Aunt Kate part 3

I woke up on a cloudy Friday morning. The bright sunshine I had been used to was covered with dark clouds. As I got up I heard talking downstairs so I put on my pajama pants and a tshirt to go see what was going on.

I had been dropped of at my aunt Kate’s and uncle Jim’s house a few days ago. My mom had had a few difficult years making ends meet and finally could support both of us. When an opportunity for a new job came up she had a meeting with aunt Kate and I to discuss the possibility of me living with her for a while. The job, which was hours away, was an entry level position but had great opportunities for advancement. It would be difficult at first but would pay off in the end. We all agreed I would live with my moms sister, aunt Kate.

As I walked downstairs I recognized the voice. Uncle Jim was home from a business trip. I went into the kitchen, aunt Kate was sitting at the counter and uncle Jim was fixing himself a cup of coffee with his back to us. He was rambling on and on how everyone loved his speech and how great he was. I looked to my aunt and she just rolled her eyes.

Aunt jay and uncle Jim were a strange couple. He was some big executive in the city and made a lot of money. He was hardly ever home. There was always some reason he had to stay late at the office or some business trip. It was more likely he was staying at his girlfriends house or taking care of his young interns. Why he didn’t spend as much time with his wife as he could was a mystery to me. Aunt Kate was absolutely gorgeous. She was about 5 foot 4 and weighed about 115 pounds. She had beautiful d cup breasts and a perfect little ass.

As uncle Jim turned to she me he stopped his rant.

Good morning kid, he said. I haven’t seen you since you were this big, he held his hand out waist height.

So, is your aunt taking care of you? He asked.

I looked at aunt Kate and tried not to laugh, yes sir I responded.

Yes sir. You see that Kate he boomed. Kid knows how to respect someone like me.

He looked at his watch and said he had to get going and carelessly set his coffee mug on the counter splashing the contents out. As he walked out of the kitchen he reminded aunt Kate about dinner at the club.

Bring the kid, he said but make sure he looks decent. With that he left the house.

Aunt Kate got up shaking her head. As she cleaned up the mess left by her husband she said I guess we’re having dinner at the club tonight. I don’t suppose you have a suit?

No, I replied.

That’s ok she said. Maybe you can fit in one of your uncles old ones. You want breakfast?

Sure I said.

As she made the breakfast she complained about the club and how everyone there was fake and she didn’t like going. But if she didn’t go Jim would bitch about it, so it was just easier to suck it up.

After breakfast I helped clean up. Then aunt Kate asked me to come upstairs to try on some suits. We went up to her bedroom and she went into the big walk in closet. She came out with a suit and said to try it on. I pulled my shirt off and dropped my pajama bottoms standing there naked. Being naked in front of my aunt had become normal by now. I tried on the first pair of suit pants that were about three sizes to big. Aunt Kate laughed and I took the pants off and put them back on the hanger. She went back to the closet to search again. I stood completely waiting for her to come out.

Holla! I heard Behind me.

I spun around startled by the voice and saw a pretty, young, Spanish woman standing in the door way. Still naked I frantically looked for my pajama pants and pulled them on.

Oh, holla Maria, aunt Kate said as she emerged from the closet holding a couple suits.

She handed them to me and said to try them on and walked to Maria and began speaking to her in Spanish. I just stood there holding the suits not sure what to do.

Go on. Try them on aunt Kate said

I hesitated for a moment before I slowly pulled my bottoms back off as both women watched me. After I was once again naked aunt Kate said something in Spanish to Maria.

Si, Si, bueno, Maria responded.

I tried on the first pair of pants that were still a little loose so I quickly took them back off. As I stood naked I put the pants back on the hanger neatly and then took the second pair and tried them on. This time they actually fit pretty good. The whole time aunt Kate and Maria chatted back and forth. I started to feel a little excited being seen naked by this new woman.

How do they feel? Aunt Kate asked.

Pretty good I answered.

Ok good. We have a winner. Said aunt Kate.

I took the pants off and carefully hung them back on the hanger. I deliberately stayed naked so that aunt Kate and Maria could see me. It was quite exciting being the only one naked amongst two clothed women. Maria looked to be in her mid twenties and had a pretty face and a nice body that showed in the tight yoga pants she was wearing.

As the women chatted aunt Kate looked at me and made comment in Spanish. I watched as Maria’s eyes moved to my cock and she responded, Si, grande. As she laughed.

Maria left the room and aunt Kate explained that Maria comes a few times a week to clean the house, do laundry and a few other things.

Aunt Kate said she was going to hit the gym and she would be back in a few hours. I got dressed and we went downstairs to watch tv. Aunt Kate came down a few minutes later in her exercise clothes.

See you in a bit. When I get home we can get ready for dinner. She said as she walked out the door.

I sat watching the television. Maria occasionally passing by as she did her house work. Every time she went by she smiled at me. The thought had crossed my mind to maybe try and do something with her but I wasn’t sure how aunt Kate would feel about it so I tried to let it go. I kept thinking about how she looked at my naked body. The way she looked at my bare cock and seemed to like it. Fortunately Maria finished her work and I didn’t have to worry about it anymore.

Adios, she said to me as she left.

Adios I replied.

I continued watching tv until aunt Kate came home a few hours later.

Hey sweetie she said as she walked in the door. I’m going to take a shower and get ready. We should leave in about and hour.

Ok I replied.

