Visiting Day With My Aunt...Glad She Decided to cum!

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My Aunt Vicky and I are really close. She visits quite often and she is really sweet. When she comes over we talk a lot and just see how our days are going. Nothing special, just like most relationships. During the summer months I remember she started to come over more often and for some reason I started to have different thoughts about her. I started to look at her body more often and when she would enter the door I would gently hug her closely. On one particular day I was watching a program on TV that had me excited. I achieved a boner and the door bell rang. It was my aunt Victoria! I couldn’t wait until my boner went away so I tried to bend over slightly and answered the door. When I opened the door I was expecting the worst! She walked in and hugged me like she always did, but for me it was nothing but nerve wrecking. When we touched, the tip of my hard penis kissed her pants and it felt good, surprisingly. Thoughts started to race through my mind, I was thinking “this is wrong.” After we finished hugging I felt like it was just the blood flowing to a different organ than my brain that got me confused. It wasn’t though, because I started to look at her in a sexual way. My aunt Victoria is a beautiful woman. She has medium black hair that just flows off her body, her figure is a little bit thick but it still excites me, her legs are soft and I always like feeling them and I blame it on me trying to find something. She has a nice rear that I wish I could just squeeze. The best part though is her luscious breasts. They are big but also perfect. My eyes go straight to her breasts when I talk to her but in a discrete manner. I look at her lips that were draped in bright red lipstick. The problem was I was picturing my penis going around her mouth instead of that lipstick. I felt weird thinking these thoughts but I heard they were natural and they just continued. We sat down in the living area and watched TV. I couldn’t think straight and just kept thinking about her beautiful body. The news was on and it started to talk about “sex-ting.” She asked me “AJ, what are your thoughts about this whole teenage sex-ting thing?” I just heard the word sex and I felt my penis getting hard. I was started to freak out in my mind, I trying to think of anything to stir my brain away from sex. All I was wearing at the time was a t-shirt and my very loose boxers. I reached for a pillow and put it over my groin and acted like I was thinking with my hand on my chin and my elbow on the pillow. I said “it’s just a phase and kids are just naturally horny and curious during their teenage years. Right then and there she asked me “what was on my mind?” she could sense there was something brewing in my brain. If I would’ve told her the truth I was scared she would think I’m sick and perverted. The raging boner would not have helped if that was mentioned either. I replied “nothing” and that answer seemed to suffice. After a few programs she said she had to leave so we both got up from our seats and she gave me a kiss and she asked if I could walk her out, and I gladly said “ why of course, it is pretty much dark by now I wouldn’t let you go outside by yourself.” When we reached her car door she said “thank you honey” and I just smiled and said “anytime.” What I wanted to do was say “screw it” and say “I’ll show you love” and take her to the side of the house where it was dark and pleasure her, but for obvious reasons like my parents were home and I needed to see her reactions to smaller hints I thankfully controlled my urge. That night I went to bed thinking of her body and my sexual thoughts, which put me to sleep oh so sweetly.

The next week on a Monday I was told by my parents that they were going to a concert and I was going to be home by myself. I was fine with it because I had stayed home by myself plenty of times. The concert was in the evening but my parents were going to meet some friends beforehand so they left quite early. So, there I was by myself and quite bored. I didn’t feel like watching TV, but I turned it on anyways and just watched whatever program was on. Right before I fell asleep I got a call from my aunt asking what I was doing and I simply replied watching TV. I said I was home alone and that my parents went to some concert at the last minute. I jokingly said “you should come over” and she said to my surprise “I think I will, its fun talking to you.” I said come on down and I hung up. I was so excited that she was on her way. All I wanted to do was tell her what I was thinking. The door bell chimed and I opened the door. She had in her hand a basket of clothes and she asked if she could wash. I grabbed the basket and said I’d put it in the laundry and she said “thank you so much, I have to use the bathroom.” I dropped the basket off and I saw a glimpse of a bra. I took it out and smelled it, the scent of a beautiful woman, and then I saw some cotton panties and took them out and rubbed it on my face and smelt her. It was amazing…I rubbed the panties on my penis which became aroused and hard. I had never masturbated before because I felt it was weird when I, myself would supposedly pleasure myself. She said “AJ” and I was hurriedly yelled back “I am coming!” When I saw her she was wearing tight white see-through pants and a red blouse that showed a lot of cleavage. I wanted to just make her the happiest woman in the world! I said I wanted to lie down and I had a TV in my room and asked if she wanted to sit in there, instead of the living room. She said “that’s fine” and walked over behind me. I said I’d get her a chair but she said “no it’s ok don’t go through the trouble, is it ok if I just lie in bed with you?” I was so excited in my thoughts and calmly replied “yea it’s ok.”

