The Ravaging In The Forrest

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The ravaging in the Forrest

Sandy was walking in the forest for about an hour, it could have been longer or shorter it felt right to her it was warm and a hot summer night. She felt energised and vibrant in the forest the air was moist and damp, the sound was intense may it be bird or insect the orchestra was in full sound adding to the appeal of being in the out doors. It was approaching dusk but being a beautiful Summer night there was still abundance of light.

Sandy was a beautiful 19 year old women, petite , sensual , blonde hair hanging to almost her shoulders, she stood at five foot three inches with nice perky breasts. She was very stunning to the eye.
the boys always looking around to get a second glimpse of her nice ass.
Her confidence didn't quiet match her natural beauty, she would prefer to where track suits and rugby jerseys. Sandy had a very humble approach to life. She felt at home in the forests and foot hills surrounding where she lived. She loved exploring these areas round her home, It was safe to say the forest was Sandy’s element.

The light was starting to set, with a very Amber colour to the forest deep set Amber colour crossed with a dark shadow every where else. The day was in its Twilight
Sandy was alone in the process of doing the Barney Earl track, a beautiful walk filled with native species. She had done this walk plenty of times, so felt Comfortable in repeating the walk today.

Sandy was. About to finish up head to the car and head home.

She gasped and took in a large breath of air, the air was different odd but also so right!
Sandy took in a large breath again. The air was thick musky very penetrating to the senses.
Her sinuses were becoming blocked, she struggles for breath.

Sandy was still in the wild on the same track! There was a strong mist/something in the wind. It was a mix of perfume and plant energy!.

Sandy was walking along breathing in the vibrant energy, this sexual energy, lavender smelling erotic mix. What is this Lavender
Type smell! What is she feeling , what is this energy.

Sandy starts walking on, the night appears the forest becomes pitch black. She was feeling odd, some sort of exotic poisoning. She sneezes giving her a release from the pollen like substance blocking her nose, she reaches around and takes out her drink bottle has a drink.
Sandy should be feeling frightened and scared, but she is the exact opposite not a care in the world. Sandy has another drink of water spits out some of the intoxicating purple pollen which is filling the air, she blows her nose allowing her to breath properly once more.

Her thoughts were consuming her, sexual thoughts.All she could think of was sex, being fucked, fucking , masturbation, being nude sandy was intoxicatingly horny. She oddly starts rubbing her crutch against a soft rotting tree stump, dry humping it.Sandy’s vagina was dripping wet, soaking her panties she felt pressure in her bra almost if her breasts had grown. She was pure ecstatic.

The moon was now bright in the sky illuminating the Forrest bellow, sandy breaths deeply as another Blume of pollen like substance engulfs her. She steps away from the log, showing a dark stain on her tights where she had been rubbing her self! Intrigued to what and where was making the bloom she started walking into the wind.

Sandy felt drunk, more tipsy in control but carefree. Surges of ecstasy were filling her body she felt so good, so alive and so horny. Her nipples alone as they rubbed against her bra were sending her into sexual bliss. Being care free now she throws her pack to the ground and takes of her hoodie she was wearing. Another wave of lavender type stuff engulfs her once more. What is causing this, what could it be is it even safe. Even if she wanted to run or escape this situation she couldn't! The pollen like stuff had triggered her primal instincts she felt wild alive, the out side world didn't exist it was a mere thought at this stage. She felt at home in the Forrest, all she wanted to do was find what ever this was.

Sandy walked for another fifteen minutes or so, the blooms getting stronger they were no longer blocking her but rather energising her. She was sweating but not normal sweat but a type of lubricating sweat, similar to male pre cum or vaginal lubricant. She was covered head to toe she smelt absolutely Devine. She smelt like a flowers and lavender a real earthy natural smell. Her whole body was tingling she felt so good, has her clothing rubbed against her she was sent into heavenly bliss.

