Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires - Chapter 22 - Persuading Hagrid

Harry Potter and the Spellbook of Desires
Chapter Twenty-Two – Persuading Hagrid

Disclaimer: This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, nor does it have any affiliation with its author.

Story Codes: mF, Mf, ncon, cream pie, grope, magic, oral, spank, unif, voy

It was the middle of January and Harry, Hermione, and Ron would be enjoying the cold windy Saturday in the beautiful town of Hogsmeade. They had all dressed accordingly; wearing their heavy winter cloaks to keep warm while they were visiting the magical village. Hermione’s Saturday had not started well however; her latest visit to the kitchens had caused quite a ruckus among the house elves, who had taken offence after Hermione gave her “free the house elves” speech. The house elves took no direct action against Hermione and continued to perform their duties admirably for the rest of the school. The elves were sneaky about getting back at the nosy house elf activist, by tampering with her food, drink and even her laundry. They pissed in her glasses of pumpkin juice, undercooked her food and basically stopped washing her clothes. In fact, almost every piece of her clothing had either been lost or shrunken to a ridiculous size. The house elves had taken it upon themselves to steal every single pair of Hermione’s sexy little panties, shrunk her skirts and dress shirts, and misplaced her school robes and shoes, except for her winter cloak and a pair of shiny black high heels. So when Hermione got ready to go to Hogsmeade on the cold Saturday in mid January, all she had under her one heavy winter cloak was a sexy pair of stripper heels, knee-high socks, a tiny three inch Hogwarts skirt, and a tight dress shirt and tie. Hermione had no underwear and was mortally embarrassed and afraid of being caught not wearing any panties at all. She was relying heavily on her thick and long cloak to avert any embarrassing situations, and as the three friends left the school for the village of Hogsmeade, Hermione was very aware that it was extremely windy.

The day at Hogsmeade was nowhere as enjoyable as Harry, Ron and Hermione had thought it would be. Harry had been hoping for a relaxing day, filled with fun and leisure, but had to settle for an inquisitive and bitchy Rita Skeeter. Rita had tried to fish out another story from Harry before Hermione jumped on her and berated her for writing such a scathing editorial about the friendly giant, Hagrid.

While Harry and Hermione quarreled back and forth with Rita, Ron had left the three quibbling individuals for the backroom and Madam Rosmerta. Harry and Ron had copied down a couple of spells from the Spellbook of Desires and had brought them with them to Hogsmeade, just in case an opportunity presented itself. Ron had always had a crush on the curvaceous barmaid, and as he stood up and left the main bar, Harry looked up at him and smiled. Ron had seen Madam Rosmerta bend over right in front of him, emphasizing her round and curvy bottom before retreating to the backroom of her heavily occupied tavern and he had every intention of following her.

‘Were getting low on butterbeers… I’m just going downstairs to get another crate’ Rosmerta yelled to her fellow bartender so he could just hear over the nearly inaudible tavern environment.

‘Sure!’ yelled the other bartender. Nobody but Ron gave her a second glance as Rosmerta walked through the backdoor. Ron pulled out a crumpled parchment from his pocket and took a quick overview of the spell he had copied down, before silently and sneakily crept around the bar and to the door Rosmerta had exited through.

The spell Ron had copied down was simple and short; it read:
Need a good blowjob? Look no further then this short lasting but effective spell, which, when used on a female target, will cause the target to drop to their knees and suck off the caster’s cock as hard as possible.

The spell work for the simple spell was a few waves of the wand with the words ‘fellatious expedius’. Ron wouldn’t have a lot of time with Rosmerta before people began to wonder where both Rosmerta and Ron had gone off, so the blowjob would have to be quick. The quick blowjob spell would work quickly and satisfy his obvious lust for the curvy bartender.

Ron climbed down the stairs in the backroom and just as Rosmerta was picking up a case of butterbeers, Ron said, ‘fellatious expedius’, while waving his wand at her. She immediately went rigid and dropped the heavy case of butterbeers onto the floor, where it smashed with an almighty crash, breaking several bottles in the process. Ron knew immediately that the spell had worked; Rosmerta turned around and smiled at him with a wicked grin on her face before walking over to him on the stairs and getting onto her knees.

