Tim, the Teenager Part XIII

Note: ——I am NOT the author! There are several authors actually, I’m not so certain that any one of them is the creator, but I know it’s not me. I am simply sharing this lovely story with all of you because I have not seen it on here. Now originally it was all going to be 9 parts, but… Someone said the first one was too long, so I’ve decided to split all of these up into smaller posts. ENJOY———

Tim, the Teenage Part Thirteen By: Rass Senip

+++ Chapter IV: 9th Grade, Spring 1986 - Brad and Sandi Part 3 - Your Sister, Your Slave (mc, incest mf, mfmm)

"What am I gonna do?" Brad moaned, with his face in his hands. "She sucked on me so long yesterday, it feels raw. I came three times all with in an hour. And she still wanted more!" It was the next day at lunch. Mindy and Vito suddenly felt like sitting with Marsha and company just for today. The four of us were able to talk without worrying about what we said. "She came into my room last night, and wanted to sleep with me. I didn't get a wink of sleep. I think she sucked on it in her sleep like she used to as a baby. But at least back then her nibbly was a piece of rubber. I think she'll draw blood tonight if she does that again.." Even though we were upset about this ourselves, Joey and I still couldn't help have a woody thinking about it. "Brad.. I not sure if I can, but if you want, I will try and help her.." I offered. "You will? Yeah, I guess you can. Could you put her back to normal or something?" "From what I saw yesterday, no. I can't put anything back the way it was before she had that piece of candy. I got to tell you something, but don't get upset when I tell you. It isn't for sure yet, and even if it is, it doesn't mean she can't be helped. Okay?" I said, trying to brace him. "Shit. Okay." "I'm pretty sure she has some brain damage. Whatever was in that candy burnt her pleasure center out real bad. From what I saw, the only thing that can give her pleasure is a lot of stimulation, and that's why she had to have both of her holes going like that. She's the same little girl you always knew, except she's addicted to sex like it was water."

"Shit. I'm not sure I can handle this. I'm pretty sure my thingy can't. Do you think I should tell my mom and dad?" "That's up to you. But I wouldn't, at least not until I get a chance and see what we can do. I can't fix the damage, but maybe we can find other things that can stimulate her. Nonsexual stuff." "What about some drugs? If it satisfies her.." "The only thing I think that would do that would be the stuff in that candy, and that would just make things worse." "What about your dad. Can't he do something?" "You don't want him to even know about your sister," Suzi interceded. "Oh, sorry Tim. I didn't mean to talk about your dad like that." "No, it's okay. Your completely right, Suzi. Brad, if you want your sister to get better, maybe even live her life like a normal person and not as some sex machine, I'm probably the best hope she has. You'd never see her again if my dad ever found out." "Shit. What do we gotta do?" "Well" I pause, knowing how everyone was about to react. "I'm gonna have to make her our slave for one.."

"WHAT!" Brad exclaimed. "Timmy, you're not serious!" Suzi said in a worried tone. "That's.. evil." "Yeah, Tim. You can't. It's just not right," Joey said. "I know, I know. But if I don't, she is going to start seducing the boys in her class, her teacher, her dad, and any other male she can. Right now she's dreaming of having her teacher do her while sucking Brad." "But.. A slave?" Brad said numbly. "We have to give her something that lets her keep herself under control while we find other things to give her pleasure. If I just made her stop all together, she'd go into a deep depression and eventually lose her will to live." "Timmy, it is still wrong. It's something your father would do.." Suzi said softly. "I don't think so. We're going to enslave her so we can free her later. If we don't help her, she'll enslave herself before she's sixteen. She was going to run away this weekend to try and find those two men. "Look, I didn't get a wink of sleep either last night thinking about this. I don't want to do it, but I can't think of any other way to keep her from getting worse. I've gone through her mind pretty good now, and she won't last much longer if I don't. She was thinking about trying out other drugs, and finding a group of men to do her all the time.. I mean, she's. desperate. She probably would have wound up in your bed last night even if you hadn't gone in her room and let her do what she did, Brad."

