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Another pair of pants ruined. Holes in both knees. Third time this week Bruno pulled Tomiko down the sidewalk, but this really needed to stop. It was costing her too much money for clothes. He didn’t look as guilty as he was, he just sat there with that stupid look on his face like he was waiting for her to get up. His ears pricked up when she finally looked at him. It was almost impossible to stay mad at such a cute face.

He was just the right mix of Boxer and Great Dane. Brindle fur with black boots and muzzle. Bruno tipped the scales just over 110 pounds the same as her. When they went for a walk, it was more of a hang on for dear life than anything else. So, she looked for a solution on the internet.

“Having problems with an unruly dog? Wish she could train them with very little effort? You can do it with our new the high-tech training collar. Log into the collar and select the training routines you want to use. In a short time, your trained dog will be the envy of the neighborhood.”

Sounded too good to be true but it said it was painless so why not. Tomiko paid for overnight shipping to get it quick. Might as well use it while on vacation next week to try it out on him.

The small box arrived the next day. In the box was an adjustable collar, a small manual, and a DVD. It was a normal looking collar except for the clasp which was about two inches on either side and made of metal. One side had a small led screen like an old digital watch and the other had a button.

Installing the software on her laptop was a simple walkthrough, it even connected to the collar on her wireless network. The manual stated that depending on the receptiveness of the dog and what type of training would determine how long it would take to complete the training.

After launching the software, she needed to set up a profile for each dog she wanted to train. It a had two default profiles already installed. One was for male and the other female. Each profile had several groups of training including service, security, obedience, with sub-sections under those having dozens of individual training routines. She could select the top group to take them all or just check the individual boxes to create a customized training routine. The options in each training group and sub-section were overwhelming.

Being the lazy person, she just renamed the male default profile Bruno. Then selected auto button so she could skip the long series of questions about the dog after she entered breed, age, and weight. If she put a check the box, a description would show what that training routine would do. Then she unselected all the boxes to try just one, fetch. The collar adjusted to his neck automatically.

They went out in the backyard to try this fancy collar out. After an hour of playing and unsuccessfully trying to get him to fetch a tennis ball and bring it back, they took a break. Tomiko tried to take off the collar to see if it was still working, but it wouldn’t unlatch. The screen said “Update”.

She looked through the manual to find out what that meant. It stated the collar needed to connect to the software to check for updates to the firmware or update the current training routine before moving to the next selection in the routine. When the routine was complete the collar stopped training and could be unlocked. She could also cancel the current routine which allows it to unlock the collar as well.

After logging back into the software, there was a little red “updates available” icon beside his profile. After clicking on the icon, a pop up asked, “Process all updates?” She selected yes and put the check in the box to don’t ask me again. Bruno bark and seemed strangely happy.

Smiling back at him they went back out to try it again. This time it took about thirty minutes before he did much better. Even brought it close to her once. She looked at his collar and it read “Ongoing”. This training was taking longer than she had hoped for just to fetch a ball, so she went back into the software to see if it could be adjusted further. Under the settings, it had a rate option, “Slow, Normal, Fast, Auto.” She once again to the easy way out by selecting Auto. After clicking Ok, a pop up asked, “Process globally?” Not sure what that meant but, she selected yes anyway. This time it took less than ten minutes and he was doing it perfectly.

Now that he was trained on fetch she wanted to see if he would do it without the collar. After checking the display, it read “Complete.” She took off the collar. Only took two times without the collar for him to start fetching correctly. They took a break for lunch while Tomiko looked over the software for the next options to try. Bruno stayed outside in the yard investigating every tree and bush.

The list of what she could do was exhaustive. Scrolling through the obedience section and she checked several. Then move to the behavioral section selected several more. They even had options for breeding. She checked it just to read the description.

“In males, stimulates dominance for breeding. In females, stimulates submissiveness for breeding.”

The software developer had thought of everything. This shouldn’t take long to train him if they all worked as good as the earlier one. She continued to check and uncheck options in more settings to read the descriptions. Most were self-explanatory, but others benefitted from the description.

Tomiko cell phone rang. She got up and ran to the kitchen and answered it. After a quick conversation with her best friend Sherry she now had dinner plans. She needed to get ready if they were going to get dinner before going to the club.