‘Whoa!’ Ron exclaimed, as Rosmerta began unbuckling his belt and pants in record time. The spell’s emphasis on speed was no overestimation, as Rosmerta’s long fingers started to pull Ron’s underwear down. Ron’s hard six inch cock sprang free from his restricting underwear, and Rosmerta was quick to grab hold his hard shaft.

‘Mmmmm… It looks so tasty!’ moaned Rosmerta, licking the tip of Ron’s cock moments later to get a taste of the flavor. The wicked smile on her face told the whole story, as she opened her mouth wide and engulfed the entire six inches in a single gulp. Ron nearly came right away after feeling Rosmerta’s hot wet mouth clamp down around his pulsing rod. Ron composed himself though, and sat on the steps enjoying himself as she started moving her tongue up and down over his long thick shaft. She fondled his balls like a pro before she began deep-throating him with ease. Her skill as a sexy barmaid was nothing to how much of a pro she was at sucking cock, and as Ron started to thrust his hips forward into Rosmerta’s face, she began to gag for air.

‘Umpf…Umpffff!’ mumbled Rosmerta on Ron’s shaft, only pleasuring him further. Ron used his own hands to grab the back of her head and used them as leverage to force more and more of his throbbing cock down Rosmerta’s pretty mouth. Ron continued to face fuck Rosmerta for another three minutes before a strong urge to cum overcame him. Sensing his inevitable end, Ron rammed his cock as deep down Rosmerta’s throat as possible and let loose.

‘UNGHHHH!’ cried Ron, depositing a vast quantity of his sticky cum down the barmaid’s throat and directly into her stomach. Rosmerta struggled to breathe as Ron held the back of her head with his hands and forced her to drink every drop of his seed. Rosmerta’s eyes bulged wide open as the last of her oxygen ran out and she blacked out with Ron still spurting his cum into her belly.

Ron finally let go of the back of her head and let her fall off the last steps of the stairs and onto the basement floor with a thud.

‘OOPS!’ sighed a very satisfied Ron, who realized Rosmerta had fallen off the steps and onto the basement floor, unconscious. Ron pulled up his pants and left the basement and backroom, sliding back into the tavern without anyone realizing where he had been. Ron didn’t fear any repercussions from his little fling with Rosmerta because for one; she’d have no memory of the blowjob, and two; there was no evidence left behind, except for the large mass of hot semen, deep in her little belly.

‘Have fun?’ Harry asked Ron in a whisper, as he sat back down beside Harry with a look of satisfaction on his face. Obviously Harry had realized what Ron had done and with whom he had done it with.

‘You know I did!’ Ron whispered back to Harry, as Hermione paid no attention to the two and continued bickering with Rita Skeeter. Eventually, Hermione gave up and left the Three Broom Sticks with Harry and Ron trailing her. Harry and Ron both warned Hermione that there would be hell to pay for crossing Rita Skeeter, but Hermione shrugged them off and continued her way down the main street and back to the school. They had decided to visit Hagrid and somehow persuade him to teach again and ignore Rita Skeeter’s scathing article.

‘Ahhhhhhhh!’ screamed Hermione, as a strong gust of wind blew her heavy cloak up and revealed her tiny skirt, her perfect bare ass and as she tried to cover up, her completely bald teenage pussy.

‘Huh!’ Harry and Ron exclaimed together, as Hermione pulled down her cloak and looked extremely embarrassed. Her cheeks became extremely red and flushed as started walking very fast down the street again, as if nothing had happened. Ron and Harry knew something had happened, and they continued to whisper and murmur about it to each other for the entire walk to Hagrid’s hut.

‘KNOCK… KNOCK… KNOCK!’ Harry and Ron knocked on Hagrid’s door. ‘Come on Hagrid… We don’t care about the stupid Rita Skeeter article… Just open u---’ started Hermione, who was interrupted, to her embarrassment, by Professor Dumbledore, who opened the door with a smile. Apparently, Dumbledore had been trying to reason with Hagrid to get him to return to work. Dumbledore was pleased to see and hear that Harry, Ron and Hermione had come to talk some sense into Hagrid as well. Dumbledore left moments later and Harry, Ron and Hermione started in on their giant of a friend about returning as their Care of Magical Creatures teacher.

‘Come on Hagrid! We don’t care that your half-giant!’ pleaded Hermione, as Harry and Ron whispered to each other behind Hermione and Hagrid’s back. They were secretly discussing a way to persuade Hagrid back to work, and as always, it would involve the Spellbook of Desires and Hermione getting naked.

