Dirty Black Summer

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Dirty Black Summer

written by Marc Rollins

No summer in the Winter time
Will keep you warm like a funeral pyre
And there's nothing like an August night
Drenched in your loving
I've got a dirty black Summer
And nothing in the coolest light
Can stop the walking out across the line
No holding back the Summer night
I got a feeling
It's just a dirty black summer

An unseasonably brutal sun wanes on a beach house overlooking the ocean, just North of Lincoln, City Oregon. The lights in the house turn on and we can see the silhouettes of six or seven different people. They're moving around, maybe cleaning or making some other type of preparations. A party, say?

Julias, Gloria, Frederick and Tina started renting this particular beach house nearly a year ago, and just about every single night has been a "special occasion".

Freddie has been dating Tina for five years while Julias and Gloria aren't dating at all; they've been friends since high school, and have an attraction to each other, but neither has mustered up the courage to make any confessions to the other.

What happens if they try it and it doesn't work out? They always asked themselves. Their living situations could be jeopardized by sucking and fucking, no matter how innocent it may be. If you don't intend on calling your fuck buddy from the night before make sure they don't live with you.

The sun moves toward the horizon and then disappears and leaves several poofs of golden, wispy clouds and a string or two of light; which eventually fades to a bluer darkness.


Around ten or eleven PM the night time becomes truly black before the moon moves above the horizon and gives the sandy beaches a pale glow. Everyone in the house might have noticed if they weren't pre-occupied cleaning up after last nights party, and preparing for tonight's.

Gloria and Julias finish cleaning the kitchen, then they get into Julias' 1963 Mustang convertible and head toward the highway. The top has been down for the last three days and Julias lights a half of a cigarette from the ashtray that has been there even longer.

They arrive at a gas station not fifteen minutes later, they put out their cigarettes and go inside. They walk around the aisles, cash in hand; looking for a lot of cheap beer, cigarettes, rolling papers, grape cigarillos, and a few pints of something stiffer.

They pile their purchases up onto the counter and the Clerk, and older man who is missing a bit of his right hand, eyeballs them in an annoyed fashion. They pay him no mind whenever he starts ringing their items up; they turn to each other and Julias says "Okie dokie," in an exaggerated tone. Then he asks Gloria "Is this it?"

Gloria looks over at the cashier, who isn't even half way done totaling their items, and she's counts over the stuff on the counter and goes over a checklist in her head, twisting her face and her nose up while she does it. "Yeah." she tells him, flipping her short, black bobby cut around, "This is it."

The clerk mumbles under his breath as he swipes the last package of cigarillos in front of his scanner; he does this with a look on his face which might have been mistaken for joy, though it wasn't. So Julias rattles off a few things they need from behind the counter, like a few cartons of cigarettes, and then they pay the clerk.

They toss groceries into the trunk of the Mustang and get on the road again.


They get back to their beach house about fifteen minutes later to find that Frank-O, Jimmmy D. and Autumn have already arrived. Julias gets a few text messages from Courtney, Bill and Hannah --they're on their way.

Julias and Gloria carry the bags from the car inside and put them in the kitchen where Julias and Freddie start grinding up a few bags of weed they have. Tina sits beside Freddie at the kitchen table with a small plastic rolling machine, rolling joint after joint.

Then Julius rolls a few blunts up and grabs a bud light out of the fridge; it's ice cold. He carries a few extra beers out to Frank-O and Courtney who are having a good time on the back patio, smoking and chatting. Julias goes back into the kitchen and grabs a joint from Tina, he lights it up and takes a few more beers to the living room for Jimmmy and Autumn; smoking while he does so.

They thank him and Autumn, who has already been drinking reaches up and grabs ahold of Julias' crotch and says "Hey there big boy!" She starts laughing hysterically and keeps her hand on Julias' groin, but he moves away from her gingerly and moves back into the kitchen where he sits with Freddie and Tina and Gloria, saying "There's more beer in the fridge, have at it."

Everyone who hears Julias say this does so, and before too long there are several happy drunks roaming around the house.

Within the next half hour many joints are smoked and many brews are siphoned, also the rest of the guests arrive, and even a few people no one had ever met before show up. By the time everything has gotten into full swing there are forty or so people in the four bedroom beach house and it's getting crowded, and loud.

Julias could be found with Mandy, smoking a joint and sitting on his bed in his room. The walls are all painted hunter green and the carpet is a shade of sea foam. There's are posters of "The Jam", "The Who", "Joe Jackson", "Elvis Costello', and "Talking Heads" on all the walls; also the room is dimly lit with nothing but a few small votive candle that smell like Pumpkin spice and Mulberries, so it's fairly difficult to make out the pile of dirty clothes near the open closet door, or else the empty cigarette packs, or cigarillo boxes strewn about the room.