The track opens up into a clearing, she had never noticed the clearing before.
She walks into the clearing guided by the moon lite sky. In the middle she could see a pit, coming out of it were the blooms of lavender which enticed her here in the first place.
Not only airborne blooms but also in its liquid form as well, dripping all around the pit. The pit was a mix of mud and the bright purple liquid, a day glow purple lightening the pit.

In the middle of the pit in the clearing was the cause of the blooms, sandy was taken back when she saw it she gasped in shock! It was a cross of a slug, snake and a earth worm. More like the earth worm in the way it moves, but large around four metres long and almost a foot wide. It has a mouth but no teeth and one black eye, unlike a worm it is very nimble and free moving able to stand tall if it wants. At the other end to the mouth and the eye, lay six tentacles each about four to five metres in length and around four inches in diameter. At the end of the tentacles were also a mouth, this is where the air blooms and the liquid were coming from. The tentacles moved more like a snake, and could help the beast move or pick things up. So if you could picture a giant worm, with six snakes coming out of one end lying in day glow purple and mud. Sandy was about to willingly fuck it!

The tentacles raised up to meet her, one sucked on to each thigh and another onto her right breast. Rather aggressively started to suck she shuddered in pleasure they sucked harder and harder, at first she was fare full thinking she was about to get eaten.
Sweating gasping in shock, she was about to scream when a forth tentacle spat some day glow purple lavender liquid straight into her mouth. Coughing and splattering, then she tasted the stuff “oh my god this is Devine “ she yelped. A sweet tasting nectar like the best tasting fruit but better. She also got a calm feeling, a reassurance of sorts. At the same time she was calming down, her shirt stitching started to rip.
The tentacle sucked her t shirt straight of her body consuming it not leaving a trace, “rip”her pants followed soon after. The other tentacles made quick work of her bra and nickers, one consuming her small thatch of hair around her vagina.
Sandy was left completely nude standing looking down on the pit, surprisingly only wearing her hiking boots. The tentacles had left bruising on her thighs and breast in the process of removing her cloths, this was of no concern she felt so good.

Her whole body tingling with the strange sweat, her vagina was so wet she could feel it dripping down her thighs onto the ground. She looked down straight in its eye, she reached around and fantasised while tying her hair into a pony tail. The blooms and liquid had played with her mind, they have changed her body! All that was of no concern, only the thing in the pit and her.

She started to enter the pit, but slipped falling on her ass sliding to the bottom scraping her but in the process. Lying in her blood, mud and the day glow juice, before she could worry about pain the beast was on top of her. They kissed she wrapped her legs around it's girth
They kissed romantically. First on the lips then neck and finishing on her inflated breasts.
This beast was a little rough has it was full of lust, she watched has it sucked her nipple to almost two inches. Was that even possible. After a while it's head was inches from her new bald tripping wet pussy, she opened her legs a little wider and it was in there like pig into shit. She was in pure bliss the worm sucked her clit from its hood licking frantically, sending her in pure bliss. It felt so good she had never been fucked this good before. It licked her pussy what seemed like an age, stopping every once in a while to lick her butt hole!

At the start of her courting of the beast, she was only playing with the main worm part, a tentacle approached and she started kissing and licking its mouth while the main beast kept licking her ass and pussy. Has she kissed she was drinking the purple juice it felt so good, tasted so good. She started licking the excess juice of the tip, like she was sucking a big dick. If she stretched her mouth open to its maximum she could may be suck it, that wouldn't be very comfortable for her she thought. No way was she gonna let them things in any other hole either, what a shame she mused. She hoped the beast was content on what it was doing.

The beast pulled back admired the beautiful women he had, she looked back glowingly.
He intuitively was reading her mind and he knew she would be fucked in every orifice he had plans, he attracted her here. He knew how to harness using sweetness and natural desires And pheromones. He liked what he saw he was happy, hungry for lust. He loved her taste of her vagina, he loved the taste of all of her.

