Harry Potter - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Ron’s Secret

It was August 6th when Harry and Hermoine left for Kings Cross Station. Hermoine’s mom had already bought all their supplies so they did not need to go to Diagonal Alley. At the station, they met Ron and Ginny, the only two Weaselys left to go to school. On the train Ginny went to sit with her friends and Hermoine went to sit with Seventh-year Guys, which left Ron and Harry alone in the last compartment.

As the train continued towards Hogwarts, Harry and Ron talked about their summers and to Harry’s astonishment, Ron did not have fun in Scotland. He had more fun at home. “Why is that Ron?”

“I’ll tell you but you have to promise to tell no one else.”

“I promise”

“It was the third week of summer vacation and everyone except Ginny was outside playing Quiditch. One of the quaffles went inside our house so I pursued it into our kitchen. I was about to leave the house with the quaffle when I heard sounds coming from upstairs. I though gnomes were upstairs tearing our stuff so I quietly went upstairs. When I reach upstairs, I hear the sound coming from Ginny’s room. The sound doesn’t sound like gnomes; instead it sounds like soft moans. I tiptoed to Ginny’s room and peered inside to find Ginny spread eagled on her bed. Her shirt was rolled up all the way to her neck her pant and thong were by her ankle. Her head was supported by two pillows allowing her to view her fingers wet inside her pussy. She was so engrossed with fingering herself that she did not even notice that I was there. I stood watching her for an entire minute before I opened the door and barged in. Ginny was stunned when she saw me standing in her room. She tried to cover herself by pulling down her shirt but the damage was done. I told her that I would have to tell mom about this so she begged me not to do so. She told me that she would do anything if I wouldn’t tell mom. I suddenly got an idea. I won’t tell mom if you do whatever I say, just like a slave. She thought about the consequences and agreed.

That night I told her to come to my room at midnight and exactly as midnight struck, she arrived in my bedroom. She seemed nervous and scared as she would have to put up with all my whims and fancies. I got up from my bed, walked over to her, grabbed her hand and ushered her back to my bed. ‘I want you to continue your show from this afternoon.’ Her eyes widened with surprise as she had not imagined, even in her wildest dreams that she would have to masturbate for an audience. Furthermore, her audience was her own brother. I had to remind her of her promise before she followed my instructions. She hesitantly unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them to the ground. As her jeans slipped lower, her long t-shirt fell lower and covered her crotch area. She then slid her underwear lower which I recognized as a black thong. With her private still hidden behind her long t-shirt, she stepped out of her jeans and walked towards the bed. She initially sat at the edge of the bed, farthest from me but I persuaded her to come closer. She moved to the center of the bed where I grabbed her leg and pulled her towards me. As her body dragged across the bed, her shirt rolled up giving me a view of her pussy. I placed her leg on either side of my body so her pussy was lined up directly in front of my face. I looked down and saw the most wonderful sight ever: Ginny was laying on the bed with her shirt rolled above her stomach and her hands over her head. Her toned stomach was rising and falling to her short frightened breaths. Looking lower, I saw a patch of brown hair in the shape of a triangle which ended in a point right above her pussy. It seemed like an arrow pointing to the treasures which awaited. The rest of her pussy was cleanly shaved. I placed my left hand underneath her soft and smooth ass. As I caressed and squeezed her ass, Ginny's face turned morbid. I couldn't help but smirk at the sight of her. I grabbed a pillow with my right hand, raised Ginny's ass with my left and slid the pillow under her. This way her pussy was six inches away from my face. In that close proximity, I could smell the sweet scent that her pussy emitted, which
drove me wild. I gave her ass one tight squeeze to snap her back to reality before removing my hand from under her. With both of my hands free, I used one to grab her hand and bring it to her pussy. She looked down at me hoping it was all a joke but when she saw my serious face, she knew I was not kidding. Slowly, she began moving her hand up and down, rubbing her pussy meticulously. As time went on her outer lips started to part giving a clear view of her inner labia. Between her labia, I could see a glint of liquid emerging, which eventually came over her inner lips and got picked up by Ginny's fingers. As her fingers moved back and forward, the juice on Ginny's fingers spread till it covered her entire pussy. With her pussy soaked in juice, Ginny stopped rubbing. Instead, she took her middle finger and pushed it into her pussy. I watched in awe as little by little, her finger disappeared into her pussy. Once her finger was knuckle deep in her pussy, she began to withdraw her finger. Time and time she inserted her finger and took it out until she got into a regular rhythm, which sped up with time. Once her finger started pumping quickly, she slowed down to a stop. She took her ring finger and submerged it into her pussy. With two fingers inside her, she began pumping in a constant fast paced rhythm. In time, her hips started rocking back and forward to her rhythm as well. When her hips would rise to meet her downward thrusts, my face would be an inch away from her pussy. With the force she was pumping at, her pussy juices started splattering all over my face. The aroma of her pussy and her juices was sensational, driving me crazy. In my pants, my dick started rising and fought with my underwear to get out. Ginny continued to pump furiously causing her pussy to emit more juices. Since her hips were on an incline, the extra juices rolled backwards towards her tummy. Most of her juices got stuck in the triangle patch of hair above her pussy, but the juices that went around that flowed down and gathered on her belly button. Suddenly, her hips buckled, her fingers stopped moving and her body shook violently. Ginny moaned loudly as torrents of juices erupted from her pussy and flowed down. With her belly button full of existing juices, her cum juices flowed past her belly and underneath her top. When Ginny's body finally stopped spasing, she looked at me with a satisfied face.

