What a Woman

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My name is Jack. I'm engaged to a beautiful woman. She treats me right, we have an absolute blast together, I must say things are pretty great. Dina, my future bride to be, still lives at home under father law. His name is Rob and he's a bit on the strict side, she can't move out until we actually tie the knot. What can i do?, I have to respect his wishes right?, I mean after all the man is paying for half the wedding. This does work in my benefit though, there is always dinner on the table when I come over and the washer and dryer is free of charge! So why not ride it out. My 2 future brother-in-laws are pretty cool too. Sundays come around, beers are opened and football is on, we have some laughs, wife doesn't bust my chops and all is right in the world.

Then there is Donna, Dina's mother, this woman treats me like absolute gold. Random text messages during the day to see if I'll be joining for dinner, always greeting me with a pretty smile when i arrive, and enjoys small talk. Now i know that may not seem like any of these things are very special, but to someone who wasn't to used to things like this, it's actually much appreciated. My fiance and I have been together for 4 years, so i am close with the family. I remember when i first came around, I'd always ring the door bell when arriving, have that awkward feeling around them, trying to determine their feelings towards me. You know how it goes. As time went on though I came to be very comfortable with them, as they were with me. As the years passed, there was no more ringing the door bell, I just strolled on in. I mean i was eventually told to do this, I wasn't considered a guest any more, thats just what happens right?

Now when I came to the house, Donna was always dressed, not dressed up, but not in sweatpants and a t-shirt either. She just always looked presentable. Now Donna was a very attractive woman, her breasts were huge!, a very nice tan complexion, and for a 51 year old woman, her body was fantastic. Over time I found myself glancing at her more then usual. She'd walk away I'd catch myself staring at her ass, my eyes would drift from her face to her beautiful tits. Then it hit me!, "Holy shit, I would love to fuck this woman!" Now to a normal dude, totally natural thoughts right?, yes of course!, but to a fella thats engaged to her daughter? umm, not so much. Most men despise their mother-in-law, and i want to fuck mine?.typical Jack let me tell ya.

I'd say to myself "Dude get the thoughts out of your mind!, it'll never happen! forget it!"

It was a sunday night around 9 pm, Rob was getting ready to leave for work for his overnight shift, one of Dina's brother left a few hours earlier to spend the night at his girlfriends house, and the other packed it in early because he had an early day ahead of him. Dina and I just laid down to put on a movie, we both had work in the morning, so chances of us staying up for the whole thing? Slim to none. Rob left and Donna said her goodnights. I didn't have my work clothes so I couldn't fall asleep, or else I'd be showing up to my job withs sweats and a bummy T-shirt on, and well yeah that cant happen.

I looked at Dina "Baby, i cannot fall asleep, if I do I'm totally fucked for work tomorrow" "I know, I know" she replied "after the movie I'll walk you out, we'll stay awake".i looked back at her "I'm trusting you woman!" with a smirk on my facewe both smiled and started our movie.

{BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP} I leaped out of bed "FUCK!, babe! we fell asleep!, it's 6am your alarm for work is going off!"

Dina opened her eyes in surprise "aww baby I'm so sorry!"i glanced at my phone seeing the missed calls from my carpool buddy, which was an hour ago. "well I'm never going to make it now, I'm calling my boss, sick day it is" as i plopped back down on the bed.

"Sorry babe, well at least you have a day off" Dina said with a slight smile on her face, trying to turn the situation into a positive one. "I have to get dressed and get on the road baby, Mommy is the only one home, just go back to sleep and head home when you wake up"..i nodded gave her a smooch good bye and fell back to sleep.

My eyes opened again around 7:30, I had to pee, i sat up shirtless feeling my morning wood bulging against my sweats "ok, I'll make a run for it to the bathroom, Donna is definitely still asleep right?" i said to myself. I cracked the door, knowing it'd be very inappropriate to be seen like this by Dina's mother, the coast is clear.

"Fuck it" i whispered to myself, and tip toed swiftly, but quietly towards the bathroom."wheww, success!" with a sigh of relief i pulled my dick out, pushed it towards the bowl, still due to my morning hard on and let loose. Two shakes, a flush, and a hand wash. i thought to myself "ok, I'm out of here before Rob gets home or Donna wakes up".

I dry my hands open the door and almost die of a heart attack, Donna throws her arms in the air and lets out a scream. She covers her mouth with both hands. "Oh my goodness Jack!, you scared the shit out of me!, i thought you were my husband or Dina!"."I'm sorry Donna, we fell sleep during the movie"she giggled and said "well I'm definitely awake now!" I felt my face turning red"Oh yes me too"

She was wearing this thin t-shirt, and no bra, and of course my eyes wandered, her nipples were blaring through."Jack don't look man, don't look!" I repeated in my head. It all happened so fast though. It was too late. My mind started picturing those luscious boobs, my tongue circling those delicious nipples.and there it happened. My cock started to swell and rise. I wasn't wearing any draws, just the sweat pants. I was screwed, in plain sight I had a raging hard on in front of my future mother in law. I froze up, what the fuck could i have done?

