The Road to Vegas

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My wife and I have been married for 13 years and she is just beautiful. She is tall with blonde hair down to her ass and has perfect 38c boobs. I have the honor of fucking her every day!

We own a gift shop in Arizona with her parents. Last week things were hectic and there was a lot of customers and the store supplies were getting low.

There was a gift show in Las Vegas this week and we all agreed we should get some fresh ideas for the shop. My wife had to stay and work the store and my mother in law asked me if I would go along and help pick out new items and carry things, as her husband had a bad back and he could not travel in the car for long distances. So I agreed and off we went. My mother is law is as tall as my wife (6'2") and also has long blonde hair, but her boobs are a huge 40D, Much bigger than her daughters'. Marie is 50 now and still looks fantastic! I have always wanted to nail her from the day I met her. It started along time ago when my wife and I were first dating, Marie always wore low cut blouses or a shirt with no bra when we were over their house for dinner. She always insisted on serving everyone at the table and when it was my turn to be served, those big tits were rubbing all over my arm and shoulder. She caught me on many occasions trying to take a peek at her huge melons!

The ride to Vegas was long and Marie had fallen off to sleep. I had been driving for 3 hours and still had 2 to go. Marie was wearing shorts and a white shirt which had the top buttons undone as it was hot and the cars a/c wasn't working at full capacity. It was 98 degrees out and getting warmer, by noon it would be 105. I decided to turn off the a/c and see if the show would get better. after about 30 minutes she woke up in a sweat and I explained the a/c was not working. She groaned about how hot it was and started taking off her sweat soaked shirt, leaving those big beautiful tits hanging out in a white lace bra! Marie asked me if I was uncomfortable and stopped talking in mid sentence when she noticed the huge bulge in my pants. She then asked me to pull over at the next rest stop so we could get some water and our clothes to change into from the back of the suburban. I found a rest stop a couple of miles up and parked in the back under a shade tree.

We both got out and started to the back of the truck, I found some shorts and she found a dry shirt, she decided we should change in the back of the truck to save time, I agreed and as we were changing she caught me staring at her tits again! Marie took her bra off and was sitting in the back completely topless and said to come closer for a better look. I slid over next to her in my underwear as I had not finished changing. She asked me if I liked what I saw, and I said yes. Marie then explained to me there was a mutual attraction from day one and not a word of this could get back to our spouses, once again I agreed. The next thing I knew she was kissing me and working her way south of the boarder, my cock sprang out of my underwear as she got lower. Marie instantly took me into her mouth and started sucking me off, I reached over and started to massage her giant mountains. Marie could suck cock better than her daughter ever could! She deepthroated me several times and started licking my shaft and balls, I was ready to pop. Marie suddenly stopped licking and asked me to take off the rest of my clothes and fuck her right now. We both stripped quickly and I got on top of her and slid my 9 inches right into her sopping wet pussy. It was better than I had ever imagined! I pumped her about a dozen times, then she dug her long fingernails in my back and wrapped her long legs around me as she came, I was so aroused by this and started cumming, I could feel her squeeze her vagina muscles tighter and tighter around my shaft. I dumped the rest of my load in her and gave her a deep kiss, telling her I always wanted her. I got up off of her and she told me to sit there while she cleaned up the mess, she dropped her head in my lap and licked our juices off my cock. I start to get hard again, she told me to wait till later. We got dressed and headed back on the road, it was about 1 hour or so from the hotel when "later" came, Marie dropped her head in my lap and preceded to suck me off, I filled her mouth with cum after a minute of her expert cocksucking and she swallowed every drop. We finally arrived at the hotel, Marie had already booked us a room and when I walked in I saw a huge hot tub by the window. I turned to look at her and she said, "I love you and this is just the beginning"..

Marie and I made love the whole weekend, when we were on the way back from Vegas we cuddled in the car on the drive home. She explained to me her plan was to move in with her daughter and me at our home. I asked her "what about your husband?" (my father in law).