It was very lucky that Harry and Ron had come prepared for their trip to Hogsmeade; both of them had a bevy of potions and elixirs, perfectly suited to be used on Hermione in order to persuade Hagrid back to the workforce. Harry and Ron opened their cloaks and searched through their pockets until Ron found the perfect potion, which if drunk, would cause the individual to become an insatiable slut. It was very similar to a potion Harry had concocted before; during the camping trip to the Quidditch World Cup, Harry had brewed a very simple potion, which had sexually ensnared Ginny Weasley into having sex with him. The potion was similar in effect to the one Ron had in his pocket, but dissimilar in its makeup and ingredients.

The potion’s description read:
A simple, easy and effective potion, which, upon consumption, will transform the drinker into an unrelenting and insatiable cock-crazed slut, whose only purpose in life is to fuck the living hell out of the first person she sees. Once the drinker makes contact with the first person she sees, it makes her irresistible and a passionate hour of unforgettable sex will ensue. Warning! The drinker of the potion will not retain any memories of the hour after the consumption of this potion, but the person she touches will remember everything of the encounter.

Harry and Ron had spent several hours brewing a multitude of useful potions and elixirs for almost any situation and girl. The potion they were going to use on Hermione was perfect for the situation and would be a great way to persuade Hagrid into returning to work. The potion would render Hermione unconscious for a few seconds while the potion took effect and turned Hermione into a complete slut. When Hermione awoke and saw Hagrid; she would do anything and everything to have sex with him. Harry and Ron were unsure about how potent and irresistible Hermione would be to Hagrid on account of his giant blood, but they were willing to try. After the deed was done and the hour up; Harry and Ron would blackmail Hagrid into coming back to class in return for helping to hide any evidence of him molesting a teenage Hogwarts student.

As Hermione continued to berate him for taking the article too seriously, Hagrid brought out some pumpkin juice and cookies for everyone. Hermione failed to notice Ron pouring the small vial of potion into her pumpkin juice as she continued to argue with Hagrid. Hermione picked up her glass of pumpkin juice and drank half of it with one gulp. Harry and Ron watched in anticipation as Hermione’s eyes closed and she fainted immediately.

‘Uh… Hermione… Uh… Are you alright there!’ Hagrid said, as Hermione’s head slumped, while the potion took effect. Unfortunately for Hermione however, the one potion Ron had brewed by himself for the trip to Hogsmeade, was the only one brewed incorrectly. Instead of opening her eyes and becoming an insatiable slut, bent on fucking the first man she saw, Hermione remained unconscious. Her body quickly gave way and she fell off the chair she had been sitting and onto the Hagrid’s hard floor. As she fell off the chair, her heavy cloak flipped up over her waist and revealed her short skirt. Luckily for Hermione, her extremely short skirt remained in place and only the very bottom of her ass was visible. Nobody really paid any attention to Hermione’s skimpy attire; they were all much more concerned with her health.

‘Oh… Shit!’ cried Ron, realizing that the potion Hermione had consumed had not done what it had promised to do. As Hagrid walked over to Hermione to see what was wrong with her, Harry eyed Ron questioningly.

‘What did you do?’ Harry whispered to Ron.

‘I don’t know!’ exclaimed Ron, looking extremely guilty and ashamed.

‘Hagrid… We’ll go get a potion from Madam Pomfrey… You stay here and make sure Hermione’s alright!’ Harry said to Hagrid, as he grabbed Ron by the scruff of his collar and dragged him from the Hagrid’s hut.

As Ron and Harry ran back across the grounds to the school and a healing potion from Madam Pomfrey, Hagrid had walked over to Hermione, whose ass was just barely visible beneath her tiny shrunken skirt. Hagrid immediately felt guilty for looking down at Hermione’s tiny but perfect ass, especially after he felt a twinge in his groin.

‘Uhhh… Hermione!’ Hagrid grunted, poking her tiny shoulder with his finger, trying to stir her from her unconscious state. Hermione didn’t react in the slightest, but Hagrid could tell she was breathing just fine because her body was moving up and down while she breathed. Hagrid, seizing an opportunity to cop a feel of Hermione’s gorgeous little bum; he lifted her skirt and began squeezing and massaging both of her ass cheeks.

