A night to remember_(7)

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Mike & Tanya have been friends with my wife & I for our 15 years. We all came from the same large group of friends and started dating around the same time as well. We always hang out, the four of us and have a lot of fun together. I’ve always had a thing for Tanya for the simple reason she is an amazon woman. Six foot two, dark skin, long wavy dark brown hair, chestnut eyes and built like she could kick the shit out of any guy her size. She also has the most amazing set of tits that I have ever seen. The perfect size, not ridiculously huge but I’m sure my eight inch cock would be forever lost between them. I have thought of them many, many times since I have known her.

Her husband Mike is a nice enough guy but has always been the butt of our jokes as he is a light weight that cannot hold his liquor at all. Mike was always the clown of the group entertaining us to tears but as soon as he reaches his capacity, he is the first to pass out and hard, sometimes mid-sentence.

My wife Jillian is 5’5, short blond hair, and a killer ass with a very nice rack as well. Yes I have a thing for big tits but Tanya’s tits are like the Holy Grail for me. My wife has caught me staring at Jillian a few times but has never done much about other than the occasional punch in the arm to snap me out of it. “Jack, eyes front and center darling!” she would always say. Now I’m a guy and we all know guys can be pretty dumb but I swear I’ve seen my wife checking out Tanya as well. I particularly remember one time camping where Tanya came out of her tent in only shorts and her sports bra and my wife looked just as hungry as I did.

Tanya and I were trying to organize a special birthday party for my wife complete with a nice dinner and a whole lot of drinking. We certainly wanted to make this special for Jillian as we all loved her very much. Tanya suggested I ask Jillian if there was anything in particular she wanted for that night. As Jillian and I were sitting on the couch watching TV I asked, “So we are pretty much ready for your party and I was just wondering if there was anything special you wanted that we didn’t think about?” Jillian opened her mouth to say something but then stopped. “What were you gonna say? Is there something you want?” “Promise you won’t get mad?” she asked. “Why would I get mad? It’s your party and if you want something, just ask.” I responded. “Jack remember that time when we were teenagers and we all got plastered and played Truth or Dare?” she said with some hesitation. “Sure I remember that, it was a pretty fun evening …… hey wait a minute, do you have a thing for Mike?” I asked with some concern. “No I don’t. Are you kidding? Mike’s a goofball and funny as hell but I don’t find him attractive at all.” Ok, now I was confused, “Well if you don’t have a thing for Mike, then why do you want to do that?” I asked. (Like I said, guys are the smartest sometimes) Jillian then looked at me deep into my eyes and smiled waiting for me to make the connection. “Tanya?” I asked. “I didn’t think you had any interest in women. Have you ever before….” “No I have never tried but Tanya has me curious. If it’s too freaky then I understand.” Said Jillian. “Hell no, are you kidding? And you’re Ok if I’m there too?” “I wouldn’t do it without you honey. I’ve seen the way you look at her.” Busted!

We had formulated a plan to try and get what we both wanted. I called Tanya and told her that Jillian did indeed have a special request for her party. “Alright, what does she want?” Tanya asked. “She wants us to get really dressed up. She says she is going to wear a nice dress so she wants you to do the same. She also wants to get really wasted.” I explained. “Well we already bought enough booze to drown us so I think we are Ok there.” Laughed Tanya. “Well she was hoping Mike could call that guy and maybe get some dope or something.” I asked. “Whoa Jack, we haven’t done that in a longtime plus you know what that does to Mike, he’ll pass out and he may not wake up until the next day.” Laughed Tanya. “I know but it will be funny as hell until he does pass out and Jillian is feeling a little nostalgic so do you think he can?” “Ok, I’m sure he can get it.” Tanya answered. “And bring an overnight bag, Jillian wants both of you to stay for the night.” I said with a smirk on the other end of the phone.

Jillian looked hot as could be that night. She was stuffed into a snug black dress with sexy black designer pantyhose and a lacy black bra and panties. As I watched her getting ready in the mirror, my cock was fighting to get out of my tanned linen pants. She smiled as she noticed me watching her. The thought of what could happen preoccupied both our minds. As I continued to watch her the doorbell rang and I raced to the door.