Her satisfied face soon turned into a look of concern as I started to smile. “That was an amazing show and I want to thank you by giving you a present.” “What present?” questioned Ginny. “I am going to give you a greater sense of satisfaction than what you just gave to yourself.” With that, I took my index and middle finger and jammed it into Ginny's pussy. With her pussy full of juice, the fingers slipped in easily causing no pain. Yet, Ginny gave a loud shriek. Ginny was horrified when her own brother had shoved his fingers inside her pussy. Her sacred spot was being violated by none other than her brother. Instead of pumping my fingers into her pussy, I kept my fingers inside of her and began rubbing my fingers up and down the inside of her walls. Her inside walls were extremely smooth and slippery and contracted on my touch. The warmness of her pussy along with the pressure of her inner walls closing around my fingers started to make my dick drool with pre-cum. Eventually, my rubbing had the desire I wanted as Ginny started to moan. It was faint at first but as I kept rubbing her insides, the moans got louder. Her hips soon joined in, moving back and forward trying to get my fingers deeper in her pussy. Since my fingers were insider her to the hilt, her hips couldn’t push it deeper. Instead, her hip movement added another dimension to my rubbing as I was now rubbing my finger up and down as well as rubbing in and out of her pussy. This sent Ginny over the edge in terms of pleasure as she started moaning loudly. With one final moan, her pussy erupted with cum. The cum gushed out all over my hand with streams dripping down my arm and some down to her belly. Her body shook with a lot greater violence and a lot longer duration than her first orgasm. Her legs, which were around my body closed in around me, almost chocking me. With her legs closed in, my hand was stuck inside her pussy. Eventually her orgasm subsided and her legs spread apart, allowing me to remove my hand from her pussy. I took my wet, dripping hand and put it in my mouth, sucking all the juice of it. Her cum was sweet and tangy, unlike anything I have ever tasted before. On Ginny's face, there was a look of complete satisfaction which got me grinning.

Seeing cum on her body I bent down and started running my tongue down her body. I started by licking around her pussy. The shaved regions felt really smooth to my tongue. Her patch of hair, however, tickled my nose so I moved upward to her belly. With cum gathered on her belly, I placed my lips on her and began sucking the juice out of her belly button. Her stomach moved in and out ticklishky as I finished up by running my tongue around and in her belly button. With most of her cum sucked up I got up and went to the floor and picked up her black thong and her jeans. I put her thong in my pocket and placed her jeans on her legs. Grabbing her shoulder, I raised her up so she could put on her jeans. When she finished wearing her jeans, I escorted her into her room and placed her on her bed, underneath her comforter. I gave her a good night kiss on her forehead and went back in my room. My dick was killing me, being stuck in a rock hard state inside my underwear so I took off my pant and underwear and released it into the open. My cock sprung out, bouncing up and down. I went over to my bed to the spot Ginny was laying at. There was a patch of cum on my bed where it dripped over the side of her belly. I wet my right hand with that come and use it to rub my dick. The sweet juice acted as a lubricant allowing me to beat my dick to Ginny's naked thoughts. In no time I came, shooting my cum all over my pillow. I washed my dick and pillow and went to sleep.

The next morning, I awoke to my mom screaming downstairs. At first, I was horrified thinking that Ginny told my mom about our encounter last night. When I went downstairs I realized that my mom was screaming about our trip to Scotland. ‘Your dad just got his leave off work early so we will be going to Scotland tomorrow as opposed to next week. I am going to make breakfast for everyone so eat and then go upstairs and pack.’ Ginny and I were the first ones at the table so we stared at each other. Ginny didn't seem horrified as I thought she might be. She seemed like she wanted to forget that night and move on with her life. Unfortunately, I had other plans about her.