‘Mmmm’ moaned Hermione, still unconscious, but enjoying the feeling of Hagrid’s massive hands pawing at her teenage ass. Hagrid hadn’t had sex for several years; there had been very few women who could or would have sex with the half-giant. Like the rest of his enormous body, his cock, when hard, was a good fourteen inches long, not to mention its unbelievable width. It was because of this, that Hagrid could hardly contain his horniness as he continued to grope Hermione’s unconscious ass with unbridled sexual aggression. He knew that Harry and Ron would take at least half an hour to go up to the castle, retrieve the potion and return. If he hurried, he could have his way with his little fourth year friend and clean up before anyone knew anything had happened.

‘Sorry Hermione!’ Hagrid mumbled, dropping his pants and pulling out his massive hardening cock. If Hermione had been awake, she would have fainted from shock after seeing Hagrid’s growing monster of a dick. Hagrid picked Hermione up with two hands by her waist like a tiny rag doll, tore off her heavy winter cloak and carried her over to his bed in the corner of the room. He held her up over his fully hard fourteen inch cock while he sat on his bed and positioned her panty-free pussy over his massive erection. Even if Hagrid managed to somehow force his massively wide cock into Hermione’s extremely tight hole, the aftermath would not be pretty. Hagrid would have to worry about that later, because his craving for fucking the teenage witch suspended just above his pulsing shaft was too much for him to handle. Ever so carefully, Hagrid lowered Hermione’s unconscious body down towards his throbbing member until the tip of his cock was nudging up against her warm slit.

‘Wait… Ron… You go ahead… We don’t need two people to get a single potion… I’ll go back and help Hagrid with Hermione, okay?’ Harry said to Ron as they approached the castle in a run.

‘What…? Okay, whatever!’ sighed Ron, too concerned about Hermione’s welfare to think about anything else. If Ron had been thinking, he would have realized that Harry’s motives weren’t as saintly as Harry was making them seem. Harry’s true intentions were a little more devious; he would trick Hagrid into leaving his hut to get help and then have his way with Hermione’s perfect and unconscious body. Harry had been too caught up with Hermione’s welfare at the beginning to consider the plan, but after careful consideration on the way to the castle, Harry felt it was a perfect opportunity to get his rocks off with Hermione and nobody would ever know. Harry therefore, separated from Ron and ran back to Hagrid’s home with a big smile on his face as Ron continued on to get a healing potion the hospital wing.

‘UNGHHHHHHH!’ groaned a put out Hagrid, who had started to force Hermione’s tight slit down onto his massive member. ‘TOOOO TIGHT!’ he grunted, as the tip of his wide shaft couldn’t even penetrate her tight folds. Hagrid, knowing that there was no chance fit his behemoth cock into her teenage hole, came up with another plan. He grabbed his pink umbrella wand with one hand, pointed it at Hermione’s tight pussy while holding her waist up with the other.

‘Engorgio!’ cried Hagrid, casting a perfect engorging charm at her pussy in the process. Hermione’s opening grew to at least twice its original size and Hagrid felt confident that he would be able to fit himself into her after completing the spell. Grabbing both sides of Hermione’s waist again, Hagrid ripped off her tiny skirt and began guiding her down towards his cock again. Seconds later, Hermione unconsciously groaned in pain as Hagrid’s fourteen inch tool began sliding slowly into her gaping hole. Hagrid was in heaven as Hermione’s now easily accessible hole was violated by his giant cock. Hagrid knew that time was of the essence, and instead of taking it easy on her fragile body, rammed his cock into her as hard and deep as possible. Hagrid’s cock was so big that he could feel her stomach expanding with each in-thrust of his cock. Ten minutes of rough sex later, and Hagrid had forced eleven inches into Hermione and although he wanted to fit it all into her, he knew he didn’t have enough time to fit in the last three inches. Instead, he began thrusting wildly, trying to hit his climax before Hermione woke up or Harry and Ron returned.

Unbeknownst to Hagrid however, Harry was had already made it back to his home and instead of re-entering and taking advantage of Hermione, had remained outside Hagrid’s window and watched as Hagrid slammed her rag doll of a body down on his massive tool. Harry was supremely impressed by Hagrid’s enormous shaft, which to his astonishment; Hermione’s pussy was taking with relative ease. Harry could only guess that Hermione was either extremely loose when asleep, or that Hagrid had cast some kind of spell on her pussy to allow his massive rod to penetrate her so deeply. As Hagrid’s thrusts became frantic and untamed, and Hermione’s was slammed down on his cock with little concern, Harry could tell that Hagrid was ready to blow. Just as Hagrid began to pant loudly, Harry came up with a great idea to get Hagrid back to class.