It doesn't really matter though, Julias and Mandy are talking about David Bryne's newest musical endeavors, and discussing the intricacies of bass lines supporting a diminished or augmented guitar chord arrangement.

While this is invigorating, and Julias has just met Mandi, they just have one good night to remember each other by. They're both going into this knowing they will never see each other again, which suits them both just fine. So after about an hour of conversations(which we will call pre-foreplay) Julias' right hand comes to rest upon Mandi’s left shoulder when he moves to prove a point in their pre-foreplay, and this is taken by Mandi as a sign for "Suck my dick."

Because that's the very next thing she started doing.


Mandi stopped talking and got up from the bed, then she got on her knees in front of Julias; who face has started getting a little warmer. Mandi put both of her hands on Julias' crotch and started rubbing his dick against his leg. Mandi starts to unzip Julias' pants and then she unbuckles his belt and flings it across the room.

Julias' eyes don't leave Mandi’s face.

Mandi reaches her small hand into Julias' pants and pulls out Julias' massive, still-slightly-flaccid dick. She looks Julias' dick over for a minute, her eyes just getting wider and wider. The smile on her face opened wider than her mouth though, whenever she slid the hot, floppy cock over her lips

The two giant glass doorstop the patio being open didn't do anything to help the heat in Julias' room and it most certainly didn't help the hundreds of rivulets of sweat running down Julias' face, or down his back. The electric fans he had turned on didn't do much to prevent the heat of the room either, if anything the intensity with which Mandi sucks Julias' cock negates everything that was working against the heat.

Mandi has her hands around the base of Julias' vein covered dick when she first put it in her mouth. At first she just puts the head in and licks at it with her tongue so it wouldn’t be too dry when she started sucking it. She keeps ahold of the base of Julias’ cock with her right hand and puts her left at the top so she can lick along the sides like she’s eating a corn cob. Then she gets lower and starts tonguing and licking his balls before she runs her tongue along the bottom of it, and upon reaching the top she puts the end of his dick in her mouth and starts sucking and slobbering all over it.

Her face gets red though, when Julias bucked a little bit, then stiffens. She sticks his dick in her mouth and starts sucking on it a bit deeper, and then she starts stroking his dick with her left hand and cupping his balling with her right. She moves her tongue around his dick then runs her teeth along the top a little, and this brings Julias a little off of his orgasm so she can suck his dick more.

Finally she pulls his dick out of her mouth and it makes a popping sound, then she runs her tongue up and down the underside and starts to suck his balls. Julias is putting his feet together clenching his toes, trying to hold off, this chick is so good at giving head. Mandi brings her head back and starts trying to deep throat Julias’ dick, which seems impossible at first. Mandi can only get about halfway down, so she pushes her head down backs off and gags a little. In round two she pushes down a little first, and she can feel her throat constricting her throat when she pulled his dick out of her throat. Thirds times the charm when she brings her head down once more, she coughs a little at first and gags, but then she relaxes her throat and his dick slides down in it smoothly.

After she gets his dick down her throat she starts moving her head up and down a little bit, kind of fucking Julias’ dick with her throat. Then she sticks her tongue out and starts lick the underside of Julias’ dick, reaching for his balls with her tongue, but she can’t quite make it. Meanwhile Julias is laying back on the bed having time the of his life with his hands crossed behind his head. He lets a deep breath out and Mandi bring her mouth down on Julias cock again, then she pulls it out to watch the string and rivulets of saliva running from her mouth to his dick. Then she goes back down and eats it whole.

Julias starts to moan but the sounds are drowned out by the party goers and music downstairs. He takes solace in this, but the idea of being caught gets him hotter, same with Mandi. Julias can’t take it anymore though and he jumps off of the bed to make Mandi stand up straight. Whenever she does he starts stripping her clothes off of her; she’d help but she had no time to react.

Before she knew it she was butt-naked being thrown on Julias’ bed. He pounces on her and she starts to giggle. So he starts biting on her and nibbling and making animalist noises. Mandi drinks it up and starts writhing slowly with pleasure and the chills that are running up and down her spine. Julias likes the feel of Mandi’s soft supple skin, so he runs his tongue along her skin every other bite or so; he can taste the sweat and it tastes like pure lust and animal instinct.

Julias grabs Mandi by the waist and throws her into the laying position. Julias’ pounces on her again, this time keep eye contact, and when he comes to lay on top of her she looks back into his eyes with lust and adoration, some inkling of love. But this is Sex, and this is fucking. And this is a huge dick, and a tight pussy. We will need further information on these developments.

Julias’ leans over Mandi and starts kissing her and pinching one of her nipples, so Mandi reaches down between her legs and starts Julias’ dick, which is laying on her thigh. Julias’ moves his tongue around the edges of Mandi’s mouth and she shivers, so Mandi bites onto Julias’ bottom lip and tugs a little bit. A string of watery saliva drips from Mandi’s mouth just before she gets the chance to wipe it away. So Julias throws Mandi’s legs apart and jumps in between them; taking the element of surprise. Mandi jumps, but relaxes when Julias starts rubbing his fingers up and down her pussy lips. A warm sensation spreads from her crotch over her chest to her shoulders, and then Julias slides a finger inside.