As I lay in bed with my aunt Victoria it started to get dark and that’s when my phone sounded off with a text message. It was my mom and she said “there was an after get together at a casino and that they would spend the night at a local hotel with another family. My aunt asked what happened and I told her. “She said aren’t you going to be lonely and scared if you have to stay here over night by yourself?” I said “it would be ok and that it would be an experience.” She said she could stay and watch over me and that it would be no problem because she didn’t have to work the next day and she didn’t really want to drive home since it was late. I replied “yes, if you want to.” And she said “no problem.”

Aunt Victoria asked if she could take a bath so I grabbed a towel, shampoo, and soap and showed her the bathroom with a nice Jacuzzi type bath tub. I stepped outside and heard the water start to run. I looked through a crack in the door and could only see the bottom of her legs. Her panties fell to the ground and right there I knew she was naked. I felt my pants getting tighter so I took them off and was left in my heart boxers with the biggest boner to date, my penis seemed longer like it was longing to touch her sweet body. I went to the other bathroom to wash my face with cold water to calm down but the door was locked. One of my parents turned the knob to lock accidently before they left. I got this urge to pee and the only bathroom that was available was the one with my aunt bathing. I rushed over to the door and knocked gently. She asked “yes honey” and I said I really had to use the bathroom and explained the situation in the other restroom. She replied “Oh my gosh honey come in it’s ok” I said “ are you sure” and she said “ of course when you got to go, you got to go.” I walked in and I saw my aunt in the clear water naked! Tits were hard and her body was just amazing. I forgot the toilet was facing towards the door meaning my penis was going to be in view of my aunt. I stood there wondering what I was going to do and she said” it’s okay honey. I’ve seen it before when you were younger.” In my mind I was saying it changed a little bit. So I took my penis out and it was semi-hard which I thought it was better than before and started to pee. My aunt sat there in the warm water and stared at my penis off and on. She smiled and said “seems like you have a big heart.” I laughed at it because she was referring to my apparel of choice. When she acknowledged the size of my penis I just wanted to jump in the bath and feel her tits. I wanted to slide my penis into her vagina and hump her so gently. I wanted to stick it in her mouth and have her suck on it until I came all over her face. After I was down relieving myself I put my penis back in my pants and said “sorry” and walked out. I was so excited and could not stop thinking about her tits and pussy.

Aunt Vicky exited the bathroom in her pajamas and she was wearing a shirt that showed a hint of a nipple. I wished I was on top of her licking her nipples ever so gently and rubbing ice cubes to make it hard. I was lying down in my bed and she asked if it’s ok if she gets something to eat and she said she wanted some honey. I got up and went into the kitchen and opened the top cabinet and reached for the jar. She asked if she could eat it in my bed and I said “yes, just bring some napkins.” I sat on my bed and moved over so she could slide in. Vicky began to eat toast with honey when a decent amount of honey fell off the plate and landed on my underwear. I tried to move but it fell right through the hole in my boxers onto my penis. She began to use the napkin on my boxers and I was saying, “it’s ok, it’s ok, I’ll clean it up.” She kept rubbing my boxers and I started to get a hard-on when all of a sudden my penis popped through the pee hole. She asked “Can I clean you up?” and I said “yes.” She grabbed the shaft of my hard penis and licked the napkin and started to wash away the honey of my shaft and tip. When she was done she put my penis back into my boxers and quietly got up and threw the napkins away. My penis was so hard and long, I wanted her to suck me like no tomorrow, of course I’d return the favor.
I turned the TV on and right when I got settled she came in the room and said it was late and we should go to bed. I agreed, I was a little bit tired and my penis was for sure tired from being teased. I got a glass of water and went into my parent’s room to wish her goodnight and she said “you can sleep in here if you want, your room is pretty hot, I don’t mind.” I agreed with some discrete excitement and got into bed with her. I asked if it’s ok to sleep in my boxers and she said “yes, it’s your house and I sleep in my underwear and bra too.” She removed her shirt and pajama bottoms and she was left in a pink undergarments. She asked if it was ok to take her bra off and sleep topless and I was like “whatever is comfortable for you?” So she removed her bra and out came her perfect tits. They were big and a little droopy but my penis and I did not mind. Her pink underwear was tight that I could just imagine her cute vagina and butt. I asked if it was alright if slept naked because the house was a little hot and I still wanted the covers on the bed, but being naked would make me feel less hot. “She said “why not it’s your parent’s bed.” So I took off my boxers and tossed them on the side of the bed. She turned the lights off and adjusted herself. Vicky rolled over and was in my face and asked why I was being different today. I said nothing and just kind of shrugged my shoulders. I sensed her mouth was close to my face, I could feel every breath she took and exhaled. I wanted to kiss her gently and lick her lips. My penis began to harden like no other and it became extremely sensitive. She asked if it was about her seeing my penis. I said no and that is was not a big deal. She said well it’s ok and leaned over to give me a hug, I totally forgot about my massive erection and it touched her panties right where her vagina was. She hopped up from the bed and asked what the hell poked her? She kept saying “was that your dick that touched me!” I said yes and that I was sorry, it just happened. She asked why I had a boner and I started to tell her what I was thinking. She said “well I guess it is natural to feel that way towards any woman at your age.” I asked if she was mad at me and she replied no., and asked “what I thought about my sexual desire.” I said “we love each other and why would it be wrong to show our affection, even in a sexual manner, it is and was a common thing for young men to learn from relatives. I told her that I had been having thoughts of committing sexual acts on her and that I would absolutely find it enjoyable and she would too. The next thing I heard from her red lip sticked lips was one of the best moments of my life.