‘UNGHHHHHHH! UNGHJHHHHH! UNGHHHHHHHH! UNGHHHHHHH! UNGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!’ grunted Hagrid several times, slamming Hermione’s body down on top of his entire shaft as his orgasm hit. Without even thinking about pulling out to spare Hermione a creamy helping of his sticky giant cum, Hagrid’s cock began to spasm out of control and spurt out over a full gallon of his hot seed directly into her unprotected human womb. Harry watched in fascination as Hagrid nearly blacked out, but continued to paint Hermione’s cervix with a multitude of sticky steams of semen. With Hagrid’s enormous pole and massive wads of cum being jetted into her gaping pussy; there was nowhere for the load of cum to go after Hermione was filled to the brim. With every grunt and string of cum being poured into her pussy, a similarly large load of Hagrid’s sperm squirted back out and onto the floor, where it pooled into a massive puddle.

‘HOLY SHIT!’ mumbled Harry, as Hagrid’s frantic thrusts of climax finally concluded with one last grunt. Harry, knowing his opportunity had presented itself, opened the door Hagrid’s hut and walked in with a smile on his face. Just as he was about to slam the door shut, Harry heard the familiar sound of a bug buzzing past his ear. Hagrid was exhausted after cumming in Hermione, and it took a minute before he realized that Harry had entered his cozy sex-smelling home.

‘Uhhhh… Harry… I err… Uhh… Was just trying to revive her… Yeah!’ Hagrid stuttered, trying to lift Hermione’s unconscious and violated body off of his deflating giant cock.

‘Save it Hagrid… You start teaching again, and I’ll forget everything that happened here!’ Harry replied, blackmailing his friend with a grin on his face.

‘OKAY! OKAY! Just help me clean ’er up!’ grumbled an embarrassed Hagrid, who finally pulled Hermione’s cum-filled hole off his mammoth cock. Cum quickly rushed out of her pussy and leaked onto the puddle of his seed on the floor. Hagrid set Hermione down onto the floor before grabbing her skirt and heavy cloak and putting it back on her unconscious body. While Hagrid dressed her, Harry used the ‘Scourgify’ spell to clean up Hagrid’s cum from the floor and Hermione’s legs.

‘I guess we’ll have to give her a pregnancy potion too, won’t we Hagrid?’ Harry laughed, looking down at Hermione’s cum-drenched pussy before pulling out a small vial of pregnancy potion. ‘Help me flip her over’ Harry said, as he uncorked the bottle and Hagrid turned her over so she was face up.

‘Do you have another one of ’em, Harry?’ Hagrid replied, as Harry poured the vial of potion down her throat. Hagrid only asked because he knew how potent giant cum was, and after pumping what amounted to be over a gallon into Hermione’s vulnerable womb, he was sure she’d get pregnant unless they doubled the dose.

‘This is your lucky day Hagrid!’ replied Harry, uncorking a second bottle from his cloak and pouring it down Hermione’s throat as well. Hagrid used his wand to cast the counter-spell to ‘Engorgio’ and shrunk Hermione’s well-used cunt back down to her original size. They sat her back onto the chair she had fallen off of; seconds before Ron came running into the hut with a bezoar in his hand. He jammed it down her throat and after just a few seconds, Hermione awoke with a start. Flustered and confused, Hermione looked around, wondering what had happened. She had a strange sensation in the pit of her stomach, but after Harry and Ron explained to her that the juice she had drank had been tainted, they left Hagrid and starting walking back up to the school.

‘So… I guess we’ll see you for class on Monday, won’t we Hagrid?’ Harry asked with a smirk. Hagrid nodded his head in shame as he watched them fade into the distance.

‘How did you get him to come back?’ Hermione asked Harry and Ron brightly. She thought that they must have come to an arrangement after she had fallen unconscious, but she didn’t push the matter. She was just happy to see her big friend returning to teaching Care of Magical Creatures.

‘I made him a deal he couldn’t say no to!’ Harry replied with grin, promising Ron he’d tell him later, just as they made it to the castle.

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