"Shit. I've got to think about this. I'll call you after school to tell you, okay?" "Better yet, I'll come home with you, and we can both talk to her about it. Your sister isn't a mindless sex machine, you know. At least not yet. Up until this week, she was still managing to do her school work, and doing normal things most of the time. She is really scared about what is happening. It will really be up to her, not you. But you'll have to be her master most of the time, and it wouldn't work any other way. So that's why you have to agree before we ask her. So, think about it. "If you want, I'll get you out of class for the rest of the day so you can think. We can even go pick her up and take her home now if you want. I don't think you, me, or your sister are gonna get anything out of being at school today." Brad looked at Joey and Suzi and asked, "What do you think I should do?" Joe and Suz looked at each other, then Suzi said, "I'm not sure if I like it, but I trust Timmy. He won't do anything bad to her." "Yeah," Joey added, "If there is anyone you can trust with your sister, it would have to be Tim. I couldn't be trusted, that's for sure.." "I don't think I trust myself," Brad said, closing his eyes. He sat there a minute, and the rest of us finished our lunch and waited.

"Okay, lets go," Brad finally announced. "I'm gonna go bonkers if we don't do something." "Okay, let’s go to Higgs and tell him what's up. Maybe he can call over there and with my help, arrange to have her ready to go. Hmmm. Let's see We'll need a ride too." I sent my mind out, popping around a bunch of the senior’s heads, looking for someone with a car and who was leaving soon. "Heh. Hey Joey, guess whose been fibbin' to ya." "Who?" Joey said. "Ted Philips." "Huh? What do you mean?" "He's never done a girl in the rear." "Really? Then how OHhhhh Really?" "No, not really Heheh. He's done it with girls, ya. But he was just thinking about how it would feel if someone we all know and love did it to him." "Oh yeah? Who?" "I'm talking to him." "ME???! That's sick!" "Then why did you just now get a woody?" "Shut UP! And keep your mind out of my pants." "Okay, but maybe I'll slip him your number while he drives us over to the grade school and then to Brad's house." "Fuck you, man." "Already did so," I said as we all got up. Brad and I went to the office, and I explained everything to Higgs. He was clearly upset about what we were proposing to do.

For the first time, I linked up with him, showed him briefly what was going on in Sandi's head right then, and he finally agreed. "I don't like it, but with all that you've been going through lately, I suppose you couldn't take advantage of her any more than anyone else. I'm glad you take the time out to talk to me about these things instead of just doing your little magic to get what you want. I'll do it, but tell me something. If I had refused, what would you have done?" "I'd rethink it out, probably talking it over with you. If I couldn't convince you, I'd probably call my mom and talk it over with her. If she said okay, then I guess I would have done it even if you still didn't. But if she didn't then I wouldn't have." "That's sounds like what I do at home," Brad said. "I ask my mom first, then if she says no, I ask my dad. If they both say no, most of the time I don't, but if either of them say yes Well, you know." Higgs and I both at that moment shared a realization that I thought of him more of a father figure than just my principle. I kind of looked at Higgs a little differently from then on. And I suppose he did the same with me. Without telling them any details, Higgs and I convinced the grade school principle to release Sandi into her brother's care. It was against the rules, but rules tend to get a bit bent when I'm around.

I met Ted in person for the first time that day, but within a few minutes, we were best buddies, as if we had been friends forever. And I didn't even have to do anything to him. Ted was one of those people who got along with everyone. You just couldn't help but like him. I later wondered if he had any empathic powers himself, but I never found out for sure. Even though we were on a serious mission, I couldn't help but play with the idea of Joey doing Ted. After I gave Brad a quick mental note about what I was up to, I said, "Hey, I'd like to thank you for helping me and Joey out." "Holy Shit.." he said, partly because he almost hit the car in front of him when he had realized what I was meaning. He turned a little red, then said, "I thought he wanted.. you know.. do a girl." "Oh, we did that too. But he did me first. That's why I wanted to thank you. Joey was great. He followed everything you said." No one said anything for minute or two.