I knew it would only take me about ten minutes to get ready so I finished watching my tv program before going upstairs to shower and get dressed. After showering I got dressed and waited downstairs for my aunt. Eventually I heard he walking down the stairs and my jaw hit the floor.

Aunt Kate was naturally beautiful and looked hot no matter what she had on. But seeing her with makeup on and her hair done up made her look incredible. She had on a sexy red cocktail dress that hugged her curves and just barley covered her ass. Her big tits pushed against the dress and her deep cleavage was exposed tastefully. She had black stockings and black high heals. I immediately felt my cock stiffen in my pants.

Wow. You look handsome she said as she greeted me. You ready to go?

Yes I said, you look amazing.

Why thank you my dear, she replied as we walked to the garage.

We got in her car and headed to the country club. When we pulled up to the main entrance two men in suits opened the doors for us and one of the parked the car. We went inside and found a table. We chatted as other guests arrived, and finally we heard uncle Jim’s distinctive voice.

Good you made it he said as he sat down. He didn’t even say hello or comment on how good his beautiful wife looked. Instead he ordered a drink. Aunt Kate and I sat quietly as uncle Jim talked to the other people at the table. Eventually the food was severed and while aunt Kate and I ate our meals uncle Jim ordered several more cocktails and was become a bit tipsy. After dinner uncle Jim had made his way to the bar where he continued pounding down the drinks and talking to friends.

Aunt Kate finally looked at me and said, you ready to get out of here?

Definitely I sighed.

Without saying goodbye to her husband aunt Kate simply got up and left with me following. We waited for the valet to bring the car around. Once it pulled up we got in and drove home. On the way she talked about Jim getting drunk as said he won’t be getting home tonight. He’d ether go home with another woman of sleep at the club.

Looks like we’re gonna have the house to ourselves tonight, she said as she placed her hand on my thigh.

With this wonderful news my cock started to get hard in my pants. Aunt Kate felt it and gently began rubbing my crotch.

She took my hand and said I want to show you something. She placed my hand between her legs. I felt my way up her thigh. Running my hand along her stockings until I felt the bare flesh of her upper thigh. I moved further till I found her pussy. I grunted as I discovered she wasn’t wearing panties. I gently slid a finger inside of her as she drove the car. She moaned softly. She reached back to my crotch and fumbled around with my zipped trying to open it. With my free hand I helped her unzip my pants. She shoved her hand into the hole and pulled out my hard cock and stroked it softly.

We finally turned onto our street and then up the driveway and into the garage. As soon as the car was in park we kissed passionately. We slid our hand over each other as our mouths pressed together and our tongues wrestled. Not wanting to stop but desperately wanting to be more comfortable we pulled apart and ran upstairs to her bedroom.

We stood face to face and began kissing again as she unbuttoned my suit jacket. I pulled it off and flung it away. She unbuttoned my shirt as I pulled my tie loose. As she worked her way down the buttons she lowered herself to her knees. Once the last one was loose I pulled the shirt off as she began undoing my belt. She pulled my pants and underwear down to the floor and I stepped out of them. She grabbed my cock and open her mouth. She sucked my cock into her warm mouth and I felt it slide down her throat. I placed my hand behind her head and guided her back and forth on my dick.

She eventually released my cock from her mouth and told me to sit on the bed. I did as instructed and watched aunt Kate walk in front of me to the middle of the room. She reached behind her back and slowly unzipped her dress. She pulled the shoulder straps off and let the dress fall forward revealing her big round tits under a sexy black lace bra. She slowly turned her back to me and slid the dress over her hips, looking over her shoulder at me. She bent forward and pulled the dress down to the floor. I watched as her perfect ass opened as she bent over. I could see she shaved pussy between her legs. As she stood back up I was amazed to see her wearing a black lace garter belt that matched her bra.

She walked towards me and I reached out my arms to embrace her and slid my hands up her back to he bra. I unfastened the clasp and let the bra fall away freeing her breast. I took turns sucking one the the other. I moved my hands to her ass and grasp a cheek in each hand firmly. I pulled her ass open and fingered her wet pussy from behind.

She pushed me back on the bed and climbed on top of me. She straddled me and sat on my crotch. My dick pressed flat against my belly and the underside against her pussy lips. She slowly began sliding her pussy up and down the length of my cock. Her lips wrapping abound the sides. She was so wet

It felt amazing but then she finally slid her pussy up further and I felt the tip of my cock press against her hole. She teased me by moving her hole around my cock and the suddenly I felt my cock sliding inside her.

She moaned with pleasure as I entered her slowly. Inch by inch she took my cock until I was completely buried in her. I held her hips and pulled her down into me. She ground her pussy down around my cock. I looked up at her as she played with her tits and pinched her nipples.

After a while she pulled herself off me and laid next to me.

I want to to fuck me sweetheart. I want you to fuck me hard. She moaned.

I got up and pulled her ass to the edge of the bed. I pushed her stocking clad legs apart and she bent her knees and drew them back. With my cock in my hand a aimed it at her tight little hole and pressed myself into her. Her pussy hugged my cock and I pulled back out of her then back in again. She reached down to rub her clit and I started thrusting harder and harder into her. Her moans grew louder until she began to cum. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock as her orgasm rushed through her. I couldn’t take it and felt myself about to cum. I moaned and tried to pull out but she quickly wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in deep. My cock exploded as I shot loads of cum into her.

I collapsed into her. We were both breathing heavy as our orgasms subsided. She kissed me and said, remember, you have me all night sweetie.

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