She walked back to her laptop and clicked on the update button to send the commands to the collar. After clicking update, a pop up asked, “Process globally?” She selected yes. Might as well start Bruno’s training while she went out to party. Bruno barked then turns in a circle a few times before sitting.

Tomiko ran to her bedroom, stripped and jumped in the shower. Fifteen minutes later she emerged wearing a towel on her head and one around her body. She entered her closet to try and find the right dress to wear out. She wanted to be flirty but not too slutty.

She chose a navy blue dress that was midthigh in length and had a scoop neckline. Now to find the matching shoes. She reached the top shelf to grab her new black pumps and jumped when a wet nose touched her butt. The box tumbled out of her hand hitting Bruno on the head, shoes scattering onto the floor. Bruno yelped.

“Well serves you right put your nose there.” She said with a giggle.

She picked up the dress and shoes then put them on the bed. Bruno followed her poking her again with his nose.

“Will you stop already.” She pulled a g-string out of her dresser and opted to go braless. Not like her boobs would be bouncing around anyway. With her size, she could go with or without a bra depending on if she wanted her nipples to poke out or not. She had enough there to say she had breasts but that was about it. With this dress braless would be the flirty look she was after.

Tomiko walked back into the bathroom, pulled the towel off her head and began drying her hair. Tilting her head over from one side to the other, she flicked her hair. Each time she bent down to dry the underpart in the back Bruno would give her a quick lick on the cheek. She smiled. He was awful playful tonight. After she was done with her hair she finished her makeup quickly.

Entering her room again, she dropped her towel and reached for her panties. Bruno nosed her ass again, this time his nose went deep in her crotch from the back. She jumped again.

“Jeez Bruno. What is up with you?” She smacked his nose slightly. He just stared at her as if she should know what to do. After finishing dressing she gave him a big scratch around his ears. She checked the collar LED. It read “Ongoing”.

“Okay Bruno, be good. “ and with that, she left.


Tomiko checked her cell phone 2 am, then fumbled her keys, dropping them twice before successfully opening her front door. Bruno stood there wagging his tail. She gave him a drunken pet on his head. She wobbled towards the living room dropping keys, purse and cell phone on the table and then her shoes on the floor.

She crossed the living room to the back door and opened it. Bruno exited as she used the door frame to keep her balance. After completing his business he sauntered back into the house. She closed the door and headed for her bedroom. Bruno poked her in the ass with his nose again like earlier before. She giggled and fell down on the couch. He stood in front of here, face to face.

“Were you a good boy… while I was out?” She slurred. He licked her face.

“You knowI think this couch… is a great place… to sleep.” He just stared at her wagging his tail. She patted the couch with her hand and he jumped up laying down beside her.

“You're such… a good boy…” She rubbed his belly before slumping over, passing out with her head on his neck.

The LED on his collar changed from “Complete” to “Ongoing”


Tomiko woke with the sun in her eyes as her head pounded in rhythm with her heartbeat. Using her arms, she pushed herself upright on the couch trying to gather her thoughts. Must have passed out here last night. Everything seemed so confusing and muddled. Bruno walked up to her and whined. He needed to go out. Her knees were shaky at first but using the furniture for balance she made it to the back door.

Bruno ran past her eager to pee on the first plant he could get to. Listening to him relieve himself made her want to go as well. It seemed natural to do it outside for some reason. She took a couple of steps out in the backyard, removed her g-string then hiked her dress as she squatted to pee. The relief was wonderful. Bruno walked over to her giving her a lick. Her stomach tingled at his touch.

She finished and walked back inside the house leaving her panties in the yard. Everything seemed fuzzy, she was confused about what she was doing. Her train of thought was off for some reason. Maybe a shower would help. Tomiko moved towards her bedroom when Bruno poked her in the ass with his nose like he did the day before. She stopped, then looked back at him unsure what to do.

His nose investigated under her dress. She leaned forward letting him get more access and a better sniff of her. His tongue lashed out striking her lips. A gasped of excitement escaped her mouth. The feeling was strange but arousing. Where did these feeling come from? Why did she let him do that, he’s a dog? Why does this feel right in some way?

The fog in her mind continued spreading just like her legs as she bent over a little more, hoping he would go further. She allowed him more access. The tingle in her stomach moved much lower as her juices began to flow. His tongue continued its thrashing of her private area. Her willingness to fight his advances began to fade. This is wrong but why do I want this? He bumped her again with his nose this time more forcefully right in the middle of her cunt. She inhaled sharply.