While he drove, I felt his mind churning about what I had said and what he and Joey had talked about. "Did he use my tongue line?" he said with little grin. He was keeping his eyes on the road, but his attention was on me. "Yeah, and it worked. I think Joey kinda looks up to ya now. He talks about you a lot." "Really? Dang. That's cool. I was kinda wondering how things turned out with him. He was so interested with what I knew, it kinda felt like he, err" "Like he was your little brother? Yeah, I can see how talking about that stuff makes you feel that way. So, you ever have it done to you?" I asked, already knowing the answer. "No way!.. Oh, sorry But you know how it is. I like girls, that's all." "So do Joey and I. But man, it does feel good. Haven't you ever wondered what it felt like when you were doing it with a girl?"

He turned a little red again, hesitating only slightly before he replied. "Yeah, I guess I've wondered. But that's about as far as I've let it go, you know?" "Then how come you got a woody thinking about Joey doin' it to you." This time his foot hit the brakes, making us all jerk forward. "What the fuck! Look, you little" he started. I linked up with him, and played back my own memory of when Joey was doing me while Suzi was underneath me. I had to edit out the sensations from Suzi's and Joey's links, but my own sensations were more than enough to get my point across. Ted came out of his daze when the person behind us honked. As he started the car moving again, he glanced at me a couple of times, then said "How did you do that. That thing in my head." "Oh, it's just a little thing I picked up somewhere," I said mysteriously. "Don't worry about it," I said while mentally reinforcing that suggestion.

After another few minutes of silent driving, and we were pulling into the school grounds. "Well, I guess that's your sister, huh?" Ted said as we pulled in front of the elementary school. Sandi was waiting, her eyes expectant, almost hungry looking. "Yeah, that's her," Brad said as she hurried over. "Or at least never mind." I patted Brad on the back, which didn't go by unnoticed by Ted. He knew something strange was up, but he knew better than to stick his nose into someone else's business. "What's going on? Why are you picking me up from school?" Sandi asked Brad as she got in. Her eyes still had a look of hunger, and she had high hopes that she knew why. "We gotta have a talk when we get home. Tim thinks he can help," Brad said, glancing down to her hand rubbing up and down at her crotch. "Not _that_ kind of help, Sandi.." I said when I felt her hungry eyes upon me. "Uhm, where to next?" Ted said, a little nervously. Sandi was spooking him. Brad acted as navigator, telling Ted when to make turns. I couldn't help but grin to myself when we passed the spot where the couple had been making out yesterday. At the same time, though, I was busy looking over Sandi's mind again, and trying to cool her fires. The strain of being in a car with three guys was almost too much for her.

I finally gave up and just turned her sex drive totally off for the trip. Her eyes lost the hunger, but they also lost their sparkle. She just kind of went limp all over, like the life had been drained out of her. The trip was only about five minutes long once we had picked up Sandi. When we pulled into Brad's driveway besides another car, Brad said, "Shit. My dad's home. He usually doesn't get home before 5:30." I reached out with my mind and found that both of his parents were home. "Uhm, looks like they wanted to have some time alone. Oh.. Heh. Looks like their working on making a new little brother or sister for you two. Yep. That's what their doing it for." Brad shuttered as the concept of his parents having sex went through his mind. Sandi's mind was numb. She just didn't care about anything at that point. "Well? What do you want to do?" Ted asked. "I mean, I don't have anything I have to do today, but I don't really want to be driving you guys all over town either. I'll drop you off where ever you want, but then I'm headin' home."

