum for her little boy.”

I guess I didn’t hear her when she told me that she was full of Daddy’s cum. His spunk flowed into my mouth as I licked between her fat wet lips and excited me more. I knew she was okay with this, because she had taught me to lick her clean during one of our fuck sessions.

She held my face tight to her pubic mound and moaned, “Oh yes Ronnie, that’s it lick your mommy, make me cum, eat Daddy’s cum.”

I didn’t mind the wet hair or the strong smell or any of that; I just wanted to lick my mom’s pussy again.

“I’m cummmmmming baby boy!”

She almost fell but I held her tight and pressed her back against the counter. Her housedress covered my head and her thighs were wide open. My knees hurt as she jerked and climaxed into my mouth.

I wanted to tell her to pee on my tongue again but I could hardly breathe, let alone talk. I remember how she instructed me to drink from her pussy; the strong salty flavor became one of my favorites, next to chocolate milk. I guess she didn’t want to soil my school clothes; otherwise I’m sure that she would have emptied her bladder for me.

As I walked to high school, I could smell her strong scent on my face. Boy did I have trouble all day concealing my hard on. Oh well I thought, the other boys, just aren’t as lucky as I am. I have a special mom to teach me the birds and the bees.

When I got home from school Mommy told me it would be a couple hours before dad would get home. Which gave her time to teach me about bondage, well not everything? She told me how I would undress her, fold her clothing nicely, and then tie her to their bed. She then told me the next time daddy was gone we actually do it.

I squealed and pointed to my crotch. “Oh my god mommy, I cannot wait! Look how hard my cock is.”

She ran her hand across my jeans and suggested, “Take them off baby; we have time, strip for mommy!” It didn’t take me long until I was completely naked standing in front of my mother.

She was eyeing my boner, as she excitedly licked her lips. Her trembling fingers slid up and down my cock retracting my foreskin and smearing pre-cum all over the head.

“Pull my panties down, Ronnie.”

I knelt in front of her and hooked the waste band with my trembling fingers. As I lowered her panties her thick hair came into view, the split lips centered between her thighs. I remembered licking Daddy’s cum from her center earlier that day. I caught the first whiffs of her womanhood and the slight scent of her pee. I pushed the panties all the way down to her feet and as she stepped out of them. I saw her sex come into full view, wet and open. Mommy spun around, I opened the clasp of her bra, and her beautiful breasts fell free. They hung heavy to her waist, capped with a small brown circles, and fat long nipples. I reached around and hefted both her breasts in my hands and held her close I stood and my penis touched her bottom, slipping between the cheeks.

She laughed, “Mmmm little boy, be careful where you stick that thing.”

My penis pushed between her butt cheeks and she bent forward allowing the wet head of my cock to press against her brown back hole. "Tomorrow, baby boy you will get to fuck mommy's ass. Would you like that, Ronnie?"

Dose a bear shit in the woods? What a question, did I want to slide my cock up into her wet brown asshole, bounce my hairless balls off her butt cheeks, and squirt my sauce into that dark passage? What do you think?

She let me fuck her from behind, encouraging me to hurry up because dad would be home soon.

She had just cleaned up and instructed me to take a shower, when we heard dad’s car.

The rest of the week went by slower than molasses; I thought Friday night would never arrive. It did and here I was tying mommy to the bed hand and foot.

I proceeded to tease every inch of her with my lips for starters, beginning with her luscious lips. We kissed for a long time, swapping spit. While my naked cock trailed all over her body leaving a trail of precum like a slug. My excitement was too great I just couldn’t stop myself. Her body was too open to me, her sex to exposed and naked. I knelt between her parted thighs and ran my penis up between the folds of her cunt. She was so wet and slippery, her hips jerked up towards my cock.

“Oh Ronnie wait, I want to teach you more before we fuck today.”

However, I had her under my control and I pushed forward, my cock seating itself at the mouth of her hole. Oh fuck, she was so wet that I slipped inside her body as far as I could go. My pubis met her hairy womanhood with a wet smacking sound. As I slid inside, the walls of her pussy retracted my foreskin and exposed the sensitive head of my cock to her hot slick vagina. I felt myself bottom out in her cunt.

Mommy screamed in ecstasy, “Oh baby boy I think you have pushed your self into the mouth of my cervix.”

“Can I cum inside you mommy?”

She pulled hard on arms but couldn't undo the cuffs.” Yes, oh yes you can. Fill my cunt with cum!”

Ho-boy did I cum. I stared into her eyes and unloaded the biggest shot of cum ever. I drooled from my open mouth, it landed on her tits. My balls shot rope after rope inside her vagina, as my balls bounced and emptied all my sperm inside mommy. I lay there against her chest breathing heavily. When my cock to popped from her and I sat back on my knees and watched her vagina continued to flex as if she were still in orgasm. This pushed my cum out in lumps with the juice flowing down between her butt cheeks and onto the sheets.
I then bent forward and covered her cunt with my mouth and begin tantalizing her with my tongue. This triggered another orgasm for momma, and my wet pecker stiffened between my legs.

I could tell by mommy’s reaction she wanted more.” Suck my nipples baby-boy!”

I sucked and chewed on them for several minutes. The story doesn’t end there, but that’s another chapter.

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