I opened the front door and there was Tanya in a flowing red dress complete with her own set of tantalizing pantyhose and her extraordinary chest popping out of the top of her dress that certainly didn’t help the chub I had going. Good thing my shirt was untucked or it would have been a dead giveaway. “Outta my way Junior and eyes off my merchandise!” joked Mike. If he only knew. Jillian came down the stairs as if in slow motion and it certainly looked like the girls were checking it other out. “Ok, the three of you get together and let’s get a photo for this historic evening.” demanded Mike. The three of us looked like a million bucks where Mike’s pants were slightly too short with white socks showing and a ties that was obviously too small with what looked like a mustard stain on it. He never was much for dressing up.

“Ok, before dinner starts we need to do shots!” announced Mike. A couple of rounds of shots were inhaled as dinner was placed on the table. It’s a good thing that Mike was already half cut and entertaining the group of us because both Jillian and I were very nervous about what we were trying to pull off. Both of us were stealing looks at Tanya’s busting chest as they giggled when she cut the meat on her plate. The meal was fabulous but I was anxious to get to the next part. We sent Tanya and Mike into the living room while Jillian and I cleared the table.

“You guys need drinks?” I yelled from the kitchen. “Two rum & cokes each would be great and we’ll start rolling a joint.” I could always count on Mike to pick up the pace. Jillian was preparing the drinks as I finished loading the dish washer. As I closed the door and turned to talk to my wife I saw her putting something into one of the drinks. ”What are you doing?” I whispered. “Shhh. I stole one of my mother’s sleeping pills and I’m putting it in Mike’s drink” explained Jillian. “Is that really necessary, you know he’s gonna pass out anyways.” I stated. “I’m not taking any chances and if we start this game, the less time I have to do anything with Mike, the better.” I had to admit, I was pretty Ok with that.

With a few more drinks in us and a couple of joints, we were all feeling no pain. It had been years since any of us had smoked anything and I don’t know if it was the effects of the weed or just the excitement of what was coming but I was randy as hell and ready to start. I looked over to my wife and nodded. She nodded back that she was still on board to give this a try.

“Hey guys, we were thinking it might be fun to play a little game.” I said this with a pretty shaky voice. “Caps, caps, let’s play caps!” said Mike. “No, I was thinking something a little more risky” I was gaining confidence. “What do you have in mind?” asked Tanya. She looked intrigued. “What about truth or dare? Remember when we played that at the cottage years ago?” I asked. Last time we played this it was all pretty harmless with kissing and groping but this time we wanted more. There was a brief moment of silence and then Tanya looked right at Jillian, “You alright with this girl?” All Jillian did was nod her head yes. “First let’s do some more shots!” requested a very impaired Mike. I couldn’t tell if it was the sleeping pill starting to kick in or just Mike’s usual low tolerance but as he walked towards the bottle sitting on the counter, it was evident he could not walk a straight line.

“So since I brought it up, I’ll go first. Mike, truth or dare” I asked. “Fucking dare man!” slurred Mike. “Ok, Mike I dare you to kiss you wife.” Mike laughed and planted a very drunken wet kiss on Tanya’s mouth and face. “Mike, you were asked so now it’s your turn.” I instructed. “Truth or dare Jack.” Said Mike. “Truth.” I answered. “Ok, uh….. did you have sex today?” he asked. “Not yet.” I replied and everyone laughed. “Tanya, truth or dare?” I asked. “Truth” said Tanya. “Have you ever made out with a woman before?” I asked. Tanya hesitated a little bit, took a big gulp of her drink at stated “Yes I have.” Either Mike knew about this or he was way too drunk to realize what his wife had just said. “Jillian, truth or dare?” asked Tanya. “Truth.” Said my wife. “Same question, have you ever made out with a woman before?” asked Tanya. “Not yet.” Said Jillian with a smile. More laughter filled the room.

“Jack, truth or dare?” asked my wife. Ok, time to kick this up, “Dare.” I replied. “Jack I dare you to kiss Tanya.” Requested my wife. I looked at Mike and he was swaying back and forth looked at me and said, “Go for it ya big pussy!” I looked at Tanya and there was no hesitation. We were each sitting on separate couches across from each other with a coffee table in-between us so I rounded the table and sat beside Tanya. I put my hand around her neck and pulled her in to me. Our lips touched and I darted my tongue immediately to hers. It was a long passionate kiss and I definitely had a raging hard-on from the taste of her mouth and the smell of her perfume.