"Where do you live?" I asked as I looked it up in his mind anyway. "Just a couple of blocks away. Why?" A new plan formed in my head, and Ted was part of the plan. "Brad, do you mind if Ted joins us? I think he could really help." I said out loud to Brad. "Uhm, I guess. You seem to know what you’re doing, so I'll trust ya." "Join you in what?" Ted said, irritated. "Look, I've been really nice about all" "Sandi needs you to fuck her. Ted and I are too uhm, well small to make her feel good. She's kinda.." "Fuck her? Are you nuts? She just a kid! And she's his sister, and.. It's sick!" Ted said getting angry. I quickly explained the what, how, and why to him, mostly using links to speed things up. I didn't take all that much. I could have just played Brad's memory of watching Sandi with the three vibrating dildos. Of course he might have cum in his pants if I hadn't explained how she had become that way first.

"Okay. Shit. Hell, I'll do anything you say just to get a live look at her with her holes plugged like that.. So, where to?" Ted asked. "Your place," I said. "My place? Okay, but why my place?" Ted asked while pulling back out the driveway. "Because no one will be there, you have all the things we need, and it is close to their house that they could walk if they have to. My mom can just pick me up when she comes home from work." "So, does your mom do this kind of stuff too?" Ted asked. "She used to, but she got into trouble and now she wont use her powers unless she has the person's permission or if her life is in danger. Or I guess my life, too." "Oh yeah, I heard something about that The one with the red mailbox is mine. I got my own place above the garage." "Sorta like 'Happy Days', huh? Fonz." I said with a grin. "Aeeeeeeee," he replied while he shut off the motor. "Lucky for you I have a car, and not a motorcycle." "Heh," I said out loud. Then I thought to myself, "You mean, luck for you.."

We climbed the steps up to the apartment above his parent's garage. The place was pretty cool, if just a tad messy. Ted was a little embarrassed when he realized there were a couple of pairs of underwear laying around, not all his gender. Sandi was like a zombie almost. She simply followed our instructions without question, with an empty sad look on her face. She hadn't said a word. I sat down next to the girl, took her hands in mine, and drew her attention to my face. I looked her in the eyes, formed an empathic link, and nearly broke it off from the sheer joylessness I had felt. I turned down the 'volume' I was receiving from her, and started to let her feel my hope in helping her. "What ever you're doing, keep doing it," Brad said when he saw some life return to her eyes. "I'm sorta giving her a blood transfusion, except it's not blood, but hope. Sandi, you can't give up yet. I'm gonna try and help you. Okay?"

"Okay.." Sandi said softly. "I'm going to tell you what I have in mind. I've put a lot of thought into this, and I think it will work. But I'm not going to do it unless you agree to it first. Those men didn't tell you what that candy would make you into, but I'm going to tell you exactly what I will, and then you get to decide whether to trust me and let me do it. Okay?" "I didn't know. I really didn't know. I should have never tasted that first piece. But it was soooo.. good," she said sadly. "It's okay, Sandi," Brad comforted. "We know you didn't have any choice. It was those men.. If I ever see them, I'll.. I'll.. I'll kill them!" Sandi's face filled with panic, but I soothed her using the empathic connection. "Sandi, listen to me carefully. The drug in that candy has almost destroyed the part in you brain that lets you feel pleasure. If you ever had another piece of it, you probably would never feel pleasure again after that last surge from the drug itself. Even sex wouldn't feel good to you. "I know you don't understand how I'll do this, or how I know what I know. You will have to trust me, your brother, and, well, Ted here too. You can still feel pleasure, and you can feel it for anything you used to feel it for. Those men tricked you to think you can only feel it about sex. But now, even I can't make you feel pleasure for anything but sex. The only person who can do that is you."

"Me? I can't. There is nothing else but sex. That's all I can feel anymore. That's the only thing I want. I'll do anything you want. I hate this. I want to feel good. Sometimes I wish I was dead just so I wouldn't have to do.." "Sandi, I know. I wanted to be dead too, once. But I can give you something better than that. I can make it so you don't care how horny you are, or how much sex you get. You would be free from all of that, while you learn how to feel good from other things you do, not just sex. You will have plenty of sex, but only with me, Brad, Ted here, and maybe a few more. But not with the high school basketball team like you were dreaming of last night. And you will definitely not be doing it with your dad. And the best of all, you won't want too do it with anyone but us. Understand? You will be happy that way."