He moves his finger around a little bit to feel the texture of Mandi’s tight pink pussy, but he doesn’t finger fuck her. He sticks his finger in all the way and then withdraws it to watch the juices run down his hand and arm. So he leans his head down and starts licking Mandi’s pussy. He licks around her clit until its wet, then he gets underneath the hood and starts drawing stars around her clit with his tongue. As the pussy seems just wet enough he sits back on his knees and grabs ahold of his dick with both hands.

He puts his left around down to steady himself when he starts leaning over Mandi, and with his right hand he puts his dick against Mandi’s pussy opening. He puts both of his hands on the bed to hold himself up and then he leans down to kiss Mandi. There is some tongue in cheek action when Julias starts to slide his throbbing dick into Mandi’s tight, wet pussy. First he puts the head in really slowly and then he pushes it in a little further and starts moving it in circles, then he pushes it in a little deeper, until its about halfway in.

At this point sweat it pouring off of Mandi’s face and check and down Julias’ back and arms. Theirs breaths seem to come in puffs whenever a small breeze drifts in through the huge open doors, but its fleeting and goes away before too long; like the first off of a cigarette, or the first time you mainline heroin. Their lust is ecstacy and surely their climax while be equivalent to a white fountain of mirth and sheer elation. Julias’ continues to tread that road while he’s pumping in and out of Mandi’s tight, pink pussy. It’s getting looser and looser by the thrust. And it seems each thrust tosses a tingle from her groin to her chest. The feeling is warm and cool, and it moves over her in waves.

The heat comes in waves for Julias. Waves of heat moving over his face and forehead, or else up his arms and down his back. The heat permeates from her wet pussy and his hard dick, up to his chest and neck; but he lives for it, he lives for the thrills of the hunts and of the kills. He lives for the nights where THC and Alcohol flows through his veins and lust runs through his heart. Each tiny breeze that is coaxed in by the open doors fuels Julias’ next thrust, fanning the fires that are spreading over his body, and hers too. Julias ravaged Mandi’s body like a thousand brushfires would ravage the country side in California. Bit by bit, but quickly and precisely.

Mandi writhes and tremors with pleasure when Julias thrusts in and runs his hand down her breast and waist to rest on her hip.

Julias can really feel Mandi’s pussy groping his dick whenever he pulls out and tells Mandi to get on her knees; and, wanting to get that dick back inside of her, Mandi does so quickly and unquestioningly. So Julias grabs ahold of her hair and shoves his dick in roughly. At first Mandi winces, but then she gets into it and starts bucking back at Julias who just keeps fucking harder and faster, tugging on Mandi’s hair roughly and then gently. Mandi reaches up between her legs and starts rubbing her clit a little bit, and this makes Julias fuck even faster and harder.

Mandi starts moaning and shivering as another breeze rolls in, but the moans get more guttural and deep. Then she relaxes abit and gest her breath back, but Julias pushes in hard and hits her cervix, so her starts moaning again, drawing closer and closer. She looks down at her body and shes Julias’ legs moving back and forth with rough grace, and she can see his balls slapping up against her pussy, but Julias tugs on her hair so she brings her head back up.

Julias is fucking Mandi at an incredible pace when her starts pulling her hair harder and running his finger nails down her back. Mandi shivers and winces, and drinks it all in. Julias smacks Mandi's ass just so he can watch it turn red, but in this darkness it makes no difference. The only difference is a dick hitting the back of a pussy in an uncontrollable fuck-rage. To put it lightly.

Nobody thinks of these thinks when they're fucking though, Mandi certainly can't this of this when Julias' throbbing dick is being shoved inside of her. She takes it like a champ and bucks back and forth, grinding against Julias' groin. He smacks her ass again and this makes her yell a little. She looks back at him with a curly smile on her face. Julias takes this as a sign and he starts to tugging on Mandi's hair-- She moans.

Julias starts getting closer so he starts fucking Mandi faster so they can cum together.
It works like a charm.

The sweat seems to soak them whenever they start cumming. Julias pulls out and lays his dick across Mandi’s back, shooting his load between her shoulder blades. Mandi cums with a moan and keeps rubbing her clit, not moving until the orgasm starts to fade. Weak legged and fucked soar Mandi collapses onto the bed and rolls over onto her back. Julias flops down beside her. They exchange a relaxed look and then lean over and start kissing.

The alcohol and THC in their system make the world wobble and warm, but each breeze carries its own personality into the room; though he is soon forgotten. Just like the other girls Julias has fucked Mandi will always have a spot on his mantle, but she’ll go away.

Like all of the others.

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