As I walked back to my seat I looked at my wife and she was smiling. Tanya was looking a little flustered but she lcleared her throat and said, “Ok Jillian, truth or dare.” “Dare” said my wife. “I dare you to kiss Mike” demanded Tanya. Jillian got up and walked towards Mike. Mike was unaware what was going on at all and he was looking pretty pale. Jillian bent down to kiss Mike instead of sitting beside him so Tanya could get a good view of her cleavage. Tanya watched my wife’s tits as she placed her lips on Mike’s. Mike’s head started to fall backwards from the pressure of Jillian’s kiss and he just kept going back over the end of the couch and onto the floor with a crash. We all immediately started laughing. “Ok Mike, get up you drunken bastard” I was still laughing trying to get the words out of my mouth. He didn’t respond. He didn’t move. He was completely passed out.

“Well I guess that’s the end of the game.” Said Tanya laughing. Jillian looked at Tanya and said, “I don’t think so. We have more than a few dares left for you girl.” Tanya looked a little startled but then said, “What do you mean we?” “This game is still on and far from over. In fact, it is now a game of dares. Whatever any of us say, we have to do now.” I explained.

“Jillian, I dare you to kiss Tanya.” Was my request. “But what about Mike. I don’t feel comfortable if he’s passed out. What if he wakes up” asked Tanya. “I don’t think he will be waking up until tomorrow Tanya. I kinda slipped a sleeping pill in his drink.” Said my wife. Tanya looked pissed off at that statement and reached down to take another big gulp of her drink. “You guys planned this didn’t you? You just wanted to get me wasted and……” “Both fuck you.” My wife finished her sentence smiling at her.

“What if Mike wakes up?” Tanya asked again. “Listen, tell you what, if you can get Mike’s cock hard then he is obviously still aware. If you can’t get him hard, you have to play with us.” I stated. Tanya thought about it for a bit and she did know if she started playing with her husband’s cock, she usually could get an errection out of him. Mike was laid out on his back on the floor still and Tanya walked over to him and started to rub his crotch through his pants. Jillian and I watched with great interest.

Nothing was happening but Tanya still looked unsure. “I dare you to put his cock in your mouth.” Asked my wife. Tanya hesitated again but then unzipped Mike’s pants and pulled out his flaccid cock. Tanya bent down and put Mike’s cock into her mouth. This was exciting the hell out of both Jillian and I. Tanya’s tits were hanging bouncing in front of us as she tried desperately to get her husband hard. She tried for a couple of minutes but nothing was happening, he was still unaroused and unresponsive. Tanya returned to her seat. “So that dare for a kiss?” asked my wife. Tanya picked up her drink looking rather flushed and took a big swig.

Jillian took Tanya’s drink from her hand and placed it on the table. Jillian slowly moved her face to meet Tanya’s and lightly kissed her lips. There was feeble resistance from Tanya but Jillian continued to lightly kiss her lips over and over until finally Tanya opened her mouth and let my wife in. Jillian took a deep breath and unleashed her lust onto Tanya with a deep passionate kiss that went on for a couple of minutes.

Tanya was in a haze when their lips separated and my wife whispered to her, “Your turn.” I know at this point we had her as I could see Tanya’s swollen nipples poking through the thin fabric of her dress. She reached down to her drink again, took another big gulp, looked at me and said “Jack, I dare you to touch your wife’s tits.” Without responding, I moved to the same couch the two girls were sitting at. I took my wife’s hand, stood her up and placed her in front of Tanya. I stood behind Jillian and wrapped my arms around her to cup both of her tits. Jillian moaned at my touch and I looked over her shoulder to watch Tanya’s face as I squeezed my wife’s tits.

“Tanya, I dare you to run your hands up her legs.” Tanya placed her hands on my wife’s knees and she started to softly run her hands up her legs. I watched Tanya’s hands disappear under Jillian’s dress. Tanya ran her hands up and down her legs a couple of more times until they appeared to join together in the center of my wife’s crotch. Another soft moan came out of my wife’s lips as Tanya’s hands caressed the slit in Jillian’s panties. I started to grind my wife’s ass with my cock and I knew very soon I was going to be able to free my eight inch monster from my pants.

Tanya was taking it all in watched us intently. “I dare you both to feel my tits.” Jillian sat down beside Tanya on one side and I sat down on the other. We each grabbed one of Tanya’s large tits and the silky fabric felt wonderful in my hand. My eyes moved back and forth from my hand on Tanya’s large breast to watching my wife try to take as much tit in her hand as she could. Tanya’s watched each of us messaging her massive tits.