"Happy? I want to feel happy again. What are you going to do to me to make me like that?" "I'm going to make you our slave. You will become totally willing to do anything we ask, you will love us, your only drive in your life would be to please us. We would be your Masters, you our slave. You will still be Sandi, have all your memories and dreams. But the only thing that you will want to do is serve and please us, body, mind, and soul. "It will make you happy to do as we say, and we will use you as we wish. But as we do, you will find the things you do for us make you feel good. Probably not at first except with sex, but you will. And when you are ready, I'll free you, and you can go back to being a more normal person, only having sex when you find someone you want to love, not because it is your only pleasure."

That was all I had to say, so I sat quietly waiting for her to make up her mind. I feared if she said no, it might cause her to go into shock. I would have lost that hope she was feeding on, and she had lost her own hope a long time ago. But the answer came quickly. "Yes. Anything to make me feel good again about eating, or sleeping, or even going to the bathroom. Please do it. I want to be me again." "Brad, you ok with this too? You're the one she is going see the most. You will have to command her to do things as much as possible. Her happiness will only come from doing what you say. Okay?" "I guess." "Yes or No. You know the drill." "Hruuuuuh," Brad said indecisively. "Yes. Just do it. Okay? Before I change my mind and chicken out."

"Ted, what about you. If I arranged it with her parents that she can stay with you whenever you want, will you be good to her and help her too?" "Sure! Uhm, I mean, yeah I gue.. Yes, I'll do it." "Before I do anything to her, I'm going to do something to you both to make you unable to tell anyone about this, and to make you both always want to help her more than you want her to be you slave. Okay?" After they hesitated, I showed how empty Sandi had been feeling. They agreed, and I did it to them. "Brad, get undressed," I said while I took off my shoes. "Ted, you might as well get ready, but don't take your underwear off until it's time. I want Brad to be the first dick she sees when I turn her sex drive back on. I just hope it doesn't kill her from the sudden acceleration. What? I was kidding. She's not really in danger of dying." Brad was red faced, but his dick was hard as a rock. Sandi looked scared, not having any reason to want her brother like that with her sex drive turned off.

"Sandi, I have to stop what I am doing that's giving you hope. But then I’ll turn your sex drive back on, and while you are happily sucking you brother down, I'll make you our slave and you'll stop being unhappy. Okay? Here we go.." Like a puppet with the strings cut, her posture sagged, her eyes lost their life, and the look on her face was pure sorrow. My eyes fixed on her face, my mind locked onto hers, I reached out my hand and guided Brad by the butt cheek, positioning him in front of her. "Ready Brad? She's probably going to inhale you, so brace yourself." "Do it," he said. I flipped my mental switch, and watched her come back to life with a vengeance. Her eyes filled with lust, locked onto Brad's restiffening hardon, and her head shot forward, taking him inside her throat." "SHIT!" Ted exclaimed. "Gaaa?" Brad asked. "No, don't come yet!" I said, inserting the blocking commands into his nervous system. "Okay, stage one complete," I said. I entered her mind, searching out her motivations and drives, finding only a few were actually in use. It didn't matter. Sandi didn't have to be sucking on anyone while I made her a slave, but I wanted everyone to see what she was before I did it. "Sandi, listen to me, before I do this, I want you to stop sucking on your brother. You hear? Stop. Make yourself stop. Sandi. You're sucking on your brother, something a minute ago you thought was gross. Stop Sandi. Sandi.. Well, I guess she can't stop. Okay, here goes stage two."

