I'm a 28 year old woman, slightly taller than average height, with a body thanks to years of yoga and regular gym visits. Chris lived on the third floor of our brownstone, with my boyfriend and I living on the first. One evening when we got home there was water all over the stairs up to the second floor, so we wondered what was going on. My bf was drunk (as I was) and he didn't want to investigate, so we both got comfortable and put on a movie. But after hanging out for a little while felt like I had to look into it, and Matt was passed out anyway. I left him on the couch and I went out to check things out. Our neighbors on 2 weren't home, so I went up to see if Chris new what was going on. I knocked on the door, and he answered it in boxers and a t-shirt (matching myself!), looking a bit disheveled. I was immediately both surprised and turned on, seeing him so casual and dressed down. I started asking him about the water, but then felt overcome and sort of whispered, "Can I come in a minute?", not really knowing what I was doing. He motioned me inside, and closed the door behind me. I couldn't continue our conversation, and just stared at him, and noticing movement in his crotch, looked down and saw his erection through his boxers. I alternated my gaze from it to his eyes, and he gave a silent "interested" look, to which I gave the slightest nod.

He just stared at me, so I sunk to my knees, and involuntarily put my arms behind my back. He pushed down his boxers, and I took his cock into my mouth. He put his hands on my head as I sucked. I felt incredibly turned on my what was happening, with my boyfriend two floors down, and by the submissiveness of being on my knees within seconds of coming in the door. I found myself putting my hands behind my back as I kept working on his cock. Chris murmurred, "Mmmm, I like that". A few seconds later he told me to not move, and walked quickly down the hall. He was back a minute later, this time naked, holding something in his hands that I couldn't make out. As he got closer I saw that they looked like leather handcuffs. His erect cock bounced as he walked, and he stared at my chest, practicaly drooling. I realized that the old t-shirt I was wearing was giving him quite a show, it being white, practically see-through it was so old and worn, and my nipples as hard as they've ever been. I shuddered and felt a rush of adrenaline. He stood in front of me and pulled my shirt up and over my head, and pushed his cock back into my mouth, telling me harshly to get my hands back behind my back. He bent over top of me, still in my mouth, and bound my hands in the cuffs.

He ordered me to stand, and gave each of my breasts a rough slap. I could now feel moisture starting to drip down my inner thigh from my pussy, and wondered if Chris was going to fuck me. I didn't have much time to think it over before he cruelly grabbed both nipples and squeezed, pulling them out away from my body. I gasped, and he twisted them around his fingers, kissing me at the same time, pushing his tongue into my mouth. He used my nipples to spin me around, and while holding onto my shoulders, pushed me a couple yards over to a table, and pushed me down on it, bent at the waist. He stuck his hand down the boxers I was wearing (my bf's), and pushed a few fingers up my wet pussy. With that he pulled down the boxers so fast I was afraid that they'd rip, and in one quick motion his cock was fully inside me. He immediately started pounding me so hard the table slid back and forth, and my breasts, smooshed under my body, ached. He pulled back on my hair with one hand and on my bound wrists with his other, and after what must have been five minutes of the same hard pounding, moaned and spasmed inside me. He collapsed right on top of me, and I could feel how sweaty he was, his chest sliding against my back. I could feel that his cock was barely getting soft, but he pulled out and undid the handcuffs. He picked up my shirt and boxers, grabbed one nipple hard enough that I yelped, and pulled me to the door. He let go, opened it, and pushed me into the hallway, tossing my clothes to me with a smirk. With that he pushed the door shut.

I frantically looked around, but this was the top floor, with no other apartments, so the landing was safe. I could feel his cum oozing out of me, and knowing I couldn't go home like this, used my fingers to scoop it up, and with a shudder at what I was doing, licked it off my fingers. I put on my shirt, and once I figured I'd stopped dripping, I put on my boxers and gingerly started down the stairs. No one on 2, and no sound from our apartment on 1. I went back in, not having even locked the door, and Matt was still passed out. I was turned on beyond belief by what had just happened, with my bf just lying here, and had to do something about it. I pulled off what I was wearing, seeing that Matt was practically exposing himself via the fly of the boxers he was wearing, with no button or anything. I knew what I wanted to do, but had to go over to the kitchen and do a couple shots to get myself ready. Then I gently pulled his cock out of his fly and started sucking it. He stirred a bit but that was it, and was hard pretty quickly. I couldn't really control myself and standing with my back to him lowered myself onto his hard cock, which was fully up my pussy immediately, lubed by both mine and Chris's juices.

Of course I got too into it, and Matt woke up. To his girlfriend naked on top of him. He got right into it, grabbing my hips and fucking me back. This was too hot for me and I came within seconds at his touch and his involvement. I basically collapsed on the floor and he was on me, kissing me and my breasts, fingering my pussy. I got a second wind and told him to lie on his back, and got into a 69.

To be continued.

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