“I dare you to put your mouth on her tit.” I asked Jillian. “I dare you to touch her panties.” Asked my wife. I reached down and pulled up Tanya’s dress over her knees and up to her waist exposing her stockings, garter belt and panties. Both my wife and I took in this gorgeous amazon woman’s long legs and sexy attire. I ran my hand across Tanya’s leg to feel the softness of her stockings. My wife grabbed the edge of the top of Tanya’s dress with both hands and released one of her giant tits for us to gaze upon. My wife lowered her mouth and dragged her tongue down along Tanya’s tit to her thimble sized nipple and popped it in her mouth. Tanya spread her legs wider and I took my whole hand and grabbed her box hard. I pressed with full force over her panties and I could feel the heat and wetness from Tanya’s cunt.

“I dare you to put your cock in my mouth.” Whimpered Tanya. The words excited both my wife and I as Jillian continued to lick and suck on Tanya’s tit. I stood up and quickly pulled my pants off and waived my thick cock in the air in front of Tanya’s face. Leaving one foot on the floor, I used my other foot to climb the couch, leaned in and presented my swollen member an inch away from Tanya’s mouth. My wife stopped kissing Tanya’s breast to watch Tanya slowly take my cock into her mouth. Tanya only covered the tip of my cock with her mouth and danced her tongue around the opening of my prick. She then released it, looked at my wife and began to flick her tongue all along my shaft as Jillian watched. Tanya cupped my balls, opened her mouth wide and engulfed my shaft while looking Jillian in her eyes. My wife reached under her dress and started to rub her own clit through her panties.

Tanya pulled my cock out of her mouth temporally to ask Jillian, “I dare you to touch my clit while you touch your own” Jillian leaned back against the couch and pulled her dress up to her waist exposing her black panties and black stockings. She moved in closer to Tanya and their bodies became one. I looked down from my perch to see both these beautiful women sitting side by side with their sexy clothing in full view for me to take in. I watched my wife reach down with her left hand to rub Tanya’s panties and then she reached down with her right hand to rub her own panties. My cock was now sloshing in and out of Tanya’s mouth as I watched my wife rub two cunts.

“I dare you to suck my wife’s tits.” I demanded Tanya. Tanya gave me one last hard vacuum suck and then you could hear a pop as my cock came out of her mouth. Tanya then leaned towards my wife and took both her breasts in her hands. She squeezed then for a bit and then pulled down my wife dress around her shoulders to expose Jillian’s sexy black bra. Tanya began to lick all around my wife’s exposed skin and Jillian looked to be in heaven. Tanya then pulled out one of my wife’s tits and latched on to her nipple with great excitement.

Tanya was now on all fours on the couch lapping away on my wife’s tit. Jillian looked up at me watching and asked, “I dare you to rub her ass.” I lifted Tanya’s dress over her ass to expose her sexy panties to me. As I reached down I could see that her slit had leaked through her panties and my wife’s rubbing had created a glorious camel toe for me. I grabbed her ass in my hands and started to feel all around her ass and then I took two fingers and drove them into Tanya’s slit. I placed my cock on the cheek of her ass as my fingers dug into Tanya’s soaked panties.

“I dare you to eat my wife.” I asked Tanya. Jillian lay back on the couch with her head resting on the arm of the couch. She lifted her ass, pulled her panties off but left her stockings on. Tanya spread my wife’s legs and dove into Jillian’s pussy hard. My wife cried out as Tanya’s tongue darted into Jillian’s glistening slit. Tanya was not being gentle as she plowed her head deep into my wife’s warmth. I could hear and see Tanya lapping up my wife’s cunt and I now had both my hands rubbing Tanya’s panties.

Jillian struggled to get the following words out, “Fuck her Jack. Stick your cock in her. Do it now!” I pulled Tanya’s panties to the side and stuck the head of my cock into her opening. My cock is pretty thick and Jillian is so petit compared to Tanya so I was hoping I wouldn’t have to ease my way in like I had to with my own wife. I plunged my shaft deep into Tanya’s cunt and it slid in easily. Tanya flicked her head back and moaned. “Oh my God, you are so much bigger than Mike. I finally feel filled.” She screamed. I leaned over the top of her body grabbed both of her hanging tits and started to ride her like a horse. My wife was wide eyed as she watched the both of us buck around on the couch. Once Tanya found her rhythm she turned her attention back to my wife clit. Tanya was such a big woman that she easily held me in place as I drove my cock in and out of her.