I began calling off what I was doing as I did them. "Sandi, your purpose in life is to please the three of us in anyway we desire. You will obey any command we give you, happily and with enthusiasm. You will always be thinking of new ways to please us, never allowing your own pleasure to come before ours. You will behave normally with others, only calling us our proper title of Master when you are alone with us. You will work hard at school, then work hard to please your Masters. You now belong totally and completely to us, mind, body, and soul." As my commands began to take affect, her frantic motions slowed, becoming more loving in nature. "Sandi stop sucking your brother, and stand up," I said, stroking my own hardon in my underwear. She gently pulled her mouth off her brother, and said, "Yes, Master," as she got off the bed. Standing in front of me was the very first person I had ever altered to worship me as a god. I knew I was doing it for good reasons, but I couldn't help feel I had crossed another line I never intended to cross. But this time, I didn't let it concern me. Lines were meant to be crossed, it was only a matter of time. It is how and why you cross them that really mattered.

"Sandi, who am I?" "My Master, Master." "Who is he?" I asked pointing at Brad. "He is my Master, Master." "Who is he also?" "My brother, Master." "What about him," I said pointing at Ted. "He is my other Master, Master." "Sandi, what do you want more than anything else?" "I wish to serve and please my Masters, Master." "Is there anything else?" "No, Master. I live to serve you and please you." "How did you feel before we became your Masters?" "I was empty, unhappy. I only wanted to fuck and suck to make me feel good." "And now?" "I I only wish to serve and please my Masters. There is nothing else." "Are you unhappy?" "No, Master." "Are you happy." "Only as I serve and please you, Master." "Any questions?" I said to Brad and Ted. Ted snapped shut his hanging mouth and then asked, "So, you mean, we can do anything? With her?" "Yeah, as long as it doesn't hurt her permanently, or endanger her life. The more you have her do for you, the happier she will be. Right now the only true pleasure she can feel is having sex, but now her happiness doesn't have to depend on her own pleasure. It really completely depends on how much she can serve and please us."

"What do you mean serve us?" Brad asked. "I mean, please us, that I understand. Sex and stuff. But serve us? You mean if I tell her to clean my room, that makes her happy?" "Yep. She will clean you room as happily as she would fuck you mad. It all doesn't matter to her. All she wants is to do whatever you say, and please you. She hasn't lost her ability to think, and she will always be looking for better ways to please us. And she will probably make mistakes trying, so don't take it out on her. If you do, I'll take it out on you three times as bad." Brad gulped, and Ted was a little nervous too. "Hey, don't worry guys. I'm not the revengeful type. Just love her, and you'll be okay. Abuse her Well, just don't okay? But no matter what you might do, I won't abuse you, you know? I'll just talk it over with you, and we'll decide what punishment there would be. I won't do anything to you that you guys don't freely agree to first. Okay?" That pretty much settled their concerns. Sandi was still waiting for us to command her.

"Sandi, what do you think we want you to do first?" "Suck you? Master?" "Well, yeah, but first, take off you clothes, get on the bed, and get ready to receive your Master's dicks, all at the same time." "Oh, YES, MASTER! THANK YOU, MASTER!" Sandi said, stripping off her shirt and shorts. "No underwear.. Figures." I muttered, as she slipped her shoes off. "Sandi, when did you start growing pubic hair?" Brad asked. "About two months ago, master," Sandi replied as she crawled on top of Ted's bed. "Sandi, don't call me Master, call me by my name.. Brad." "Yes, Master Brad." "No, just Brad." She looked confused, unable to comprehend his sentence. "She can't do that when we are alone, Brad. Just get used to it. It's hard wired into her, and you can't change that." "No, but you can. I don't like my sister calling me Master." "Sorry, bud. It's part of the package. By her saying master, it is like a built in reward for her. It is supposed to make her happy just to say it. So just live with it, and try to get her to say it as much as possible. It is one of the joys of being a slave. By saying a single word, they feel happy to be alive. Okay?"