Sandy’s pussy was dripping on the ground she loved how she felt, the beast has reared up standing tall looking at her no longer tonguing her ass and pussy. A tentacle comes over she starts to kiss and lick, it pushes in to her mouth stretching and straining her mouth almost breaking her jaw it's due to its girth. Forcing its self right down her throat, she struggles for breath her eyes water and she blows snot and day glow purple out her nose. The tentacle pulls out blowing wads of purple juice on her face and down her throat. The fear dissipates, something to do with the day glow purple juice. She kneels starts to kiss and lick the tentacle, the tentacle once more throat fucks her, she can feel the girth stretching her insides pulling up only to let her breath. The girth of the tentacle reaching just below her breast plate, she was taking in a foot.

The tentacles raise her to her feet, each mouth sucks her sucking like before when they ripped her cloths of. This time all six were sucking on her some were gentle like wee kisses some were giving her hickeys and some were giving her dark purple welts. It was different but still felt really good. Two of them snake around her legs, while the other two pick her body and arms up. They wrapped around her tight she could not move, she was in a position like if she was in a chair with her legs wide open.

She knew what was about to happen, her pussy was about to be fucked. The girth was four or five inches of the tentacle, that's more than a baseball bat or a fist even. The tentacle come across the room straight between her thighs, she braced her tight wee pussy! The tentacle didn't go for her pussy but her ass hole forcing its way in stretching opening her right up. She had never been ass fucked before! She was in pain it was hurting this is wrong, her eyes were watering. Roughly a tentacle enters her mouth with out warning, once more fear enters her mind she starts struggling but cannot move. The tentacle in her ass is roughy fucking her going deeper and deeper. She starts to panic but then the tentacle in her ass ejaculates day glow purple juice. Been in her ass the energy goes straight into her system, her heart is racing and the ecstasy is ten times stronger than before. Her ass muscles relax and she starts to enjoy such a big thing in her, it's energy over load she throws up day glow purple all over her tits and the ground. The tentacle in her ass pops out allowing the purple juice drip out onto the ground, you can see right up her ass with the purple liquid high lighting her anal cannel. Her ass stays open the muscles relaxed dripping juice to the floor.

“Fuck my pussy “ she shouts a tentacle punches into her pussy, no slow and easy here.
In and out her pussy gets fucked once more feeling her vagina walls stretching, it's a nice feeling this time. She's been graving vaginal sex ever since she started smelling the strange bloom. The tentacle fucks her like it was a cock pushing in out in out, on one thrust it slips out. She looks down at her ravaged vagina gaping open making no attempt to close like it would Normally, the tentacle slams back filling to brim. She was stretched to the limit so big so powerful in normal circumstances she would be in pain needing hospital treatment. Something to do with the purple juice, the day glow ooze is some sort of healing drug she thought. The small bruises caused by the suckers have vanished all so.

The tentacles drop her to the ground, as she squats to get up globules of purple ooze drip out her anus, her pussy drips with juice and ooze also. She spent that moment sorting her self out getting her breath, she looked up at the worm and tentacles. Looking down at her almost waiting for something, she smiles with two hands scoops up some purple juice. She rubs it over her perky breasts over her thighs,pussy and threw her hair. She then goes on all fours glowing purple, reaches around pulls an ass check showing her vagina and ass hole.
Looks the worm in its eye.

She's ready the juice has turned her into a fucking machine. The tentacles circle at first, like if the are eyeing up there prey. One slams first in the pussy, then throat and finally the ass hole. She takes one in every hole getting fucked so hard, one tentacle is sucking on her clit sending her into a orgasm. The one in her vagina sucks onto her g spot, she shudders in bliss. The tentacle in her anus is so deep she feels impaled
Her pussy squirts vaginal juice, then the beasts erupt in ecstasy filling every hole fill off day glow liquid she falls unconscious due to the energy over load.

She awoke with the sun rising she was naked only wearing her hiking boots, she had no bruises and she felt great her skin was soft smelling of lavender. She looked around there was no sign of the beast. She finds her pack and hoodie and heads home.

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