“Eat me while your husband fucks me.” Screamed Tanya. Tanya remained on all fours as my wife spun herself around and wiggled herself under Tanya’s body. I pulled my cock out of Tanya and she sat on my wife’s mouth. Without asking I pressed my cock against Tanya’s asshole and Tanya pushed back to try and take me in. Her hole was hot and wet but I knew my girth would take some time to work itself into her ass. Jillian munched away at Tanya’s slit covering her face with shiny wetness as I pressed on to get all of my eight inches into Tanya’s ass. Tanya dropped her head back into my wife’s cunt. They were now locked in the 69 position with me pounding Tanya’s ass. The sites, sounds and rhythm was starting to get to me and I was trying desperately not to blow my load in Tanya’s ass.

“I dare the both of you to suck me off.” I demanded. I pulled out of Tanya’s ass and stood up in front of them. The two girls continued to eat each other for a while more which was fine by me as the view was amazing and it lowered the pressure on my balls temporally.

The girls released their mouths on each other and sat up of the couch. I moved closer and they took a position on either side of my cock. Now I could feel two sets of lips running in opposite directions on either side of my cock. One would roll their tongue over my tip while the other would run their tongue along the side of my shaft. Back and forth they rotated, gurgling and sucking together to try and cover as much of my cock as they could all at once. I reached down with my hands and held both their heads in place so their lips were touching. Once I had then locked in that position, I began to fuck both of their mouths at the same time. Tongues were flicking like butterflies as I pumped my cock through each of their mouths. My balls were starting to tense up and my wife knew when I was close.

“I dare you to fuck her tits.” Said my wife. This was my continuing fantasy all these years. My cock between this amazon woman’s giant tits. Tanya sat back on the couch, smiled and waited for me. This time I climbed the couch with both feet and placed my glistening cock on top of Tanya’s tits. My wife reached between her legs and scooped up whatever wetness she could get in her hands and coated my shaft with her juices. She then held Tanya’s tits together as I stuffed my cock between them.

As I suspected and dreamed about for so many years, my cock was completely lost in these giant tits. Having my wife hold Tanya’s tits together for me was a new welcome twist and I started slow to try and savor the moment. Both the girls eyes were glued to my cock working in and out of Tanya’s tits. With each thrust I would pull my cock completely out so the girls wouldn’t know when I would blow my load. I kept my thrusts the same speed and continued knowing one of the times I pulled it out would spray these massive tits. I just couldn’t hold the pressure back anymore and as I pulled my cock out again I shot a heavy load that covered my wife’s hands, Tanya’s tits with the main stream hitting Tanya’s face. Even Jillian was surprised at how much came out as I always loved cumming on Jillian’s body way more than cumming in her. The girls ran their fingers through my spunk and placed some in each other’s mouth.

“I dare you to tell us how make each of us cum at the same time.” Asked my wife. I brought both women down to the floor and positioned them in place. “Do it like this.” I demanded. Each woman was lying on their backs and their feet were touching each other with their heads at either end. I spread Tanya’s legs and then I moved Jillian up between Tanya’s legs so they were touching cunt to cunt. Their legs were tangled together and Jillian was resting on the side of her body to have their wetness covering each other. As soon as Tanya could feel my wife’s cunt against hers, she began to rock and thrust.

I stood up and watched these two beautiful women still fully clothed with their tits hanging out of their dresses grinding against each other. The site of four legs in sexy stockings, cum all over Tanya’s tits and face plus the two asses grinding each other was like a dream. As each of them were lost in the moment I grabbed my IPhone took a few quick shots and then started to record video. When we played it back later you could hear both women moaning loudly with their asses slapping together. Jillian was the first to tense up and quiver under Tanya’s power. This caused Tanya to squirt her juices shortly after all over my wife’s inner thighs. They lay there for a couple of minutes, inspecting each other’s wetness smeared all over their legs, panting and fulfilled.

The next morning Mike woke up and tried to get his cock sucked by Tanya but she just rolled over and said to him, “Do it yourself honey, I’m too hung over.” Mike tried the pouty face on her but Tanya just rolled over smiling to herself and living in the moment of the night that had passed.

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