She replied and said he was not going to last very long as he was sick and was "checking out".

I felt uneasy about this, but she explained he had cancer and had less than a month to live and this is what he wanted. I was shocked at the situation at first but later learned this is what he wanted, no one to know or make a fuss. We drove in silence for most of the trip when she leaned over and said she admired the way I took care of her daughter.

Weeks passed as so did her husband and Marie moved in with us shortly thereafter. My wife worked very hard at the store to keep her mind off of things, she paid a lot of attention to her mom and I was kinda on the sidelines most of the time.

Once things seemed to be settling my wife was concentrating on the store full time and then some. So I had plenty of spare time to do whatever I wanted, even when I was done helping her with things. Marie stayed in the 2nd bedroom which was in the back of our house and had direct access to the kitchen and pool area, our house was L shaped and was really nice, we had it renovated the year before.

My wife left early as usual to go to work and Marie was in the pool that morning swimming laps in the pool. I had just finished making coffee when I noticed her getting out of the water completely naked! Marie walked directly into the kitchen nude! I was shocked at first because I was not used to seeing her naked in my own home.

She told me to relax and that Sara (my wife) would not be home til later tonight. She again told me this was her plan and that she loved me. She was going to be my lover on the side as long as I wanted her! How could I resist!

Marie took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom where she stripped me of my clothes and started to suck me off! Marie ran her tongue up and down my shaft and popped the head of my cock in her mouth every other stroke, I was in heaven. My balls were starting to clench and I could feel them tighten! I exploded in her mouth for what seemed like forever and when I was finished she opened her lips and showed me the huge load I'd just given her, she closed her mouth and swallowed it all. God what a turn on it was!

Marie told me later after Sara comes home and goes to sleep she wants to fuck me in the pool!

I'm just not sure what to do my wife's mother is fucking me sillymy wife is not caring for my needsshould I continue with the current situation? Yes I think this is the way to go! No ..Maybe this is all wrong, I'm confused..

Night time has approached I hear Marie waiting for me in the pool area, the patio furniture being moved makes a distinct sound. I'm hesitant to go forth with this, but as I move towards the back door of the house I realize this is what I want!

Sara is fast asleep in the bedroom, I'm trying to be quiet as not to wake her. As I pass by the kitchen area I grab a couple beers and race for the door, Marie greets me by putting me in a lip lock and pushing me down on a lounge chair, I am not surprised to find her naked again this time. I asked her what if Sara woke up and she replied, "she took a sleeping pill tonight she won't be up at all".

Marie then ripped my shorts off and started sucking me off, after about 2 minutes of this, she pulled off and straddled me on the chair, her gigantic boobs in my face bouncing up and down as her pussy muscles locked onto my cock like a vise! Marie was in total control of me, pumping like there was no tomorrow, then it hitMarie shuddered and her eyes rolled back in her head, she was cumming. She started pumping even faster, I could feel her hot snatch getting wetter and hotter, she was in a frenzy.

Orgasm number two hit 4 minutes later and I finally managed to grab her and get on top of her! I thrusted deep inside her, she was panting like a dog, I felt her body stiffen as her pussy muscles clenched on my cock again, this was too much for me, I felt the twinge from deep inside my balls. I shot load after load in Maries hot pussy, filling it up in no time, she relaxed laid back on the lounger as I finished giving her the last of my cum.

She said "that was awesome", I pulled out of her and went down on her pussy eating and licking our juices, she started moaning! I found a wad of my cum and her juice and sucked it into my mouth, then I crawled up to her mouth, she opened it and took in our wetness, I told her this is what we taste like together, she swirled it in her mouth before swallowing it all and kissed me. Marie told me she wanted me in the pool, she got up and eased herself into the cool water. I started to get hard again, as I walked onto the steps, Marie gabbed me and sucked on the head of my cock, she said grab some oilI want to try something new.

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