"Yeah. Okay. Uhm, you said we all are going to.. you know. But she's only eleven, and.." "Sandi, are you a virgin?" I asked her. "Oh, no, Master." she replied. "How many times have you had a cock up you pussy and you ass at the same time?" "Hundreds of times Master." "Have you ever had one in you mouth at the same time?" I asked as I crawled up to her head, shucking my underpants. "I have always wanted to, but no Master." "You heard the lady," Ted said, hopping out of his underwear, and crawling up behind her on the bed. "Uhm, how can you do that at the same time?" Brad asked standing at the edge of the bed next to Ted. Ted and I both looked at Brad like he was stupid. "Use your imagination, dork," Ted said. "Hey, don't call me a dork. Virgin, okay, but dork? She is my sister." I flashed him a mental picture, which he responded out loud with an "Oh."

"Sandi, it would please us the most if you tell us whose dick goes were so you get the most pleasure, okay?" "Yes, Master. Which Master has the second largest?" "I guess that's me," Brad responded. "Master?" She looked up at me questioning. "Yes Sandi?" "My brother Master is a virgin? May he take his virginity in my pussy? It' wouldn't feel as good as Master Ted's, but" "Yes, sweet thing. I know. Fine. Who then goes in your ass, my sweet sex toy?" "Master Ted. His is not too big. Master Ben's was bigger, and he always fucked my ass." "Master Ben? Who the fuck is he?" Brad said, glaring at me thinking I had included someone he didn't know about. "He was my last Master, Master. He gave me the candy." "Oh sorry Tim."

"Sandi, tell you brother who else right now is you Master besides the three of us." "No one, Master." "I might as well also get this part straightened out too. Sandi? Who is your Master Master?" "You are, my Master Master." "And your other masters?" "Master Brad is my second Master, then Master Ted, Master." I looked up at Brad, and he shrugged and said, "I don't have much choice about, do I?" "Nope, not really. But at least you can protect your sister here from mad man Ted," I sad with a grin. "Are we going to fuck or talk," Ted said, wanking himself slowly. "Ok. Ready?" I said to no one in particular. Sandi turned on her side, and her brother crawled up into her arms. I motioned to Ted to hold off. I decided I wanted to let Brad have his moment of love when he lost his virginity. I quickly reached into Sandi's mind, found her love for her brother, and temporarily reduced all of her other motivations to below that. I had to reverse that a little bit and amplify the love a little, having not realized how rotten brothers and sisters were to each other.

"Brad?" Sandi said. "Huh?" he said surprised. "Thanks for helping me. I know it's gonna be kinda weird, but I'm glad you’re gonna be my Master. I wish it had been you to take my virginity, not Ben." "I'm sorry sis. I really am. We can stop. We don't have too" "Brad? Kiss me? I've never been kissed before, and I" Sandi said, a tear rolling down her cheek. Brad kissed his sister tentatively on her lips. They wrapped their arms around each other, and held each other. Not kissing, not moving, just holding. "Brad? Sandi? I'm sorta manually feeding Sandi's emotions through to her pleasure center and. well, put it this way. For a little bit, I can keep Sandi feeling and acting like her old self. You have maybe twenty minutes before I get a killer headache and have to stop. Ted, lets get some air." "What?" Ted said. I gave him a look that told him I wasn't going to repeat myself, so he said, "Okay, okay. Let me grab my clothes at least." I grabbed my shorts and shirt, and followed the massive senior out. I got my first good look at his goods, and figured he hadn't been joking Joey about his size. His would need four fingers.

Fifteen minutes later, I was having trouble keeping my end of the conversation from the strain. I felt her release, signaling she had cum. I checked to see if they had finished, and Brad was just about to come himself. To Ted I said, "Hold onto your hats, folks, here we go" I linked the four of us up, and let everyone share in Brad's first orgasm inside a woman. "Shit.. Wow, that was nice." Ted said after I broke the link. "Uhm, Tim?" "Yeah?" "Uhm, well, thanks man. Thanks for, uhm, you know." "What. Made you the proud owner of one eleven-year-old sex slave?" "Well, yeah. And.. well, thanks for.. This is gonna sound kind of corny, but, thanks for letting me be your friend." "Huh? Oh.. Heh. I guess I don't think of myself that way. But I guess there are certain advantages of being my friend. Huh." "Well, I don't know if I can ever repay you for this thing with Sandi, or Hell, I couldn't even repay you for that thing you just did with Brad's cumming. But if you ever need me to do something for ya, just ask." "Uhm, ok. Thanks.. But you're a pretty neat guy to have as a friend too, ya know. So stop making me feel special. I'm not really. Just. A little more fun than the average freshman."