She walked over to my side of the bed and asked “do you want to know what the rest of my body looks like.” I said “I wouldn’t mind,” and right then and there she took her panties off. They slowly feel to the ground I just gazed at her hairy vagina. It was perfect, she was a true woman. I said are you sure you want to do this and she laughed and said “you’ve been dreaming about this day for a very longtime, and she said don’t worry it’s between just us and you have to learn somehow sometime. Vicky came closer to the edge of the bed and asked if I had ever masturbated…to her especially. I told her no I never had because I couldn’t really do it right. Then the second most beautiful words were said. She asked me slowly and sensually “How is your penis right now?” I told her it was semi-hard and she said “well I think I can change that situation.”

She went to the door and turned the lights on. Since my parents weren’t home it was free-time., with no worries. Her tits were so lovely I just wanted to squeeze them. She took the covers off my body and saw my limp penis. She then straddled my legs and put two fingers in her mouth, and licked them slowly, and then slowly moved them down to her pussy and started massaging her clit and fingering herself. She moaned and her body showed the excitement through the way she moved when she had mini-orgasms. She got off my leg and dipped onto my body and started to lick my ears and neck. My aunt whispered into my ears “what do you want me to do for you?” I told her I had always imagined her sucking on my cock and then my balls. She said I am your genie and I will do whatever you command. She looked at my penis and said he needed to be nice and hard for his favorite aunt. I told her go ahead and try to convince my little friend…we both laughed.

The very next moment I felt like a man. She took off her glasses and tied her hair back. I sat back and anticipated my next feeling. She grabbed my soft penis and started to move her hand up and down. While she did this she started to lick my balls and nibble on them. It was the best feeling in the world. I almost wanted to blow my load then but knew more fun was to cum. When my dick was semi-hard she started to slow down with the jerking and all of a sudden her tongue came out and licked the tip of my hard penis. My aunt opened her mouth and placed it on my penis and started sucking it like a sweet lollipop. She kept going up and down and making swirling motions with her tongue when she got to the tip. Her warm wet mouth felt so good. I started to moan and my body began to convulse. She said” you like this don’t you, I know you like it.” She couldn’t be more right. Aunt Vicky then made her tongue a magic wand of pleasure. She moved my hard cock to the right and licked from the bottom of my sack all the way up the shaft and spending some time there going up and around my shaft. She then repeated the entire blowjob sequence and ended at the tip of my penis. I shuttered with pleasure and she said “I want you to feel my inside” I grabbed her and kissed her and thrusted my tongue down her throat. I then pulled her legs over my shoulder and grabbed the tip of my dick and moved it around her vagina. I kept teasing her and kept tapping my dick on her clit…she was moaning and it was the most beautiful sight ever. She said “stop teasing me and stick it in already” I did as she requested. I slowly put all of me in her. I had never felt a vagina before. She was so moist and my penis slide in and out. It was the best feeling in the world. Her tits were being thrown up and down so I grabbed them and kept humping her harder and harder. Her groans of pleasure and acceptance got louder and louder and full of passion. I could feel my balls swelling with joy and I was about to cum. I told her to get ready and then she said hold it…she got on her knees and started to suck my cock fast…. She opened her mouth and said she wanted my jizz…I felt a blast of pleasure and then it came. I pushed my penis towards her lips and ejaculated for 5 secs in her mouth! It felt so good! We both fell on the bed silent. Aunt Vicky said “ I’ll clean you up” so I started to get up for some tissues and she pulled me back down and said I want to clean you “the natural way” She opened her mouth and spit on my still hard cock and started sucking on it and licking up all the remaining semen. After the clean up we talked and shared what we liked about the sex. I asked her if we could be like family with benefits and she agreed. Whenever I see her we talk normally and then sneak away and she sucks me or jerks penis until I cum all over her…of course I return the favor and usually take her out to eat…..soft pussy is always on the menu.

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