After breakfast, everyone went to their rooms to pack. I finished packing early and went into Ginny’s room. Ginny was midway through her packing. She turned around to face me and with a stern face said, ‘What do you want?’ I was taken back by her tone especially since she wasn’t rude downstairs. ‘I thought you enjoyed last night. Why are you so mad then?’ I questioned. ‘You are my brother. It’s not right to have a sexual relationship with you, even if did enjoy last night. My conscience is killing me from within.’ ‘I understand what you mean but we are just messing around with each other. It’s nothing serious. You masturbate as it is so what’s the harm in me helping you out. Last night I was so horny watching you masturbate that I just wanted to stick my dick in your wet pussy and pound you till I came but I didn’t do that because you are my sister. If we keep limits, we can have a sexual relationship where we both benefit.’ Ginny seemed unsure at first, ‘Did you really want to stick your dick in my pussy and fuck me?’ I replied, ‘You have no idea how bad I wanted that. As soon as I dropped you in your room, I went and jacked off to that thought.’ ‘Wow! You have some self control. If you can show that much restraint, I can allow us to have a slight sexual relationship.’ “Great! But remember, as per our agreement, you are my slave and I am your master so you have to do what I say. And I say that you will show up to my bedroom at midnight wrapped in just a towel.’ Ginny’s face turned to shock as I smiled and left her room.

Midnight came and passed and there was still no sign of Ginny. I was beginning to get impatient and angry when I heard my door swing open. Ginny emerged wearing nothing but a beige towel, which matched her creamy skin. Her brown hair was left untied so it draped over her shoulders. Her curves were clearly highlighted underneath the towel. ‘I’m sorry I got late. Mom and dad were still finishing some last minute packing so I had to wait until they went to bed before I came.’ You will get your punishment for arriving late but for now, I just want you to come here. Ginny walked over to me and I took her by the hand and pulled her to me. I embraced her tightly, gluing her body on mine. In time, she embraced me as well my wrapping her arms around my waist. With the tightness of our hug, I could feel her breasts pushing into my chest. We parted for a second and I bent down and gave her a long kiss on her mouth. My lips met her soft tender lips and we stood there in the middle of the room, kissing for an entire minute. In the midst of our kiss, I reached around and undid her towel which fell to the ground. With the towel out of the way, I pulled her against my body so I could feel her warm breasts against my chest. While her breasts were pushing against my body, my dick had created a tent in my pajamas which was pushing against her belly. Ginny parted from our kiss and looked down to see a tent, at which she lightly chuckled. I gave her a small smile and pulled her close once again. My head was resting on her shoulder and her head was resting on my chest. With my free hand, I began exploring her backside. My hands started by tickling her back causing her to contract her back and protrude her chest. My hands then wandered lower to her waist and then finally resting on her curvy ass. Running my hands over her smooth butt felt amazing. Suddenly, I extend my arm outwards and smack her ass. Ginny shrieks and tries to pull away but I have her body wrapped in my arms, trapping her. ‘That’s for being late. For every minute you were late, you will get a spank on your ass. I counted that you were twelve minutes late so you will get eleven more spanks.’ With that, I extend my other arm out and spank her other ass cheek. Ginny shrieks once more. Ten more times I hit her and ten more times she shrieked, with the shrieks towards the end being the loudest. Her entire butt was red from the punishment and her face was full of distress. I wiped her tears and held her close in my arms. ‘I am sorry but every mistake has its punishments.’

I then bent down, put an arm around her knee and picked her up into my arms. I took her over to the bed and placed her down. I looked at her sorrowful face and into her innocent eyes and I melted. I gave her a kiss on her forehead and went back to get her towel, which I then used to cover her body. I sat down next to her, put my head on her chest, and embraced her. 'You don't need to be sorry. What you did was proper as I didn't come on time. You are my master and you have every right to punish me when I commit mistakes. You called me tonight for a reason so what did you have planned for us. Don't let my pain spoil your plans.' I looked up in shock. What a turn of events had occurred in the last two days, going from forcing her to masturbate in front of me to willingly being my slave. I looked at her and she gave me a weak smile. Her smile washed away any sorrow from my heart and energized me once again.

I lowered my head and gave her a long passionate kiss on her lips. I then moved lower and started giving smaller, lighter kisses down her neck. As I reached her chest, I moved the towel lower till it covered her waist down to her legs. I continued to plant kisses on her shoulders and chest. When I reached her breasts, I circled each of them with myriad of kisses. I made smaller and smaller circles until I was kissing her soft, pink nipples. Her nipples covered a large portion of her breasts, being the size of poker chips on a 34B breasts. I took one of them into my warm mouth and began sucking on
it. Ginny's head tilted back as she savored the pleasure brought by my mouth on her nipple. When I let go, her nipple fell back on her breast, causing it to bounce. The nipple I had sucked had become much larger as it stood erected. To make it look even, I took her other nipple into my mouth and sucked on it. I went back and forward between the two, sucking one and then the other. After her nipples were fully covered with my saliva, I moved down to her stomach and planted some kisses there as well. When I got down to her waist and the towel, I stopped and got back up. 'That's it? It was starting to feel so good and you just stopped.' 'No more for you. You got your share yesterday and even some extra today. Now it's my turn.' With that being said, I stood up and pulled down my pajamas. My dick sprung free from its captivity and stood erect in front of Ginny's face.