Donna looked at me"So umm Jack would, you like some coffee, or something else" she let out a small laugh"Donna I'm so sorry, it's the morning and i got sidetracked I'm so so sorry.I" I was stuttering like a buffoon!."Jack, calm down, its a natural thing, we are all adults here" as she rubbed the side of my arm with a smile.

Then like it couldn't get any worse my light gray sweats showed a small wet stain at the head of my throbbing dick. "You gotta be fucking kidding me" I mumbled to myself as i lowered my head

"Jack, I see you stare at me, it's fine!, why are you getting so worked up?, to be honest I'm quite flattered, makes me think i still got it!" She giggled"uhh yeah" as I nervously smiled"what the fuck man, this is crazy, am i dreaming?" I thought to myself

Donna looked down at the tent pitched in my pants. "My, My that is a nice sized penis Jackgood for you!, good for my daughter as well!" I was speechless "Umm thanks?ok I'm going to get dressed"as i tried to step around her with my hand now over my dick. "hold on a sec, Jack, your just going to leave it like that?".she questioned. "Huh?, well I mean yeah, I'll handle it later i guess" i stuttered

"How about this Jack?"as Donna slowly slid her finger tips down my stomach to may waistband ."You help me out with my morning climax, and I promise to take care of yours as well" as her hand slowly wrapped around my dick, giving it a slight squeeze making more pre cum squeak out" Seriously??" I asked?

"I'm an older woman Jack, I've seen quite a few things in my day, and I'm not ashamed to ask for things i want" she said with confidence"Go sit on my bed, I'll be with you in a minute".."al uhhh alright" as my ridiculous nervous stutter continuedas I walked to her bedroom I was in shock"this is happening?, this is seriously going to go down??..this is fucking nuts"

I sat down on the edge of the bed with my hands crossed nervous as fuck, mouth hanging open as I stared at the floor.the door opened"Ok darling".she ran her finger tips from my chest over my shoulder and proceeded to get on all fours on her bed" take my pants off" she said grinning I slowly pulled them down her legs staring at her in amazement"your body is just as hot as I imagined" I said as my eyes watched her pants come off"why thank you jack" she nodded still smiling" now my shirt" as she lifted her arms

I pulled off her shirt revealing her gorgeous tits, they were just as perfect as I imagined."May I"I asked as I was mesmerized by those beautiful full breasts"Yes you may" as she squeezed them together and let go to have them fall back apart.I grabbed a handful of eachcaressing gently, lowering my mouth on her rock hard nipples sucking them slowlyshe moaned quietly"Ohgood boy"that being said it just turned me on more I bit down lightly pulling my mouth away with her nipples in between my teeth.

i kissed down her stomach to her edge of her short haired trimmed vagina."hmmmmm" as she placed her hands on the back of my head pushing me down slowly to her slit.she was soakedher juices were delicately dripping from the bottom of her clit running down to her assholeI couldn't contain myself. I brought my tongue to the bottom where her sex juice was dripping and with one full stroke i slurped all the way up trying to drink up every drop.

"Oh Jack, thats perfect, don't stop, your not allowed to stop" she was treating me like her little sex slave and i loved it!.i drove my tongue deep into her pussy hole in and out i worked vigorously to please her.her legs wrapped around my head as she started to thrust"Oh my boy, thats right , your a good boy, keep sucking.mama is going to cum"hearing that i worked even harder to satisfy heri slipped a finger into her holethen two as i licked, nibbled and sucked.

"Yes baby, right there, right there.oh god yesohhhhhh fuck yesssss".she pushed my face into her pussy lips screaming in pleasure as she came.i felt the gushing of her cumone after another, i was trying to drink every last drop as her body was quivering and convulsing .

She slowed down, her body became calm as she begun to breathe heavy." Jack, that was amazing, I haven't came like in quite some time"..she said as she was running her hand through her hair in relief.."Any time Donna, I loved it." i said as my head was still between her legs

She sat up."your turn dear" as she guided me to lay on my back.my cock was raging.pulsatingpre cum was oozing out. I couldn't help it, I was so fucking turned on.she dragged all 10 fingers down my chest to my balls tickling between my sack and asshole."ohh" i jumped slightly in satisfaction." Like that?" she asked as she looked up from my hard on."yes very much"i answered smiling."Then you'll love this" just then she took almost my entire cock in her mouth .and slowly brought a finger to my asshole gently massaging."holy fuck" i gasped.as she started to work my shaft with her other hand sucking my cock so good

The pressure on my butt hole become harder .and sucking and jerking even harder.I couldn't last longI knew it i was just way to turned oni closed my eyes trying to lasther rhythm was working to perfection, my eyes were rolling behind my headthe slobbering sounds were intense as well."Fuck Donna, just like that.this feels incredible" i moaned as she sped up."I'm going to cum.i can't hold itfuckDonnaughhhh!" right then i exploded into her mouth

She didn't stopshe kept working my spewing dickswallowing every spurt of semen.my toes were curlingmy hands pressed against my face as i thrusted my dick into her throat.she took it all like a champshe was absolutely loving itthats what made me cum so much harder"Donna, I've never came like that beforei can barely breath!" I managed to say still having the feeling of pure ecstasy.."Jackie boy, that was a lot of cumyou tasted delicious by the way" as she slowly wiped her mouth with her finger..

Just then.the front door opened

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