We talked for a few more minutes, then we snuck in to check on the two siblings. Brad was asleep, but Sandi smiled when we came in. "Tim? Thanks for.. you know. Saving my life and everything." "You're welcome. I'm sorry Sandi, but my head is really starting to hurt. If I don't stop what I'm doing soon, I'll be in bed all day tomorrow trying to recover." "Okay. I just wanted to say thanks. You didn't even know me. Okay. Do what you have to do.." "Done." I said, not taking any joy at the relief it caused. "Master?" she said a moment later. "Yeah, Sandi." "I love you Master." "I know you do. But you don't really. Now wake Brad up with your sexy tongue, and prepare yourself to get fucked all three ways." "Yes Master." She began to lick Brad face, wetly and passionately. Brad awoke sputtering. "She's gone, isn't she.." he said sadly. "No I'm not, silly Master," She said with a genuine smile. "Brad, she is still Sandi with just with a different view of life. Now, are you going to help us fuck her like she really wants or not?" "Please? Brad?" Sandi said. I was surprised she could resist calling him Master, and I said so. "Okay, then. I guess if I think of it as a game more, then.. Okay, slave. You're going to have the best three way fuck ever." "Finally," Ted muttered, getting undressed again.

Ted laid down on his back, and had Sandi slowly mount his large cock. It was probably bigger than my dads, so I was somewhat in awe of Ted. But Sandi didn't seem to have any problems taking him. She sat on his crotch, and began humping. I was about to ask Ted where the KY was, then remembered something he had told Joey. "Sandy, let Brad get his dick good and slick with your juices so he can get it in your ass." "Yes, Master." She calmly got off Ted's dick, and waited for Brads. Once Brad had figured out what was going on, he got in the mode, and pretty soon she was sandwiched. After a little rearrangement, Sandi's mouth was waiting my cock's insertion. "Sandi, when I put this in, you will use every ounce of your strength to make us cum as hard and quickly as you can. When we cum, you cum." "Yes Master. Thank you Master."

I felt like I was about to start up the band or something, holding my dick, with everyone waiting for me. I just smiled then said, "One. Two. One, two, three, FuCK!" Sandi sucked me into her throat. I crossed my eyes, feeling her tongue, her lips, even her throat massage my cum to a low boil. I looked down at the young girl, somewhat unbelieving she was doing what she was doing. As the two fuckers began to get a rhythm, I knew I would cum first, long before them. "Oh, well. It wouldn't kill me to cum twice in her mouth." I thought to myself. I felt like I had been disconnected from reality. For a few moments, I forgot where I was and what I was doing. All there was, was the steady building of my orgasm. Her eyes met mine, and she indicated she wished for me to fuck her mouth, putting her Master's pleasure before her own. "Suck it slave, I'm gonna enjoy your mouth to the fullest." I started slowly, not wanting to cause her any pain. But her conditioning long before me had been complete. Soon I was fucking her mouth with abandon. Her eyes rolled up in her head, and I started to feel my cum boil.

As my balls began to retract, my lust was beginning to flow freely into my mind. I reached out into my slave, searching, feeling for any kind of innocence left within her, intending to take it from her as was my right as her Master. I had the consolidation that even if I did find something, I could always give it back to her in some fashion. But when I did find it, I could not make myself do it. She still dreamed of a prince in shinny silver armor, white horse and all. Of course, the dream itself was slightly corrupted, for this prince had the prick the size of well, we would have had trouble buying underwear if ours were that size. The scary part of it was, that dream was quickly becoming reality to her. In her dream, instead of one prince, there were three. And for once, I had the bigger dick. Heh.

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