Ginny just stared at it with curiosity. She had never seen a cock before and now there was eight inches of rock hard meat in front of her. I grabbed her hand and pulled her up so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed. I then guided her hand so that it was resting on my dick. At first, she moved her hand away instantly but I grabbed it again and brought it to my cock. This time, she wrapped her fingers around it till it was securely in her hand. She began squeezing it thinking that it was supposed to be squeezed. I smiled at her innocence and then grabbed her hand and began moving it up and down my shaft. She had trouble moving her fingers since both, her hand and my dick were dry. I told her that she needed to use her spit to make it easier so she withdrew her hand, spat on it and then placed it back on my dick. This time her hand moved easily. She moved her hand in a slow methodical pace as she was afraid to hurt it. I took hold of her arm and began jerking it quickly. This caused her to speed up her pace making my hips sway back and forward to her rhythm. Her hands soon got dry once more and she withdrew it to add some spit to it. 'There is an easier way to lubricate a dick than spitting in your hand. Apply the spit directly on the dick.' Ginny moved her head forward and was about to spit on my dick when I said, 'Not that way. You don't apply spit like that. Open your mouth.' Ginny opened her mouth and glanced up at me on what to do next. I grab her head with my hand and shove my cock into her unexpecting mouth. Ginny's eyes widen with shock as I continue holding her head and plunge my cock up to her throat. Her warm and juicy mouth feels like heaven on my dick. I leave my cock in her mouth for a couple of seconds causing her to gag before I pull out. With my cock out of her mouth, she could finally breathe. After gasping for air she turned to me and said, 'How dare you put that filthy thing in my mouth? You disgust me.' 'It wasn't disgusting when my mouth was on your pussy sucking all that cum or when my mouth was sucking on your nipples. At both of those times you were moaning in ecstasy but now when it's my turn it becomes disgusting for you.’ Ginny pondered my argument and realized it was true. 'Ok you are right. I shouldn't be selfish so I will do this for you.' She took hold of my cock which was dripping with her saliva and put it back in her mouth. Inch after inch disappeared into her mouth till only two inches remained outside. Inside her mouth, her tongue began licking my shaft as the rest of her mouth was sucking it. She withdrew to take a breath and then took it back into her mouth. Her sucking and licking automatically got my hips to sway and I began thrusting in and out her mouth. With the force of thrusting, my remaining two inches also forced its way into her mouth causing my tip to hit the back of her mouth. My thrusts gained in speed and soon I was about to climax. I withdrew from her mouth in the nick of time as cum sprayed out of my cock and onto her face. Waves of pleasure shot through my body as the last drops of cum dripped out of my cock. Looking at Ginny, I saw her eyes closed and a look of disgust on her face. Drops of cum were splattered all over her cheeks with some on her nose and lips. The drops soon dripped down to create white streams of cum down her face and onto her neck. I reached down and took the towel of her leg and handed it to her, which she then used to clean her face. When her face was fully clean, she opened her eyes and looked at me. As she looked at me and the look of complete satisfaction on my face, her disgusted look faded and a became a look of pride. I told her thanks and said that she should go to her room and get some sleep before the trip. She covered herself with my cum stained towel and left my room. I pulled up my pajamas and fell asleep on the bed.
The next morning mom woke us up early. We had some breakfast and then left for Scotland. In Scotland we all lived in one large room so I didn’t get to enjoy my relationship with Ginny. Occasionally, if we were alone for a couple of minutes, I was stick my hand down Ginny's pants and grab her ass or finger her pussy, which got hairy as she didn't have privacy to shave. At first Ginny resisted because she was scared of being caught but as time went on, she got used to it and was more open to the riskiness of sexual behavior in public. Even this morning, when we were coming to the train station in our car, I was sitting next to Ginny with one hand down her pant, fondling her ass.
Right next us were Fred and George and in the front was mom and dad yet we took the risk. If it was not for Scotland, I would have had an amazing and unforgetful summer.”
“Wow that was nice”

“I thought that everyone had sexual experiences so I thought that I should have some too. Harry, have you had any sexual experiences yet?”

“NO! All the girls stay away from me thinking that they will be Voldemorts next target if he finds out that I have a relationship with them. I wish I had a slave like you do so I can get all the pleasure I want. Ron, is Ginny still your slave?”

“Of course! She is going to be my slave until she dies.”

“Man I wish I could control someone.”

“Harry, I got an idea! We can control people using the Imperious Charm.”

“Ron that is a brilliant idea.” As they were talking about the Imperious Charm, the train arrived at Hogmead and they filed into Hogwarts.

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