Do I want him? He must want me. The fog fragmented her thoughts. She tried to reason what was going on or why. It was all so confusing and incomplete. He jumped up pushing her with his paws. She fell against the back of the couch. She wanted to say no, to tell him to stop, but she couldn’t form the words in her mouth. She slid off the couch and onto all fours when he tried to grab her by the waist. Her heart raced. She knew what would happen if she didn’t get up, but he was her dog…her pet, or was she his pet? She should be in control not him, but it did feel good to obey. She wanted to be a good girl… didn’t she?

His front paws grabbed her hips as he mounted her. Her head swam with excitement. His thrusts were off. His legs just bounced against hers. This was wrong, she knew it but why didn’t she stop him? Why did this excite her so much? His weight drove her to her elbows forcing her ass further into the air. She pushed back against him as his cock hit her thighs not finding the sweet spot yet. He slumped forward while continuing his assault on her. When his head rested beside hers Tomiko mind cleared. Her purpose was clear. She was meant for this. She needed to obey…she wanted to obey…him.

His cock finally hit her square on and plunged deep in one stroke. Pleasure surged through her as she obeys him. Gave herself to him. She groaned as his pace picked up. She leaned back into him allowing him deeper access. He pushed further, harder and she took it all with a smile on her face. She orgasmed after the next dozens or so strokes. Then again.

She could feel his knot bouncing against her outer lips. Her fingers gripped the carpet as she pushed back against him hoping it would fit. When the knot slid into her wet hole, another orgasm hit. She knew this was wrong but the fog in her head to obey meant now she was his. He continued ramming his knotted cock into her. Never has something so large been inside her body. He started to slow. The feeling of his knot expanding inside of her sent more multiple orgasms shooting up her spine. His slobber ran down her cheek as his head lay against hers.

He stopped moving and just lay against her panting. His cock filled her so completely, it drowned out all other sensations. When he brought his front leg over and then spun around he was locked in her. She orgasmed again. The fog lifted. The shame of what just happened consumed her. I just let my dog fuck me. Why did this happen? Why did I let him?

He started to move away from her but couldn’t free himself. The pain from his knot exploded through her hips as he dragged her for a few feet. She quickly backed on all fours to keep up with him. After they move a few more feet towards the kitchen he stopped to drink some water. She remained on all fours, locked with her dog for the next twenty minutes trying to come up with a reason this happened.

She couldn’t think straight. It was like trying to remember somebody's name but only seeing their face. Once his cock reduced enough in size he just walked away, leaving her looking at him. He walked to the corner and began licking himself clean. Tomiko collapsed onto the floor, not taking her eyes off him. She had a different feeling for him now. What had changed him? She noticed the collar. Still weak from being on all fours for over thirty minutes she crawled over to him. The LED on his collar read “Complete”. She pressed the button and removed the collar.

It must have been the collar that did this. She stood on shaky legs and hobbled over to the laptop. His cum trickled down her thigh. Launching the software, she looked at the setting. Right there in front of her was the checkbox she had checked. This was her fault. She trained him to want to breed. She looked for an option to reverse the training but there wasn’t an option for that.

Tomiko cleared all the checks from all the routines before walking back to him. She attached the collar around his neck hoping this would reverse it then walked back to the laptop and pressed “Update”. She called him over and looked at the collars LED. It still read “Complete”. She took the collar off again placing it on the table. Then walked over to the door and let him out in the backyard.

Her mind was so scrambled about what she had done. She needed time to think without him in the room. He distracted her just by being there. Maybe a shower would help clear her mind.

The warm water flowed over her head, before cascading down her body as she slowly rotated get a full relaxing treatment. It helped to think about work. What state her current project was at. What were the next steps when she returned from vacation? Using the soap bar, she cleaned her body paying special attention to her sore private area, linger more than needed before getting out of the shower.

Tomiko threw on a sundress then entered the living room to let Bruno back in the house. They had breakfast before settling down to watch TV. He sat on the floor right in front of her while she sat on the couch. He didn’t make any more advancements on her. Maybe it was a one time deal like the fetch command she did earlier. Maybe it took more than once for it completely locked in. For the rest of the day, she kept a wary eye on him not sure if she could trust herself before going to bed later that evening.

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